Grigsby and four schools: So what?

So, Nicolas Grigsby is rumored headed for California High School.

If he is, there seems to be major concern over it being his fourth high school in four years.

He was at Downey his freshman year, transferred to Dominguez as a sophomore and spent his junior year and couple of weeks this year at St. Paul. If it comes to pass, California would be No. 4.

This is generating major conversations among the area’s football faithful.

Two things are true:
1. Grigsby made St. Paul a better team.
2. Wherever he goes, if he plays football, that school’s football team, too, will improve considerably.

As for why he leaves one school for another, I have no knoweldge of him being asked to leave or being run out of town.

With that in mind, what difference should it make to anyone else whey he makes a move, so long as it’s done legally. So long as he establlishes a residence with his family or legal guardian in the school distirct of his choice and is accepted by that school, and maintains academic eligibility, then whose buisness is it but his and the schools’?

This is not to say I don’t have some issues with this, but they would involve moreso outside agencies who would initiate the movement to benefit from his participation.

And before fingiers are pointed in specific directions, it would be wise to have solid evidence and not just hearsay, because such allegations without said evidence can be unjustly damming.

It is said a meeting involving the student/athlete was to be held this afternoon at California High. As yet, the only aspect of all this that is certain is that he has withdrawn from St. Paul.

As this scenario unfolds, it would be well for interested onlookers to avoid moral and ethical judgment and stick to actual facts when forming opinions.

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  • Del Rio Alum

    You’re right, it doesn’t matter that this kid has been to 4 different schools in four years. All that matters is that his transfers are done legally.

    There has been a lot of speculation about his transfers, especially the St. Paul- Calhi “move.” Keep in mind that that is all it is…speculation. Unless you can back it up, it is nothing but a rumor.

    One thing that is not a rumor: this kid can play and will have an impact whether he is playing for St Paul, Calhi or John Glenn. End of story.

    One thing that has always interested me was where people get their ideas and what makes them say the things they do. In my personal opinion I think most of it is based out of pure jealousy/fear. But then again…it IS high school.

  • Frank A. Rodriguez

    I know that lot is mentioned to the Varsity level however I would like to ask that credit be given to a certain young man that is a Freshmen at El Rancho who in his past years has never, ever ran and is now running Cross Country for the Ranch and in the his first month this is what he has done, and will be expected to contribute in the remaining reason, and the next 3 yrs at the Ranch.

    Elias Sonny Rodriguez
    *3rd place at Ghar HS
    *1st Place at Woodbridge Classic (300 runners from 50+ schools).
    *1st Place Del Rio Cluster.

    Elias average time has been 15+mins, and is going to run at the Brea Linda Invitational as a varsity. Not bad for a freshmen, and with no prior experience, and would appreciate that Whittier ran up a short but sweet note that can inspire this young man…He is a 3.00GPA, and a fan of Steve Prefontain and will like to attend college at Oregan State.

    Thank You for your time.

  • J

    It seems when a good player transfers or moves to other school little is done no matter what rules CIF has. Its sad that four years of High School should focus on more inportant facts like education. You never hear about the 4.0 student that transfers.

  • scj

    We will probably never know the real story behind the transfer. I do know his little brother withdrew as well so this all probably related to something outside of football.

    Either way, the Swordsmen did just fine without him tonight. The defense really stepped up in key situations and the offense was a lot more balanced tonight. St Paul-30 Banning-15.

  • El Rancho

    From what I know, Nick had left St Paul during the summer, he actually practiced with Cal High all summer, the first week of hell week he made his way back to st paul because the transfer to Cal High wasnt allowed. Now if the transfer was not allowed by CIF in the summer, why are they trying it again, if it were my senior year in high school and I was getting some looks by D1 schools, I wouldnt be willing to risk my senior season on something that is not for sure.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Hey Frank A. Rodriguez. completely wrong topic buddy but thanks for the heads up.

    All I know about this Grigsby thing is that if he were to be headed to Santa Fe the entire Del Rio league and probably D7 teams would be crying foul. And thats my opinion.

  • dustn

    Thats because they don’t transfer. How is all this switching of school going to play a part in Nick being eligible to play for what ever school he chooses to play for next year in college. (I know he has verbally committed to Arizona but for some reason I think he’s going to wavier on that at some point during the season.)

  • Emerson

    Perspective. Sports are important, but when a kid is moved from school to school for any reason, he or she is hurt socially and academically, and never learns what we used to value as “school pride.” And, when such kids flame out in college and fail to become the pro they hoped to be (as is most common), what are they left with? Prospective college/pro athletes: pick a school that seems to be good for your sport and acdemically and stick with it. The rewards will last much longer than your athletic career.

  • Anonymous

    Its not that Mr. Grigsby went to 4 schools in 4 years, its why? Why did he transfer to these schools, were the academics to easy at Downey, Dominguez, and St. Paul? Did he need a challenge (academically)? Why did he transfer while his younger brother still attends St. Paul, and his younger sister still attends Downey? The real question is how can his family afford all these addresses? We all know these 4 schools are not located that close to each other! And finally its interesting that Louie Munoz (ex-St. Paul Asst. Coach & recently let go by Cal High do to some “Paper Work” problems) lives in the same apartment complex as Mr. Grigsby and it so happens to be in Cal High’s area. Funny how things work out!! But Cal High recruit…oh no not Cal High!!



  • El Rancho

    I think you need to get over yourself, this topic is about Nick Grigsby’s departure from St Paul. It’s not about a kid from Schurr high school that can barely spell, bragging about his team. I know I didnt forget about Schurr, you guys are still 3 time Almont League champions, and will probably win a 4th straight. I hope you can actually do something in the playoffs this year and not bow out like last year against Arroyo.

  • scj

    Regardless of the reason for his transfer, it looks like to me that someone is givng him bad advice. Whatever he school he ends up will be his 4th school in 4 years.

    How will this impact any scholarship offers coming his way? Will it scare some of them away or do they even care? You’d think he get pretty good exposure at St. Paul, especially with the schedule they have.

    I wish the kid good luck.

  • LS grad

    hey Chieftain Alumni you need to stop bloging. because most of your points are way off base. sounds like a normal SF grad

  • Manny

    I think the interesting story will be what is happening with St Paul football…not that they have been the storied program of there hey day, but they have always seemed to get athletes to transfer in NOT out. Pretty soon they may be in the same league as Cal Hi.

  • Joe

    CIF should come down on Coach Dusan Ancich. It looks like Coach Ancich is following Daddy foot steps.

  • Condor4life

    ok here’s how it goes Grigsby is at Cal…We got 1 week till santa fe Molina is out..i think and thats final cal is gonna take it this year the running game is established

  • Bigcondoe65

    ok umm Cal played really bad against schurr and we still could have won… we get so many penalties its rediculous!!but we still managed to keep the loss to 8 points which is sad for schurr barely beating us…and we got grigsby now so ill post something else later as soon as we beat santa fe

  • Bigcondor65

    ok umm Cal played really bad against schurr and we still could have won… we get so many penalties its rediculous!!but we still managed to keep the loss to 8 points which is sad for schurr barely beating us…and we got grigsby now so ill post something else later as soon as we beat santa fe

  • CJP

    I am shocked to hear about Grigsby transfer. What a running back he is. He almost beat Amat by himself. Will he be allowed to resume playing this season with Cal High?..There must be a reason for his leaving St. Paul and it does not just center around football. Teachers, Coaches or even not being a catholic may play some part in his decision. This should not have any impact on his college recruitment. His talent speaks for itself. I do question his loyalty tho. Four HS in Four years?

  • Unknown

    Yes the condors had some missed tackles against Schurr. But that is what happens when they go against a smaller team and think they have the game in their hands…but what really happend was Cal High got their asses handed to them and Cal High needs to get over the fact that they aint the big dogs no more! The Spartans had more heart that night

  • Don Wanlass

    Why no mention yet of the St. Paul-El Rancho game this week? At one time, that was the biggest rivalry in the area. The two teams used to open the season against each other and in 1968 they not only opened the season against each other, they closed the season against each other in the Coliseum for the CIF 4A title. The result: a 20-20 tie.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    LS grad:

    Where am I off base? You brought it up so lets see what youre talking about. Would you like to go over them one by one? I stand by everything I have said in these blogs. You make a statement like that and dont post any facts or examples. Good job Buddy!

  • La Serna Parent

    4 high schools in 4 years? it’s recruiting, plain and simple.
    Good luck to the young man, hope that he has some sort of an education after everything is said and done.

  • Anonymous

    That’s Murray for you, always lagging!

  • Anonymous

    What about Matt Navarro? He is a “PROGRAM GUY,” all 4 years at Cal a TEAM leader! If you have read the Cal High football program sold at their home games he is the MAN. Now with Grigsby coming in I am pretty sure Navarro’s carries are going to dwindle if not completly stop. How should this young man feel? He has devoted his whole high school career to this high school and this coach and he is basically being put aside. That is wrong! Hopefuuly someone at Cal wakes up and realizes they are selling their soul to the devil for this one running back! Hopefully their not selling out their program too!!

  • El Rancho

    The ER vs St Paul game is most likely not being mentioned because both of the schools are not exactly doing as well as they hoped right now. St paul is 2-2 while ER is 0-4. Maybe if they both had winning record we might be a bit more stuff about this game. It is a huge game for Pico Rivera, since plenty of St Paul players are from Pico Rivera. If ER can manage to execute in the first half and not turn the ball over the usual 4 times a game, then it might be a good game. St Paul might still feel the loss of Grigbsy and ER’s D is not too bad, they have just had a huge amount of injuries. My prediction is a good game for about 2 quarters, then St Paul will pull away.

  • 89 SP alumni

    I’m sure there is a very good reason why Grigsby left SP. I hope it’s not because of football. If it was, it was a poor choice. A student’s education and future are more important nowdays than sports. As adults we must be diligent and show young adults the right way – proper education and provide to them training for success in life. Sports and athletic scholarships can be a means to attain these goals, but not the only important driving force. All it takes is one major injury and your life is changed in the blink of an eye. Nick was a standout at SP and and he’ll be a standout at CalHi. He’ll probably follow in the footsteps as Dwight Tardy did at WSU and go to a major D1 university to play ball. SP lost a great RB today but I wish the best of luck to him and his family.

  • scj projects a 38-0 St. Paul win. I don’t think it will be that much of a blowout. But if the El Rancho varsity plays anything like the Frosh and JV’s team today then it will be a very long evening for El Rancho.

    St. Paul showed what they are capable in wins over Redondo and Banning. I’m hoping St. Paul isn’t looking past ER in prepping for the Loyola game.

    I think this game will be the Swordsmen all the way.

    One last comment on the Grisby situation. If CIF allows him to play for CalHi, you’ve got to wonder the impact on the team dynamics will be. Hope they can handle the disruption and not lose focus.

  • LS grad

    Chieftain Alumni I don’t really understand what point your tring to get arcoss here…..what i’m tring to say is that SF plays football like a track meet…. fast and with no heart. see the point is that LS plays with HEART. thats why were 4-0 and your 3-1. “you’ve got to have heart to see the other side of the mountian.”

  • Bigdog65

    ok its not selling your soul to the devil first of all…you have to put your pride aside for a minute! grigsby wanted to come to cal before previoulsy during the summer but for personal reasons he left so basically as long as he wants to play for us he will and “the best 11 football players will play and thats it” thats dusan ancich’s thing sure matt will get the ball so will urquiza were just gonna be hard to stop!

  • Blogger

    Grisby, Grisby, Grisby….are we still talking about the selfish, talented kid who left yet another school because he didn’t get his way “again”? why continue to talk about a “flash in the pan”? not only did he ruin his credibiility with tons of people, his poor brother had to leave SP and not for coaching reasons. I hope Nick doesn’t forget ruining his little brother’s career once his own is over! And if I were Dwight Tardy, I’d be insulted at the comparison!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    LS grad:

    What rock did you crawl out from under? I have NEVER questioned the heart of the kids that play the game and you doing so is a major blow below the belt!!!! I have no doubt in my mind that those kids in that program or any other have heart. The simple fact that they are willing to pretty much give up their summers and work their butts off in the August heat tells me that they have heart. Each team prepare for what ever team comes before them. I have questioned the powers that be for the opponents they choose to play and those who are willing to gloat over a 4-0 record over those teams.

    Do you really think that La Sernas 4-0 record over Glenn, Norwalk, Montclair and Warren is a bolder statement than Santa Fes 3-1 record versus Victor Valley, Peninsula, Fountain Valley and BG? Since 2001 in league La Serna has never been better than 3-2 while Santa Fe remains unbeaten and still you say we play without heart. And you say Im off base. Let’s see where your 4-0 record gets you this year.

  • El Rancho

    Well if they play like the freshmen, then that wont be too bad, the Freshmen actually played a pretty good game, they just had a real bad 2nd quarter. 21-6 is not something to hang your head about, especially when a good amount of players who should be playing for ER are at St Paul. I dont even know what the JV score was so I really have no comment on that game. The varsity game will probably be an easy win for St Paul, its a shame this game inst happening in a year when both teams are playing some awesome ball. Should be a huge crowd tonight. As for the Grigsby thing, they need to be careful with that, Matt Navaro has busted his ass for 4 years at Cal High, his role on that team will be diminished greatly if the transfer is allowed.

  • loveshsfootball

    to ls alumni-i dont know what team you are watching but santa fe has the best team in the league easily and will blow away the so called second ranked team probably 45-7 – and whoever voted LS as number 2 doesnt know what hes talking about-what a joke?

  • overrated

    why is there no mention about the other schools and the players they get as transfers…..i know for a fact SF get player from outside the area(Romeo, yeah i really want to move to SF from Pas)…how many player at LS that are great players actually live in their boundries(Vandries)…..before you start to point fingers at people, you need to check yourselves……the addition of grisby at cal will not only give them a new bullseye on their back, but now people need to figure out how to stop a multiple threat offense.



  • Chieftain Alumni

    Yes, Romeo did transfer to Santa Fe and while I dont know the particulars of his transfer I do know he was not allowed to play for SF last year as per CIF RULES. With that being said why is there any question of CIF not stepping in and blocking Grigsby playing for Cal? And I agree with El Rancho in that Matt Navarros time will diminish with the addition of Grigsby. I feel bad for this kid that has done nothing but work hard and waited for his time to shine. This is finally his senior year and he should be the man but apparently his coaching staff feels different.

  • Anonymous

    Overrated before you open your mouth you should really do some research, VandenDries recruited…why would La Serna recruit the 5’4 sophmore linebacker? Can you seriously say Cal did not recruit?

  • Del Rio Alumni 7

    Chieftain Alumni, There is a difference from transfering to a public from private like St. John Bosco to Whittier than to a public to public like Pasadena to Santa Fe. It is allowed if the student can proove that he cannot pay for the tuition any longer. Technicaly grigsby can play for California High School.Also the reason Romeo Pellum did not play last year was becuase he transfered from a public School.

  • Condor60

    Everyone stop talking crap about Grigsby coming to Cal Hi. He’s doing it legally. You guys are just mad he went to Cal and not your own school.

  • SpartanJoe

    So Condor60, Give us the lowdown on Grigsby. Is he playing this weekend?

  • bigjer

    Romeo Pellum transfered from a private school. Serra High School in Gardena. You have no clue what you are talking about. Grisby will be legally playing if he and both of his parents moved into the area for cal hi. They previously lived in the area for Pioneer and were not approved for a intradistrict transfer. I have no proof of anything illegal going on but if he did move I have my suspicions.

  • Blogger

    No one is jelous of Grisby going to Cal Hi! On the contrary, everyone’s relieved! And who really cares if his transfers are legal at this point, all he’s proved is what a flake he is!

  • ER Fan

    I want to add my two cents to the collection basket. I agree with some of the comments made by some of you who posted who know of other players around that arent getting their deserved high five. One of those players is Anthony Paez for El Rancho. I have watched this young man when he started as a freshman through his senior year. Each of those seasons he as been the starting Running Back. The last two years he was voted by his peers as the MVP for his Offense Position also last year he was awarded the Overall MVP.
    Furthermore, each year since he was a freshman he was moved up to the varsity level to suit up when El Rancho made the CIF playoffs. Last year, he was moved up to play what turned out to be El Ranchos last game of the regular season. Yet he didnt get to play the running back position which he contributed successfully with his JV team. It didnt make any sense to me that night, why didnt the coach put him and see what he could do?

    Now that he is a senior, hes given the ball not more then 3 or 4 carries per game. Why?
    Paez has speed, he is agile and can switch direction to find the holes quicker then anybody I have seen. I have looked at the stats, and he is leading in the amount of yards rush with fewest amount of carries. His average per carry is also higher then anyone elses.
    I dont understand the logic. Why isnt he given the ball more? One person doesnt win the game for you, but if you got a kid in the stable that can contribute and possibly make the difference, El Rancho should use him.

  • El Rancho

    First and foremost, its obvious that Willie Reyna doesnt like this kid, I have seen it first hand. Out of every back at ER, Anthony Paez is the best back we have, he is the one with the most experience carrying the rock at ER, and he is dam good defensive player as well. I hate to see the following, Paez goes into the game, has a good run, gets taken out the next play, the ball is given to Albert Toscano and he fumbles. I wonder how many times that has happened this year, I bet more than 3 times. Anthony Paez and David Moriel need to be on offense the whole game, there is no reason why they should be subbed out so much. If Willie Reyna is not going to use these 2 on Offense, then stick them on defense, both these kids are the best players on the team, lets not waste our 2 best athletes like this. The ranch is doing bad right now, but with the players we have we should not be 0-5, we should be at the worst 2-3. If we want to win in league, we need to give one kid the rock about 15 times a game, we need to get these kids into the flow of the game. I have also seen Paez play since his freshmen year at ER, all he has done his past 3 years is dominate. Give the kid a chance!!!!!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    How nice it is for CIF to wait until the last possible minute to let us all know if Grigsby will be eligible to play for Cal High this year so their offices dont get flood with calls pro or con on a Friday!!!!!!! Sweep it under the rug and wait till Monday to deal with their decision I guess.

    Its Friday 13th @ 3:30 pm.. Love them or hate them or what ever I sent out one last good luck to everyone that open their season tonight and god willing I hope every one stays injury free. As some have already stated the bottom line is its about the kids no matter what we all write.

  • El Rancho

    Well looks like CIF made a decision and did not leave it till monday right cheiftain?

  • Del Rio League Watcher

    So now will all the Santa Fe peeps be calling the CIF office on Monday after the Grigsby performance on Friday night. Are the Condors able to beat Chiefs if he was available to run all over them? Call (562) 493-9500 (CIF) and voice your concers.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    El Rancho:

    Read my post again. CIF made sure to wait until their offices were close before letting us know he would play so they wouldnt have to deal with the repercussions of their decision until Monday.

    Thanks Del Rio League Watcher for posting the CIF number. I hope one and all use it.

  • Jmoney

    I never imagined CalHi would be that bad. Without him SF wins by 4 TDs at least. The pace of teh game was changed BIG TIME with him in there. Huge pick up for Cal, is it even fair. Man I guess times have changed win at all costs now a days. Pretty sad what is happening to highschool sports. Parents prostituting there kids at all costs. What about the other 2 rbs Cal road in preseason. 43 carries for Grgisby on 58 plays AMAZING balance huh. Can anyone beat Cal in the Del Rio??? Stop him and they have no one….What is really going on there the whole staff is ex StPaul guys.

  • Anonymous 2

    “Grisby will be used sparingly.” Coach Ancich, in the Whittier Daily News, just a few hours before taking the field against Santa Fe.

    Grisby was a one man show in the victory over Santa Fe, running for 213 yards on 39 carries, and also played cornerback for most of the defensive series.

    What happened to Navarro, poor kid, only 1-2 carries?

    Does “sparingly” equate to playing 90+ percent of the time.

    Must be the same formula used to recruit players: illegal recruiting multiplied by illegal recruiting = legal recruiting.

  • El Rancho

    It really is a shame what is happening to Matt Navarro, you go from being a man amnonst boys on your team to barely even touching the ball all night. But since most of the staff is ex st paul guys, what else can you expect, e.g German Arias from ER, DeAndre Scott from Alemany, and now Nick Grigsby.

  • La Serna Parent

    Grisby will not be “used sparingly” by Cal High. He has been prostituted by his parents and it will continue at Cal.
    It is really too bad for Navarro, he has put in his time, showed school PRIDE through thick and thin with the Condors and now he will be pushed to the side, what does this teach? Work your butt off during the losing seasons and then get ignored when the supposedly next best thing comes along? SHAME on California High School, Mr. Ancich and especially Grisby’s parents.

  • Anonymous

    October 19, 2006

    Have the Cal High coaches registered for this seminar?

  • Navarro

    Friday night against Santa Fe was a slap in the face by my coaches. The offensive coordinator told me I was going to rotate with grigsby. All lies

  • blogger

    I doubt it, I’d be shocked if they could read. I think they just turn the pages in the CIF ruling books and look at the pretty pictures.

  • La Serna Parent

    I really doubt it!


    Its funnie how so manny people can judge on Grisby and cal high when they dont know the exact story. I go to school with Nick and i do know why he left St. Paul but for you guys to talk trash saying we recruited him is somthing else… and no he did not practice with us this summer because he was not allowed untill he formaly withdrew from St. Paul he made the decision on his own for his own reasons… i know of these reasons but what should it matter why he did. Everyone is so worked up over the fact that hes been through 4 high schools and how education is more important… well to him yes education is important.. but Football is to.

  • Anonymous 2


    Has Coach Ancich written up statements, concerning Grigsby, for all of his players to post on these blogs?

    Give it up already!!. Grigsby was recruited. And now that CIF has allowed it, there are no more reasons to cover it up.

  • Anonymous


    Trust me I know all the insight on him and the situation on what happed. Stop lying to everyone and yourself. I dropped him off several times at practice in the summer at Calhi and am aware of what really happened. I would name some people but what for. The kid needs guidance he has turned out to be a huge liar. Ask people that did the Nike camp. Everyone one knows he changed his forty and when they called him out he blatantly lied to their faces, I was right there. Him and his mother burned alot of people for personal gain and that doesnt sit well with me and others. He is a great football player but he has many character issues and I hope he doesnt do to Calhi players what he did to SP kids.

  • Chieftain Alumni


    Maybe you guys should all get together over there and get your stories straight. Are you honestly saying he didnt work out with Cal this summer? Maybe you should talk with #11 and ask why he has openly stated otherwise? Make no mistake about it that high school football is a privilege while education is a necessity. While we all may disagree on who did what or whos better than who we should all agree on that. If Nick Grigsby was already verbally committed to Arizona do you really think they are going to be willing to honor that commitment should he get injured? While Im sure Cal is a fine school I tend to think that St Paul on your transcripts might just look a little more attractive to colleges. You say you know Nick. Ask him why he left. Ask him if Ancich or any other ex St Paul on that staff had anything to do with him choosing Cal. Look him straight in the eye with an unbiased opinion and see what you think. Im sure hell be pretty convincing but just see what you think.

  • Del Rio Alum

    the CIF did not find anything illegal in the paperwork or the transfer which would prevent him from playing at cal. otherwise he would not be playing. plain and simple. you can speculate all you want, but the fact still remains that the CIF found nothing wrong with his transfer. Stop whining. whats done is done. if anything teams should be happy, because now scouting is a hell of a lot easier. Stop 23 as everybody thinks.

    So what if the reason he came to cal was because there are ex stpaul people on staff. Maybe the reason that was his decision was because he didnt like what was going on at st paul, and cal was the next best thing. nobody knows except for him.

    i can totally agree with what people are saying about education. however i can see where some people are comming from when sports is pretty much their only gift in life, and their only way to get a better education. yes it is unfortunate that they are in that situation, and its sad that society permits it, but thats just one of the many sad parts of life, and can you really blame them? i am more upset about the people who fail to graduate due to teen pregnancy, drugs, or just being lazy, than somebody who transfers to a new school every year so they can potentially have a better future.

  • blogger

    Del Rio Alum:
    Are you serious about Nick transfering to 4 school’s for a better future? Nick transfers to see what he can suck out the next group of coaches. He is an ungrateful piece of work.. granted he is talented but he’s your typical statistic who will kill his very own future with his inability to think on his own. And all this big talk about “what’s really going on at St.Paul” and why he really left… Lou Munoz is the reason he left! Plain and simple! why doesn’t everyone just call it as it is! Don’t get me wrong, Grisby’s talent will be missed at St. Paul but his temper-tantrum attitude won’t! Life goes on and Cal High needs to savor these moments because their King Condor will never look back…ask the last 4 High Schools that he pissed on. The real investigation with CIF should be against Lou Munoz and his coaching credibility.

  • COndorPride22

    Chieftain Alumni,

    i have asked him why he left and he simply said coaching at St. paul witch is exactly why my close buddie left St. Paul and came to Cal High. And your right St. Paul does look better on transcripts. But honestly everyone needs to get over Grigsby. As far as i know he was not recrutied and as far as him choosing to come to cal i belive was just influences by friends and he knew he would suceed in football beacause he wasnt happy playing at st. paul.


    Murray wants facts and the facts that are there can definitely lead to speculation about recruiting. Yes Grigsby is at Cal legally, but is it ethical?

    Here are some facts:
    1. Cal Hi’s head coach Dusan is Marijon Ancich’s son.
    2. Dusan used to be his dad’s assistant at St. Paul
    3. There were illegal recruiting speculations while Marijon was at St. Paul (German Arias from El Rancho, DeAndre Scott from Alemany)
    4. When these transfers suddenly came to St. Paul, true Swordsmen lost playing time (Randy Rivas, Michael Weber)
    5. Grigsby is now taking away playing time from true Condors
    Now I know Grigsby is a great athlete and I’m sure he’s a great kid too. It is obvious that he has and will continue to help Cal win games, but what about the other kids who have put their heart and sould into the Cal program.

    Yes winning is very important and it should be emphasized, but to have a kid (I don’t care how great of an athlete he is) come in midseason and take playing time away from guys who have sweat, bled and probably cried together, is absolutely ridiculous.

    I stated some of the facts and if that doesn’t raise some eyebrows, then I don’t know what will. My belief is that if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, then it probably is a rat.

    It is no surprise to me that there is a recruiting allegation where someone named Ancich coaches

  • blogger

    WOW! say it ain’t so JOE… Grisby poisoning another school! Where’s Lou Munoz now to give Nick some more advice! way to go EINSTEIN MUNOZ!

  • Loca Football Mom

    DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA bottom line is The REAL game is THURSDAY night. you see all the players on the field Thursday night will have the right paperwork. Sad think is Rumor has it that the kid who is SPOILING CAL-HI season is a ticked off X Santa Fe player who wasn’t getting or going to get any LOVE his senior year. Leave Romeo alone he is doing his THANG (that’s slang i do know how to spell) his senior year and tearing it up and he did it right so don’t hate!! And all you peeps out there that keep CRYING and CRYING that the black players @ SFHS don’t live in the SFS or NORWALK SHUT UP Already I can give you a guided tour of all their addresses. and to the guys at “The Ranch” showing respect I hope you CHUCK those CRYBABY CONDORS!!