Winter sports are upon us

Top five boys and girls basketball teams?

List your choices, and why.
We’ll get to soccer and girls water polo shortly.

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  • bob

    saint paul basketball, boys and girls, NUMBER ONE!1

  • fan


  • Matt Piazza

    La Mirada boys are the best basketball team in the area this year.

  • Bob

    You gotta be kidding me.
    Saint Paul beat Pioneer last night. And yet, Pioneer is died for 5th?

    You have to start giving the St. Paul boys some credit. yeah the past couple years have been rough but Coach Miller has totally turned the program around.

    Saenz and Orbita are a deadly guard combo. No one in the area could match up with their quickness.

  • Tech Savy

    Wrestling is a winter sport ….Does anyone have a slight chance of knocking off Santa Fe in the Del Rio League? Just curious on the feedback….

  • pelum

    saint paul sucks who do you guys play in basketball santa fe baby all the way!!