Where are you soccer people?

Just as there will be in basketball, there will be Daily News all-area soccer teams as well.

Do these names ring a bell?
Whittier Christian’s Megan Jesova.
La Serna’s Jordan Dolbin.
Santa Fe’s Ivana Mendez.
La Mirada’s Kiki Salazar

Just a few to start the ball rolling.
This is a chance to share your opinions on who’s who.

Don’t let football and basketball hog the blog.

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  • Soccer Fan

    La Serna’s Nicole Reed should be up there as well. Reed and Dolbin were a dynamic duo this year, and the scary part is that they are juniors, and still have one more year together.

  • murray

    Yo, Soccer Fan:
    Absolutely correct, Nicole Reed is a deserving candidate,
    But the scariest aspect of that program is that there were no seniors, and nine, count ’em, nine freshman players not only received considerable playing time, but many of them started at one time or another.

  • Condor Mom

    STACEY CERVANTES!! She’s a superstar! Unfortunately, girls’ soccer and basketball run concurrently so you haven’t seen her dribble the other ball!

  • SpartanAlum86

    Freshman Jessenia Argueta for Schurr High had 25 goals in her first year, despite her coach dropping her back to play D. Just a new face to think about.

  • Anonymous

    Cal Hi

  • Frustration

    The sad thing about high school soccer is that the politics beat out athletic ability. If coaches are “jealous” of one player they will “black list” them from receiving awards. What everyone needs to remember is that the MOST TALENTED players are the one’s that SHOULD receive the awards. It is not the players fault that they have the talent. If the talent is there, they should be awarded for it. But as long as there is politics in high school soccer (sports) the better players will not receive the recognition they deserve! LOOK AT THE TALENT, AND SKILLS, not the politics!