Whittier Daily News’ 2007 All-Area baseball team

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  • LS Parent

    Great job guys, it’s wonderful to see a couple of La Serna’s best players getting recognized. Chris good luck in your college career, and Victor, keep your focus and have a blast your senior year.

  • Anonymous

    are there any white kids in the whittier zone? just curious

  • LS Parent

    That is a horrible thing to say.

  • Anonymous

    I just read on the net that Cal Highs Mitch LeVier was drafted by the Chicago White Sox. After being cut from the team by the coach his senior year at Cal he went on to play at Fullerton JC where he earned All Conference honors as a freshman. Great job!!!

  • just a mom

    Where did you hear that Mitch Le Vier was drafted? Congratulations if it is true. There were many, many boys that have been cut from that baseball team, most of them being football players. Cal High should start looking at their baseball program and their varsity coaches. It is the worst run program ever. If the boys were cut for doing the wrong thing or for not being good players that would be understandable, but the coach always waits to get what he can from the families and then cuts the football players. Interesting and it has gone on for years. Oh, well…the moral is…don’t go to Cal if you want to play baseball.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    I read the same thing on the net as well as haven spoken with Mitch. It was great to see that he didnt let this coach there at Cal bring him down because I do remember speaking with him shortly after the football season and he mention that he was having problems with the baseball coach and probably wouldnt make it to the season. I didnt realize it went to that extent in regards to football players. Great job Mitch!!!!!!

    Dont feel bad just a mom the same goes for our school as well.