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It is both surprising and disappointing the seemingly lack of interest among those who post here concerning the recent flap about possible use of steroids among high school athletes.
There has been talk for several years about testing high school athletes for drug abuse, but lately the focus seems to have shifted, however slightly, to steroids.
Testing high school athletes for steroids? Good idea or an infringement of privacy?
Or is it all really just much ado about little?

How about high school representatives recruiting eighth-grade athletes?
Or college coaches placing a claim, however vaguely, on middleschool standouts?
Perhaps such action might encourage the student/athlete who is borderline academically to approach his or her studies with a new interest and renewed vigor.
Aside from minor downsides that could involve potential for negative attitude swings, in reality is it really necessary to mess with their heads at such an early stage of their career, especially considering it is a nonbinding situation?
How about just dropping by to watch and enjoy their talent and showing some sensitivity — and patience.

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  • just a mom

    I have a son that plays college football out of state and has routine tests for steriods. I do not understand why we do not take better care of our high school athletes. I think we need to groom and train our boys and girls on how to get to the higher level and to become better people overall. As parents we need to talk about the danger of steriods as well as other drugs and the consequences of the use of steriods. I know how hard it is to compete but life is valuable and steriods damage our children.

  • whos on first

    the fast kid from South El Monte high school would be the first i would check. great player but i seen this player 6 month ago weighing about 170 know he pushing 200.

  • Userful blog. Thanks!