All-Area teams to run next week

The Daily News winter sports All-Area selections will run with sports front page coverage.

Girls soccer, with player and coach of the year stories, along with information on team members, will fun Tuesday.
Boys soccer will be published with the same coverage Wednesday.
Girls basketball All-Area will run Thursday, followed by boys basketball Friday.
The All-Area wrestling team, along with coach and wrestler of the year stories, will in the April 5 editions.
Girls water polo All-Area will be announced April 6.

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  • STP Fan

    Who Picks the Girls Basketball all area teams ?????
    how can two new players at StP 1 year on Varstiy make 1st time it was totally unearned
    and Dasiy Bueno make 3rd team She a 3rd yr varsity player and went finals her 9th yr. and had great season. Not fair