One up, two down, two to go

Schurr 9, La Habra 7. Surprising.

West Torrance 26, St. Paul 11. Disappointing.

Surprising because apparently neither team’s offense got untracked. Interested to find out if the defenses were that tough or were the offenses just out of sync?

Disappointing because neither team showed enough offense to warrant going to the finale. West Torrance pretty much shut down St. Paul’s running game, as did the Swordsmen’s to the Warriors’. Passing — nearly nonexistant on both sides.
If game was based on effort, St. Paul would have won it hands down, with the Swrdsmen’s defense forcing the Warriors to settle for four field goals. West Torrance had 24 yards rushing and 25 yards total offense in the first half. Also just four first downs, three of them by penalty, and still led, 13-3.

Next, it’s Santa Fe against Troy and Whittier Christian against St. Margaret’s. Both local teams are playing their respective division’s No. 1 seed.

And Schurr will play for the Southeast Division title against the winner of Santa Fe and Troy.

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  • Go Hard

    Great job Spartans. The defense played great all night!

  • mzcutelee

    Price of Semi-finals ticket: $8.00

    Price of hot dog, nachos, and a soda: 10.00

    Seeing the look of Troy players when the buzzer ran out: PRICELESS

    Santa Fe 33 Troy 28

    Nuff said…..

  • randy

    mzcutelee,… nailed that one right on the head! That was an unforgettable game. It looked ugly early, but SF made it through those first ten minutes, and gave us a helluva a show! I had seen Troy play earlier in the year, I knew they were tough, but what i didn’t know was how good the Chiefs are!

    One more knockout boys, 48 more minutes, just keep taking care of bizness!

  • mike

    Good job to Schurr and Santa Fe High. I bet both teams thank GOD that they were both placed in a weak division. Is Santa Fe allowed to recruit? They did it anyways. Good job recruiting coach or you would never have a CIF title in the 20+ years you’ve been coaching.

  • herman duran

    Defense wins championships. No one has given the Schurr Spartans a chance to get this far. I hope Sante Fe does not over look them. Ask Westminster and La Habra about that.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Hey BITTER Mike.why dont you take a long walk on a short pier!!!!!

    Great job SF! You held the might Troy offense to it lowest point total of the season despite giving them 21 points on turnovers. You guys kept your composure and played your game and in the end the best team was still standing. Hey Troy.what was up with turn out the lights??? Thats cool it gave the flashing light bulbs from all the parents taking pictures a far more dramatic effect!!!

    Awesome job Schurr! That was a solid game and I cant wait to see the match but between you guys and my beloved Chiefs. Best of luck to each team!!!!!!





    HERMAN Herman herman…

    We thank God for his mercy everyday for waking us up and giving us the benefit of another day.

    Give all the division teams credit they worked their behinds off.

    You sound a little upset maybe bitter, don’t hate on the SF Team they are a bunch of great kids who did an outstanding job against Troy. And back up off the coach he is very deserving and earned it…your little reference to recruiting…it did not happen as much as some of you would like to contribute their excellent job to something recruiting wasn’t it…how about great coaching, dedication and the will to get it done. Give credit where it is due and it goes to a great Santa Fe Team who did what they needed to win and a great coaching staff who are very deserving!!


  • Just a Coach


    you stated “…your little reference to recruiting…it did not happen as much as some of you would like to contribute their excellent job to something recruiting wasn’t it..”

    i think you just admitted guilt!

    “it did not happen as much as some of you would like” that means they do, but not that much right??

    Yikes, and I think highly of the Santa Fe Program, maybe I need to think about that a bit more


    “Just a Coach”

    It seems that you did not pass English Comprehension.

    Don’t take my words and leave out portions to fit the way you think.

    An excellent team is the contributing factor for the Santa Fe Team. “As much As” does not mean that it happens at all what it means is AS MUCH AS you want to believe it IT DOES NOT HAPPEN. This could be the topic of conversation over and over but the fact remains that the players are Great the coaches are Great and it did not take recruitment to get them where they are now.

    It seems that you are reaching for a reason to rethink your outlook of the Santa Fe Program. If you don’t care for the Team say it and don’t look for ways to discredit an excellent program, coaching staff and team.


  • mzcutelee

    While everyone is talking (at nauseum) about recruiting, no one has ever mentioned there might be other methods, like ‘Permits’. There are some parents who chose SF so their kids can go to a school without the fear of getting shot (I’m sorry, y’all don’t know nuthin about that, huh?)….. Or SF parents/alumni wanting the same excellent education for their kids as they received.
    One bad situation (ie, Grigsby) does not mean everyone is doing it. Like I read on a previous blog: if Mahlstead were recruiting as folks suspect, he would have won a ring looooong ago.

    This should be a time of CELEBRATION for kids (Santa Fe) who have to be at school at 6 am for practice, give up their saturday mornings for practice, stay academically eligible, and still try to have a life (and do chores as mine does).
    These kids work goshdarn hard….Give them their Props!

  • Black and Gold Parent

    Just a coachDont try and twist SF FB Moms words to try and justify someones ridiculous statement. So many people have cried over and over that SF recruits but yet CIF has never found facts stating otherwise. All the SF faithful caught crap for implying that something just wasnt right over at Cal and to everyones (but SF) amazement CIF justified our claims. Whether it was Grigsby or not rule infractions were found by CIF and penalties were implemented. Anyone who thinks SF recruits then please take your claims to CIF and lets see what happens instead of posting your stupid little snips in here.

    So whether or not you wish to continue to think highly of the Santa Fe program or not its up to you but the facts speak louder than words.

    Everyone said that Schurr didnt have what it takes. They said SF will once again choke in the semis and yet here the two teams are getting ready to play on Friday while the rest of the South East Division get to see it, hear about it or read about it. Bravo to both teams coaching staff and players!! And also to the proud parents and families of these kids that pack the stands week after week!!

  • DRL

    Without Romeo Pellum SF would not be in the Finals. When does next years big transfer show up?

  • randy

    where will the SF-Schurr game be?

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Look over Santa Fe’s roster because there are way to many for me to list and you’ll see the number of talented juniors mixed in with our seniors. A wide mix of speed and strength not to mention a very successful Frosh & JV teams loaded with kids ready to contribute next year so give me a break with that transfer CRAP. Santa Fe is a true definition of team because they can beat you so many different ways!

    That god it’s Christmas time because that shade of green “with envy” fits in nicely for the holidays!!!!

  • mike bird

    its funny every week comeing in a reading these blogs it just made me laugh everyday!!! check it out everyone predicted la habra vs troy rematch what happend!!!let me tell you la habra walked in probably said we got this 48 minutes later there season is over…oh what happend to troy( 13-0) santa fe put them were they belong at home!!!
    im not gonna hate on santa fe i think they played a great game so did schurr!!! i think this game is going to be a tough fought game good look to both teams!!!!forget what other poeple have to say were in the finals for a reason!!!!

  • former chieftain player

    I want to give a big congrat’s to Santa Fe! you stepped it up and SHUT DOWN A VERY GOOD TEAM, Hey
    CLASSY MOVE TROY TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS IN THE KIDS & PARENTS!!!! Also I said it before, alot of those kids have parents & relatives who played their and for coach and PROUD to have their kids playing for him.

  • former Chieftain player

    Hey give these kids some credit, they (Santa Fe) went out and shut down Troy. That was by far the best I’ve seen you boys play ALL YEAR! TALK ABOUT SHOCK & AWE!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Garcia

    SEMI-FE! SEMI-FE! SEMI-FE! WOW they finally made it to the finals. Good luck.

  • mike

    Good luck Chiefs Bring one home for the city of Santa fe, or is it Norwalk? Long Beach? Compton? Cerritos? Lakewood? Oh what the hell their players represent all those cities

  • The Fan

    Chieftain Alumni:
    I noticed that you are comparing how your freshman and JV teams did this year in a recent blog. Your best player did not even play at either of those levels(Pellum). Plus if you are any good in the Del Rio league as a Sophmore you are playing on the Varsity, so spare me the JV record as a measure on how good Santa Fe will be in the future. Stick to transfers that seems to work best for the success of your program. You are marginal team with 1 really good player that wasn’t “home grown” just like Cal High.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    The Fan:
    While that statement may be true with other programs it definitely doesnt apply to Santa Fe. Go to and look at SFs roster last year. The only two sophomores on that roster are Gaines and Fooks while this year they had 3 kids not counting the ones brought up for the playoffs. With that being said I believe SFs JV teams were still 9-1 in league the past two years. I could see you making a comment like that if Santa Fe came out of no where this season but year in and year out they are the team to beat in the DRL and continue to be rank in the top ten of their division. Come out some summer and see the very impressive number of kids in their program all desiring to be part of the winning tradition. Sure they might pick up a kid or two via their families moving or getting permits but can you blame parents wanting the best for their kids. And as long as its all within the CIF rules then more power to them!

    As for Pellum making SF what they are. Are you kidding me? He didnt show up mid season and completely change the complexion of the team (i.e. Grigsby). He was there at the end of last years season and didnt play per CIF rules. This year he was plugged into the SF scheme just like everyone else. Do I really need to spell it out for you? Okay, Pellum is only as good as Molina who gets him the ball. Molina is only as good as the line that blocks for him. And the offense is only as good as its diversity (i.e. the running game) which keeps the defense off balance and from keying on one player. Lets not forget about the defense in which if they cant stop teams the offense will never gain possession of the ball. And last but not least is the coaching staff that scouts and prepares a game plan each week and make game time adjustments based on what they see. Get it or would you like me to break it down even more for you?

    Calling Santa Fe a marginal team without Pellum really leads me to think that your talking out of your ass!

  • SF #6 Mom

    The Fan:

    Santa Fe is much more than a marginal team, how did they stop the total offense of the top seed in the second half of the simi-finals?

    It takes an entire team to win games. Yes Romeo is a great player and I personally will make sure no one ever takes that from him however he plays along some other great players and he does not win games alone. If you are not a team player there is no point in being on a team. He has played a great part in a great season for a great team. Do not take anything away from the other players on this team who have worked their asses off to get where they are. They deserve to be acknowledged for their perserverance and diligence as a TEAM!


  • The Fan

    Chieftian Alumni:
    Spare me how talented Molina is. He throws into double coverage all the time and he should have piked off twice in the first half alone against Troy. I never said Pellum was a great player . I said he was a really good player sorry SFmom#6. I wonder who that is?????

  • DRL

    Molina is not as good a quarterback as you all think. Last year against Orange High School Angel Molina almost single handedly lost that game for Santa Fe.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Woulda, shoulda, coulda!!!!!!!

    Good luck SFHS and Schurr!

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Hey Chieftain Alumni:

    Woulda, shoulda, coulda!

    Congrats, SCHURR!