Is there a need for a ‘true’ state basketball champion?

They are playing for state divisional championships this week and next, but the present format will wind up with five state champions.

There is such a clamor during football for determining a state champion, why not one now for basketball?
In a sport where teams can play three times a week, what would the price be in terms of time for adding another few days of playoffs and coming up with one champion.
Basketball is a sport where small schools can compete with the big guys – i.e. Price, Renaissance Academy, Campbell Hall among the boys; Marlborough, La Jolla Country Day, Pacific Hills, Mission Prep among the girls.
I think there would be folks who, under the current format, are against the state football championship format,but would be for determining an overall state champion in basketball.
And if so, can baseball be far behind?

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  • scj

    Personally, I’d want to see one state champion. Is it feasible? Probably not, but I’d love to see our own version of Hooisers!

  • CH

    It would be great to see one state champ, not just for basketball, but football as well!

  • Titan4Life

    Coach Mata and the Principal had meeting today. The Principal Fired Coach Mata. Pioneer will be looking for a new coach. And yes I work and coach at Pioneer.

  • murray

    Yo, Titan4Life: Not sure where you got your infomation, but it’s not true. No such meeting with the principal has taken place, and as of this date, Pioneer coach Joey Mata is making plans to return.
    And that’s good for the program, no matter what some well-meaning but ill-advised parents think. Mata is developing a program that is competitive without sacrificing his standards or its integrity. You can’t ask for more than that.

  • Friend Of The Program

    Wow Roger, it’s about time you say nice thinks about Pioneer Basketball Program.
    Now how about writing something in the news paper

  • Fan

    When is all-area coming out, for boys and girls basketball.

  • Coach Scott

    Coach Mata does an excellent job for the Titans. Character,knowledge,leadership,as well as a great role model.He is the type of coach parents are lucky to have coach their children. Quit being so ignorant and negative on these blogs.