The scheduling seems to be working

The caller wanted to know why Del Rio League baseball teams play
so many games (three) against each other?
Couldn’t the teams be better served to just play a home-and-home league
schedule and thereby gain experience by playing non-league games against
teams of their own choosing?
Putting it that way makes some sense, but so does playing each team three times, especially when two of the games are back-to-back in the same week.
Most often, it means the same pitcher can’t be used to dominate an opponent.
And the three games provide a built-in tiebreaker.
Granted, there are some coaches who would prefer to have more nonleague games against opponents selected on the basis of helping to better prepare for the league race.
But the way the Del Rio League, as well as the Almont League among others, is doing it seems to be
working, so if nobody has a better idea, and it ain’t broke, let’s leave
it alone.

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