Missing posts puzzling …

Some folks are saying their comments aren’t being posted.

I’m wondering where the comments are being sent.
The only comments I have deleted are two or three that have “featured” excessive questionable language.
Otherwise, the rest that i’ve seen, I’ve released to the blog.
Apparently, the majority of the “lost” comments are from St. Paul faithful.
In any case, please repost.

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  • Just a Coach

    That is funny my post was taken off, after it was on for a day. I posted that i was happy with the choice of COY, i was happy with any one except coach D*%K from schurr. Sorry for the foul language.

  • http://SPSfan SPSfan

    Thank you for acknowledging this problem. All the comments for Coach of the year were from Schurr faithfuls. So once again great pick we are proud of the whole coaching staff at St. Paul and Coach Gonzalez great year. I can understand the initial comments but when you take into consideration the whole season you made a great choice. Go Swordsmen.

  • http://ftbjunky ftbjunky

    Once again, I’m glad my blog will finally hit. I’m a huge fan of football, all area teams I watch and support. So from the outside looking in Roger you made the right decision for Coach Gonzalez. Congratulations to all teams that represent our area and Good Luck St. Paul next year.

  • http://swords swords

    Yes our comments will post, we were wondering what was going on. Thank you for fixing this. So enough said, Congratulations to Coach Gonzalez were so proud of the job you have done for our boys & school. We hope and pray that next year we can have a great season like we did this year. Coach thank you for your hard work and dedication to our program. The whole coaching staff at St. Paul is awesome and were proud of you all.

  • http://blogger blogger

    O.k. i’m just an outsider who loves to read these and I was wondering what was going on with St. Paul’s faithfull supporters. I understand now that the blogs were getting on. Personally I don’t care who gets Coach of the Year since my sons haven’t played in 15 years and they went to Montebello High School. After reading your article Roger Murray I beleive you described Mr. Gonzalez season in a whole. Congratulations.

  • loveshsfootball

    come on st.paul fans-all the comments about coy were not from schurr fans-the schurr coach should have been coach of the year not a guy whos team was barely over 500-i know you say you played top teams too bad you arent good enought to beat any of them. you got on a roll and beat teams in the playoffs that werent that good then got whipped when you finally played someone- wets torrance. why dont you prove how good you are and play d-1 with loyola and amat-oh i know you have an excuse for that-not good enough huh?-in conclusion the schurr coach proved he was the best coach period-and im not a schurr fan.

  • scj

    It looks like some of the news articles posted last week online are missing as well. For example, click on the picture of of ST. Paul winning the Cantwell tourney and yet get this error message:

    “Thank you for visiting Whittier Daily News. We are sorry the article that you requested is no longer available. Please search for this article in our archive search.”

    Seems like the articles missing are about St. Paul. Hmmmmm……


  • scj

    There is more to being a coach then winning football games. A coach needs to be a teacher, a motivator, and a mentor. Coach G epitomizes all these qualities. He took a relatively inexperienced team that NO ONE believed in, taught them to play with heart and desire and to believe in themselves and under less than optimal circumstances.

    Most of you don’t know these young men at St. Paul. We do. They are better prepared for their future lives because of their experience this year.

    We (the Swordsmen faithful) aren’t saying the Coach Dick or any other coach should not have gotten COY, we are saying that the Whittier Daily News made a great selection in choosing Coach Gonzales.

    That is the difference, most of the bloggers here either ripped Coach Gonzales or Roger (or both) for the selection, while we congratulated Coach and the WDN for the selection.

    Personally, if Coach Dick or any other coach had gotten COY I would of been the first to congratulate him.

    If Coach Dick is the fine upstanding coach you all say he is (and I believe he is)I think he’d dissapprove of some of the comments made here on this board by those who claim to Schurr fans.

  • scj

    To loveshsfootball:

    First of all you may love HS football but I don’t you know much about it. St. Paul beat 4 very good D3 teams on its way to the game against West Torrance and to insult these teams as not being very good is indicative of your knowledge level or lack of.

    For example did you know that the team SP beat in the first round, Downey also beat Schurr? What does that say about the Schurr program?

    I’d like to see other area schools play this schedule:

    From what I hear these are some of the teams St. Paul has scheduled for next year:

    -Servite (D1)
    -Bishop Amat (D1)
    -Crespi (D1)
    -Chaminade (D3)(League)
    -St. Francis (D3)(League)
    -Alemany (D3) (League)
    -Cantwell Sacred Heart (D7)but an up and coming program.

    St. Paul has a student population of 700 of which about 350 are boys. The schools above (except Cantwell) average 600-1000 boys in their student population. A lower student population has lead to us being in D3 and not D1. St. Paul could compete in D1 is it so chose to.

    St. Paul could chose to play in lower divisions like some of the area schools but they don’t. I’d like to see more teams in the Del Rio and Almont leagues schedule teams like that. Take a page from the Santa Fe book…they aren’t opposed to scheduling tough teams. Makes them a better program.

  • edwin8

    i dont agree with the poy or coy ,thats just how i feel .i just want to say that some people in here just need to stop crying on who the poy or coy was theres nothing that can change that now.i honestly thought someone else had a better chance at poy and coy but i guess thats just the way the ball rolls.

    i have two questions
    if shurr didnt beat santa fe in the cif finals would the kid from shurr still be poy? i wish we could see how close the votes were.

    when/where is the 605 game and who gets choosen to play in it?

  • http://SPSfan SPSfan

    I think you do love highschool football but you don’t know alot about it. Get your facts straight and figure what your talking about. I don’t think you should question our schedule just worry about Schurr’s. Once again great call for Coach Gonzalez, great season, great schedule and Thank you for all your hard work. Go St. Paul.

  • loveshsfootball

    to scj – i know all about st. paul football-ive been following local teams for years. i do know that they should be playing in the same league as Amat,Loyola and St. Joh bosco and i know that it is st. paul that refuses to play d-1 level. and Enrollment is not always a true indicator otherwise Servite wouldnt play in the league they do. st. paul fans always have an excuse for everything and the teams they beat in the playoffs werent that good -the COY award shouldnt go to a team with a record barely over .500

  • Anonymous


    Your argument about being in D3 are invalid now. St. Paul is in the Western Conf. The CIF has made this a more geographical alignment rather than a matter of competition. There is not that much difference between the Western Conf and the Southeastern Conf with Dominguez being the only legit team in the Western Conf. Look at who qualified for the playoffs in the Western Conf. Culver City and Morningside. Both were in Div 10 a couple of years ago. The Golden League was a joke. West Torrance was a non-contender in Div 4 just a couple of years ago and non-playoff qualifier in 2005 as was SP. The Western Conf. is not Div. 3 and should not be considered so. The only thing that was weaker than the Western Conf was the Mission league.

  • Hank

    Let’s talk about enrollments because it does matter.

    St. Paul has an enrollment of 690 students (coed) with girls making up the majority. Let’s take a look at the other private schools in the area….

    Bishop Amat 1,520 (coed) D1
    Alemany 1,424 (coed) D3 – Mission League
    Loyola 1,214 (all boys) D1
    Notre Dame 1,163 (coed) D1
    Damien 1,135 (all boys) D2
    Chaminade 1,101 (coed) D3 – Mission League
    St. John Bosco 1,071 (all boys) D1
    Don Bosco Tech 982 (all boys) D10
    Harvard-Westlake 836 (coed) D10
    Paraclete 785 (coed) D11
    La Salle 740 (coed) D11
    Valley Christian 706 (coed) D11

    St. Paul 690 (coed) D3 – Mission League

    St. Francis 674 (all boys) D3 – Mission League
    Los Angeles Baptist 658 (coed) D11
    Cantwell 650 (coed) D11
    Cathedral 640 (all boys) D10
    Oaks Christian 626 (coed) D10
    Village Christian 625 (coed) D11

    What do the numbers say? It says that St. Paul has been able to compete against schools with 2-3 times their enrollment of boys. St. Paul has less than 350 boys attending school. If it wasn’t for their rich tradition in athletics they probably could make a good arguement for playing the likes of those in D10 and D11. IMO, it won’t be long till enrollment increases again and they’ll be back in D1.

    If you want to bring up the Orange County schools; Mater Dei 2,400 (coed), Orange Lutheran 1,100 (coed), Servite 808 (all boys), Rancho Santa Margarita 1,646 (coed)… oh and don’t forget LB Poly 4,835, Lakewood 4,337, and Downey 3,792.

    information per website: http://www.laalmanac.com/education/ed15.htm

  • http://blogger blogger

    It always amazes me how everyone starts to question St. Paul their schedule, their division, etc. It always seems to be sour grapes from the other schools. Bottom line St. Paul is division 3 and I don’t think they REFUSE to move up a division thats the division they were put into. Read up on your facts and figure out what your going to bash next with no legs to stand on.
    Oh yes Congratulations St. Paul great season for a team who played a bunch of weak schools.

  • loveshsfootball

    to blogger-its m=not sour grapes and no im not a schurr fan but i enjoyed watching them play-if anyone wants to question my knowledge of football i will be happy to compare with the so called knowledge of st,. paul fans. yes you guys did beat up on weak teams and lost to most if not all of the good teams on your schedule-yes you are nothing more than a . 500 team who finally lost in the playoffs when they faced tough competition-i foolow all the schools in the area and im not one of the st. paul fans who makes excuses for everything.

  • Anonymous


    Go to cifss.org. There is no Div. 3. SP is in the Western Conference.

  • Hank

    Just an FYI…

    There are still “Division’s” in CIF there just renamed. Everyone knows the Pac-5 consists of Division 1 high schools, while the Western Conference consists of Division 3 schools.

    And to the person talking about the strength of Division 3. Dominguez manhandled Notre Dame last season in the championships. Palmdale and Mira Costa are always good.

    Congrats to Schurr on a great season. The best way to resolve this issue would be to call St. Paul and schedule a future game (562) 698-6246

  • Anonymous

    Yo, Hank:
    A Schurr-St. Paul matchup next season would be an outstanding idea, but it would have little bearing on solving any questions about the difference in this year’s teams.
    This especially because Schurr loses a bundle of key players, QB(Orduno), RB/DB(Cano), WR/DB (De La Hay), TE/LB (Guerrero), OL(Duran, Derimow, Mendoza, Ramirez), DL (Navarro, Diaz), LB (Lopez, Pasos).
    As for St. Paul, the Swordsmen return 17 of 22 starters. Seems like that might give them an advantage, at least for now.

  • Hank

    Yo Anonymous,

    Very true. How bout scheduling a game in 2009, today. Neither team knows what they’re going to have and it would be nice to have a great local match-up.

    BTW, next seasons St. Paul schedule includes:

    Servite – D1
    Bishop Amat – D1
    Crespi – D1
    Redondo – D3
    La Mirada – D6
    El Rancho – D7
    Cantwell – D11
    St. Francis – D3
    Alemany – D3
    Chaminade – D3

  • Anonymous

    Come on, Hank! Look at the facts. There are no divisions. There are conferences now. The only Conference that is not geographically based is the PAC-5. They took the best leagues and moved them into the PAC-5. The rest are geographical conferences just look at the names. Look at the individual teams in each conference. The Western Conference would be 4th at best, take out Dominguez and where would it be. Pac-5, Northern, Inland are all better conferences than the Western. If you look at the overall conferences you can easily compare the Western with the Southeastern and the Southwestern for that matter. Just trying to state the obvious here, don’t really care one way or the other. But all you have to do is look at the cif website to figure it out.

  • Hank

    Yo Anonymous,

    Although, I do believe it makes sense for CIF to put teams together based on geography, it still makes more sense to keep them competitive.

    Lets take a look at each Division/Conference…

    D1 – Pac5

    Division consists of schools in North San Fernando Valley to
    South Orange County, along with Long Beach area

    D2 – Inland

    Division consists of teams mostly in the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino County)

    D3 – Western

    Division consists of teams ranging from Palmdale/Lancaster to South Bay to Southeast Los Angeles County

    D4 – Northern

    Division consists of teams mostly in the Conejo/Santa Clarita Valleys and Ventura County

    D5 – Central

    Division consists of teams mostly in the IE with the exception of the Pacific League which consists of (Arcadia, Muir, Burbank, Crescenta Valley, etc.)

    D6 – Southwest

    Division consists of San Gabriel Valley schools along with Orange County

    D7 – Southeast

    Division consists of SGV, Whittier and North Orange County schools.

    D8 – Eastern

    Division consists of mostly IE schools along with desert schools.

    D9 – Southern

    Division consists of all Orange County schools

    D10 – Northwest

    Division consists of teams all over the map. Oaks Christian (Conejo Valley), St. Bernard (South Bay), Covina (SGV), Santa Maria (Ventura), etc.

    D11 – Midvalley

    Division consists of teams all over the map, too. Verbum Dei (Los Angeles), La Salle (SGV), Bishop Diego (Santa Barbara), LA Baptist (SFV), etc.

    In conclusion, the CIF made a few changes this past year. Keeping geography in mind while stressing competitiveness. If you noticed the teams that were mostly moved, most were dominating their competition. For example, Orange Lutheran (D6 to D1), Notre Dame (D3 to D1), South Hills (D7 to D6), La Habra (D9 to D7), Crespi (D10 to D1), etc…

  • ur worst knightmare

    Whats the deal with Reyna at the ranch?

  • elrancho

    Reyna has not been the ER coach for almost a month now, Reyna is still teaching at ER, but he no longer has anything to do with ER football.