[Can’t win if you don’t score

Six area teams scored a touchdown or less and three others were held to two scores in the area’s Week 1 football. Nine teams scored from three to 14 points, an average of 9.7 points a game.

Nine teams scored from three to 14 points, an average of 9.7 points a game.

Are the defenses that much ahead of the offenses?

Was it just the old nemesis first-game jitters?

Or was it just evidence that the locals have some serious work ahead of them?

Is there reason for hope, or depair?
Who saw a bright side in an otherwise low-scoring game?.

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  • TH

    I wont point any fingers, but from what I saw of one local team, it didnt seem like they had too much of a problem moving the ball, it was simply being able to punch it in, or shooting yourself and your kicker’s foot with stupid penalties. Most of this would be taken care of by week 2 or 3 after enough wind sprints/punishment/both…hopefully.

  • Taylor Boyd

    i think that the lack of offense is just frist game hick ups on offense. it takes a game or two under your belt to get use to the different parts of the offense. that goes for players aswell as playing calling for coachs.

  • Highlander Fan

    What happened to the LM offense?
    I don’t expect them to beat Mayfair. But 8 staight quarters of football, and still not an offensive TD???

  • murray

    Highlander Fan:
    The Matadores showed promise early against Charter Oak, moving the ball on the ground with purposeful and energetic running by Robert Martinez and a tidy little passing game on the game’s first possession. But when the offense stalled, and they had to settle for a field goal, it appeared they lost some focus. And when CO recovered the muffed punt and ended up scoring 13 points in the final 1:31 of the half, LM seemed to be without whatever spark they had early on. From then on, CO made the adjustments, LM didn’t. And three dropped passes on crucial third and fourth downs late in the game certainly didn’t help matters. Although the underdog in some pregame opinions, if LM was ever going to defeat CO, it appeared early this was the game to do it.

  • murray

    TH and Taylor Boyd:
    For at least two teams, apparently it didn’t take that long to eliminate their first-game kinks and hiccups. Both La Habra (27-10 over South Hills) and La Serna (27-7 over Norwalk) had impressive showings after struggling offensively in their first game.