Private vs. Public, good or bad??

It is an ongoing argument: Should the private high schools have their own leagues, divisions and postseason tournament?

Or should it stay as it is, with public and private schools mixed in postseason play?
With the relialignment of leagues this year, the two groups are pretty much separated.
But for playoff purposes, they’re still in them together, and many supporters of the public system feel the private schools have a distinct advantage because of their basically unlimted opportunity to draw players from a wider geographical area compared to the pulbic school’s restrictions that limit them to students in a predetermined area.
Separate the two programs, or leave ’em be?
What do you think?

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  • scj

    Now you’ve done it. 🙂

    Here it comes….

  • j


    For a start, put the powerhouse teams in one league and the weaker in other or nothing will change. For years CIF did nothing and I beleive still nothing will be done. 2 years on varsity of the four years goes real fast and soon a new crop of students and parents comes and goes. When teams like Los Altos and Charter Oaks, South Hills, even Bishop Amat would win CIF championships for decades, they only became stronger, but when Schurr High school won its first and only CIF championship in 1980 they move up the next year, why? Many public and private school, even youth league recuit, but nothing gets done, Why? The Powers at be (CIF)needs newer rules or a board of Parents and coaches to make balance rules. I still hope that kids know that four years goes real fast and should focus on college. Not the glory years of High School sports.

  • Santa Fe Mom

    To The Parent,
    I hope your son continues to hold his head up proud. The School Administration is at fault. Cal High had to forfeit last year from another sport, so They Knew Better. They should have told you and checked out all the kids in sports. This is the reason all the coaches and schools that follow the rules get mad at those that don’t. Help these kids set priorities so they don’t get lost in this pace and pressure that the Administration has created, so they can accomplish what is necessary- EDUCATION IS #1

  • just a mom

    I am just wondering about the volleyball team at Santa Fe and their forfeiting their whole season? Wasn’t an agreement made then between the schools that if anyone knew about an ineligible player they would let the school know so it would not affect the whole team? Why did Santa Fe hang on to this info? Interesting.

  • D Guerra

    I dont know that the two types of schools should be completely separated, but you do have to admit the unfairness that lies. Private schools can basically recruit for their upcomming star athletes each year, while public schools are subject to district and school boundries. It does show that a problem exists when the schools have different guidelines to fallow. I just think it puts a much higher expectation on the private schools, because if you have the opportunity to pull in the top athletes in the area and you still cant put together a team to beat up on a public school… then, either your recruiting needs some work, or your strategy sucks.

  • I’m just sayin’..

    Dear “just a mom”,

    What does the SF volleyball team have to do with this thread topic? But just so you know, Santa Fe’s Volleyball team’s ineligible player was discovered by none other than SFHS itself. And upon finding out of this, the matter was handled IMMEDIATELY….as a result, the coach was released of her position as volleyballl coach and a new coach was brought in. So despite the coach’s intent to be sneaky, much like Cal’s football coach, SF did not attempt to HIDE or cover-up anything. It’s a matter of integrity amongst each high school…. and SF definitely has it…. I’m just sayin’…..

  • just a mom

    I am sorry, entered this blog in wrong topic, but the point I made was that I believe after that problem with the volleyball team all schools agreed that if they were aware of any problems they would let the school know so that there would not be so many kids hurt. Santa Fe seemed to be aware of this problem and hung on to this info. That was my point. Sorry about posting on the wrong site if that is a big deal to you.

  • Anonymous 2

    just a mom,

    It is, to all of us.

  • just a mom

    Well, thanks anonymous 2, as usual you are very mature. It seems you are always ready with a deep and meaningful comment.

  • trkcoach53

    Are we naive enough to think that the powerhouse public schools do not attract (did not say recruit) student/athletes from out of there attendance boundaries? In fact I would say that public schools have an advantage because they are free. Have not Westchester in basketball and other public schools been sanctioned for attendance violations. The whole issue of attendance of schools out of area is a quagmire that will not be solved by this type of regulation. What about the powerhouses in t & f, basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, water polo, etc. They are not all private schools that are guilty of this. I think the true enemy of public schools is that the quality of education sucks because the politicians have reduced support/aid to schools and the public schools can’t offer the quality education they should. If you want to make for a more even playing field give the schools the tools to provide a quality education. Meaning funds for books and equipment to educate the 21st century student. Not 18th century as most are still doing. That’s part of my solution to the education crisis. It’s not that simple but in the education context, most private schools are providing a safer environment for learning. If I had a student/athlete that was entering high school at present I’d have to give much thought as to where he would be educated, public or private. Those educational years can’t be retrieved and they are too important to waste. …and my child would be too important to send to schools that might be unsafe.

  • Mustang Fred

    Private schools have a clear recruiting advantage, therefore they should play in their own division.
    There are some public schools, however, that do a pretty good job of recruiting and they can compete with the powerful private schools.
    I would like to see a playoff system that concludes with the top private school playing against the top public school.

  • D Guerra

    Alright Mr trkcoach53… this isnt even about sports anymore… but i will tell you that its not just about the institution you recieve your education. If you have a moron kid in a private school, he’ll still be a moron. If any student athlete applies themselves to their school work they can get the education they want without spending all that money. If you had a child going to school, worry about the type of student they might turn out to be, more so than the school you want to send them to.