BLOGGING: Consider this …

Folks, keep it clean.
It’s great to have all this interest and the comments and responses it generates, but it would do well
to remember that these are merely opinions and should not be used to or
interpreted as attacking someone personally.
In some cases, the language needs cleaning up, and I’d prefer not
having to delete anyone’s comment because language used to emphasize a
thought might be offensive to others.
Thanks for your consideration and cooperation.
Blog on!!

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  • A mom

    Going through the topics, one can easily see that the football entries are the most blogged pieces: even when asked to focus on other sports, the topic of football sneaks in each topic!

    The fans of football are particularily vicious as well; apparently as aggressive as the sport itself. But these are kids, not professional athletes, and the personal attacks are sometimes hard to stomach.

    Yes, my son has been a topic of discussion and no, I have never retaliated back. It has been difficult at times but he has also received compliments and we can choose not to view the blogs, so we have our options and choose to read them.

    Hopefully, Mr. Murray’s comments will be heeded and we look forward to some competitive seasons!

    On a positive note, Megan Jesolva of La Mirada was named in the ‘Parade’ All-American Girls’ Soccer team. National recognition–how exciting!

  • mike

    After a horrible football season (0-10) and after reviewing the 605 Allstar Team (zero Dons), I’m sure glad EL Rancho got rid of Coach Reyna. I am extremely happy that Coach Parsons has taken over with a new coaching staff and a new attitude. Blue Pride.

  • rvr

    word on the street has it that montebello has a 6 foot 9 inch kid coming in that should improve the basketball team go oilers

  • Get’em Dawgs

    Montebello High will be getting a new football field and track this upcoming year, so all the home games will be at Schurr.
    This year Montebello was to be home against Schurr, but with the construction it will be at Schurr. You would think that Montebello would be the home team ( just like the 30+ years Schurr played at Montebello alternating the home/away situation) but no, the “District Favorite” Schurr will still be the “home team”.

    First the neighbors up on the hill did’nt want Schurr to have a stadium because of the noise and traffic (it was okay to congest the streets around MHS and the EVERY Friday night noise of football games)Now we are treated like we should be “thankfull” for playing at Schurr.
    Has Schurr EVER said “Thank-you” to the students, staff & parents of MHS for ALL the years they played thier home games at MHS – NO!

  • SHS

    THANK YOU montebello considering we put more use to that field then you have. District favorite i don think so, have you been to schurr’s field that field has not been watered for about 30 years. Everyone know that Montebello is the district favorite because a majority of the district employees are montebello Alumni. THANKS AGAIN

  • Get’em Dawgs

    Okay SHS, How could you put more use to our field? Schurr has only been a H.S. since 1972,73,74? While MHS has been at Cleveland Ave since the 1940’s (when your namesake was still alive) And EVERYONE in the MUSD and outside the district know who the “district favorite” is. Ask BG,Keppel, Alhambra,Vail,LMI,MOI, oh and don’t forget Schurr Jr High- Eastmont Intermediate.

  • SHS

    exactly put MHS has been on cleveland since the 40’s and alot of great people graduated from their but not to many championships. Considering that MHS was the only high school in montebello for about 30 years before they opened up Schurr and their winning ways.
    When SCHURR played their games at MHS, SHS just got more out of that field then MHS in the area of Championship won on Heimen Field. I will tell you this some of the Best Schurr games were played on that field. That why I was thank you for the use of your school and the memory that i will never forget. SO THANKS AGAIN.