Time to start thinking about all-area candidates …

Santa Fe guard Jaycob Camacho turned in an impressive performance in leading the Chiefs past West Covina in Wednesday night’s CIF playoff game, and it brought to mind the glut of candidates for recognitioin at the position on the Daily News All-Area team.

On the other hand, the selection for center is very limited, with less than a handful of prospects and even those with varied qualifications.
The forward spot is a bit more relaxed, but with the all-area teams limited to just five players per team, including the one selected as Player of the Year, deserving players are bound to become victims of the numbers.
‘Suburban League BBalI … Go LM’ posted an interesting list of candidates and all are legit candidates. See how easy it is.
Uh, yeah.
Primarily more interested in opinions on the subject than actually seeking help in making the selections, how about sharing your thoughts.

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