Reasoning sometimes hard to understand

Curious why some folks are having such a hard time with La Serna’s football schedule.

And why they should be 3-0.

Sometimes, it is more important for a team to just get wins than it is to play some super stud progam and get beat soundly but supposedly gain the experience of facing high quality competition.

Winning, no matter who against, can be contageous.

Getitng your clock cleaned week after week can be demoralizing, and certainly it’s no fun, no matter how much experience is gained. Eventually, those teams can reach a point where they begin playing as though waiting to lose, expecting something bad is going to happen.

Does anyone out there think that St. Paul is going to benefit all that much from playing Bishop Amat, St. Bonaventure, Loyola and Sherman Oaks Notre Dame?

What kind of a confidence factor will be gained?

As for La Serna, perhaps it would be best to wait and see how the Lancers do in League before passing judgement.

And don’t ever discount the value of winning, no matter the opponent.

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