The best time for HS all-star football games?

They’ll hold the 40th annual 605 all-Star Football Classic Saturday,
June 2 at La Mirada Stadium.

The coaches will be St. Paul’s Pete Gonzalez for the East squad and Gary Cordray of South Gate for the West
In addition to the game action, the festitives will feature the
induction into the 605 Hall of Fame of legendary coaches Marijon Ancich and Ernie Johnson, who led
St. Paul and El Rancho to national recognition during the late 1950s and ’60s.
When Ancich retired after the 2005 season, he had 354 victories that
made him California’s winningest high school football coach and ranks
him nationally among the top 20 in wins.
His teams won three CIF championships, two state championships and was
named national champion in 1968.
Johnson coached the Dons to five CIF championship games and, like
Ancich, won three of them. His 1966 team finished 13-0 and was named
state and national champion.
The last high school game Johnson coached was against St. Paul and
Ancich in 1968, which ended in a 20-20 tie.
Longevity has given the 605 All-Star Football Classic its credibility,
and the manner in which it is conducted is not being questioned here.
However, just wondering if early June is the best time to hold a high
school football game. Is it too far from the football season, when most
sports fans are thinking baseball? Would it be better served to play it later, say
in late July or early August, when football fever is just beginning to
Then again, if something aint broke, why fix it, right?

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  • joe

    whose playing in this years game

  • Roger, I have always thought that June was an ackward time for the 605 game. I think it should be after playoffs if the weather permits. I will be at th 605 game, i’ve heard we had some good athletes to come and see. To see the local coaches inducted into the Hall of Fame will be nice to see. I’m glad to see the new St. Paul coach taking that team. Lets support all local teams and coaches.

  • murray

    Yo, Joe:
    Rosters for the 605 All-Star Football Classic reportedly “will be
    finalized by weeks end,” according to the release received here Monday.

    footballfan: Didn’t mean to mislead you. While the 605 All-Star Football
    Classic will be played Saturday, June 2, at La Mirada High School, the
    induction ceremonies for coaches Marijon Ancich and Ernie Johnson will
    be Friday, May 4, during a dinner held at Rio Hondo Country Club in
    Cerritos College head football coach Frank Mazzotta will be one of
    several guest speakers. Tickets to attend the occasion are $45.
    For more information or to purchase tickets, check the 605 All-Star web
    site at, or contact game director Rich Estrella at (714)

  • Swill33


    I have to disagree with your statement that the 605 should be held after playoffs. Unfortunately, the issue that everyone who enjoys football seems to overlook is that the football season has already been pushed back way too far and interferes with basketball preseason too much. I am a local varsity basketball head coach and I encourage my players to be multi-sport athletes. However, pushing football season back and holding an All-Star game so close to the start of another sport’s season is not only unnecessary but unfair to other sports. Basketball and football are only two weeks apart as it is, and that leaves little time for basketball coaches to practice with full squads. No offense footballfan, because this is a common problem on campuses everywhere. Football becomes the one and only sport when winter and spring sports are actually more successful at given schools. I would think a late summer date would be more beneficial, to wet the appetites of fans, kick off the football season, and leave the athletes without a choice to make between sports if they play more than one. After all, this isn’t the NCAA where we can play into January…


    you can’t play the game in late summer because alot of these players are playing college ball by then and can’t play in the game. But it would be nice if they could.

  • football4life

    June is the perfect time for this game to be played. I use to enjoy watching it at Cerritos College years ago, but I think playing at La Mirada makes it that much better. Early June makes morer sence than the post graduation it was way back. I am certain more people come to the game while school is still in session.