There’s more to postseason honors than just winning …

When considering individuals for all-anything teams, it is good to consider this:

First, the fact a team wins a title doesn’t always indicate a coach has done the best job, particularly if he has the best talent.
Of course, there is the theory that it is more difficult to coach a team of talented individuals than to coach a team that has less talent but works hard.
Do not misunderstand this to mean in any way that I am downplaying coach Kaupang’s performance.
He did a masterful job in his first season at the helm, and certainly his team’s success would warrant his consideration for postseason honors.

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  • Anonymous

    Mr. Murray all-league meeting last week, maybe this will help you for your all-area.

    Coach Of The Year
    Mike Geren Santa Fe

    Jaycob Camacho Santa Fe

    First Team
    Drew Harris Cal
    Eddie Zozaya La Serna
    Robert Talaments Pioneer
    Ruben Sanchez Santa Fe
    Marco Sabino Santa Fe
    Maurice Cole Santa Fe
    Ricky Kamayatsu Whittier
    Ed Kim Whittier

    Second Team
    Omar Duran Cal
    Nick Razo El Rancho
    Eric Navarro La Serna
    Mike Acosta La Serna
    Vinnie Hiatt La serna
    JM Toon Santa Fe

    Timmy Palomino Cal
    Jacob Moreno Cal
    Brandon Rodriguez El Rancho
    Jeremiah Salcedo El Rancho
    Sergio Arambula La Serna
    RJ Saldana Pioneer
    Kelsey Thompson Pioneer
    Aaron Mobley Whittier
    Michael Hudak Whittier
    Omar Palomino Whittier
    Luigi Mori Whittier


    Why don’t you pick Coach Mata this year he does a great job at Pioneer!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What up Murray, you know all about all the coachs in the Del Rio. So is it true that Coach Mata from Pioneer is not coming back for his 7th season? You know it’s hard coaching at Pioneer. Please Mr. Murray give some input on Coach Mata. The reason i’m asking is my son will be going to Pioneer next year and want to play basketball, his he a coach? Will my son learn soming ?

  • sphs fan

    don’t forget about some St. Paul boys!

    Steven Saenz, Willie Duff and Jerome Orbita were the heart and soul of that team.

    St. Paul could run any Del Rio team out the gym.

  • swordsmen

    those boys work harder than any other team in the del rio league. they were a young squad this year. they had one senior and he hardly saw the court. they started one freshmen, one junior, and three sophomores and STILL managed to be one game shy of the playoffs. that’s basically a JV team on the court and they play hard!

  • Anonymous

    For the past two years i’ve gone to the Pioneer basketball games. Coach Mata has done a fine job with the group of kids he get every year. Now the big thing is his Assistant Coach, the Gray Hair man, all he does is yell at the kids. some times he bring the kid down, this year the team didn’t have love to play basketball for Coach Mata. Now if Coach Mata sit down with his coaching staff and tell them to stop yell at the kids maybe they wil play hard for Coach Mata. His own kids who played on the Varisty team didn’t even want to play basketball. Something is WRONG there. Caoch Mata it’s time to tell Coach to step down and be a parent and watch his Son play basketball and stop be a Head Coach. START BEING A PARENT!!!!!!!!

  • concerned

    when are the all area teams coming out?

  • Gregory Rusciolelli

    There were 30 autstanding SCHOLAR-ATHLETES honored at The 38th National Football Foundation & Hall Of fame for Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley Chapter. No mention of this on the newspaper. Was this not a good news? Two of the scholars were local Whittier High School Seniors.One being Craig Taylor (California High)the other Daniel Rosales (St Paul).

  • Condor Mom

    I did read something about that in the WDN–except it was in the front page section! Jon Potts (La Serna) was also honored.

    Way to go, Johnny and Sunshine!

  • fan

    Congrats to Jaycob Camacho from Santa Fe for making 1st team all CIF in division 3A

  • Interested Party


    Where did you get this info? Did anyone else from the Del Rio League get honored?

  • fan

    Interested Party:

    Nobody else from the Del Rio League made all CIF, but I got the information because I know a couple of coaches in CIF Div 3A. The all CIF teams should be released soon because the meeting was on sunday