FOOTBALL: 605 East team roster …

Remembering this is an offseason all-star game and always subject to adjustment, here is the roster for the East squad in this year’s 40th Annual 605 All-Star Football Classic:
Artesia — Le Quan Lewis DB/WR
California — Craid Taylor DB, Robert Arriola TE
Cerritos — Marlow Hawkins, DB/WR, Victor Lee LB
Gahr — Lemuel Johnson DB
John Glenn — Elias Cuevas TE, David Neff QB, Matt Granillo DL, Juan Enriquez OL
Kennedy — Seth Guarado P/K, Dominic Estrada OL
La Habra — Greg Francis DB
La Mirada — Joshua Robbins WR, Joshua Lomeli DB
La Serna — Jon Potts RB, Gilbert Rodriguez WR, Michael Ellison K/P
Los Altos — Matt Castaneda QB
Mayfair — Mose Denton DB/WR, Ronnie Goforth QB/WR, Curtis Bedgood RB
Norwalk — Eddie Lopez WE, Andres Gonzalez OL/DL, Joshua Werand DB
Pioneer — Diego Sauceda TE, Kelsey Thompson DB/WR, Robert Perez OL
LB Poly — Demetrius Portes LB/FB, Joshua Tuyao OL
Sonora — Terrance Foster DB, Matt Moody LB/FB
Santa Fe — Manuel Lopez LB/FB, Romeo Pellum WR/DB, Angel Molina QB,
Miguel Garcia LB, Mark Acuna LB, Felipe Martinez DL, Albert HernandezOL
Sonora — Terrance Foster DB, Matt Moody LB/FB
St. Paul — Joe Morales LB/FB, Michael Peak LB, Andrew Vega OL, Joe Perez OL, Joshua Gracieux DL
Whittier — Issac Garcia RB, Joe Avalos DL
HH Wilson — Daniel Bernal DB/RB

The game will be played Saturday, June 2 at La Mirada High School.

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  • No Nick Grisby, very intersting but not shocking.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t these selections based on coaches recommendations?

    Before anyone looks for any conspiracy theories on why he isn’t playing I heard he isn’t up to full speed. A hammy or something like. Minor but enough to keep him from participating. He wasn’t able to participate in the DRL track finals.

  • Anonymous

    He attended the West team meeting. Seemed as if he’s gonna play for them. Hey Murray, wheres the West roster?

  • eddie reyes

    just wondering why there are no El Rancho players are in 605 game? Is it because the coach bailed on the program? Their were some good athletic kids on that team.What happens to them? I’m hopping that there exclusion is not because of the coaching situation. I’m sure if you ask other coaches from the other school could assist in selecting them! Just woundering because it’s some of those boys senior year and their record doesn’t do their playing ability any justice. Just thinking of the kids!

  • Anonymous

    Thought I saw some Ranch kids on the West roster.

  • murray

    Yo, blogger,
    The word is that the meeting for discussion/selection of 605 players was held during the coaching transition period at Cal High, and there was no representation for the Condors at the meeting.
    The Cal players on the East roster were late add ons.

  • El Rancho

    I dont know if anyone from the ranch made it, but if anything Martin Mokay should have made it, that kid came to play week in week out. Anyone have a west roster?

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Am I reading the Anonymous @ 10:29am posting correctly? Are you referring to Grigsby when you say he attended the West team meeting??????

  • Anonymous

    The following are some of the RB’s listed for the West.

    Brandon Johnson – Dominguez
    Michael Aguilar – Garfield
    Anthony Wright – Compton Darren Tubbs – Downey

  • I heard the same thing that Grisby went to other meeting trying to get on the team. That guy doesn’t get it he doesn’t have a choice this time around.

  • Interested Party

    Chieftain Alumni:

    Yes, Grigsby is playing for the West in the 605 All Star game.

    Of course, he wouldn’t play for Gonzales of St. Paul! Cuz, would he play?

  • Chieftain Alumni

    How many schools in how many years???? Doesnt Grigsby get it? You dont just get to pick and chose where ever he wants to play. If he is allowed to play for the West than that just goes to show what a joke this so called ALL-STAR game has become. And anyone one that claims that Coach Gonzales wouldnt play him I think is way off the mark. Do people really think that hed be that self centered to not play him under the spotlight of the entire areas coaches, players and parents that night????? I hope Rich Estrella and Ken Sutch are reading these blogs and not going to allow this to happen. Enough is enough with this kid.

    Dont get me wrong in calling the game a joke. The majority of the kids deserve to be there but I found out a couple of years ago that some kids can just up and try out for the team. What happened to the days where you were selected and alternates were chosen just incase some werent able to play? us all a favor. Man up and play for the side your on or dont play at all!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    just so everyone knowa, Grigsby is not playing for the other side… rules are rules and he cant no matter how much he wants 2!!!!!

  • Save all the comments on Nick Grisby every sport, every time there is some kind of issue. Nick better gear up for Arizona because they will not be kissing his butt there. I heard that he had to be nominated and he wasn’t.

  • Tubbs from Downey is scary he is so good. We saw him play last year and he’s a real athlete. Good luck to all athletes. Grisby drama isn’t shocking either were all used to it.

  • Anonymous

    Most Likely Grigsby isnt playing because University of Arizona Wont let Him. This happens alot. Im not 100 percent but it could be.

  • In the know

    Just so everyone knows, kids show up at both sides every year wanting to try out for the 605 game. Rules make trying out impossible. So STOP spreading lies! Unless you can produce names stop making stuff up just to try and make a point.

    Mark my words, Grigsby will not play in the 605 All Star Game this year so give it a rest.

  • Anonymous

    If you think Darren Tubbs is scary, Brandon Johnson from Dominguez is 10 times more scary.

  • profiler

    im very upset on knowing that people that werent selected are on the field ,people that shuld even be on the 605 …i seen people walk up and sign up now i feel thats not fair to those that didnt make it by one vote or two…those should be the ones out there…murray can this be looked into cause i know for a fact theres kids out there that shouldnt be ! its not fair

  • Condor Pride

    Arizona lets their recruits play. He is trying to beg which side he will be on. Rumor has it that he will be playing at Cerritos College with his mentor and ex SP recruiter Rich Ruiz.

  • So are you saying Nick Grisby isn’t going to go to Arizona? to piss that away for Rich Ruiz would be the stupidest thing that guy could do. Some more bad advice he can add to his resume.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Just to name one I know for a fact that last year David Navarro for SF wasnt chosen to the team but came out anyway and practicing a couple of times and ended up on the roster. As fate would have it he flaked out and didnt play in the game but yet was still on the roster. So Im not sure what youre in the know about but that isnt a LIE!! Check the roster your self:

  • Anonymous

    I might be wrong on this but aren’t the kids who are on the All Star teams are there because they were recommended by their own coaches and not some voting or tryout system?

  • Blog Reader

    Thats cold! You guys shouldnt be throwing peoples names out there. Give Grigsby a break already he is a 18 year old kid. And leave coaches names out of this thats not right…..

  • Just A Coach

    What I understand, is coaches get together and make suggesting about which players on their respective teams should be on the all-star team. As far as other players making the team, is because other seniors wishing to play in the game join a waiting list, and are selected to join the team by the all-star team coach. Lets face many of the stars selected end up not playing in the game, due to time commitments, fear of injury, or failure to show up for practice. So this often leaves a coach looking to fill a roster, and turn to the waiting list.

  • Anonymous

    The following was posted by the guy who runs the 605 game on the game web site.

    Every year (I go back over 20 years with this game) we have players who didn’t get selected to play in the 605 game, who just show up with gear, hoping to “tryout” to make the team. If you saw players just signing up, that’s “Roll Call.” There are no try outs, never have been any tryouts, never will be any tryouts. Anyone who says they have seen what you saw is just misunderstood. ALL PLAYERS ARE NOMINATED BY THEIR COACHES. Not all make it. If a team is short a position like offensive line and all you have left from your nominees is running backs and DB types, then we reach outside the nominees back to the 605 member schools and get one. That is the only way to get on the squad without a nomination.

    That being said….what is with you people? It is just game. Come July no one will even remember the score or who played. Just enjoy the game!