605 CLARIFICATION: Read, and relax.

This was posted by one of the ‘Anonymous’ guys, so I don’t know who the
‘guy who runs the 605 game …’ is, but it is the same response
received here when Rich Estrella was contacted, and he’s as close to the
game as anyone.

‘Every year (I go back over 20 years with this game) we have players who didn’t get selected to play in the 605 game, who just show up with gear, hoping to “tryout” to make the team. If you saw players just signing up, that’s “Roll Call.” There are no try outs, never have been any tryouts, never will be any tryouts. Anyone who says they have seen what you saw is just misunderstood. ALL PLAYERS ARE NOMINATED BY THEIR COACHES. Not all make it. If a team is short a position like offensive line and all you have left from your nominees is running backs and DB types, then we reach outside the nominees back to the 605 member schools and get one. That is the only way to get on the squad without a nomination.’

One last Grigsby item from my source:
His name, as well as no other California HS players’, was never given
the selection committee for consideration. More important, even if he
was cleared to play, it wouldn’t be with the West team. Period.

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  • I beleive that was most of the talk on the blogs, except for a few unworthy comments. Same people, same gossip and its never true. I hope all 605 players have a safe game.

  • tiff

    so where is the roster…

  • Just Me :)

    Just to name one I know for a fact that last year David Navarro for SF wasnt chosen to the team but came out anyway and practicing a couple of times and ended up on the roster. As fate would have it he flaked out and didnt play in the game but yet was still on the roster. So Im not sure what youre in the know about but that isnt a LIE!! Check the roster your self: http://605allstars.com/rostere.htm
    Posted by: Chieftain Alumni | May 16, 2007 12:24 PM
    How many schools in how many years???? Doesnt Grigsby get it? You dont just get to pick and chose where ever he wants to play. If he is allowed to play for the West than that just goes to show what a joke this so called ALL-STAR game has become. And anyone one that claims that Coach Gonzales wouldnt play him I think is way off the mark. Do people really think that hed be that self centered to not play him under the spotlight of the entire areas coaches, players and parents that night????? I hope Rich Estrella and Ken Sutch are reading these blogs and not going to allow this to happen. Enough is enough with this kid.
    Dont get me wrong in calling the game a joke. The majority of the kids deserve to be there but I found out a couple of years ago that some kids can just up and try out for the team. What happened to the days where you were selected and alternates were chosen just incase some werent able to play?
    GRIGSBY..do us all a favor. Man up and play for the side your on or dont play at all!!!!!!!!
    Posted by: Chieftain Alumni | May 14, 2007 09:14 AM
    Wow Chieftain Alumni, dont you feel really foolish now?

    You try and sound all knowing high and mighty, and youre just a regular DONT Know-It-All. Kind of makes all your previous posts, even from last year, seem senselessjust like you.


    P.S. Thank you Roger for clarifying this.

  • Chieftain & 605 Alumni

    Hey Master of the copy and paste,

    Just like all the anti postings against SF in that just because you dont get caught doesnt indicate that it doesnt happen. According to all of you even though rules are rules somehow, someway people manage to get around them. But not in this case, right????????

    I hope its true because I would hate to think in some way that the game some of us actually earned the right to play in over the years could have diminished in that manner.

  • Feel’n Foolish 8

    One last Grigsby item from my source:
    His name, as well as no other California HS players’was never given
    the selection committee for consideration.
    Posted by Roger Murray at 04:45 PM

    Nice source. If that is so then whats up with this roster reading……
    California — Craid Taylor DB, Robert Arriola TE

    You mean they got on the team without being nominated for consideration????????

  • Anonymous

    Hey, whats up with that Mr. Murray???? According to Rich Estrella ALL PLAYERS ARE NOMINATED BY THEIR COACHES.

    Oh, thats right. The ex-coach was busy with a little game of CYA. That probably explains it. Congratulations to the Cal players that are on the team. It would have been a damn shame if no one from that team made it.

  • Rich Estrella

    Hey Roger. let me set the record straight for some of the mis-guided and grossly mis-informed. This is for Mr. Anonymous about Cal Hi. First off Roger is right when he says Cal had no representation at the 605 coaches dinner. Cal was in a coaching transition as were a few others. Cal had no representation till about two days before the first 605 practice. The kids that are on the roster were nominated by a Cal coach. I want to publicly thank Coach Gonzalez of St. Paul for making room for the Cal and La Habra kids. His roster was set until the late comers piled on. Late comers are the schools that did not show up or send in nominees. Our All Star policy is to never end run coaches for players. If the coach cannot vouch for the kid, he can’t play. It’s that simple. As far as accepting late players for schools who lagged, that is a committee decision. The head coach of the 605 team can veto it if he chooses but coach Gonzalez said OK. I know of about 15 other coaches who would have said NO. This guy has made a Big Fan out of me. Coach Gonzalez has proved to be a players coach. At least with this group. The Cal and La Habra fans should thank him. He didn’t have to take their kids as the deadline had come and gone.

    Now that the truth has been posted, stop pestering Roger with non-sense. As you now know, the rules were followed in the Cal case. I consider coach Jim Arnold a friend and hopefully he will have a long career at Cal and we will never have to go through all this horse droppings again.

    Thanks for your continued interest in our game. Hopefully you will be one of the six to seven thousand fans in attendance on June 2nd.

    My Best to All,

    Rich Estrella
    605 All Stars

  • Thank you Rich Estrella, you are a class act and you were right when you said many misguided and misinformed people. We think very highly of your comments.