Coaches coach; players play

The “suggestions’ of candidates for the area’s high school football coach of the year are both qppreciated and interesting.

Many of the reasons shared for personal choices have been both insightful and well-founded.
That is good.
Some of them obviously have been influenced by what the heart desires.
And that is OK.
And there are those derived from a personal agenda that often clouds
reason and logic.
And that is, …. well, for some, that is just human nature.
It would be well to consider that good coaches and managers teach
fundamentals about the game and life, and to do this they participate in the process
both mentally and physically, they motivate and counsel and most of all,
they delegate authority and responsibility.
The latter involves surrounding themselves with a solid support group
made up of assistant coaches.
Some of you who have responded here acknowledge that fact. But there are
others who prefer to credit an assistant coach for a team’s success, and
in the process, whether intentional or not, they discredit and/or in
some instances, demean the head coach.
By doing so, they are ignoring the fact it is the coach who is
responsible for hiring the assistant in the first place.
Head coaches being considered for COY honors have
their fingerprints all over their programs, and while they are first to
share the spotlight with their assistants, ultimately they are
responsible for the success of their program.
To think any less of them would be unrealistic, illogical and most of
all, uninformed and foolish.

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