El Rancho staff deserves a shot

The talk on this blog seems to be drowning in El Rancho history and
predictions based upon personal agendas.

Neither will have much to do with the Dons’ success or failure this season.
It might be nice to give the new regime a chance before sharing such
verbal tar and feathering concerning to its capabilities.
If it is agreed that coaches coach and players play, it would seem El Rancho’s new head guy
has an upper hand since, if nothing else, he is getting credit for his
ability to motivate players to play. At this point, participation and
effort are the only legitimate basis for evaluation. Talent credibility,
once proven on the field, comes later.

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  • Good job Roger, you said it perfect. Let the coaches coach and the players play. Everybody needs to see what El Rancho has to offer this year. It’s the faithful fans that are the most harsh. So obviously I am just a fan, give the coach and his staff a chance. I’m sure it will be a welcomed change.

  • I agree too. Who cares with all the football gossip. What matters is what you put on the field not what school they came from or are transfering too. Fans you need to grow up and let El Rancho do their talking on the football field. Unfortanetly after the season they had last year there is only one way for the Dons and that is up. Good luck.

  • johnsmith

    this probably won’t go through but that’s why we need to screen comments more thoroughly or just get rid of these blogs altogether. these blogs breed mostly smack-talk and sarcacism.

  • Anonymous

    What about California and La Serna? Any comments on their new coaching staffs?

  • Third Party

    calhi’s new head coach will be Jim Arnold. he coached there with patricio 3 or 4 years ago before Ancich was there. He also served as AD for a few years aswell. he spent the mean time over at Sunny Hills. not too sure on how well they did over there, but Arnold is a pretty decent coach.