Time for softball to limit pitching

As the season progresses, the high school teams with the dominant pitching rise to the top.

Make that “dominant pitcher rise to the top.”
Isn’t it time for high school softball to adapt the same rule as high school baseball and limit the number of innings a pitcher can have in a week?
Baseball pitchers are limited to 10. The number for softball pitchers is unlimited.
In a sport where one player can dominate a game more than in any other sport, it seems unfair that a program with one overpowering pitcher can rely solely on her.
Granted, not all teams have at least two pitchers let alone two who are standouts, but isn’t that where coaching takes center stage? And with the increased number of players participating in travel ball programs, the pool of pitchers is rapidly increasing.
Under the current unlimited innings rule, programs that often win league titles and teams that advance farthest in the playoffs actually aren’t the best teams, but rather they just have the best pitcher.
And that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.
Is anybody listening?

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  • Anonymous

    That’s the way the game is played. There is no reason to change it. The only problem I have with the whole thing is the coaches that take credit for this talent. I have never seen a High School Softball coach develop any player. The travel programs create the talent, and the High School take credit. I look forward to the day when all the travel programs decide to play year round and high school softball is left to recreational league players.

  • delriohardball

    Good point, Roger. That’s what’s always bugged me about softball. Baseball is so much harder on the arm, so innings limits are necessary. Plus, in baseball pitchers are usually positon players as well, adding wear and tear with additional hard overhand throws. Softball is still a team game, but as you pointed out, a very averge TEAM can go deep in CIF or even win it all with one pitcher pitching all the innings.

    And another thing: softball- like Little League- needs to move the bases back to 70′ instead of the current 60′. Women, like 12 year old boys, are bigger, faster and stronger than they were in past generations when 60′ bases made sense. Routine, hard hit grounders to short are often beat out, even when the shortstop gloves it quickly and makes a good throw. Softball now focuses on slap hits, beating balls into the ground, etc. because it is so easy to beat out infield hits. Move the bases back to 70′- and maybe the circle as well to 46′- and watch the game improve.

    Athletes are bigger, faster and better than ever, and in a sport like softball, changes in pitching rules as you suggest, as well as expanded field dimensions would would improve the game and make it more evenly competitive.

  • JollyRoger

    Travel ball coaches just run their players into the ground, while high school coaches actually care about the well being of the kid. I’ve seen way too many times.

  • softball dad

    If you guys new anything about softball you guys wouldnt post anything! the game is fine the way it is. Moving the bases back what a joke. We are talking fastpitch not slow pitch. As for travelball it is great. if you knew anything at all that is where all major universities get their scholarship players from. you dont have to play highschool to get a scholarship as the competition is weak. Inform yourselves on what is going on then post….

  • delriohardball

    Hey softball dad, I know plenty about the game. You didn’t address my points in your post at all. I guess you like little slap hits and nothing but infield hits and the occasional ball to the outfield. Oh well. That’s why softball sucks compared to baseball. You are the core fan–the parent who loves it for their little princesses. Fine and dandy, but it is a mickey mouse game as it is.

  • softball dad

    delrio league have great softball and baseball teams what a loser you are fopr trying to make one better than the other. they are different plain and simple. Softball is meant to be faster pace. Keep talking head I would like to see one of your big time hardballers hit off of one of the “princesses” on my team. Wont happen.. get a clue. Did you see what Jennie Finch did to the Seattle Mariners years back?? Probably not…reaction time is about 150% faster than in baseball. Slapping is part of the game..Dont get yourself involved in a conversation you have no clue about…..So it doesnt make any sense. Because in general all athletes are bigger and stronger we as humans are bigger and stronger should we elevate rims to 11 feet in bball. Back the fences to 450 feet all around. Make football fields longer and wider?? I dont get it if it aint broke than why fix it. People like you are a joke bet you never played a sport in your life. To be competitive train your players, coach them right, teach them the game! Thats how you compete. If it is so easy to beat out a infield hit why doesnt it happen more often??? If you know a girl is a slapper adjust your defense to her its called strategy. If you think its so boring to hardball dont watch it or play I never knew people actually held guns to others heads to watch games now a day. I have two daughters and a son they all play sports. Son plays football and baseball and I appreciate the game for what it is and the same goes for softball…Get a clue..Your crying about baseball being hard on the arm well it is much harder than softball because throwing overhand is not as natural as pitching fastpitch…your just confused I bet you are no older than 25..if so you are absolved from making dumb statements if you are older…Lord help us!

  • delriohardball

    Wow. That really hit a nerve, softball dad. A tad defensive, no? Oh well. Difference of opinion, that’s all. You know nothing about me, yet you blast away…you, dad, are the one who needs to get a clue. And none of the great softball players would compete well on a varsity baseball team. Only one woman, Ila Borders, played pro hardball, and that was just a stunt. So, don’t try to say these talented sotballers can compete in real baseball with the guys. Let a good guy see some fastpitch a bit and they’ll mash.

    Yes, these softball players are great. No argument. I do like to watch the game, but it is just an inferior game, that’s all. Am I allowed to have an opinion, daddy?

    As for distances: that’s why PONY is better than Little League: the bases get longer and the mound farther as they age up. The same should happen in softball, where girls and women have progressed a lot phsically in recent generations. That’s my view, if it is allowed in the softballdad world.

  • Anonymous

    JollyRoger=Rec Ball Parent