Isn’t it time for a rule change?

Two high school football rules that need to be changed involve defensive pass interference and spotting the ball following a failed field goal attempt.

Penalizing a defender for pass interference by awarding the offensive team 15 yards and a first down sounds severe enough, but in reality, it isn’t much of a deterent when the defender realizes he is beaten on the play and, in jeopardy of perhaps giving up a touchdown, chooses to foul the receiver intentionally. As in the professional game, doesn’t it seem more logical to give the offense the ball at the spot of the infraction?
Following a missed field goal attempt that reaches the end zone, shouldn’t the ball be turned over to the defending team at the original line of scrimmage rather than placed at the 20-yard line, which in essence pretty much negates what had been a strong defensive effort?

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  • Chieftain Alumni

    A couple years ago when Santa Fe played against San Gabriel in a semi final game was the first time I was introduced to this rule involving a failed field goal that reaches the end zone. It seem so strange at the time that they would try such a long field goal but in fact their intent was to give SF the ball at the 20 rather than punt and give the always dangerous returner at the time Nate Kimbrough a chance to get his hands on the football. I think they actually did it 2 or 3 times during the game. Truthfully that rule makes no sense and should be changed soon but I must give credit to the San Gabriel staff for their knowledge of the rule because it negated a real threat of Santa Fes. As for the passing interference rule Ive actually heard DB coaches tell kids if they know their beat to foul the receiver so as not to give up the touch down so I guess you know where I stand on that rule. Anyone know how often the rules are reviewed for possible changes?