St. Paul schedule acknowledged; And how ’bout them state playoffs??

At least someone is paying attention.

St. Paul High School is listed at No. 11 in the Division III South
Division of this week’s California State Bowl Games rankings put out by
Mark Tennis of Cal-Hi Sports.
There is no chance the Swordsmen will be selected to represent the south
in the state playoffs, but being ranked among the top 15 teams in the
postings is meaningful if for no other reason than St. Paul is the only
team listed that has a losing record (3-5).

That speaks volumes for the schedule the Swordsmen have played.

And it is a pat on the back for the coaching job first-year mentor
Pete Gonzalez has done.

According to, if the game was to be played tonight, it would be Mission Viejo (south) vs. De La Salle (north) in Division I; Orange Lutheran (south) vs. Palo Cedro Foothill (north) in Division II; and Oaks Christian (south) vs. Santa Rosa Cardinal Newman (north).
According to the current Cal-Hi Sports rankings, the pairings likely would be Corona Centennial against De La Salle, Loomis Del Oro or Colfax against Sherman Oaks Notre Dame in Division II, and Salinas Palma or Cardinal Newman against Oaks Christian.
The selection of the bowl participants basically is by committee.
Any disagreement with either the teams listed or the manner in which they’ll be determined.
Or more important, are the state playoffs even a good idea?

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  • http://anonymous anonymous

    I think it is about time that St. Paul is acknowledged for their schedule. They do not back down from the big schools. Go Swordsmen.

  • http://SPSdad SPSdad

    We are a proud S.P. family and sometimes we don’ understand some of the teams we do play but we do relize we are playing the best teams out there and it will make us stronger. Thank you for the recognition it is great to see. Always proud to be a Swordsmen.

  • Anonymous

    I think St Paul plays a tougher schedule then all the teams in the SEC.

  • scj

    After tonight’s win at Alemany (34-7), the Swordsmen are now up to #10 in DIII South Bowl Rankings.

    Most of the Swordsmen faithful had no illusions about this season based on the schedule and the relative inexperience of the team. Should one be satisfied with a losing or .500 record? No, but I think it has been a great learning experience and has made the team stronger.

    St. Paul is only losing 17 seniors, most schools lose twice that much. With an all soph backfield (that is now battle tested, a more balanced offense (yes, in retrospect the Grisby transfer was a good thing), I see big things for the Swordsmen next year.

    However, the year isn’t over yet. The Swordsmen can beat St. Francis next week, which would in turn leave them tied for 1st in the Mission League.

    Go Swordsmen! Go Blue!

  • http://SWORDS SWORDS

    To be ranked in the top 15 is an awesome acknowledgement. I for one have wondered about our football schedule. Our son told us we play the best and we do not back down we are proud to see our team up there. My son is a proud Swordsmen who loves his school, team mates, coaches and HE is proud of every teams thet encounter every week. Go St. Paul.

  • blogger

    It’s about time that the Swordsmen of today get the credit they truly deserve. Those boys play with their hearts each week and give 100% to one of the toughest schedules in the league. And it’s about ABSOLUTE time that Coach Gonzalez is commended for his dediction to be the best coach he can while filling some really big shoes. I’m sure it’s very fullfilling to the Coaching staff to see an exceptional group of young men come together and play hard as a team.

    And a special messge to Nick Grisby, “Thanks” for jumping ship, you were nothing more than dead weight!

  • just a mom

    Blogger- such a great positive message till the end. How does it help to end like that? It takes away from your otherwise great message.

  • dustn

    The kids played great lastnight.

  • http://SWORDS SWORDS

    We did play great last night. I beleive that everyone is truly proud of our Swordsmen. A tough season and great improvement and growth with the team. No. #10 ranked is even better.

    The Grisby thing is so over, good luck Nick & Cal High.

  • http://anonymous anonymous

    Thank you for that posting of our school being ranked #10. That is great for our school, kids and coaches (i’m sure). My son questioned at times maybe he should go to Pioneer (nothing against Pioneer) but he decided if he wans to college and play football he will play only the best in the next level. Now I truly agree with him and I’m so proud of the blood, sweat,tears and most of all the dedication he has endured at St. Paul.



  • scj

    OK, all you Swordsmen faithful. The game against St. Francis this Friday is going to be a huge one. We need to be there in HUGE numbers to cheer the team on.

    We’ve been drawing good crowds all season both home and on the road. Tell your neighbors, your friends, family and anyone you can think of to be there Friday night!

  • http://blogger blogger

    I agree with you SCJ, the Swordsmen have a huge battle on Friday night. I hope our boys can pull it off against St. Francis. We will definetly have to be on our A game. Go St. Paul.

  • http://SPSdad SPSdad

    I know my son and his team mates are ready for Friday night. I beleive that they are mentally and physically ready for the game against St. Francis. I think their coaches have them prepared and ready. The kids must go on the field and execute. What a great opportunity for the Juniors & Sophmores to go out there in such circumstances. Be ready Swordsmen.

  • SpatanJoe

    Murray, I think this answers one your first Subject blogs?

  • http://swords swords

    Just a little note for Friday night our boys play with alot of heart and I hope all fans can appreciate it that. Were all very proud of our young men. Go St. Paul. Good luck on Friday night.

  • scj

    Thanks to the Swordsmen faithful for expressing your support for the team. We all know it has been a tough season for the guys and they and the fans have held their heads up with true class.

    Personally, I’m glad we have not resorted to the excuses the Amat fans have posted on Aram’s blog or to the personal attacks and innuendo’s going on between the CalHi and Santa Fe fans, especially how it relates to Nick Grisby.

    Hey, our team was the one that was most impacted by his departure. However, we wished him well, made adjustments and moved on.

    As I’ve said before, Friday is going to be a big night. Come out and support St. Paul.

  • just a mom

    scj, I think it is commendable and says something about your school that only positive things have been said about the Grigsby situation. Good luck this weekend and play well.

  • http://blogger blogger

    just a mom…please get over the Grisby thing and the nice things we do say or don’t say about him. This website is about St. Paul. So once again good luck St. Paul Friday night continue to play with your hearts like you have been. Win or lose we support you always and we don’t jump ship.

  • just a mom

    Blogger, I was giving St. Paul a compliment and saying how I appreciated their class. I am impressed by the way the represenatives of St. Paul on this website have carried themselves and was wishing them well. I guess you cannot just accept the compliment.

  • scj

    Blogger….relax……the beauty of a blog is that it gives EVERYONE an opportunity to post their OPINIONS. Just a Mom is as entitled to post her comments as you are. Dude, don’t be a hater.

    Don’t be like the guys who post about about Cal Hi, La Serna, and Santa Fe. They all resort to slinging mud and making personal attacks. I’d like to think the Swordsmen fans are above all that.

  • http://sords swords

    O.k. today is the day. St. Paul play hard good luck to the kids and the coaches. Bring your best game tonight Swordsmen. Were all very proud of you.

  • scj

    The Stadium is going to be rocking tonight. Going to be a full house and it will be loud. Big game for both teams. This is what high school football is all about.

    Go Swordsmen!

  • scj

    St. Paul 21
    St. Francis 9

    Way to go Swordsmen!!

  • http://blogger2 blogger2

    WOW…St. Paul played great. Very impressed with the coaching of such a young team. Good Luck Swordsmen in the playoffs.

  • greggov

    The defense came up HUGE tongiht vs St. Francis, 5 sacks, 2 interceptions and we bottled the running game up in the second half. Seniors, way to go out. Underclassmen, you are learning how to play football, play hard, practice hard and come out big on Friday night. Best of luck in CIF and better than that, the Swordsmen have bottomed out and we are coming back!!!

  • http://SWORDS SWORDS

    St. Paul were so excited and proud of all. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Keep that spirit and pride as you move into the play-offs. Last night was a great night for the kids, coaches, parents and the school. Lets see who we play in the next round? Go St. Paul.

  • http://SPSdad SPSdad

    I would like to say as a dad, Thank you for the hard work and dedication from the coaching staff. I know it seemed like a grim season at one point and our boys fought back like true SWORDSMEN. They learned pride quickly and dedication. The coaches challenged them to step up to the plate and we beleive they did. Thank you to Coach Gonzalez & Coach Jimenez and the whole staff. Were all proud parents.





  • http://blogger blogger

    Well after a great game on Friday night I would like to say that I was impressed in the way that St. Paul looked and executed on the field. Not alot of size but true to say alot of heart. I was really impressed with the game or should I say the game calling by the coaching staff. I saw first hand as I was there to see the team and the school, my son is in 7th grade and will be attending St. Paul. Go Swordsmen in the play-offs and good luck to you.

  • http://anonymous anonymous

    I know St. Paul has Downey friday night at Downey. If St. Paul can play with the determenation that they should on Friday night nothing can stop them. I would like to say that the new era at St. Paul is looking up. Congratulations to the coaching staff. Go Swordsmen.

  • Jim Rollins

    SPH over the years has had GREAT coaching, limited resources, and players who bond and love each other and play their guts out.When talented player arrive with the spirit and heart SPH usually won big.The school is smaller than ever and being on the field for HC and being able to participate in the senior walk(former player 58 and 59)you see the desire to be a winner and to continue the unbelieveable winning record against the biggest programs in California.two things makes SPH great. We are family and the student athlete.One comment on Grisby and to put it to bed. No one man is greater than the team.

  • http://sphs sphs

    I am a St. Paul Alumni Class of 2001. I am proud to see the school being supported by loyal fans. I myself played for Coach A and was proud of it. I am proud of what I saw on Friday night with the new headcoach and his staff. I beleive these coaches will take St. Paul back to the promise land. Loyalty, Heart, Dedication and Love for the game. Go St. Paul on your next journey and always be proud to be a Swordsmen.

  • sps45

    I go 2 SPHS and i love being a swordsmen. There is nothing better on thursdays dressing up and getting ready 2 play SP football. Congrats 2 the varsity on making playoffs against downey
    im going 2 b there tonight and its gonna be crazy


  • Jim Rollins

    Today St. Paul’s lost one of it gallent warriors to Viet Nan 1967. Bill Crowder was the best back on the 59 team which played in the parochial league.Bill was also on the first varsity team in 58 for St. Paul’s. Bill was a Viet Nan war vet who left to much of his life there. God Bless You and may you rest in peace.I will alway remember and I love you friend. Jim

  • http://blogger SPSdad

    St. Paul has pulled it off again. Our guys have HEART. Its very exciting to see these kids come together. 2nd round of the playoffs great job. To the coaching staff the upmost respect to you. Thank you for the numerous hours you have given our boys to be out there. Go St. Paul.

  • http://blogger blogger

    As a Alumni, parent & supporter I would like to say how proud we all are of our Swordsmen. All season we have had our ups & downs and the past couple of weeks we have bonded on the field with one common bond of a great heart. I to would also like to commend the great coaching staff we have. You guys have really found other ways than the obvious to win games. Our boys are definely learning what St. Paul is about. Go St. Paul. Mira Costa here we come.

  • http://SPSdad SPSdad

    O.k. St. Paul supporters we need all of you Friday night at Mira Costa. Lets go out there and support the boys like we did @ Downey. We have a tough road ahead but we can do it. St. Paul + desire + passion = WIN. Good Luck St. Paul.

  • scj

    Great game Friday night! As usual the Swordsmen faithful were at the game in huge numbers. I think we’ve outdrawn our opponents at each away game? Way to support the guys!

    I love our defense. Bend but not break, stretch but not snap. Glad they got the shutout.

    Got to give props to that Tubbs kid from Downey. He earned every one of those 121 yards. He’ll go far.

    We CAN beat Mira Costa. Bring the neighbors, friends and familia and support the Swordsmen!!!

  • http://at.paul JOSEPH GONZALEZ

    congrats to the swordsmen!! good luck on friday night. to my bro coach gonzalez, we are all proud of you. keep up the good work.

  • http://blogger blogger

    Friday is a big game for us @ Mira Costa. We need all the support and fans to be shaking it up over there. As a team we want to take this as far as we can for our coaches. Who have devoted so much time for us and most of all who have beleived in us. Thursday is a proud day at St. Paul were all looking forward to Thanksgiving. Thank you everybody for all your support.

  • http://blogger blogger

    I am an alumni. Great job to our new head coach and his staff. I don’t know if he would have had so much respect if we didn’t win the past four games. But in a nut shell I would like to say these wins are well deserved for the whole St. Paul staff and team. The boys have heart and I haven’t seen this in a few years. It sure looks like we got some talent in the next few years. I am proud of what I saw. Go St. Paul.

  • http://SPSdad SPSdad

    We pulled it off again. Great job St. Paul you boys keep shocking your coaches, parents, teammates and anybody who watches you. I beleive their is a key why we keep winning. Our kids have HEART we are all so proud of you. Thank you for the 100th time to the coaching staff I beleive the kids are taught and they are prepared every week. Go Swordsmen.

  • Anonymous

    good job again to coach gonzalez and staff. you have made us all very proud of the boys again.good luck friday night, 1 at a time! everyone come out and support them on friday night. good luck swordsman. pete, we all believe in you as a coach, friend and especially a big brother. good luck!