La Serna football opening should draw much attention

La Serna High School football coach Ken LaVigne announced his resignation Sunday night at the team’s banquet.

It is safe to assume the list of applicants for the position will be more than ample.
Good school.
Supportive administration.
Any suggestions for those who will make the decision as to whom would best fill the bill?
Any thoughts as to whether it is a good opportunity.
Does it need/require a battled-scarred, seasoned veteran at the helm, or should it be a young whippersnapper, full of vim and vigor and fresh, new-age ideas?
Or, maybe someone in between, with a little of both.?

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  • murray

    Yo, Big Red,
    You’re absolutely correct. Coach LaVigne announced it Sunday night at the team’s banquet. It’s on my blog and will be in the newspaper Tuesday morning.
    I heard last Thursday that Ledesma is almost a sure thing to replace Willie Reyna at El Rancho, but haven’t been able to confirm it, so don’t tell anyone.
    Unless it’s true. Then tell everyone you heard it first here.

  • murray

    Yo, Big Red, et al,
    Quick change of direction on the Ledesma/El Rancho rumor.
    Just that.
    No basis, no foundation.
    No truth.

  • The Fan

    I think that this is an ideal situation for a coach. They raise alot of money each year,and they started five sophmores on last year’s team at key skill positions including quarterback. It is a good school, has great academics, and a supportive administration. With a right coach, they can win. I hope they go find a young coach who can build a program. The Del Rio league is better when there is more than one team who can win it each year.


    La Preps
    I was told that casagran said the wing-t was old and that the offence he would run would be the spread offence. You said he assisted at Narbonne high, look at there offence it looks more and more like the spread not the wing-t. If you want pico kids to run the wing-t send them to Whittier high there getting stronger and they run the wing-t. Too bad about your freshman Morales going to St. Paul

  • El Rancho

    If Casagran comes to the ranch I see him running the Wing-T, like LApreps said, if he establishes a good relationship with the PR Dons, watch out!!!! Why would casagran go to the spread when his Wing-T averaged about 4000 yards a season at Roosevelt. The last ER RB to rush for 1000 yards was Anthony Gonzales in 2000 and that year the ranch ran the Wing-T. We never came close to 1000 yards with any back running the veer option under Willie Reyna. The ranch doesnt have players suited for the spread so I dont see him running that O at all. Whittier has been running the Wing T or the Double Wing for how long now? I dont see whittier getting stronger, they had a good senior class in 06 and still almost got taken down by the worst team in ER football history. Did LaPreps previous post get deleted? I dont see it anywhere.

  • la serna football mom

    We will miss Ken LaVigne dearly. He has touched many lives and will never be forgotten.

  • Black & Gold Parent

    Off the topic but today I read that former La Mirada coach Ray Mooshagian passed away. That was a very nice article on his life and the kind of man he was. Even though I played at SF I was lucky enough to play for him as he was the head coach of our squad my senior year for the 605 All-Star game. While our practices were only a few weeks long leading up to the game (which we won by the way) he left a lasting impression on me and will always be remembered.

    With all the cross talk about who won COY this year in reading this article it reminds me just how important the area coaches are to our kids and how much each and every one of them gives of themselves as head coaches. Thank you to you all!


    El Rancho
    Whittier has been running the wing-t, four years now. Whittier is getting stronger in number of players going out for football and there coaching. They had there worst defensive game of the year against ER. As for your 2000 team that team was loaded with players like Gonzales,Pelayo,Felix, Zamora and many other hard working players. Times have changed and so have the players. You don’t hear Whittier talking about the mid 90’s with Ford, Sherman, Garcia and the others. It’s about what’s happening now and the future, can’t wait to see what is going to happen at El Rancho and La Serna

  • LAPreps

    I sure hope that Ledesma lock at El Rancho is simply a rumor. Dont get me wrong, Ledesma is a good coach and an alumni which is always good. However, he has no head coaching experience and he lacks good communication skills. He has been bypassed twice already with Setlich and Reyna. This may be his turn if the administration wants to limit how much they will pay for the position. Im sure Ledesma wants this job bad! However, I still feel Casagran will be the best fit. He has told me time and again that he would run the wing-t, and loves the idea of coaching at El Rancho.

  • True Blue

    What a bunch of hens! I’ve never heard so much nonsense.
    LA Preps, you must know Ledesma pretty well to know about his “lack of” communication skills and how many times he’s applied for the Ranch job, I sure hope he can get that knife out of his back. Maybe you helped hire Reyna, good choice. Might also do your research on how much a head coach gets paid because it’s certainly not about that.

  • Raul

    ELRANCHO, the spread offense is the new Wing-T. A kind of gimmick offense. El Rancho does have the players to run it and it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to get something new in there. I wonder if people understand that the El Rancho job is not as great as some would like to think. I know of many potential HC’s who have no interest in the job because of the mess it is in right now and because of the administration. Don’t get me wrong, I think it could be a good job with over 3000 students in the school and decent facilities: weight room, video/meeting room, the only school in the league with their own stadium. I hope someone can turn it around and live up to the potential of El Rancho Football in the 21st century not the 1960’s.

  • El Rancho

    Well we did see ER go to a spread type offense back in 2004 when we had 2 great recievers in Anthony Mendez and James Valdez. We were an OT away from winning league that year but in the end we got smashed by westminster in the 1st round. I dont see any recievers this season anywhere close to Anthony and James. I wouldnt say we are in such a mess, we have plenty of returning starters on an 0-10 team that could have easily been 4-1 in the Del Rio league last season, there just wasnt a good mindset from the get go, I know multiple players that said their season would suck before it even started. The JV team was ok at 5-4-1 and the Freshmen class is a special class, we havent seen that type of talent at ER in a long time. They went 9-1 and the only loss was to st paul 21-6. Perhaps the administration might be a pain right now, but be successfull at ER and everything will fall into place. I dont understand why everyone talks as if ER was only good during the 60’s. In the 90’s we had 4 league titles, the last one was back in ’97, we have consistently been in the playoffs and have reached the finals and the semis. If ER makes a good choice on the new coach, watch out Del Rio League and Southeast. By the way, if Ledesma gets the job, I back him 100% he has never been a head coach but he bleeds blue and im sure he would do everything possible to make the ranch a winner again.

  • LAPreps

    True Blue,

    I am not a member of the administration at El Rancho, so I didnt have a hand in selecting Reyna. I have had several conversations with Ledesma through the years and my comments regarding his communication skills are based on what I have observed. That said, I will say that I like Ledesma and feel that it is a shame that he has been bypassed twice before. Also, as an alumni, I know he will take this job to heart, and is a good fit for the ranch. However, I feel that there are more qualified candidates out there! I have seen Casagran coach and know he can do wonders here. Also rumor is that if he were to be offered the job at El Rancho a big name coach will come along with him and help out with the program…wont drop any names, but all I will say is that this “big name coach” resides in Pico Rivera.

  • El Rancho

    LA, I think i know who you are talking about, if its who I think it is, then we are going to have a dam good staff.

  • A La Serna Fan

    I thought that this blog was meant to talk about Ken Lavigne leaving La Serna and who might replace him, not who has more “Blue Pride.”

    Lavigne leaving is a big loss to the league as a whole. Over the past ten years he has overseen the 2nd best program in the league; and he did it with the talent and personalities that come with that area and no where else (AHEM! Cal High and SF). He went to the playoffs eight out of ten years, and he made it to the second round four of those years, no other program other than SF can say that. When he took over at La Serna they barely would make it to the playoffs let alone the second round. He always conducted himself with class and always taught his players to do the same. He never was fake and always would tell it to you the way it is. The only thing you can say is that he never won a league championship, but in those ten years three times one it once (El Rancho, Pioneer and CalHigh) and one team won the other seven (SF). He was respected, loved and now will be missed by everyone at La Serna.

  • La Serna AND Cal High parent

    We were there on Sunday when Coach annouced his retiring. He will be missed on the field and in the locker room. However he will still be there for the kids and as a parent I appreciate him and his honest warm encouragement and outstanding values to my son and the other students at La Serna.
    Much Love from #80 & family!

  • Football

    I’m pretty sure Steve Quijada ran for over 1,000 in Reyna’s first season at El Rancho. He was All CIF and All-Area running back.

  • SGVCoach

    Wow! I went down there the other day to apply. I have 7 years head coaching experience and 5 years coordinating experience. I also coached college ball and played D1 football. My winning % as a head coach was .590. But sounds like either Ledesma or Casagran are the guys so I won’t even bother!!!

  • elrancho

    I dont think Q rushed for 1000 that year, he was an awesome back and likely would have rushed for over 1000 had ER still run the wing t. SGVCoach, the only reason there is only talk of those 2 is because no one really knows of any others that have applied. If we knew of other applicants then we wouldnt limit ourselves to discussing these 2 possible coaches.

  • Interested Party

    AHEM! A La Serna Parent:

    Apparently you don’t know your team very well because a certain star DB of yours lives in the Santa Fe boundaries and one of your QBs lives in the La Habra district.

    But you continue to with your superiority complex (La Serna people have that down pat!) while the rest of us know the truth . . .

  • LS grad

    well Coach LaVigne has changed many lives as that mom said above, but i thought that the blog was about who would replace him. and as a player who was present during his whole time at LSHS and played for him. there needs to be a total change. not becuase he did a bad job, but he did an awesome job. there needs to be a young guy with totally new ideas. but to end on LaVigne he took boys and used football to turn them into Men.


  • loveshsfootball

    to a ls parent-ls is NOT the secone best team in the league-they are a mediocre program at best coached by a guy who was afraid to schedule anyone except stiffs in the preseason. the idea of course was to have a phony winning record at the end of the season so they could back in to the playoffs-like this year-only to get killed in the playoofs. LS does not have any winning tradition in football and replacing La Vigne witha decent coach who wants to win should not be difficult at all!

  • LAPreps


    I would still apply if I were you. Lots of talk out there but there are other variables that can affect the selection of the next coach at ER. Bottom line is money! You can WANT to coach somewhere all you want, but if you are asked to take a pay cut, then its going to depend on your final situation whether you ACCEPT it or not. One still has to pay the bills…

    Give it a shot!


  • A La Serna FAN (not Parent)

    First off it’s La Serna FAN not Parent. And the fact the you people that have been saying things can’t scroll down to see that really shows how you pay attention and know what you’re talking about.

    To loveshsfootball, is there supposed to be an “F” in there? How about the four wins in the first round? How many teams can say that out of the Del Rio League? Only TWO, SF and La Serna, and I mentioned that. And if you do want to argue that the schedule was sub-par then fine, but that has put them up against seeded teams in the playoffs, which they’ve beaten 4 times!!!! And 6 of the 8 teams that beat them (Charter Oak twice, Los Altos, Walnut, San Gabriel, and Orange) went on to the finals, and two of them even beat SF in the semi’s, (San Gabriel and Orange). By accomplishments in the playoffs, and if you agree that anything after 1st place in league really doesn’t mean much but seeding, then you HAVE to say they have been the second best team in the Del Rio league. Besides if you’re from SF then why do you care who finishes behind you????

  • Anonymous

    LS Fan…..ignore loveshsfootball. For some reason he’s got a hard on for La Serna and St. Paul. He makes incredibly stupid statements and then can’t back them up.

  • loveshsfootball

    to LS FAN-first of all im not a SF fan-only someone that has followed HS football for years-LS is a mediocre program at best with a winning record built solely on games against weak teams in preseason-they have been blown out in the playoffs mant=y times — like this year!-the only goal for LS is making the playoffs when they should be trying to contend for a league title-im sure they can find a coach that actaully wants to compete!

  • loveshsfootball

    to anonymous-ive read your comments-they certainly arent very intelligent-id be happy to test my knowlege against yours-prove otherwise by for once saying anything knowledgeable about football-anyone who doesnt agree with my assesment about LS doesnt know much about football

  • A La Serna FAN


    You still have nothing to say about the four years making it to the second round and how no one else but Santa Fe has done that from the Del Rio league.

    And I’m talking about the full ten years he was there not just this year. Something I guess is lost to you because you only keep mentioning this year.

  • loveshsfootball

    wow-typical of your posts-explain how you get blown out by SF every year-get beat by CAL most years-what about that blow out loss to WHIT-the big powerhouse that they are-you cant compete for league championships and after maybe getting an upset win in the playoffs getting blown out-and many times by the way to get knocked out- LS has not and will not compete for league titles, they are only concerned with backing into the playoffs-i know the records of your team for a number of years-better get your facts straight!

  • El Rancho

    El rancho made it to the 2nd round 3 times and won 1 league title in 97 but lost in the 1st round. Out of those 10 years we have had 3 pretty bad ones and this past one was just to dam bad for me to try and make an argument for ER being the 2nd best program the past 10 years.

  • Anonymous


    So what if you know more about football than I do. Most people do. Doesn’t make all your innuendo’s, comments, half truths, opinions or whatever you want to call them true.

    Your main goal seems to be taking shots at people or programs. What do you have against these coaches and programs? Did they do something to piss you off? What are you accomplishing by calling La Serna a mediocre program that needs a decent coach?

    These coaches and kids in all the area programs (regardless of records and school) put their heart and souls into the sport.

    If the kids and the parents love the coach and the kids are better students/athletes/men because of the coach then I think the coach has done a fine job regardless of the records.

    Some of you people take this all way to seriously and have forgotten why these kids play and why guys coach……because they love the game.

    I would think someone with your vastly superior knowledge of football would understand that.

  • loveshsfootball

    annoymous-ive followed LS football since the 70’s and have seen many succesful LS teams-especially when ron Moncrief was coach-they did compete for league titles then and played tough competition. i believe that given the right coach with the right philosophy they could once again be a top program not just for making the playoffs but for league titles. they are not that type of program now. i am not trying to put people down but pint out things they need to do to truly be a strong program i am sure they can get a coach who will get them there.Right now only SF has the winning attitude. please understand that i want the league to improve and LS should be one of the teams leading the way the way they used to.

  • A La Serna FAN


    Who would you say has had the second best program in the Del Rio League during the ten year span, and why?

  • Anonymous

    Personally I think the Ranch has got the talent. They did not get blown out of too many games last year and if they could of just held on to the ball more last year then you are looking at a team with a winning record. You can’t turn the ball over an average of 6-8 times a game and expect to win.

  • loveshsfootball

    i still think that you have to say El Rancho even thought hey are down right now-there are several teams that you can consider-all i know is that i believe LS should be one of the top programs every year because it is a school that has good athletes and is very talented. please understand that as long as ive watched the local teams play that LS should be a top team and i believe that with the right coach and commitment they will be contending with SF not just for league titles but for CIF championships-if Schurr can do it then certainly LS can-I get frustrated because LS has the talent but hasnt had the total commitment to winning-it starts with better preseason scheduling. Im sure they will have a thorough coaching su=earch and find a good candidate.

  • A La Serna FAN

    El Rancho is a good call. I just wouldn’t put them up there simply because when they have a bad year it’s bad. The loses usually hurt alot more there because they could have easily been wins. Plus in that 10 year span the Ranch has had three different coaches.

    But I truly beliieve that El Rancho is a sleeping giant. With the feeder system of the Pico Dons, parent support, school pride for the program, and the tradition of football, not only can they compete for league, but for the division. They could really challenge for best program not just in league but in the area. That’s if they find the right coach.

  • just a mom

    Has anyone heard if Jim Arnold has applied for any of these Head Coaching positions. Great coach, great teacher, great person. Someone should be looking at him.

  • EL Rancho

    About a month ago I heard he was interested in the El Rancho job, I dont know if he applied or not.

  • Anonymous

    Is that the same Jim Arnold that was at El Rancho and was fired with Jim Patricio? The same Jim Arnold that was ran out of Cal High with Jim Patricio? The same Jim Arnold that is at Sunny Hills and is getting ran out of there after a horrible year?

  • Wondering?

    Any young coaches out there that should be getting a look at for the La Serna or El Rancho job? Not the retrends we keep hearing about?

  • murray

    C’mon, Anonymous, you’re just trying to get a rise out of me, aren’t you.
    Jim Arnold wasn’t ‘fired’ or ‘run out of’ anywhere. Nor have I heard or read anything about his being in trouble at Sunny Hills.

  • just a mom

    Boy, where does the ugliness come from? Jim Arnold is a fine coach, teacher and person. He was not run out of Cal High and neither was Patricio. Patricio quit and Arnold wanted a head job. He went to Sunny Hills and took them to CIF for the first time in years. They do not have tons of big guys at Sunny Hills and that makes competing in football kind of tough. Anonymous, why so angry? Check your facts before you start talking, it might make you look a little smarter. Thanks, murray, for stating the facts.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Murray for a reporter your not well informed. Jim Arnold was on Jim Patricio’s staff at El Rancho where the final two years there they went I believe either 2-18 or maybe 3-17 combined. Following that he followed Jim Patricio to Cal High, where they had two out of I believe 4 good years (the 1st was Patricio’s very first year where he used Coach Foster’s playbook and took the team to the Semi’s and the 2nd good year was his last) following that year Jim Patricio stepped down due to the parent outrage of the way their kids were being treated. After losing out on the Cal High job Jim Arnold was hired as the Head Coach at Sunny Hills where in his first year they were I believe Tri-Champs with Troy and La Habra. This past year was horrible at Sunny Hills, with in-fighting between the kids and staff, and some parents calling for his resignation. Mr. Murray im not one of these people you see on these blogs just typing to type I actually do my homework and know what im typing about!

  • murray

    Yo, Anonymous:
    Here you go again.
    You’re providing information which I assume you feel validates the illusion that Jim Arnold was fired from El Rancho and California (along with coach Patricio) and nothing could be further from the truth.
    The two men have known each other and coached together for some time, but Arnold has made his moves on his own terms. From the opinions you express about each of them, I tend to believe you know little about either of them. The fact they have left or changed positions/responsibilities at any of those locations does not automatically mean they were fired. It should be considered that appearances and reality don’t always go hand in hand.
    But thanks again for writing.
    Your posts, although sometimes discomforting in their lack of accuracy, are usually more interesting than mine.

  • just a mom

    I happen to be a parent of a boy that Patricio coached and he was one of the players on that last “good” year. The boys would have put their lives on the line for him and my son (who is playing football in Louisiana on a full scholarship) is still in contact with him on a steady basis. I am one of the parents who had great respect for the leadership and the example he gave my son. My son still goes to him for advice and listens to what he has to say. Some people had a problem with his honesty, but I appreciated what he had to say. It says something when all the boys had such respect for him. I want to say that he helped to make my son a man and a great athlete. I for one feel quite blessed that he was my son’s coach because he turned my son’s life around.

  • bundy

    Dear La Serna High School,
    As a member of this great community with such high standards I feel we should expect nothing less when it comes to our next head coach. First congrats on a great career to coach Lavigne I can tell you first hand that he is truly a great man, and that he really cared for every player he ever coached. Now as for the new head coach I have a perfect solution. Wouldnt it be a great idea if you highered a local guy who knows the league and the community? how about a proven winner? Maybe a young guy who has the energy it’s going to take to make La Serna a legite contender? well how about a former del rio league offensive player of the year who went on to become a Juco all american and start for three years in the Big 12 conference? or how about a guy who has been an offensive coordinator at a school that has dominated the league for the past decade? well if it sounds as good to you as it does to me I have your guy. His name is Craig Campbell and I’m pretty sure the guy will apply so if you want to make the move thats going to take this program to the next level I’ve done your research and there is no better hire then he.

    and to the knucklehead whos going to post first no I’m not Craig.

  • sgvcoach

    If he needs a campaign manager to get the job and not his own skills then he isn’t that good to begin with. There will be plenty of qualified coaches “with” head coaching experience. So let’s not be proclaiming a king quite yet.

  • NEB

    Sgv Coach,

    Who are you to talk about Craig Cambell. You dont know him and what he is about. You have not broken down 14 weeks of film with him. You have not put togeather a gameplan with him. You have not seen him make gametime adjustments. You have not seen him put the time in. The only people that know how good a coach is the guys he works with. You dont know anything about him except that he is a solid coach on a Great Staff. With a Great record.

    Bundy was letting people know some other info about Craig. Craig does not need anyone to hype him up. Just because a coach has Head coaching experience does not make that coach the only qualified coach.

    Santa Fe really has about 5 or 6 coaches that could be head coaches at other schools. They choose to stay togeather because of the Program.

    Santa Fe “Till The Weels Fall Off”

    NEB OUT!!!

  • NEB

    The only proclaimed KING is Jack Mahlstede.

  • SGVcoach

    First of all don’t get too sensitive. I am just saying if he’s good he will get the job without haveing a public affairs session on this board. Second, don’t get too excited about yourselves. The general consensus about Santa FE is that you choke it up every year in the playoffs so don’t be beating your chest too loudly!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Uh, yes Santa Fe can beat their chest that loud because as you managed to point out in your very own post they are in the playoffs EVERY? year!!!!! A program is exactly what they have there and over the years doesnt ever seem to rebuild but simply reload. This year they took one more step closer to the promise land, which doesnt bode well for he rest of D7. You see NEB is right in that Cambell is a great coach and one of many at Santa Fe!!!! You have to admit that they are one of the area teams opposing coaches hate to match up against in the playoffs. I dont know what it is that has kept them from becoming champs but you cant compete for the championship if your not in the playoff.

    If you build it. It will come? and the foundation is there!!!!!!!

  • DRL Watcher

    La Serna is need for a coach that will take the program to the next level. I mean CIF. The third season we coaches all talk about. You play to your 1st season schedule (pre-season), some opponents are easier and some are difficult. This depends on who is available that year and who you get for a two year contract to play. Maybe CIF could tell all schools to cancel the pre-season contracts and set up a lottery for games to be play (almost a ranking system). Then the entire belly aching about easy and tough schedules will go away. Isnt this the place to be judged and maybe a BCS style of system just be in place to determine who really is the playoff contender. Oh yes, this is about La Serna. OK, the next level, I referred to is being able to put that team in a position to play 4 more games, like Santa Fe does every year. I bet Malstead has a system (with his staff) to organize his team into the machine that it is. Play through the pre-season, dominate the Del Rio and pursue the ultimate goal of the CIF Division Championship. That sounds like La Serna Basketball who normally falls short in the playoffs relating to the division theyre always placed in.
    I am writing this because I have watched La Serna Football through Harry Robinson, Wayne Manzo and Ken Le Vigne. The all had the pluss and minuss, but never got that ultimate chance at a ring.
    La Serna needs a program to get them there. Youth football is now going on the east side of Whittier and teaching the youth football skills they have never been able to receive (usually at La Serna, you have 60 freshmen show up for summer and 10% have played before). Hopefully developing a core group that will be step into a program as freshman and get coaching from a staff that will by their senior year have what it takes to get through that 3rd season.
    Principal Plourde has a task in hand and with his support staff (Coach La Vigne and others, I understand) will make that decision that will able the student-athletes and parents of La Serna to dedicate themselves to get to and through that 3rd season.
    And I certainly stress the student-athlete part.
    Let see what happens and when that person is hired, I look forward to hearing from all the second guessers next season that we all are. Come on, whats a blog for?

  • NEB



  • EL Rancho

    The Ranch will be back!!!!!!!

  • Wondering?

    NEB, is that you Andy Theisen? And just for the record Harry Robinson did win a CIF Championship in 1967!


    The Ranch will be back? what the heck is that I did not know it had left. Why dont you tell us why you think the ranch will be back. Anyway with a record of 0-10 you can only go up and does anyone have the names of the coaches who applied

  • El Rancho

    LOL, no the ranch didnt leave, i was just following NEB’s post. I think we will be back primarily because we return the entire offensive line, WR’s, and most of the defense, we could have easily been a 4-1 team last year but we were just missing a little something, this year will be different. Some of the applicants I know about are, Joe Ledesmna, Brian Zavala, Jose Casagran, Rick Ward.

  • scj

    El Rancho:

    If that offense could of held onto the ball then the Rnach could of turned some of those losses into wins. What they average, 6 turnovers a game?

  • El Rancho

    It might not have been six, but I think at least 4 a game, Albert Toscano averaged about 2 fumbles a game also.

  • AT

    No Not Me.

  • WClancer

    how can the ranch be back if they were never here

  • El Rancho

    Hahahah, WCLancer just shut up.

    Ohh really, the ranch was never here.

    1 National Title
    1 State Title
    3 CIF Titles
    20+ League Titles

    Combine all the schools in the area’s accomplishments and you wouldnt come close to achieving what the ranch has in football. Trust me when I say it, the ranch is back and you will see just what im talking about in the fall.

  • herald fan

    El Rancho Fan, you talk with not much to back it up. Win some games before you declare the RANCH is back. Other schools in the area have great past as well. And before you say the small school comment, step up and play us.

    WC Accolaides

    17 League Titles

    4 CIF Championships

    3 State Championships

    4 CIF Players of the Year

  • El Rancho

    Its fairly simple, Im confident we are going to make a great choice for the new head coach, we return almost our whole team including the entire line. We had some pretty good lower level teams including a freshmen team that went 9-1 with 6 shutouts, losing only to st paul 21-6. We could have easily been 4-1 in league last year had we held on to the ball, this year those little problems will be fixed, you will see. Spare me the entire step up and schedule WC crap, the ranch is not afraid to play Whittier Christian. We just played a home and away against Orange Lutheran in 04 and 05, and now we are doing a home and away with St Paul in 06 and 07, if you want a game call Dominic Picon at ER. We are not La Serna, we wont back down from anyone.

  • Mike

    WClancer and Herald fan you two are crazy if you think you can compare with the Ranch. El Rancho is right, the Ranch will be back. It doesn’t even matter who is hired, they will compete fot the league title next year!

  • Anonymous

    WClancer and Herald Fan:

    You guys should talk. I don’t see WC exactly playing a strong schedule. The weakness of your schedule makes La Serna’s look good.

    Sure, you guys won some titles and stuff but at what level? D10, 11 or 12? And don’t give me this we are a small school crap. Bunch of other small schools in the area have no problem playing at higher levels.

    Trust me, I’m no big Ranch fan but they’ve got more to talk about than you guys.


    It does matter who they hire they could not win league with Reyna. As for next year they will lose one offensive lineman, their WR’s could not catch the ball, they lost their QB the best player on the team. The JV team was not very good, how many league games did they win? The freshman are losing players to ST Paul. But like I said, you can only go up from 0-10.

  • El Rancho

    We didnt win while Reyna was here because he was just not the right guy for the ranch, people wanted him out 6 games into his first season at ER. The talent to win league titles and compete in CIF was there for 5 years. Last year was the year is the only year you could say ER didnt have too much talent. The fact that Reyna could not coach his 2001 team to a Del Rio league title and at least a Semifinal appearance says everything. That 2001 team was just stacked, when else are you going to see 2 legit D1 guys on the same team at ER. Last year the JV won 2 games in league, and were an overall 5-4-1 I believe. That is a big improvement after going 1-9 as freshmen. The Freshmen team only lost 1 player to St Paul, as long as it stays that way the future looks good. Last year the WR’s on varsity could not catch the ball because QB Javier Hernandez could just not make a throw if his life depended on it, I expect to see Sophomore Joshua Perea as the starting QB next season, he can sling it just like his brother Mike Perea. ER will compete for the league title next season and make some noise in CIF, take it to the bank.

  • herald fan

    El Rancho Fan. Give WC 3000 students to pick from and they will play a big schedule. You could not beat Whittier, who WC destroyed what makes you think you could beat anyone from the lower divisions. I’ll be surprsed if you guys win 4 games in 07

  • El Rancho

    Did I ever say we would beat WC this past season, no I didnt. Did I ever say we could beat teams from lower divisions? I obviously dont think we would have beaten WC this past season so I dont even know why you are saying what you are saying. We will win more than 4, take it to the bank.

  • Anonymous

    Herald fan….

    St. Paul has only 600+ to work with, yet they play a big school schedule in a big school league. They would clean up in lower divisions but they choose to play the best so they go with the higher divisions.

    You guys obviously draw talented kids….so why don’t you play in a higher division?

  • The Fan

    Hey Herald Fan,
    Spare me the talk about how powerful your sports programs are. Your best class was in 2006. The only reason that your basketball team is any good is that an unathletic player just happened to grow to 6’10. After Granado leaves it is over for ever. Your football team’s greatest player ever can’t even get a chance to play at the next level and isn’t going to be replaced by is “little” brother and your baseball team is not even on the radar screen. The only reason you have been any good is that Heights Christian Junior High has been feeding you some decent athletes but the last class that bought you any athletes is your Senior class. Stick to your level which is one step above 8 man football because that is where you belong.

  • Santa Fe Alumni

    Hey brand new news i heard DUsan ANcich the head coach for cal hi is asked to resign…… Good OR Bad Tell me?

  • WClancer

    WC is on the rise and its only a few years until the Whittier area kids start realizing it. Its a great school and it beats that crap hole St paul thats suppose to be a private School. El rancho wont make the right hire. Casagran or Ledesma are good coaches. I havent seen a talented ER team in Over 15 years. You talk about your titles as if they were 4 years ago. They dont have the talent or the desire, I saw them twice last year and the players look dead on the field. So much for heart and tradition. ER will win at most 3 games and is LEdesma i Coach dont expect much more than last year

  • El Rancho

    Well of course last year they seemed dead, it was a horrible season and everyone expected a bad year since before the season started, did you expect the kids to be dancing on the sidelines or something. You havent seen a talented ER team in over 15 years, obviously you didnt see the 2000 – 2003 teams, all those teams had some great talent, but 2000 was a team that had I believe 5 all cif players. Trust me you will see alot more than last year, the ranch is back and you will see. What makes you think ER wont make the correct hire?? whoever it is, Casagran, Ward, Ledesma or Zavala, ER will see a resurgence this year.

  • Anonymous


    Until you guys stop playing 8 man football or D12 or whatever it is level football and start playing some real teams, then you don’t have much room to talk.

  • Anonymous

    WC loses to Buckley? Buckley? A school that fattened its schedule up with likes of Viewpoint, Holy Martyers Armenian and the likes?

    You guys want to be big time…you got to beat the Buckley’s of the world.

    Especially with that team you had this year.

  • Mike

    What’s going on in the Del Rio League? 3 new HC’s for the 2007 season? Anybody hired at La Serna or El Rancho yet? Is the Cal Hi thing official? Did he resign?

  • Anonymous

    Would an ER resurgence be 1 win since they didnt win any games this season???

  • El Rancho

    Na, I would say we will get at least 6 wins next year, be a serious threat for the league title and make the CIF playoffs. Keep hating, but come December you will remember that I told you so.


    El Rancho
    Tell me who and why you will win 6 games. To be a serious threat in league you will have to win 4-5 games, again who and why?
    El Rancho is know saying they did not have a good pool of coaches for the job. Do they think it is going to get better, maybe dusan will apply. YAA St Paul guy coaching at the Ranch am going to be sick.
    Iam hearing Jim Arnold is the front runner for La Serna and Cal.

  • El Rancho

    The pool wasnt too bad, but then some bs happened with the leading candidate so they decided to start over to see if we get some better candidates this time around, if we dont get any good candidates then we will be fine with Joe Ledesma as our HC. Dusan Ancich will not be coaching at ER, no way that will happen. We will win 6 games because most of the team returns. The biggest reason we will win 6 games is because of our line, 3 of them will be 3 year starters, one of the other returning starters would have been a 3 year starter had he came to El Rancho as a sophomore. The other potential starter is a 6’2-6’3 transfer from Don Bosco tech who was ineligible last year. You will not be seeing a typical ER line averaging under 6′. Most of the skills return, as does most of the defense, and there will be some big time sophomores making some noise on varsity next year. Remember the names Bryan Turner, Josh Perea, Alex Mendez and Adrian Sanchez. La Serna, Cal Hi, Pioneer, and Whittier were teams ER should have beaten last year, this year we will have that killer instinct and we will take them down, the game against SF will once again be a War.

  • johnsmith

    El Rancho,

    Why don’t you just say that you could have won the Del Rio league last season? I mean if you say you could’ve beaten Cal-Hi, then you could’ve beaten Santa Fe as well. Seriously, ER went 0-10. You can’t really make a statement saying that you guys should’ve beaten everyone in the league if you guys didn’t win a game. I’m sure ER will return with a stronger program next season and might even be a threat in the the league (with the right coaching staff), but don’t be the street corner punk saying all the stuff that he could’ve been.

  • El Rancho

    Honestly I dont know if you were at any of the ER league games, but ER came to play to every league game, except for maybe the SF game. Im not trying to be a street corner punk, I just really felt that we should have won 4 league games, we were just missing a little something and were turning the ball over at least 5 times a game. Cal hi was one team we should have not let off the ropes, in the end they were to much for ER, but most people that were at that game know dam well ER could have taken that game.

  • Unbiased Opinion

    ER WIll SIX. Er’s line was horrible last year. That was there main problem. They have decent backs in moriel, #45 and #21. Also they have very bad choices as head coach, beacause no one solid would take it. ER with all respect to the school, i think the program is in more of a mess than you would like to admit. You also cant expect sophomores to come in and make a difference.
    Honestly, I’ll say they win two maybe three.

  • El Rancho

    Theres no point in me arguing anymore, you will see the results come fall.

  • johnsmith

    El Rancho,

    It wasn’t my intent to challenge the integrity or heart of the players, I just thought that your statement was very bold and without merit. And i’m pretty sure that only Cal-Hi showed up to play against SF. LS somewhat did but nowhere near as much as Cal. I know it doesn’t help that you guys had a lot of turnovers and I’m sure that wasn’t all the players’ fault either. I wasn’t at all your games but I was able to see game film so I had a basic understanding of what you guys were capable of. I do hope that you guys do well next year so that the Del Rio League can be even stonger. Plus i’d like to see someone besides Santa Fe win league for once.

  • johnsmith

    Unbiased Opinion,

    I think you are being a little to harsh when judging ER’s capabilities for next season. With the right coach any football program can change in the off-season. And even w/o a “great” coach the kids returning will know what it takes to win and despite what you think about sophmores, they can make a difference. Cal-hi had a starting sophmore QB a couple seasons ago that had a good season. LS, last season, had 4 or 5 that were great contributors, and I believe that ER will be able to pull out more than just two or three wins. You have to take many things into consideration when judging and your “unbiased opinion” is, in fact, very narrow-minded.