Loyola decision sensible, not courageous

So, Loyola High School officials reportedly have become the first to withdraw their school from consideration for any potential pool of candidates for the state football championship games.

Way to go.
No official reason is necessary.
Now, if we could just get the rest of the schools to follow suit, we wouldn’t have to put up with all the hoopla that is sure to follow come December.
Because the selection of participating schools wil be made by committee and not by an elimination ladder, nothing will be settled by the games as to which team is best other than which is the better of the two teams playing on that date.
And why isn’t determining divisional championships an effective way to end the season?

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  • Highlander Fan

    I agree! These kids play enough football already.
    Also, the chosen format will just do more harm than good.
    Let em have it Roger.

  • Duane Norris

    Almost every other state has a football playoff system. At a time when attendance and interest in high school sports is lagging a California State Playoff system would be a huge boost for h.s. sports.

    If Texas can do it why can’t Cali? Our football players are just as good as there’s but the perception nationally is that Cali is soft.

    We should stop resisting change. It’s inevitable and sometimes much needed. The State basketball tournament is very much a success I believe.

    See this site: http://www.uil.utexas.edu/athletics/football/