TEENAGERS: You just never know …

Much is being posted about coaches who do or don’t care about, and/or
who can or can’t motivate their teams.
To assume a high school coach at any level does not care about his
job or his players’ performance is foolishness.
Every coach is aware that, whether it is a legitimate evaluation, the
success or failure of his or her team is a reflection of his abilities
to coach.
There is little doubt that today’s young coaches are probably better
prepared with the Xs and Os in their sport, but much less prepared
psychologically to deal with today’s young student/athletes.
In the ‘old days’ a coach’s word was law. It wasn’t to be questioned,
and parents supported this approach.
Today’s young student/athletes have more questions and the courage to
ask them, they have more opinions and they get more advice, whether it
be from parents, peer group or television that empowers them to
challenge authority with more aggressiveness.
Dealing with these challenges is not as easy or as simple as it might
appear, hence it is necessary when passing judgment on a coach’s
performance to do so with more logic and sensitivity and not with merely
one’s heart and/or bias.
Granted, this reduces much of the potential for the distribution of
misinformation and rumor and experiencing what becomes perhaps tainted
enjoyment, but then, isn’t that how it should be?
Hopefully, with this consideration …
Blog on!

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