Grigsby and four schools: So what?

So, Nicolas Grigsby is rumored headed for California High School.

If he is, there seems to be major concern over it being his fourth high school in four years.

He was at Downey his freshman year, transferred to Dominguez as a sophomore and spent his junior year and couple of weeks this year at St. Paul. If it comes to pass, California would be No. 4.

This is generating major conversations among the area’s football faithful.

Two things are true:
1. Grigsby made St. Paul a better team.
2. Wherever he goes, if he plays football, that school’s football team, too, will improve considerably.

As for why he leaves one school for another, I have no knoweldge of him being asked to leave or being run out of town.

With that in mind, what difference should it make to anyone else whey he makes a move, so long as it’s done legally. So long as he establlishes a residence with his family or legal guardian in the school distirct of his choice and is accepted by that school, and maintains academic eligibility, then whose buisness is it but his and the schools’?

This is not to say I don’t have some issues with this, but they would involve moreso outside agencies who would initiate the movement to benefit from his participation.

And before fingiers are pointed in specific directions, it would be wise to have solid evidence and not just hearsay, because such allegations without said evidence can be unjustly damming.

It is said a meeting involving the student/athlete was to be held this afternoon at California High. As yet, the only aspect of all this that is certain is that he has withdrawn from St. Paul.

As this scenario unfolds, it would be well for interested onlookers to avoid moral and ethical judgment and stick to actual facts when forming opinions.

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