Whittier Daily News’ 2007 All-Area softball team

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  • Anonymous

    has santa fe ever won “coach of the year”?

  • unknown

    wheres the twins

  • Anonymous

    Boy Murray, look at all these comments on softball and baseball,good thing you were on vacation. lets get another football story in here. How about all the st. paul transfers did they get those linemen from cal hi or the two players from santa fe, is rudy jordan at la serna, how many kids left st. paul two went to el rancho is there any more, two freshmen went to santa fe did santa fe get anymore from anywhere, pioneer got a jr was there anymore. The ranch d-cord told the kids that they were going to kick a** on the teams in the del rio and if the kids did not like the way things were going to be like there they could get the hell out, and some kids got up and left. All these stories and you want to talk about b-ball

  • Anonymous

    I heard Grigsby is no longer at cal hi got into some trouble there and was kicked out. karma
    ps. and santa fe didn’t have to call on this one.

  • just a mom

    I do not think that Grigsby got kicked out of Cal High. I heard that he has already gone to Arizona, but I could be wrong. Will this hatred of him and the delight of his downfall ever stop?