Taking a break …

With football winding down, or depending on your view, building to a big finale, the basketball season must be just around the corner.

With that in mind, how about a quick – and brief – synopsis from y’all about who’s going to be the area’s best round ball team.
From here, it looks like Whittier, Whittier Christian and maybe Santa Fe among the boys teams.
The girls edge goes to St. Paul, followed closely by La Serna and Santa Fe, and not necessarily in that order.
Share your best guesses.

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  • Del Rio Basketball watcher

    Who’s the best coach in league now? With Lowe not there who’s the best? Who gets his kids to play hard for him? Let me know but nice about it. And Murray plaese give your input.

  • Fan

    1.Whittier Coach Varos
    2.Pioneer Coach Mata
    3.Santa Fe Coach Geren
    4.Cal Coach Barber
    5.La Serna Coach Villegas
    6.El Rancho Coach Elliott

    Whittier and Santa Fe should be playing for the league championships. Whittier should win it all. Coach Varos will out coach Coach Geren. Coach Geren will mess it up fpr his team and that’s why they will not win league. Pioneer coach is young and has his kids playing hard. They should be third place team. La Serna new coach he was a J.V. coach varisty is going to be a lot faster then J.V. The same for El Rancho Coach Elliott was a J.V. coach. Cal Coach Barber is a good coach but the kid do not like him. And they will not play hard for him.

  • Anonymous

    IF the kids commit themselves for coach Elliot the same way the kids do it for him in the power house x country team, then the ER bball team wont be to bad, I dont expect em to be winning league titles, but they should compete pretty well.

  • Del Rio Basketball watcher

    Some Del Rio teams play games today. You got Gahr-Cerritos Tournament. Whittier vs Mater Dei. I’ll feel bad for Whittier. Whittier gets hammered. El Rancho vs Mark Keppel. Keppel should beat El Rancho big. Santa Fe vs Montebello. That should be a great game. Santa Fe wins by 3. Pioneer vs Beckman in the La Quinta-Westminster Shoot-Out. Now Pioneer won back to back championshis in this tournament, they don’t have the horses like last year. Beckman win by 9. .

  • Del Rio League Watcher

    WOW… Predictions for Basketball already. Let’s look at the results after a couple of weeks of preseason.
    I guess you can call me Pro-Lancer, but the comment of JV Basketball being slower than Varsity is correct. But this coach played and has sat on the varsity bench for Coach Mike Lowe for a few years.
    It is a new beginning with Coach Villegas, but it also is a program that hasnt lost in the DRL for three seasons. The first loss will come this year, but there wont be many!
    It should be fun to watch.. I have the highest respect for all the DRL Coaches and disagree with the rankings for many reasons. Lets chat in January after all the preseason is gone and we get ready for a competitive DRL.

  • Fan Too

    The new coach at La Serna will will have is up and downs this year. Just like every new coach does. The one coach who has done a great job is the Pioneer coach. The guy doesn’t have player but he gets his kids to play hard every year.

  • Suburban League Basketball…Go LM!!!

    With Coach Lowe now gone (And he is the greatest DRL coach EVER!!!) The DRL league kinda falls into an abyss. I still believe La Serna will be at the top. You can’t break the system at La Serna!!! Coach Villegas has his work cut out…but he has been under the helm of Coach Lowe since 1990. Good Luck Coach Villegas.
    Where is the respect for La Mirada??? The football and baseball program will soon be taking a backseat to the basketball program. Not even a crack at the top 5 for LM?? With Coach Kaupang at the helm and 9 returning Varsity players, i’d say LM would give Whitier Christian a run for the top spot in the area.

  • Fan Too

    I see that Pioneer lost two games by 5 pts. They lost Beckman by 3 and the next night to Pacifica by 2. Now they lost a lot of players from last years team. The word is that there a year away from doing well. No i’m not a Pioneer fan, I’m a Whittier fan my kid goes there, and playes sports. I think that coach does a fine job.

  • Fan Too

    Wow just got done looking at maxpreps.com. And our teams in the Del Rio League are doing well. And I see Pioneer lost to Arroyo by 4 pts. Wow Three games by 9 pts. They can be 3-0 but there 0-3. It’s going to be a long season for the Titans.

  • Del Rio

    Hey Pioneer are going to be in last place this year. Santa Fe will win league. Whittier will come in second place. La Serna third place. Cal forth place. El Rancho fifth place. And Pioneer last place. That Pioneer Coach doesn’t know anything about basketball.

  • Player

    Murray now that your boy Coach Lowe stepped down for two years, what do you think of the area coaches?

  • Titan4Life

    You guy say Coach Mata isn’t a good coach. Well he’s in his 6th year at Pioneer. For someone who doesn’t know what he doing, he doing a great job over there. I know his teams has made it to the play-offs 4 out the 6 years he has been there. So come on and ligthen up!!

  • Suburban League Basketball….Go LM!!!

    HELLO!!! I tried to let everyone know about The Matadors! The Mats ran through the El Rancho Tourney, knocking out 2 of the areas “Top” teams in La Habra and Santa Fe. LM handed Lawndale their first defeat, a team that would of dominated any of the other area teams(maybe Whittier Christian would of gave them a game).What’s it gonna take for LM to get some respect in the good ol WDNews??? Congrats to Coach Kaupang on his way to Area Coach of the Year!!! GO LM!!!

  • Fan

    To get RESPECT, you have to beat the powers in your league, ARTESIA and MAYFAIR. And you’ll get your RESPECT!!!!!