Gonzales good choice for 605 Classic

Pete Gonzalez led St. Paul High School to the CIF semifinals and a 7-6
record against one of the southland’s most difficult schedules last
fall, and it is nice to see his efforts rewarded.

Gonzales will coach the East squad in the 40th 605 All-Star Football Classic scheduled to be played Saturday, June 2, at La Mirada High School.
His handling of adversity before and during the season was first rate and should have eliminated any backwash concerning his hiring to replace legendary coach Marijon Ancich at St. Paul.
Still, there are the naysayers who refuse to give an inch, but they can’t take away the success the program enjoyed during his watch this season.
Clearly, he earned consideration for the 605 game, and just as clearly, he is a good choice tolead the East team.

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  • scj

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season.

  • Third Party

    any word yet on who the players will be?

  • I am not a St. Paul alumni or fan but I beleive you have to give Coach Gonzalez some credit and definetly some slack. I understand he wasn’t an alumni but I was one of those fans who had to be at the last semifinal game at St. Paul and I will tell you he should have been really proud of himself, his staff, and especially his kids.
    Roger, I read your other heading and it’s like you said let the players play and the coaches coach. Just like El Rancho’s coach these coaches don’t get paid enough to take that crap. They coach because they love the game. Good luck to all players in the 605 game.

  • I think he was a good choice. He has alot to accomplish this year with the schedule he is facing. We all could go on and pick out everything we don’t like but it doesn’t matter. I would like to congratulate Mr. Gonzalez and his staff.

    Roger, How are the teams split up?

  • Were all proud of Coach Gonzalez and his staff. You said the naysayers, were so sick of them. Most of these people don’t even support their program but they want a say. We can’t worry about what people say we have to stay focused on our program today, not 5 or 10 years ago. So Coach Gonzalez we will be at that 605 game to support the Swordsmen and all other kids.

  • Anonymous

    They had a great season, but they were the second choice! La Habra turned them down.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Anon:

    What did you accomplish by bringing that up? Do you feel better about yourself now? Did you satisfy your agenda?

    So what if they were second, third or even fourth choice? I’m glad he did and I’m looking forward to the game.

  • So many haters, life is too short you guys need to really grow up and stop hating so much. St. Paul will represent that night get used to it. Good luck this season La Habra fans.

  • JoeL

    Good choice, he did handle the transition well, really looking forward to how they SR class does this year. That team was 13-1 as freshmen, and most of those kids are returning starters.

  • I think Roger’s statement was Gonzales good choice for 605 game, I didn’t read one thing about La Habra so quit trying to ruin this blog with La Habra bull.

  • Everybody has an opionion on who, what, why and where. We really don’t care what people think were really glad that our Coaches will be representing that night. We can’t wait for this comming football season. Go St. Paul.

  • Raymond

    When are you going to post the rosters or nominations?

  • murray

    Yo, Raymond:
    It was my understanding the East/West rosters were to be finalized this past weekend, but I’ve not been made aware of any completed lists. I[m still chasing for them.