Step up to the plate …

OK, OK, so it’s prediction time.

Tonight’s games:

Gladstone at PIONEER (This might be host Titans’ best team in three years).
Westminster at LA HABRA (Highlanders are even better than last week’s upset of South Hills might indicate).

Friday’s games:
CALIFORNIA at Bassett (Visiting Condors got it started last week. Good for them, bad for Olympians).
CANTWELL at Desert (Can’t get a line on Cantwell, but seems like the Cardinals are the right choice).
ELRANCHO at Montebello (Big second half vs. Bell GArdens last week earns respect here).
La Mirada at PARAMOUNT (Enough Matadores talent to be much better, at least on paper).
LA SERNA at Montclair (Lancers better than most observers want to give them credit for).
Schurr at HH WILSON (Host Wildcats, ‘cuz it’s not time for the Spartans, yet).
South El Monte vs. WHITTIER (Host Cardinals have enough ground power – if they don’t beat themselves).
LA Baptist vs. WHITTIER CHRISTIAN (Tough road to hoe, but host’s Camarillo makes me a believer).
Fountain Valley at SANTA FE (Chiefs too much even if Barons have a pass rush AND an exemplary secondary).

Agree or disagree? Add scores if you like.

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  • El Rancho

    Cal beats Basset
    Cantwell beats Desert
    ER beats Montebello
    LM beats Paramount
    LS wins a close one against Montclair
    Wilson beats Schurr
    SEM beats Whittier
    WC beats La Baptist
    FV beats Santa Fe

  • murray

    Yo, El Rancho:
    6-3, not too shabby. The two surprises for me were La Mirada’s one-point win and Montebello’s rout of El Rancho.

  • El Rancho

    El rancho let me down lol, I honestly thought we could have won that game, but 5 turnovers is just deadly for any team. I didnt think Schurr was going to win, but looks like they came alive.

  • The Fan

    Hey El Rancho fan every week you talk about how great your team is and each week I read that you lost. When did Montebello become such a Power in Football?

  • El Rancho

    Can you please explain to me when I have talked about El rancho being so good, I have been very critical of the team this year and said since the scrimmage that this might be the worse ER team in 7 years. Please quote where im talking about ER being so good, otherwise dont open your mouth.

  • Highlander Fan

    Would someone please explain to me why LS gets so much credit. I will go on record right now and say that they will lose to Cal and SF.
    I know that they are a Whittier school which gets them love from the Whittier papers, but come on they haven’t beat a decent team yet.

  • Anonymous

    What is the deal with all the La Serna haters out there. Lets look at some facts, La Serna does not have a established pop warner program to feed from (La Habra – Santa Fe – El Rancho – La Mirada), they don’t have the experience of catholic school recruiting (Cal High), the athletes are a direct reflection of the area in which they live (Santa Fe). All La Serna has done in recent years (the last 3) is make it to the quarter finals, and last time I checked that would place them in the top 8 of there division each one of those years. Only one other team in the Del Rio League has done that and we all know who that is!!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    You know Highlanderfan I dont get it either. How does a La Serna team that eked out victories over Glenn 8-3 and Montclair 10-9 deserve to be ranked #2? Then Santa Fe loses to D1 Fountain Valley by 3 with one of the best area QBs on the bench and falls to #4? Not to mention that they are ranked over La Habra that has already beaten the always dangerous South Hills and Westminster. Please tell us when the last meaningful victory was for La Serna so that we can understand this love affair with them. Their preseason schedule is a major let down and actually serves to give their team false hope going into league each year. If they are lucky they will once again be the #3 team out of the Del Rio league again this year. Sorry I or should I say “WE” just dont get it!!!!!

  • Jstafan

    I agree with Chieftain, How about it Murray who is behind this madness? How are these ranking conducted? Give us some insight to your deranged way of thinking.

  • Del Rio Alum

    Did somebody just imply that Calhi recruits? I think I know who the winner is for the most outrageous statement of the year goes to…

  • Schurr Fan

    I can totally see how people are having a problem with La Serna’s Schedule, but what about Pioneer’s and Cal Hi’s or Bell Garden’s. I recently just looked at the SouthEast Cif-SS polls, and personally I think that their a joke. La Serna is ranked second in CIF, and La Habra ranked third behind them. I don’t know if anyone went to the La Habra and La Serna Scrimmage, but it wasn’t even close (all La Habra). And because La Serna played Glenn, Norwalk, and Montclair they deserve to be ranked number three, same for Pioneer, because they beat Gabrielino, Ontario and Gladstone. What about Cal Hi beating El Monte and Bassett, but when they play a decent team like Rowland they get beat. Same goes for Bell Garden’s, they beat Bell and El Rancho, and get beat bad by Arcadia and they are receiving votes, you got to be kidding me. I don’t agree with teams in our division that schedule a power house in preseason, but playing easy games just to chalk up a win doesn’t give you any confidence when you get to league. For example, teams like Santa Fe, Schurr, La Habra, Troy are all playing tough teams like Fountain Valley, Downey, Pennisula, Westminster, and South Hills, these aren’t power house teams, they are teams that are gonna get them ready for the playoffs, in which will give them the best chance in trying to win a CIF title. Santa Fe has been what a 5 or 6 time league champ in a roll, Schurr a 3 time league champ in a roll, their not worried about league, their worried about the playoffs. Mark my words come week 10 Cal Hi, Pioneer, La Serna, and Bell Gardens won’t even be ranked. And for Schurr to not even receive votes is ridiculous, we lost to a good Burroughs team from Burbank, and a Downey team 30-25 and had the game won, right after they beat No.3 La Habra. But beat Wilson Hacienda Heights 27-12, who would for sure beat Pioneer, Cal Hi, or La Serna. All I got to say is that everyone one will see this Thursday night when we play at Cal Hi. My prediction 35-6 Schurr.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Sorry Del Rio Alum but you may have spoken to soon. Did you see what was posted about St. Paul running back Nicolas Grigsby at 3pm????????? Dusan Ancich has one thing on his mind..beat Santa Fe and as it may seem even if he has to recruit. Just remember, Cheaters never prosper!? Trust me that Santa Fe has not forgotten about that last minute cheap shot taken by CalHigh at the end of last years game on our big guy. Good luck Cal….your gonna need it!!!!

  • J

    You play weak team, you win, Play tough one, You may lose. Playing league will prepare you for playoffs (The second season)if you make it. Whittier vs Whittier Christian might be a fun game to watch. I would love to see Santa Fe vs Hart. But I guess i have a better chance of winning the lotto.

  • Emerson

    Granted, LS may not have the best football team year in and out, they are always competitive, and if you look at the total sports programs- boys and girls- La Serna is the power in the area, therefore you get whining pot-shots from the jealous fans of La Habra, Cal, St Paul, etc.

    Preview of things to come for the record: last year’s LS freshman football and baseball teams were undefeated, while the frosh basketball team lost one game in league. Must be the cherry-picked schedule, right, LS haters?

  • Anonymous 2

    The most outrageous statement of the year? Are you being sarcastic, Del Rio Alum? Just ask ex-Cal Hi assistant coach Munoz about recruiting.

  • Del Rio Alum

    I know for a fact that if he is playing for Cal on friday night, Grigsby was not recruited. You can’t blame Ancich for all of the bad juju going on at St Paul. Look in the preseason articles on the local teams. Am I the only one who finds it a bit odd that so many players–all people expected to contribute to their new teams this season, not slouches–decide to trasfer after Ancich leave’s St. Paul?

    I’m sure that what grigsby see’s in Cal is a team that he can not only win some games with, but also has the style of football and coaching style a player like him would like. If you saw a bunch of changes going into your senior year that could end up being detrimental to your future, wouldn’t you rather transfer to somewhere else where you will not only enjoy playing, but also be somewhat successful?

    Chieftain Alum- You cannot blame an entire team for the actions of one player in the heat of the moment. Was that incident a cheap shot? Maybe. But do not try to take the moral high road when your faithful leader does not even walk the line and shake hands with his opponents after a championship game, but instead chooses to gloat on his own sidelines.

    And when the opening week of the Del Rio League kicks off at Condor Stadium, expect cal to bring something too.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Sorry Del Rio Alum but I find it just way to convenient that Grigsby would choose to go to Cal and have nobody think that Ancich had anything to do with it. Especially when as I have heard he lives in Pioneers district boundaries. Are you telling me that you actually think that he might have taken the time to visit the area schools to make up his mind where to go? Pioneer actually has a better record than Cal. Why not go there???? Its my belief that Cal was his one and only choice based on his former coach and his wooing. It will be a travesty if he is allowed to play there. Kids is private schools are not afforded the opportunity to just up and change schools from one varsity season to the next let alone mid season. Was he recruited??? Looks like a duck, quakes like a duck..must be a DUCK!

    As for the cheep shot? taken by Cal..I have heard via the grapevine that the very same thing had occurred the day before in the JV game played there at Cal. So is that still the act of one player in the heat of the moment? Or the character of a program that start from the top and filters down??? As for Mr. Mahlstede not shaking hands, I think at that moment he wasnt celebrating but rather trying to make sure things didnt get out of hand from the last second incident and keeping his star tackle from getting suspended from the entire playoffs. As it was he was lost for one game while the cheap shot artist got to play the following week. As KARMA would have it Cal got bounced in the first round and the Chief with the big guy played on!!!!

    I guess well all just have to wait to see on Friday the 13th of October. Kind of scary considering words like juju and karma are used in this blog. I know Ill be there Grigsby or not!!!!

  • Del Rio Alum

    Its kind of funny that you immediately assume that I was referring to Mahlstede. I was talking about Molina. While the rest of his team (aside from burrows) “walked the line” he gloated on the sideline. Not the best showing of sportsmanship IMO (and neither is a cheap shot at the end of the game).

    About the JV game, unless you saw it with your own eyes (just like all the rumors of recruiting), you do not know if it is fact or fiction. I can honestly say that what happened at the end of that game was an isolated situation.

    And you are dead wrong about the offender playing the next week. He did not even travel with the team.

  • Chieftian Alumni

    In regards to the JV game, I know way too many kids from that SF JV team for it to be considered a rumor.

    As for Molina. I know Angel Molina and his family. I know the character his parents have instilled in him and find that hard to believe. Not to mention that I cant imagine any member of the Santa Fe coaching staff allowing Molina or any other player to not walk the line. I guess Ill have to take your advice on that one and since I didnt see it with my own eyes assume its just a rumor.