Parsons to lead Dons

Gene Parsons, a former player and a long-time teacher and coach at El Rancho High School, has been named the Dons’ football coach.

Parsons replaces Willie Reyna, who resigned after El Rancho suffered its first winless season last fall.

Parsons played quarterback and wide receiver for El Rancho legendary football coach Ernie Johnson and was a member of the Dons team that lost to Loyola, 21-0, in the 1963 CIF championship game played at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

This is Parsons’ first head coaching job at the varsity level, although he was a head coach for the school’s freshman and junior varsity programs. He also served as a varsity assistant under Dick Shelko and Reyna.

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  • johnsmith

    good for them. hopefully we’ll see a stronger El Rancho that will give some major competition for the Del Rio League title.

  • Dons

    All I can say is, ranch football is back, we havent played ranch ball in years, this year we will play ranch ball once again. We may not have gotten a big time head coach, but the staff that is being put together is going to bring us back, this aint no arroyo ball anymore.

  • Erftbll

    parsons is the man!

  • vicoden abuser


  • Anonymous

    Is it true that he didnt even apply and was asked to be the head coach. Was the pool that weak second time around. Also heard he is bringing in the OC from Domingez??????

  • Anonymous

    Thiswas the one thing El Rancho was missing! They need to bring back the tradition that made them a power!


    From what I heard coach C from dominguez high is going to be the ER OC. The Del Rio league can expect a heavy dose of the Double Wing right down their throat. Stage one of the sleeping giants awakening is complete.

    “you havent been hit till youve been hit by the ranch”

  • Anonymous

    Coach Craig is good but he said it himself. he wont have the same type of athlete at ER hes had in the past. Expect some new faces at ER running the rock or another mediocre season…….PS his name is Coach Craig not coach C..that is funny

  • Anonymous

    Because we know how the Wing wins championships. Parsons is 60 years old and a first time head coach. They must have been desperate. Also does the same person keep writing on here using different names just to hype up El Rancho… zhow Lame

  • Anonymous

    He was the frosh head man at Dominguez… But he is a quality coach…

  • johnsmith

    i’m sure we’ll see the Wing T implemented in the El Rancho offense now huh?


    Is this the same coach C from Wilson HH and had coached at ER before. Boy I’d like to know who these other D-1 coaches that you guys are dreaming up are. the ranch is a strong program and coach Parsons is agood guy and coach hel have ER doing well but they will still come in 4th behind SF, WHITTIER, and CAL HI

  • vicoden abuser

    actualy coach alano is the oc and he has coached at dominguez and downey among other schools coach bauman will be the dc he also coached at domiguez and downey these guys are great coachs

  • El Rancho

    Coach Clark will bring in the Double Wing, not the Wing-T. Of course coach Clark will not be running the Double Wing with the same type of athelete he had at dominguez, but whose to say that some of those athletes might just be making their way to the ranch this upcoming season. ER will not finish 4th in league, keep thinking that, but it will not happen, last years team should not have finished worse than 3rd, this team will be much better than that.

  • Anonymous

    Cal,La Serna,and El Rancho don’t want to get better. They are all rotating door mats to the del rio league.You have a chance to get someone like Craig Cambell and you pass WOW! Figure it out none of these schools will be any good unless a Santa Fe coach is involved

  • El Rancho

    Craig Campbell is a good assistant, but the ranch is putting together a staff with more than one Craig Campbell caliber coach. Did Craig Campbell apply for the ER position? Either way we dont need anyone from Santa Fe to make this program what it used to be, we will see whos a doormat in november, the ranch will not be one.


    Iam sure these coaches are good and ER will improve, but Iam still waiting to hear, who these D-1 coaches are so far you have named D-III coaches.
    put-up or shut-up about these D-1 coaches who are coming to ER, and who are these top youth coaches, what have they done. I heard you are losing some more players to other schools and that the dist. is asking them “are you going to St Paul”. There are no athletes coming from Dominquez keep wishing.
    I wish you would give yourself a name so I know which anonymous I was talking to. I just have this to say to you SF’s day is coming you will not win league and coach Cambell can’t save you

  • Anonymous

    What has Craig Cambell done? Just because he coaches at Santa Fe does not make him the next Bear Bryant! There are reasons why he was turned down by, what is it three schools now (Sonora, La Serna, California)! Let us not judge the schools with the new coaches, let us give those new coaches some time to see what they can achieve. Mr. Cambell is probably a great person and a wonderful coach, but some are not head coaching material!

  • Mike

    Anonymous, you are crazy! “None of these schools will be good unless a SF coach is involved” Will they bring all of the transfers with them? Where did Craig apply? Which school?

  • anonymous

    yeah we need these santa fe coaches that are going to get kids from all over the area to randomly show up and play for us

  • Anonymous

    With Coach Clark going to the Ranch, watch for players from St. Paul, Downey, and Dominguez head out that way as well. He packs a mean offense!

  • Football_Fan

    What are you guys talking about? Get your facts straight. Anyone who is somewhat associated with The Ranch knows that Ledesma is going to be Parson’s OC. My sources say that Ledesma and Tony Gonzalez are in for sure to run the offense and old alumni are going to run the defense

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Coach is not just a winning coach, he is one of those rare coaches who knows how to treat his players. I teach at Downey and every kid I had in class who played for these coaches as freshman had nothing but good things to say about the.

  • Anonymous

    I swear you Ranch people make me sick. Im all about pride but come on….. you act as reyna was the only problem. Guess what you will still lose players and you act like they all go to St Paul. You can accept that hiring Parsons was a desperation move. This isnt a good hire, but you want to believe so bad that the ranch is a football school and they will be back. They will never be what they were in the 60’s.

  • El Rancho

    The only player we lost to St Paul was Freshmen RB Jared Morales, nobody else, I dont know where you are getting your BS.

  • vicoden abuser

    hey big red what the hell are you talkin about theese guys didnt play d1 football wow thats a trip i know for a fact all three coachs played d1 ball and dont ever call my ass out you can find me at fast twitch 6 days a week so come on down boy



  • Anonymous

    Mike were talking high school here figure it out. Take your transfers ranch its not going to help. I’ll still remember to clean my shoes when I walk in to that stadium.Oh ya, Ranch can only carrie 12 coaches through the hole program nice school district. Hay welcome back ranch



  • Anonymous

    Vicoden abuser
    Stop taking those pills.I never said that they didn’t play, I asked who are these D-I coaches , never said D-I players who are coaches. You said all three coaches have D1 experience you never said anything about playing D1. Then later you name two coaches who coached at D-3 high schools,so I took it DIV-I high schools,I WILL CALL YOU OUT ANYTIME YOU DON’T MAKE SENCE.I should have known you were from SF. coaches is spelled COACHES not coachs.Maybe fast twitch can give you some spelling lessons, slow boy.

  • LAPreps

    Hiring Gene Parsons was a smart move for the administration. Gene is a great communicator and is loved by the kids. He played varsity ball at El Rancho back in 1963 and 1964. In fact, the LA Times wrote an article about him back during the 1964 season. Ernie Johnson used to always say that “Gene has the best hands on the team.” Parsons played college ball at Whittier College and has coached at El Rancho for a couple of decades now.

    From what I know, Parsons will have Ledesma as the OC. Ledesma has a strong wing-t background, and Parsons is smart to bring back the wing-t that is still used by the Pico Dons. Add also that the pop warner program, the wolverines starts in Pico Rivera this year, you now have two grooming programs in the city! All I have heard is that former long-time freshman coach Nick Caputo and former El Rancho alum, and USC player, Reggie Fielder will also assist. I am unaware that a decision has been made regarding the Dominguez coaches. I believe they are still in communication with Parsons, though nothing definite yet.

    I have to say that since Gene has been appointed as the head coach, I have discussed this decision with boosters, arents, kids and others in the community. ALL have said positive things about the new hire, and ALL are eager to contribute to the success at El Rancho. In fact, I spoke to two kids that didnt play last year who have started working out in preparation for playing this year for Parsons!!!

    As for the “anonymous” poster who said that El Rancho will never be like they were in the 60’s. I must comment. During the sixties, El Rancho made five appearances in the CIF championship game, won CIF three times, won nine league titles, won a state and national title in 1966, had the most shrine game invites for So. Cal. in the decade, had a handful of high school all-americans, consistently sent 10-15 kids to play college ball, many of them receiving athletic scholarships, a handful playing in the NFL, and they also won more games than any other high school in the state of California!!!!!!!! It was considered one of THE PREMIER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS IN THE NATION!! Few public high schools in the nation can boast such a record today…and NONE in this area can boast of such a record EVER!!!

  • Football_Fan

    No guys from Dominguez are coming in. Get your facts straight guys. I’m sure they are probably great coaches and people, but they are not coming to The Ranch

  • True Blue

    I don’t know where all these information is coming from but all I know is that these 3 coaches are going to coach the other Dons – Cerritos. The Double Wing offense that they run is unstoppable. I’ve seen one of their games and they lit up the scoreboard – 82 points. Anyway, good luck this coming season ER.

  • vicoden abuser

    ok sorry big red i wont go any farther with this and yes iam slow i think all the drugs i did at sf has really fried my brain but iam still standing behind the coachs i hate viloence so god bless you and go sp

  • Football_Fan

    I have never seen a double-wing offense that is unstoppable. The only reason it would be unstoppable would be because of dominant linemen. It’s not an offense that’s great for small linemen. Regular Single Wing-T is designed for those kinds of teams. Single Wing-T relies on lots of misdirection while the double wing just puts as many bodies as possible in front of the ball carrier and pound the defense.

  • vicoden abuser

    ok so i stick my foot in my mouth again the coachs had a meeting sat morning with parsons and admin so i here the meeting went well but it doesnt sound like there in so my inside source witch was the the coachs so i guess i should get the hell off this before i give more bad info to bad for er theese guys are awsome oh well good luck er

  • Pico Parent

    This is why ER will never be where they once were. They will forever be less than mediocre. They can’t take advantage and seize the opportunity even when it is staring at them in front of their faces. Hiring coaches that have been part of 2 back-to-back CIF Championships is not good enough. Instead they hire coaches with unproven track records. It is absolutely absurd. Dumb move ER!!!!!!! I was really looking forward to having my boy transfer to ER. Even as a parent, it is a no brainer to hire the best. I don’t understand the logic behind all this. Mediocre coaches bring mediocre results. Successful coaches bring winning programs.

  • EL Rancho

    Pico Parent,
    Do you know for a fact what coaches are part of the staff of as of right now? the Dominguez coaches could very well still be a part of this staff, the only person set in stone right now is Gene Parsons, we cannot confirm any other coach yet. Lets wait and see who the is part of the official staff before we can make any real judgements about the staff. What school does your son attend anyways?

  • scj

    Since we are on a football topic. Any truth to the rumor that Dusan Ancich is going to be hired at Godinez High School in Santa Ana? I believe that is new high school.

  • Condor Mom

    To all bloggers:

    May we please have a moratorium with Condor Football? We have had a tragic occurrence happen within our program.

    For all you Condor faithful and all others who care, our tailback from the 2005 season, #21 Josh Gutierrez and his cousin, AJ Velasquez, were killed in a totally senseless car accident. Our safety from the 2005 season, #24 Hector Saenz, was also involved but mercifully survived with serious but treatable injuries.

    These were fine young men who did not to deserve this fate and they were loved and will be missed by all that knew them.

    Maybe it’s not fair to ask because of the nature of a blogging website, but please allow us our mourning period.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    My heart and prayers go out to these young men along with their families and friends.

    No person is ever truly alone.
    Those who live no more,
    Whom we loved,
    Echo still within our thoughts,
    Our words, our hearts.
    And what they did
    And who they were
    Becomes a part of all that we are,
    by Richard Fife< \i>

    God Bless.

  • ER Fan

    looks like the admin will only allow a grand total of 12 coaches for the 3 teams…What a joke! This is a sad time for ER football. Reyna was bad but this isnt a step in the right direction. The Dominguez coaches arent coming to ER what a shame. They would be able to get a load of transfers and take them from sorry a$$ SP!!! Damn another chance bites the dust….

  • Pico Parent

    El Rancho,

    From what I’ve heard, ER has made their decision and it doesn’t involve the Dominguez coaches. If this is true, then it’s a big shame.

    Let’s just say my boy goes to a school which is in the same Division as Dominguez. This would be the Western Division (formerly Division III). And as part of that division, Dominguez has always terrified and worried us especially during playoffs because of their offensive attack.

    I have no problem sending my kid to ER. The problem is the program. ER can have the best athletes in the league, but without good coaches, they are nothing. I want the best for my kid and I’d rather have him learn in a good program.

    Here is a perfect example of making their program better but instead, as usual, they blow it by hiring unproven coaches.

    A few of us parents were really excited when we heard that ER will finally be getting a good program in place. But of course, as usual, it’s only a myth. What a shame indeed.

    My condolences go out to the families of the Santa Fe players.

  • Anonymous

    LA Preps:

    I will say it again. “El Rancho will never be like they were in the 60’s.” When was the last time you checked the record books? When was the 60’s ever been duplicated by El Rancho? Here’s a refresher for you:

    National Championships: 1966
    Ca. State Championships: 1966
    CIF Championships: 1960, 1966, 1968
    CIF Runner-ups: 1961, 1963, 1988
    League Championships: 1953, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967,1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1977, 1982, 1985, 1990, 1991, 1995, 1997

    As you can see, the 60’s never been duplicated by El Rancho. Therefore, “El Rancho will never be like they were in the 60’s.”

    As far as Parsons, you can say all you want about him. But being a player doesn’t necessarily make him a good coach. For example, check out the head coach for Inglewood High School, Charles Mincy. He played in the NFL for Kansas City Chiefs, Minesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Raiders as a Safety. He is not doing so well at Inglewood High School, is he? Inglewood was very successful with the Double Wing until he changed it with his NFL type offense. What is Parsons record as a head coach anyway?

    As far as the Delaware Wing T, did you know that Dominguez used to run the Delaware Wing T? It wasn’t until they started running the Double Wing that their game was elevated to new heights. The result: 2 back to back CIF titles.

    So stop talking like you know it all.

  • Anonymous

    Why cant you Ranch people face the fact that this is a bad hire. Its interesting that all schools in the Del Rio League have ER grads on their staff, but ER has none from other schools. ER will just become like Pioneer running that wing offense. What a shame

  • EL Rancho

    Well perhaps the Dominguez coaches arent coming, that is a shame but ohh well. If they are not coming I just want to see who really is going to be an assistant at ER. 12 coaches for the whole program doesnt sound that bad. Parsons said himself that the JV and Varsity will be practicing together so if we leave 3 or 4 for the freshmen then things dont look that bad. This past season the freshmen basically were coachless anyway, we all saw how that season turned out. I graduated in 03 and we only had 5 coaches on varsity; Reyna, Zavala, Cruz, Arellanes and Sweeney. Some of you people have probably been around area football for a while now, when Greg Setlich was hired in 00, was the outlook on ER football the same as it is now, did everyone expect ER to be the same old bad program that Patricio left behind?

  • ER Parent

    Pico Parent,

    As an ER supporter, I agree with you. ER needs to bring excitement back to the program by hiring the best coaches. I don’t know what is wrong with the admin staff. It’s all politics and is totally ridiculous. I hope you and the other parents can bring your kids to ER but I can’t blame you for not doing so. ER admin staff is to blame. It’s all screwed up. It’s all going downhill. It’s just too bad. We are losing more kids than you can imagine!

  • JJ

    ER really needs to stop hiring from within and start thinking outside of the box. Poor kids. Another losing season on the way!!!

  • Anonymous

    why are they going to practice together. Might be good for the jv kids but how are the varisty players suppose to get better when they have weak competition during pratice. Whats wrong wirth this program

  • El Rancho

    Dam its like everything being done at ER is being criticized. Why dont all you people just shut up and wait till the season actually starts.

  • LAPreps


    I guess you didnt understand my post. My point was that El Rancho during the 1960’s dominated high school football. It was considered one of, if not, THE premier high school program in So. Cal. My point is OF COURSE this was NEVER be duplicated. Only a few public schools NATIONWIDE have had this type of success. To think ANY public school can attain that level is plain STUPID!!!! Look at Long Beach Poly! They are a public school and have attained national notoriety for their program, but even as a public school, they got there through recruiting!!! During the 1960’s El Rancho’s talent was all from Pico Rivera. In fact, during the 1963 championship game, one of the starting wide receivers for Loyola (his name escapes me) was a resident of Pico Rivera also!!! Rumor is, though I dont know if this is completely true or not, but the 1968 championship game between St. Paul and El Rancho was said to have had 22 starters, ALL from Pico Rivera! I know there were several Pico Rivera residents on St. Paul, but many from the 68 El Rancho team have claimed that all starters were from the same town!

    With all this talk about the administration and decision to hire Gene Parsons, all must consider the following:

    The candidate pool applying for the position at El Rancho was THIN. Reason? Probably due to El Rancho being one of the poorest paying districts in the area!!! For this reason we couldnt attract the candidates we wanted, such as John Aguirre, Gibson (Orange High), Jose Casagran, Frank Mazzota, Dave Verdugo. The majority of those applying for the job had NO HEAD COACHING EXPERIENCE!!! When you are presented with a situation like that, then you simply do the best you can! Gene Parsons is a good coach, excellent communicator and endeared by many in the community. He deserves our support!

    As for those wanting to see the Dominguez coaches come in with the double wing t…think! As others on this board have commented, to run that offense you need BIG strong lineman! El Rancho wont consistently have lineman the size and speed that Dominguez has. The delaware wing-t if run well, will suit this program much better! We need a strong rb next year. We lost Jared Morales and Kaduma Walker! All varsity running backs have graduated with the exception of Albert Toscano. Anyone want to transfer??????????

  • perspective

    Condor Mom: My heart goes out to you, the teammates of those lost, the families, the friends of the victims, and our whole community, really. The lesson should be for the kids who are in their first year or two of driving: slow down and be careful. The stats on accidents, including fatalities, are truly scary for teen drivers. No drinking and driving. Wear seatbelts, and slow down!

    God bless the victims and their loved ones. We lost some good kids.

  • Anonymous

    Not all that uncommon for JV and Varsity to practice together especially if you don’t have a lot of bodies to work with.

  • HaHaHa

    Parsons as head coach and Ledesma as OC. What a joke?!!! Okay, Parsons is good with the kids, but is he a good head coach? What are his numbers? Ledesma is a good Offensive Linemen coach but OC <<< Give me a break!!! He was a good OL coach for Setlich but does he even have what it takes to be on OC? Does he have OC experience? And where are these coaches from Dominguez? Why weren't they hired? Why would they even think about coaching at ER? They should know better. To ER players, Go to real schools with real football programs. ER is a waste of a program!!!!!!!!

  • Football_Fan

    Anonymous, a ton of successful programs throughout Southern California have varsity and JV practice together, so it’s not that big a deal. From what I know here are the people who may be coaching. Joe Ledesma (Offensive Coordinator), Tony Gonzales (runningbacks), alumni Felix Esqueda (QBs). On defense Parsons is bringing in Ron Hyatt, an old Ranch alum. Alumni Louie Zamora is back and alumni Adrian Medrano might come if he leaves the school he is at now as the Defensive Coordinator. Steve Rodriguez might come back if he leaves Chapman University. I could be wrong, but the people I talked to are pretty reliable.

  • LBPreps

    Wrong again! The Double Wing does not require huge linemen. How can you explain Dominguez beating LB Poly? (Poly had a much much bigger line than Dominguez). How can you explain Leuzinger dominating a huge Los Alamitos line? How can you explain a Downey team destroying a humongous St. John Bosco, Lakewood, Millikan, and LB Wilson who by the way are Division I schools?
    On the contrary, the Double Wing is perfect for a team with average linemen. The Double Wing makes average players good and good players great! Please do your homework before making such statements! How can you explain a Leuzinger team who had a losing season the previous year and then going to Semi Finals the following year running the Double Wing with average size linemen? I was part of that team. We had the same exact team when Coach Markham took over the program. And no!, he did not take any transfers with him to Leuzinger. Check it out for yourself!

    By the way, it’s not Double Wing T. It’s just DOUBLE WING. Get your terminology right!

  • Coach Hugh Wyatt

    (A graduate of Yale, I have been coaching football since 1970. After two years in the World Football League, as Player Personnel Director in Philadelphia and Assistant General Manager in Portland, I have been a high school coach in the Pacific Northwest since 1976. I have coached internationally, in Finland and Denmark.

    Championships on two continents…a national high school single-season scoring record using it …a pair of running backs on the same high school team rushing for more than 4,000 yards between them… a state rule passed because of large margins of victory.

    All because of an offense. An offense I’ve been running – and developing – since 1990, and I’m as enthusiastic about it now as I was then. In principle, it’s as old as the Single Wing, but if your opponents haven’t seen it before, it’s as new as today.

    Actually, the Single Wing was the first offense I ever knew. My high school ran it from the seventh grade on up, and in college, I was pressed into duty to play scout team tailback whenever we played Princeton, a legendary Single Wing team. (We always gave our defense fits.)

    Years later, I rediscovered the deception, the double-teaming, the angle and trap blocking of the Single Wing, modernized as the Delaware Wing-T. Maybe it was old-fashioned, but it was out of cycle, and therefore new to our opponents. (Ara Parseghian won a National Championship at Notre Dame in 1973 running the Wing-T, when it was also “out of cycle.”)

    Its ball-handling and blocking schemes looked intricate to others, but the unique numbering system and terminology we had developed while using the Run-and-Shoot made it relatively easy to teach the Wing-T to our kids, and the Wing-T enabled us to compete against schools which consistently outmanned us. The only thing missing from the Single Wing was raw power. I was about to find it – in Finland, of all places.

    I’d been spending my summers coaching American football in Finland, and there, in 1987 and 1988, my team was hammered by a team called the Helsinki Roosters. Actually, the Roosters were hammering everybody. They were the defending European champions, and their coach, a Californian named Don Markham, was running up scores with a unique variation of the Wing-T.

    It was a Double-Wing – a lot of us who’ve run the Wing-T have lined up in it on occasion. The wingbacks, turned in at 45, were in 3-point stances; and the fullback, so shallow he could reach out and touch the quarterback’s tail, was also in a 3-point stance, practically invisible to the defense. Finally, the line splits were tight – real tight. In many cases, shoe-to-shoe.

    On nearly every play, one or the other of the wingbacks went in motion, but the ball was snapped so quickly that it was difficult for the defense to react to the motion. The mainstays of the attack were a power off-tackle and a fullback trap – run to either side.

    The main difficulty with stopping the power was getting enough defenders to the point of attack. But at the same time, your backers couldn’t forget about the hidden fullback, or the trap would kill you.

    That power play would really set up the rest of my Wing-T package, which leaned toward traps and misdirection. But it appeared to demand such a radical change in my basic offensive set that I went on running the pure Delaware Wing-T.

    Then, in 1990, I was offered the chance to start up a Finnish team from scratch – teaching the game to thirty-five young, strong athletes, only two of whom had ever seen an actual game of football before, much less played in one. This meant not only teaching them the fundamentals we routinely expect junior high kids to have, but it also meant teaching them an offense and a defense – the perfect chance to experiment with the Double-Wing! What could I lose? There was no sense splitting an end – nobody on the team could throw or catch the ball yet, anyhow.

    So I installed it, and I’ve never regretted it. My numbering system and terminology helped make the offense comprehensible, even to the non-English speakers on the team, and within two seasons, running the Double Wing, we won the Division II National Championship.

    Returning to the States, I introduced the Double Wing in Ridgefield, Washington, where, over the next three seasons, despite having below-average talent, we ran for well over 300 yards per game. Meanwhile, Don Markham, coaxed out of retirement in Bandon, Oregon, took the Bandon Tigers to the state Class AAA finals in 1991, his second year there. Along the way, his offense ran up such outrageous scores that rival coaches petitioned for (and got) the so-called “Don Markham” rule – any time a team gets on top by 45 points, the game is stopped.

    In 1994, Don returned to California to coach Bloomington High School, reeling from a 1-9 season in 1993. In its first year of running Don’s Double Wing, Bloomington went 14-0, winning a state title and scoring 880 points in 14 games – a new national high school single-season scoring record.

    That same year, I was asked by Coach Gary Garland at Washougal, Washington to help him make the transition from the Wing-T to the Double Wing. His Washougal Panthers finished 9-0, unbeaten for the first time in school history, and Coach Garland was named Southwest Washington Coach of the Year.

    In 1995, running the offense to near-perfection, Coach Art Osmundson’s Ridgefield team went 13-0, and won the state Class A championship (first state title ever for any team from our corner of the state). Including playoff games, Ridgefield averaged 47.3 points a game; its left halfback and fullback set a new state record with over 4,000 yards between them!

    Many of the Double Wing’s advantages are already well-known to those who run a more conventional Wing-T:

    (1) The strong running game lets you control the ball – and keep the other team’s offense off the field. (Now, that is good defense!)

    (2) Offensive linemen love it! They get to dish out the punishment. They block with good angles, and they get to deliver hits out in the open, where people can actually see them;

    (3) You’ve always got a game plan! The blocking rules (Delaware’s, for the most part) have been tested over time; they’ll work against anything your opponents can throw at you;

    (4) It allows you to call plays with a purpose. No more grab-bagging. This is sequence football, so you’re always probing.

    (5) Defenses can’t go all-out. This offense feeds on defensive over-eagerness. We are always on the lookout for the lineman who over-penetrates, the linebacker who overpursues, the backside defender who doesn’t stay home, the defensive back who supports too eagerly;

    (6) You get more quality practice reps. The relatively small core of basic running plays enables you to concentrate on practicing the things you’ll actually run in the game;

    (7) It is not quarterback-intensive – not to anywhere near the extent that most other offenses are. Naturally, the better your quarterback, the more effective you’ll be; but if number one goes down at Wednesday’s practice, you still have a chance on Friday night;

    (8) Weather isn’t a problem – at least not as much for you as for your opponents;

    (9) Even fair backs can look good; good backs can look great;

    (10) Defenders face conflicting reads, causing them to question the intelligence of their coaches (making defensive disarray work for you);

    (11) It is team-oriented. Lots of people get to touch the ball. Every block, on every play, is potentially crucial. Every man feels important, because, in fact, he is;

    (12) Film study is especially productive, because you can isolate, point out exactly why any play failed, and you can begin to correct the mistake. (Very rarely, by the way, does a play fail because your man just plain got whipped. It is usually a matter assignment or technique, both of which you can remedy with coaching);

    (13) It’s very difficult to prepare for. Opponents’ scout offenses will never run the offense as well as your kids!

    In addition to the advantages it has in common with the Wing-T, the Double-Wing has several strong points all its own:

    (1) It forces defenses to balance up. It is not wise of them to overshift, because every right-handed play you run has a left-handed twin. You have the ability to strike anywhere along the front;

    (2) The defense must defend 10 gaps. Even after motion, there are still 9 gaps;

    (3) The quickness of the motion leaves little time for defenses to react;

    (4) You can get four men into patterns quickly;

    (5) Blitzes are less of a problem, thanks to the tight splits;

    (6) Pulling linemen don’t have so far to run, also thanks to the tight splits;

    (7) The fullback is a bigger threat. Having him closer to the line improves his kick-out angle on the power, conceals him on the trap, and enables him to sneak out unnoticed into pass patterns;

    (8) Counters are more powerful. Having a tight end on the backside strengthens the blocking on counters;

    (9) Having two tight ends develops players. It’s a good way to teach the game in your junior programs;

    (10) It is expandable. Using the same basic offensive package, we can – and do – run from a variety of balanced and unbalanced looks.

    I would be less than candid if I didn’t point out that there are certain pitfalls to running the offense, many of which are familiar to Wing-T coaches:

    (1) People claiming they key your guards. First of all, don’t let them worry you. “Keying the guards” sounds great at clinics, but they’ve only got a week to teach it, and even if they do teach it, at some point in the game their linebackers are going to begin standing up a little straighter, looking into your backfield, trying to find the ball! In any event, here is our clinic response:

    (a) Key-breakers. For example, it’s possible to run the power while pulling both guards to the backside, crossing the guards, or not pulling either guard;

    (b) Unbalanced sets. This forces a defense either to stay put, and be outflanked, or to shift over, and play against unfamiliar keys.

    (2) Pressure to satisfy one single individual. This is not an offense for the selfish star. Defenses can gang up to stop any one play or player, but in doing so, they open themselves up to attack somewhere else. You’ve got to be intelligent enough to recognize it, disciplined enough to take what they give you, even if the star gets left out.

    (3) The frustrations of the now-extinct “wide receivers.” Start out by eliminating the term “receiver” from your vocabulary! Those kids are going to have to learn to love contact – and play tight end, running back or defensive back. Maybe, just maybe – if their hands are unusually good – you can find a way to play them in spot situations;

    (4) The influence of the NFL – don’t underestimate it. What you are doing may be effective, but in the eyes of the Sunday fan, it’s “old-fashioned.” You have to have enough confidence in what you’re doing to live with the parents and local media people who can’t understand why you don’t “open things up” – why you don’t “pass the ball more.”

    (5) The temptation to try to do too much. The possibilities of this offense are limitless, but you need to be very careful not to try to do too much, because anything new will steal reps from the basic core of plays. (Which is the only reason why we haven’t begun to tap the offense’s great option potential);

    (6) The importance of details. Not every coach has the mental makeup to be fussy about the little things. But with this offense, the little things will win for you – or beat you. And since a breakdown can occur anywhere (as the auto parts ad says, “there are no unimportant parts”), you must pay minute attention to detail – especially ball-handling and fumble prevention. You must be able to visualize how every play should look, and because every player’s job is important, you must know every player’s job. You and your staff must never let even the tiniest mistake go uncorrected. And you must convince your players of the importance of this. If that’s not your style, this is not the offense for you.

    If those potential pitfalls haven’t scared you away, you may be ready to run the Double-Wing successfully. Thanks to the logic and simplicity of the play-calling system, I have been able to install it at high schools and youth programs all over the country, as well as overseas, and I’ve run it enough and seen enough of it to assure you that it has passed the test.


    I think your right about the experience of Parsons and Ledesma, but I don’t think of them as a joke. These two coaches and the others that Football Fan named are good guys and hard working coaches, I know all of them and they will do everthing they can to make ER a better football program. ER is not a waste of a program but its not what LAPreps and EL Rancho make it out to be also.
    p.s. That was my blog on march 30 at 7:56 I forgot to put my name down.

  • El Rancho


    Some of the staff you mentioned might not be that experienced but I think they will be a good fit. Felix, Adrian “Boomer,” and Louie may not have too much experience but they all bleed blue and will do everything in their power to help this program succeed. Same thing with Ledesma he bleeds it and will do a good job. I love the fact that Tony Gonzalez will be coaching, hopefully it will help with getting more PR dons to the ranch. Steve Rodriguez will be one of the key guys here, he is a great coach and will really help these kids big time. 5’5 Felix Esqueda always used to say “Dont be afraid to be great” you can dam well bet he will not be afraid to make this program great.

  • Jackrabbit


    Long Beach Poly does not recruit! LB Poly has been an established school not only in sports but in academics even way before you were born.

    Polytechnic History:

    Long Beachs first High School (1895) It was first called Long Beach High School then it became Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

    The 1909 Poly swim and water polo teams practiced in the ocean. There was no swimming pool at the school until the 1920s.

    A cornerstone beneath the flagpole at the center of the Poly campus was sealed in 1910. It was said to contain newspapers from Long Beach and Los Angeles, church circulars, bank statements, city documents, Chamber of Commerce pamphlets and school forms. It was opened at Polys Centennial Celebration.

    In 1919, Polys football team would not accept defeat. It beat its opponents 549-21. It defeated the Phoenix team, the six-time Arizona state champion 102-0. And it won the state and Southwest championships also.

    In the 1920s, dancing was not permitted for students at school activities. Prom was over at 10p.m.

    In 1924-25 school year, Poly enrollment reached 3,750. During most of the 1920s, Poly High was the largest school west of the Mississippi.

    Bricks from Poly High were sold as souvenirs after the Earthquake of 1933. The proceeds paid for a memorial flagpole that now stands at the center of the campus.

    In 1929, Poly captured 5 CIF titles in one year; football, basketball, cross country, swimming, and water polo.

    After the earthquake of 1933, classes were held in canvas buildings/tents.

    Because of World War II, many students missed out on Senior Activities. Ditch Day at Catalina Island was closed for War Defense and even their Senior Prom. Many male teachers were drafted into the armed forces and had to be replaced by female teachers. Senior girls had a class called MWP, Mobilization of Woman Power, and they were assigned a very daring book (sex books) which were wrapped in brown paper.

    Polytechnic, (or more commonly known as Poly), is the flagship high school of the Long Beach Unified School District and the most populous high school in California, is a large, urban high school with more than 5,000 students.

    Polytechnic has long been distinguished in both academics and athletics. The PACE magnet program and the CIC magnet program boast more total University of California admissions than any other high school in California.
    In 2005, Sports Illustrated Magazine named Polytechnic the “Sports School of the Century.” Polytechnic has also received numerous prizes for its music program, including a Grammy Award. Long Beach Poly has also sent more players to the NFL than any other high school in the country.

    Here’s some more Poly History for you:

    1904: Football and basketball come to Poly.

    1925: Woodrow Wilson High School opens in eastern Long Beach and quickly becomes Polys chief rival.

    1937: 1,006 students graduate The class of 1937 is the first class to graduate over 1,000 students

    1954: Basketball wins its fifth consecutive CIF

    1957: Home of Scholars and Champions is coined by Principal Neil W. Philips as a second school motto.

    1965: Poly has won 60 CIF Titles in various sports.

    1984: USA Today recognizes Poly with the #1 Ranking in the Nation with titles from Moore League, CIF, and State.

    1986: Poly High is one of 6 California schools that year to receive the Distinguished School Recognition Award, the California Department of Educations highest honor.

    1988: Poly High has 6 National Merit Scholars, more than any other U.S high school.

    1989: Poly becomes a 4-year high-school.

    2000: Poly wins 5 CIF Championshipsin Football, Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys & Girls Track & Field. Poly’s music program is recognized as a Grammy Signature School Gold, placing them among the top ten music programs in the country.

    2005: Harvard Universitys recognition of Poly as the Most Successful High School in California in the number of graduates. Sports Illustrated recognizes Poly High School as the #1 Sports High School in the nation. Poly administers 704 Advanced Placement tests and enjoys an overall pass rate of 81%.

    2007: Beginning with the class of 2007 students need to complete 40 hours of community service as a new LBUSD graduation requirement. Poly Water Polo Wins Moore League for the first time in over 20 years.

    Notable alumni
    Famous alumni include rappers Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Warren G, singer Lupillo Rivera, tennis player Billie Jean King, actor Van Heflin, actresses Tiffani Thiessen and Cameron Diaz, opera singer Marilyn Horne, attorney George E Shibley and politician Harlan Hagen.

    Famous baseball players from Poly include Chase Utley, Milton Bradley, Randy Moffitt, Chris Gwynn Tommie Sisk and Tony Gwynn.

    Famous basketball players from Poly include Mack Calvin and Tyus Edney.

    Famous football players from Poly include Carl Weathers, Kareem Kelly, Mark Carrier, Darnell Bing, Marcedes Lewis, Manuel Wright, Winston Justice, Marques Anderson, Samie Parker, Willie McGinest, Omar Stoutmire, Gene Washington, Tony Hill, Stephone Paige, Leonard Russell, Marquez Pope, Brandon Whiting, Dennis Price, Chuckie Miller, [[]], [], Earl McCullouch, and Don Sasa.

    As you can see, we don’t need to recruit at Poly. And by the way, students have to apply to get into Poly.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Coach great post. “Dont be afraid to be great” What a dumb quote. I dont think anyone is afraid to be great, its just Ranch people cant be great. Felix as QB coach is a joke, the dude is 4 feet tall and could barley throw the ball.

  • The Ranch


    That’s wishful thinking on your part to think that all those guys are gonna come on staff. Louie is a good coach and will be back. He’s been the only bright spot on the staff the last couple years. Ledesma should be a good offensive coordinator remember the last time he was the coordinator The Ranch went 10-2. Felix has never coached so I don’t know how good he would be. Anonymous, you’re wrong about Felix. If he was a little taller that guy would be playing at a big college.

    Sorry El Rancho, but Steve Rodriguez ain’t gonna leave Chapman. I think the dude’s a sellout. He teaches at Rivera, but can’t coach The Ranch. So is Boomer. This guy says he bleeds blue, but the sellout is gonna be coaching a bunch of white boys at San Dimas instead of going back to The Ranch.
    The only way Tony Gonzales comes in is if Ledesma convinces him. I don’t know if he’ll come in.

  • Anonymous

    What school are you from? have you ever been a 3 year starting QB being only about 5’5? You are just hating when saying that he is a joke, Felix was a dam good qb and im sure will be an excellent coach. “Ranch people cant be great” wow now thats a stupid quote if I ever heard one. We’ll see who is great at the end of this season, all you Del Rio league schools can keep talking like the ranch is nothing in this league, you will find out that the ranch is back this fall.

  • Anonymous

    Damn Jackrabbit.With all that info you sound like a recruiter.

  • Anonymous

    Why are people who dont come back to the ranch sell outs. Sorry that they wanted to better their lives and make something out of their lives and coach a team with talent. Would you come back to the ranch??????

  • Uh-Oh!

    LAPreps is getting grilled. What’s up wit that? Better know what you’re talking about before you post!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jackrabbit..wouldnt it have been easier to just post the site you got all your info from rather that copy and paste all that crap????????

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter who El Rancho hires, they simply do not have the size and speed to compete against any of the local football powers. Not only does the program lack talent, the vast majority of the kids are not committed. The returners do not appear to be promising either. El Rancho’s claim to fame last year was their freshman team. That team would not have scored a point without their two running backs. And from what I understand, one of them transferred to St. Paul. If El Rancho ever comes “back”, it will not be in the fall. Good luck to all schools.

  • Anonymous

    “Ranch people can’t be great” wasn’t a quote dumbass. But you can quote me on this one >>>”RANCH PEOPLE WILL NEVER BE GREAT BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO.” They are ignorant and stupid just like you! They hire lame coaches like your 3ft midget QB who can’t throw the ball. They hire a head coach who doesn’t have any varsity head coaching experience and a staff consisting of unsuccessful ER alumni wanna be coaches!

    All we will find out in the fall is that you have another losing season. So keep dreaming!

    What joke of a program!

    It’s not too late to transfer out of sorry El Rancho! Go to any other school in the Del Rio League!


    I heard Dusan Ancich is going back to Cerritos high.
    Also Joey Jordan is going to be the new o.c. at La Serna that means son comes along ?? goodbye Schurr hello La Serna and a wide open offence.

  • Bruin33

    Very Interesting Hire. A few years back I had a conversation with Parsons and asked him why he never thought about coaching on the varsity level, He flat out told me he wasnt suited to be a varsity coach and that hes not Head Coach material. A couple of years ago when he was coaching with Reyna i noticed what small role he played that, He wasnt his very vocal self. I dont think this was a good hire but i think that he will end up doing well and the players will respond to him because he is a very vocal coach. I think that just having a new coach is motivation enough and that the players will want to prove everyone wrong. Hopefully he brings in the right assistants. I dont know if its just me but doesnt This guy Remind you Bruce Rollinson of Mater Dei. Hopefully he can bring that fire that Rolo does and have this team motivated everyday

  • LAPreps


    With all due respect, do you equate a line at El Rancho the equivalent to the talent level at all those Div I schools you mentioned? Im an El Rancho football fan, but dont get me wrong, the talent level is far beneath all those schools you cited. Dominguez dominating LB poly means nothing when discussing the talent level at El Rancho. Orange High ran the double wing, and was at times very successful, I am not informed as to the talent level at that school. If Im not mistaken, doesnt a double wing offense run the ball around 90% of the time? Is it not easier to pass out of a wing t formation? If you dont have blazing speed or large numbers of talented players isnt misdirection more helpful than power football?

    Jackrabbit, nice history on LB Poly. They have a very strong tradition there, that is respected nationwide! BTW, since your such a LB poly history buff, could you please answer the following two questions?

    1) What is LB Poly’s record against El Rancho in football?

    2) Who won the MIGHTY MOORE LEAGUE in football from 1968-1971? I’ll give you a hint…It wasnt LB Poly, LB Wilson, LB Jordan, Lakewood, or Millikan….HMMMMMMMMM, inquiring minds want to know… 😉

  • El Rancho

    Well looks like some of the staff is already coaching at ER, from what I hear the kids are excited and like their coaches so far, they seem to really like coach Hyatt. It seems like the new hire is already paying dividends, I can confirm that 2 pretty good players from an area team that reached the semis last season are headed to the ranch, One of them started at Corner, and the other got some considerable playing time at the end of the season last year at FB. They are both currently sophomores.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Big Red,

    I wonder if that Black & Gold (and red) is going feel the same this time around. After all it was Santa Fe that rooted him out of Cal………………right Cal faithful?

  • Anonymous

    We know you’re a big time El Rancho guy, LAPreps. But please, stop living in the past. That was then, this is now. Get real!

    Sounds like LAPreps is PARSONS himself!!!

  • Anonymous

    Im guessing its Marcus Galan whos transfering. If its him, then no big deal

  • The Ranch is Back

    You are wrong if you think the ranch doesnt have the size or the speed to compete with the area powers. We have always had the size and speed at this school but the past 6 years these kids have decided not to play football. The kids are very committed this season; I have seen it first hand. This will be our biggest line since 2000. We typically dont see an ER line that will average 6 feet. Sean Acuna, Mario Berny and Garret Carrillo will be 3 year starters, add to that David Zapata who really did a number on Cal last season using the Jumbo Formation and 63 transfer from Don Bosco Tech who was ineligible last season and we have a very solid line. We went from not having many very talented backs to having a very deep and talented young backfield.

    Running Backs
    Albert Toscano
    Ray Madrid
    Steven Mendoza
    James Tapia transfer from Garfield
    Marcus Galan St Paul Transfer
    Marcus Aldecoa St Paul Transfer
    Andrew Madrid JV
    Carlos JV
    Bryan Turner Freshmen
    Alex Mendez Freshmen

    Jared Morales may have left to st paul but we got Galan and Aldecoa from St Paul who imo are a lot better backs than Jared. That freshmen team was awesome and would have scored without Jared Morales. Bryan Turner carried that team for the first 5 games of the season, Jared was not slated to start either way, Alex Mendez was always the starting RB until he got hurt in 1 week before the season and was sidelined for about 4 weeks. Jared did great in league but my gripe with him was that he would run too high. Had we not had any of those backs, QB Joshua Perea would have carried the team, we could have gone with an option offense and he would have dominated. St Paul completely shut down Jared Morales, but they could not shut down Turner who imo was the backbone of that freshmen team. Without all those backs, we would have went with the passing game to WR Adrian Sanchez who is an absolute stud on offense and defense.

    “RANCH PEOPLE WILL NEVER BE GREAT BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO.” We’ll see about that, I hope you are here in week 6 when the ranch officially ends santa fe’s 30 game league winning streak. Better yet I hope you are here in week 10 when the ranch lays claim to that Del Rio League title. This program was a joke under Willie Reyna, thats hard for me to admit, but it will no longer be a joke and you better learn to accept that. What school are you from Jackass? You should quit posting under anonymous. It might not be too far fetched to think that you are Willie Reyna. The kids have had new coaches for only 1 week, this program has already taken a 180 compared to the program willie reyna had here. The kids are 100% commited, you wouldnt know that because you are not around the program and you just hate and cant accept the fact that the ranch is back and is going to show the entire Del Rio league that the giant has awakened. The kids now have great coaches that communicate very well, they no longer have coaches that seem to belittle them and give them no respect, I played for Willie, my brother played for Willie, I never once felt that I could comfortably have a conversation with him, I never felt like he respected me or any of my teammates.

    The Defense will be solid, all the linebackers return, 3 of them are 3 years starters, the Dline should be solid, the secondary will be solid as well, Rey Madrid will be one of the corners and Galan should be the other starting CB. John Rivera, and Raymond Gonzales can also play a vital part in the secondary. The offense will be vastly improved, running the wing-t is synonymous with the ranch. A solid line, with some talented backs, and a great coaching staff will equal success. Last years team averaged about 5 turnovers a game but was never really out of the game, ER should have been 4-1 in league but just couldnt put it together. Lower those turnovers to about 2 per game and we would have been 4-1 easily. Ive been around this program for about 10 years now, this spring there is just something different about this program, something I have not seen since the 2000 or the 1997 season. This team is vastly improved in all phases of the game and will win the Del Rio league title this season. Remember I said it first.

    Gene Parsons absolutely reminds me of Rolo, my brother and me were talking about that just a few days ago. He seems to have the same fire and passion that Rolo has.

  • phat azz



    It sounds very funny to hear all these comments. Bottom line good luck to El Rancho, if athletes are unhappy they need to transfer to other schools. At the same time that goes for all schools, some get really fortunate with amazing transfers. If you can’t stand the heat get off the field. It looks like some kids did just that. Good luck to all football teams.

  • BlueBlood

    As an insider to the situation what makes you think Galan and Aldecoa are gonna be eligible? And how does he remind you of Rollo? Because they look alike? You are delusional as an avid supporter of the Ranch back when Shelko was there most people think this hire was strictly political as he didnt even apply. Explain to me what makes him such a great coach?? I have had my sons play for him and because he is a fire starter soesnt mean he can win ball games. I foresee a 3-7 season.

  • Anonymous

    The “Ranch is back.” Ha ha ha. Yeah right. Keep dreaming!!! The ranch is back where they belong, all the way down the bottom of the Del Rio league.

  • ER

    Jared started summer ball as a quarterback. Freshman head coach Cruz moved him to tailback over Mendez before he was injured. He started before week one in JV and covina scrimmages. Mendez carried the ball about 5 times for about 20 total yards all season after injury. Towards the end of the season, Mendez was moved to tight end. Josh completed only a handful of passes in which about three were caught by Adrian. Both Jared and Turner are very talented backs and I would not out weigh one over the other. I was part of that freshman staff, and a frontline source to the ER program. As far as the new coaches,returners and transfers, ER will make its mark this fall.Please dont comment on things in which you think you know.

  • Just a parent

    I think its very funny how ER supporters speak of this new program as if it were a messiah. The idea of ER taking the del rio league after an 0-10 season seems far fetched. I dont doubt to see a mark of improvement, but a complete rise from the ashes seems silly. Im sure the other programs will be as equally prepared and eager to play ER. I sure look forward to see ER in action under its new leadership. I hope you dont get dissapointed in the fall. See you all in the fall!

  • http://blogger blogger

    Kids leave schools for two reasons:
    1. they don’t like the football program.
    2. they don’t like the competion on the field.
    I beleive St. Paul’s football program in definetly on its game. So you make your own decision.

  • Pico resident

    The Ranch is Back:

    I think its funny how predictions are being made after only a week or so of SPRING practice and weightlifting. Are you for real? Sure there is some early change, but ER has posted almost a decade of unsuccessful football. It takes more than a couple weeks to begin predicting a rebirth. Good programs keep their mouth shut and perform on the field. A lesson ER needs to learn if they want to join the winning ranks. Does anyone else think early predictions of a 4-1 league record for ER is absurd?

  • El Rancho

    I never said he was a great coach, I just said he is a good hire because the kids will want to play for him, the kids will be motivated by him, the kids will feel like they have their coaches trust, this was not something that often happened under willie reyna. Parsons tone of voice, his fire, his passion are the things that remind me of Rolo. Some people are going to say that the assistants that were hired are nobody’s but all I know is that they seem to be doing something right because the kids are really responding to the new coaching staff, especially coach Hyatt.

    Why wouldnt Galan and Aldecoa be eligible? I dont really see too much of a problem with them getting eligibility, they both live in Pico Rivera and are supposed to be going to the ranch anyways.

    Jared was slated to be a WR alongside Adrian Sanchez. you can ask your offensive coordinator, he was not going to start Jared over Mendez had Mendez never gotten hurt.

    Keep dreaming if your seeing a 3-7 season, no chance in hell.

  • El Rancho

    1-9 to 10-2 was not impossible. Everyone fails to see that last years team was not as bad as the record made it seem. It was a very young team, with nothing but unproven skill players. We hardly had any depth at any positions and yet we were close in most games. We should have beaten La Serna, Cal Hi, Pioneer and Whittier, I dont think we really had a chance against SF.

    New staff + New Offense + Lots of returning starters + Transfers + Talented underclassmen = Success.

  • ER

    El Rancho:

    Sure. And you have a better perspective than the coaches running the program? Mendez returned before league alive and healthy. He made a few appearances at running back behind Morales, but Morales remained a better fit at TB. Mendez is a great athlete, which is why he was moved to TE. Morales finished the season as our starting TB and 1-2 punch along side Turner. Morales went on to be awarded the team’s running back of the year award for outstanding performance at the position. End of story. The kids seem to be click very well with Parsons. I think were going to see a passion on the field that hasn’t been seen at the Ranch in a very long time. I also understand the St Paul transfers were varsity letterman. This can pose a problem with eligibility, but since they are Pico residents, CIF is lenient on most of these cases.

  • Anonymous

    El Rancho:

    Parsons, a good hire? I don’t think so. El Rancho could have done much much better!!!

    It doesn’t matter if Parsons is a good motivator. He can motivate the kids to such a high level but the bottom line is, the kids do not have the tools to succeed.

    Please give us the experience and win-loss records of each coach on the staff. This will at least give you an idea of what kind of coaching the kids will be getting and how the season will pan out.

    As far as the kids responding well to the new coaching staff, the kids will respond well to any new coaching staff especially after an 0-10 season.

    As far as comparing, Parsons to Rolo. Parsons doesn’t even compare. Parsons does not have the football intellect of Rolo.

    A good hire? More like, A BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    People from El Rancho sure have big hopes and big dreams. Hmmmmmmmmm, from a winless season to 4-1 in the Del Rio League. Very funny!!!!!!!!!!! And who is that one loss to? PIONEER? While you’re at it, let’s just give you the title right now!

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    The 2007 Del Rio League Champions and the Southeast Division CIF SS Champions – El Rancho High School!

    What a joke!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well put, Pico resident. “Good programs keep their mouth shut and perform on the field.” El Rancho supporters are sure doing a lot of talking.

  • Bruin33

    El Rancho:
    I agree on you with your take on Parsons, but you say that they have the palyes trust. Do you really think that these coaches are in it for the long haul. I feel Hyatt will only be here for a year or two for two reasons: Either he helps the team turn around completley and finds a better job, or He doesnt help this team turn around and he leaves knowing its a waste of time. I feel sorry for the kids who ARE puuting their trust in this staff because i get the feeling these coaches arent sincere. And the hiring of Parsons is definitley a short term move, he clearly was in an awkard position being asked to coach and if they turn around he will leave it to someone else, or he will leave in complete disgust. It’s a bad situation that these kids are in

  • Sante Fe Boss

    You wont beat us no matter what. We own the Del Rio and you wont beat us. funny how all the real PR Dons come to Santa Fe. Even Kaduma says you guys are sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t teall if is true or not that SP lost the 2 RB’s you claim they did. As SP is very deep at RB/CB going into next year (don’t forget they have an all CIF guy from Diamond Bar there), it would be my guess that anyone that leaving SP is probably looking for more playing time.

    Time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what Parsons’ record is as a head coach? I’m curious to see what the fuss is all about. Is Parsons really that good to revive a struggling ER back to its winning tradition?

  • El Rancho

    I’m no longer going to argue about why I think Parsons is a good fit here at the ranch and why I think this will be a great season for us, it is futile and no one here is going to accept it. All thats left is for the ranch to prove it on the field, all you doubters will be proven wrong. Whether this staff stays for 1 or 2 years or longer, it doesnt matter, Setlich was only here for one season and it was a magical season, if Parsons stays for 1 year and its as great as the 2000 season then so be it, i’ll take it. I would love to see this program get more consistent but time will tell what happens.


    Im not going to argue about you about the rb situation for the freshmen team, what I know is that my brother was part of that staff and I know 2 other coaches who were part of that staff, Geo Sandoval would not have started Jared over Mendez had Mendez never gotten hurt. Jared finally played dam well in league but Turner was the key player in that freshmen team, without turner this team does not go 9-1.

  • Fan


    So far, SP is tranferring out a sophomore fullback to ER and a Freshman RB to SF. Even with those transfers, SP has a very deep backfield: Haynes, the all CIF Running Back transfer from Diamond Ranch, Garcia, the kid that filled in for Grigsby and ran the ball very well. They also transferred in two very promising freshman RB’s. One from ER and the other was a varsity starter at Wilson High School. Any back transferring out of SP is worrying about playing time, nothing else.

  • holy diver

    Hey sp fan i disagree with your post i know the soph back #24 who went to lm wasnt to worried abut playing time shit he started varsty as a soph his reason was he hated the school and dont think he cared for his coachs as for the freshman i know really well same for him he was a 2 way guy as a freshman his reasons were pretty much the same dont think he was worried about playing time at sp he couldnt stand going to school there and felt the coachs were not what he expected

  • Anonymous

    Playing time is definitely the issue for those kids leaving especially the one going to LM. Come on, 3 schools in 3 years?

    SP is very deep at RB this year and these transfers aren’t going to bother them at all.

    Good luck to the kids leaving. Hope they find what they are looking for.

  • Anonymous

    Zach Salerno is Leaving St Paul????????

  • http://c10j3m1 Swordmen for life

    #24 Salerno has transfered back to La Mirada. I feel sorry for him when St.Paul pays La Mirada a visit week 4. It will be worse then a leg bruis after this game…

  • Anonymous

    Heard he was already at LM.

  • holy diver

    Here we go again didnt we do this on another site iam am not speaking for sack but i can tell you hes not worried about any body at SP and if its fuel for SP thats awsome iam not doubting SP ability to play or win but i know there are no physical beasts there so if cheap shots are whats in mind cool ….

  • Anonymous

    Holy diver what the heck are you talking about? I don’t think anyone really cares that he went back. Best of luck to him.

  • Efrain Soto

    A few points: 1) Stevie R. is not a sellout, if you dont know him then dont talk smack. 2) Some folks are right, Reyna was not the main reason reason the Ranch was terrible, he was the ONLY reason. Well, to be fair you can also blame the administration for not getting rid of him sooner. We Ranch alum all know Ellis is not fond of the football program. 3) You can keep your Dominguez coaches and players, we will do it with Pico guys and the new staff. In 91 we had no linemen over 6′ and our fullback was 5’3″, yet we were 1 minute away from a CIF Finals appearance. If I were to do it all over again, I would not trade any of those guys on the field that day (12-6-01)for Dominguez, SP, or SF guys. Shit, wouldnt trade them for any player in the world. 4) The coaching staff is fine for now, they can fine tune as they go. I have known Parsons since junir high (85) and he has always been high energy. He (and Reyes, both PE teaches at North Park) is one of the reasons I started playing football. He will be the motivator and leave the X and Os to his assistants, which by the way are much better than you morons think. Ledesma knows the Wing-T well. He has many year experience as an O cordinator and has been successful. Louie is also high energy Ranch Hand. Him and Hiatt should be a good combo on the D side. I personally do not know the other gentlemen but I trust Parsons and Ledesma did their homework. Alumni coming around practices and games will be an X factor, belive me, it was for me. 5) Gentlemen, I dont think we Ranch football alumni expect a miracle this year and no, we will never return to our 1960s glory days. That is ok, our teams of the 70-90s used that as a big time motivator. And guess what, it worked. Those teams had much less natural talent(size/speed) and still did very well both in football and in life. We will certainly take league championships and a chance to play for CIF titles just like the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Most importantly, and I belive my fellow Ranch Hands would agree, we are looking for a spark, a change to the mentality of the program. We want a return to to a winning tradition, both on and off the field. 6) Lastly, as an alum and Ranch Hand, I fully support the new staff and cant wait to attend my first home game in several years. You can bith and complain all you want about which coaches they should have hired, these men can do it. Win or lose, I know this year I will see flashes of teams past: the hitting, alumni on the sidelines, the home side full to capacity, the band playing our fight song many times (scoring), and guys walking off the field holding hands with their heads up high instead of up their behind- like the last 5 years. Blue Pride you morons!

  • El Rancho

    Efrain, that was a beautiful post. I’m a fairly young guy and recently graduated from the ranch. I have recently watched tapes of the 88 and 91 season, man we were smaller back then then we are today. That game against Nogales was something else, I already knew we lost that game in the final minute, but i was on the edge of my seat watching ER take the lead with less than 2 minutes left. I dream of the day when we will see a packed don memorial stadium with alumni wearing letterman jackets on the sidelines, and all of Pico Rivera cheering for the ranch once again. I have watched these kids practice this entire spring and I can tell you right now, this is gonna be a special season. Growing up and attending games back in the mid and late 90’s I used to have a certain outlook on ranch football, when I played for the ranch under Willie Reyna there was plenty of times that it felt like we werent playing ranch football anymore, I used to ask myself why arent we like those teams that played here before and I guess I know the answer to that by now. The staff has done a really good job, with all our returners and a couple of transfers from st paul this team is looking awesome, no doubt “The Ranch is Back”

    “You havent been hit till youve been hit by the ranch”

  • ER 03

    Efrain Soto,

    So you are trying to say that all of us that donned the er uniform walked off with our heads in our butts? Your a loser dude. And you ER come in here kissing his butt what a sellout. I resent that statement he made, we played with pride and glorified our school as best we could.

  • El Rancho

    Yes we played with pride, and represented ER as best we could, but the bottom line was we werent winning, we were mediocre at best,. I dont think Efrain is really throwing that at us, he is throwing it at Willie Reyna and the mess he turned our program into. There is only so much you can do when half of your best players are not playing ball becuase of Willie, only so much you can do when we keep running the same stupid play over and over when it hasnt worked all night, only so much you can do when your coaches dont trust you and dont believe in you. That 01 team should have been to the CIF finals. The 02 team should have been a semifinalist or possibly a finalist. The 03 team was pretty dam good and should have gone 10-0 and at least into the semis. The 04 team should have won league and made it at least into rd 2, they just got manhandled at Westminster. The 05 should have challenged for the League title, yet we didnt even make the playoffs… even with current #4 ranked JC QB in the nation AJ Toscano. I dont even have to mention last years 0-10 do I? I can tell you right now, when we went down to BG in the 1st rd I could not stop thinking about how we let down so many that played at the ranch before us.