Montebello tourney schedule

Three area baseball teams will join Montebello as local entries in the14th Annual Oiler Baseball Tournament that begins Friday.

Here is the schedule of pool games:
Friday, Mar. 2
Pool A
Santa Fe at Los Altos, 3 p.m.
John Glenn at Montebello, 3 p.m.
Pool B
Hacienda Heights Wilson vs. Bell Gardens, at Veterans Stadium, 3 p.m.
Pool C
Norwalk at South El Monte, 3 p.m.
Saturday, Mar. 3
Pool A
No games scheduled
Pool B
Pioneer at Gabrielino, 11 a.m.
Pool C
Bassett at El Rancho, 11 a.m.
Monday, Mar. 5
Pool A Los Altos at Montebello, 3 p.m.
John Glenn at Santa Fe, 3 p.m.
Pool B
Gabrielino vs. Bell Gardens, at Veterans Stadium, 3 p.m.
Pioneer at HH Wilson, 3 p.m.
Pool C
Bassett at Norwalk, 3 p.m.
El Rancho at South El Monte, 3 p.m.
Wednesday, Mar. 7
Pool A
Santa Fe at Montebello, 3 p.m.
Los Altos at John Glenn, 3 p.m.
Pool B
HH Wilson at Gabrielino, 3 p.m.
Bell Gardens at Pioneer, 3 p.m.
Pool C
El Rancho at Norwalk, 3 p.m.
South El Monte at Bassett, 3 p.m.
Games Friday (Mar. 9) and Saturday (Mar. 10) to be determined following completion of pool play.

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  • delriohardball

    Great to see the baseball season getting underway. Three Del Rio teams in this one tournament; might be a good preview of half the leauge’s prospects. What are people’s thoughts about the upcoming Del Rio league baseball season?

  • Anonymous

    La Serna is team that may be overlooked especially with the losses of M. Balderman, and M. Petropolous. But LS returns with alot of seniors, and almost the whole infield is made up of seniors. The pitching staff is probally the deepest it has been in the last 4 years as well.

    I believe it will be a 3 team race for the del rio league title.

    La Serna
    Santa Fe

  • El Rancho

    Dont count out the ranch just yet.

  • Anonymous

    El Rancho always has good players on their team, but with the loss of Rudy Dominguez and other key starters, it doesnt look to good for them. Their JV team was pretty good so they have good players that will be on varsity.

  • delriohardball

    La Serna played a tough winter schedule and are playing several sophomores, in addition to some good seniors and juniors. Last year’s freshman team demolished the league going 21-0, so that’s a group to watch. Cal will be competitive as always, and Pioneer and Santa Fe look like they will have a few pitchers each. Should be a competitive season.

  • Fan

    Pioneer is 3 and 0 how do they look so far????? They only had 3 wins all last year are they for real this year?

  • delriohardball

    It is all about the level of competition. I’m sure Pioneer is competitive and should be pretty good this year and in the next few years, but the three teams they’ve played are not strong teams. (Gabrielino would be a weak Del Rio JV team.) By comparison, in recent weeks La Serna has played Bishop Amat (beat them 9-1), a double header against Paramount, and games against La Quinta, La Habra and Westminster.

    Kind of the opposite of the knock on Lancer football(i.e. that they play easy teams in the pre-season, then struggle against better teams in Del Rio).

    In baseball, competition with better teams makes a team better, while whipping weaker teams can create a false sense of the team’s true level of ability.

    Will any Del Rio pitcher be as good as La Quinta’s Buatista, who went 14-1 last year and is already 2-0? Will any Del Rio infield be as sharp as Paramount’s? Having seen lots of good high school ball in recent years, not likely. Good games help make good teams.

  • Anonymous

    delriohardball is right. LS has played a tough preseason schedule already. even though LS has lost to Paramount, La Quinta, and La Habra it will pay off in league play. If any of you remember, LS was beaten by La Quinta in CIF last 13-0. This year the score was a more respectable 2-0. LS’s defense will be solid, the question will be if they can hit the ball solid, which they will most likely wil..

  • Fan

    the titans are in the same tournament as league foes el rancho and santa fe, they didn’t choose who to play they just got dealt those games and in baseball a win is a win no matter who you play and what the score. Why cant the titans get any love…. you just sound like someone who lives up on the hill… R u saying that el rancho and santa fe are playing weak teams 2??? You better watch what you say because teams are hungry this year especailly pioneer

  • loveshssports

    to delriohardball- great comment-i totally agree when it comes to scheduling-the LS baseball team knows what it takes to build a winning program-and knows it needs to schedule games against top competition-they are not only trying to win league but compete for a CIF championship – LS FOOTBALL ARE U LISTENING!!!!!

  • delriohardball

    Hey Fan, no disrespect to ER, SF, Pioneer or anyone else. I gave them respect in saying they will be competitive. I’ve seen lots of these kids play over the years and know that you are right: they are good, hungry and can compete, no doubt. I was only commenting on the strength of the schedule, which in the case of some of the Del Rio teams, is weak compared to what LS and Cal have faced so far. And, that playing such a schedule, in baseball at least, can make a pretty good team a very good team. We’ll see in the case of La Serna.

    I think the league is pretty wide open. If La Serna’s pitching stays healthy, they should be a tough contender. All of the other teams can win as well, and we all know how momentum and streaks can build with baseball teams. Anything can happen this year. Should be lots of exciting baseball ball this year in the Whittier area.

  • Anonymous

    Fan, really no disrespect toward Pioneer, its all about competition, and its good that they have started off good, but when it comes to actually playing good teams, you will see where pioneer really stands. Put the Titans against Bishop Amat, La Quinta, Paramount, La Habra, Newport Harbor, and Troy, and see how well they do.

    I understand 100% that its not Pioneers fault who they played in their tourney, but dont start asking why the Titans arent getting any love or respect just because they are 3-1. they have played the following teams:

    W – Gabrielino : 7-17 last year
    W – Wilson : 7-13 last year
    W – Cabrillo : 6-12-1 last year
    L – Bell Gardens : 14 – 9 last year

    so they beat 3 teams that had losing records last year, and they lost to the one team that actually had a winning record.

  • fan

    Does anyone have any predictions about who will be the starters in the opening games friday? also who will win……

    Pioneer at santa fe

    Cal at La serna

    El Rancho at whittier

  • delriohardball

    My picks:

    Pioneer vs Santa Fe: Pioneer will pitch Palacios or Saldana, and Santa Fe will pitch Molina. Look for Gabe Encinas, a freshman pitcher, to be good for Santa Fe. Santa Fe 5-2

    La Serna vs Cal Hi:
    Battle of the league’s two best lefthanders, Matt Burke vs Tyler Liebert. Should be a good one. La Serna 4-1

    El Rancho vs Whittier:
    Good hitting El Rancho should handle the Cardinals, who do have some kids that can play. ER 7-3

    I think there will be pretty good parity this year, with good young players coming up on several teams. Most of the Del Rio teams’ records are not bad at the moment, so I think Del Rio is on an upturn, with good teams like La Serna and others able to compete with higher division schools and powerhouses within the division. Kudos to the coaches; keep it up and keep playing the OC schools and the best tournaments possible; that’s how strong leagues are established.

    Look for a dogfight this year. My prediction:

    1. La Serna
    2. Santa Fe
    3. California
    4. El Rancho
    5. Pioneer
    6. Whittier