Schurr vs. La Habra 2nd Half Video

Please forgive us for the technical issues we had, but here is the 2nd half of that game, Enjoy….
NEW: Schurr vs. La Habra 2nd Half

Schurr vs. La Habra 1st Half

By the way, Schurr vs. Santa Fe will be at Cal State Fullerton at 7pm. Good Luck to both Schools.

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  • Bundy

    As a true fan of high school and college football I truly believe Santa Fe High is a special place. It is well known that in terms of talent California prep football is second to none but when it comes to passion and fan support nothing can compare to Texas and the southern states, untill I discovered the Santa Fe Chiefs. The city is small with only about 18,000 residents but it is amazing to see the kind of support given to the football program by not only the city but most importantly the administration and alumni. The program is rock solid from top to bottom from the stability of Coach Jack Mahlstede to the very talented coaching staff which consist of many successful ex players. Tonite the Chiefs will play not only for themselves but also for a great city and every man who has ever worn the black and gold, tonite the Chiefs shall finally become Champions and an entire city will be there to celebrate Go Chiefs…



  • El Rancho

    Man what a game by Schurr. Schurr is the definition of “Team” they dont have to many individuals, they just have a group of kids who played their hearts out and showed that no matter how many D1 kids somehow make their way to your school, heart and pride is something that cannot be matched. I was one person who had been doubting Schurr all year, but tonight they left no doubt in my mind, they are a special group of kids with a great coaching staff, they deserved that title big time. Pellum was completely shut down all night, Molina didnt do much either. What a player Orduno is, he deserves player of the year all the way. Congratulations Schurr !!

  • jay

    Schurr beat Santa Fe. I guess talented players can only take you so far. At the end it comes down to coaching. Everyone talks about how great the Santa Fe coaching staff is. They are only great at recruiting. I’m very proud that Scurr did it with “Home Grown” talent. That is truelly a sign of GREAT coaching. I’m sure Santa Fe will have a few mystery players on their roster next year. But at the end… it’s never good enough.

  • Raul

    I would have to say that Jack Malhstead (Sp?) is one of the most overrated coaches i have ever seen. How does he and his staff manage to LOSE games every year? They have the best talent money can buy and still can’t win the big one. I saw chaos and panic on their sideline Saturday night. Granted Schurr played a great game and #7 was remarkable, so take nothing away from them. I think its time for Jack to step down and retire. I’ve seen this staff get out-coached every year with superior talent. It’s sad to watch…