CIF City Section 22, CIF Southern Section, 21 … does anyone care?

Saturday’s Fiesta Bowl All-Star high school football game at East Los Angeles College arguably was the better of two all-star games played over the weekend (the San Gabriel Valley Hall of Fame game was Friday at Bassett High School, won in lack-luster fashion by the East, 14-13).
Section and Schurr quarterback Joe Orduno continued to sparkle following his superb effort that led the Spartans to the CIF-SS Division VII championship in early December. This time, his touchdown passes to Julian De La Hay and Anthony Pines helped the Section stars to a 21-7 halftime lead, but a revised City defense produced too much pressure in the second half and set up the victory.
Was the City team really better? Did the Section team give it away? Did a seemingly change in the Section’s offensive philosophy (more conservative) after the first half make it easier for the City’s comeback? And who was the game’s outstanding player?

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  • Passing League

    I think th ecif was pathetically outcoached by a weal city staff. They were very predictable in there play calling the entire game. I expected more from Cantwells staff all in all they are very weak.

  • Whittier Parent

    Hey Murray
    Was that you at santa fe yesterday. Did you see the Whittier vs Cal game I know that Cal did not have there starting QB and there best WR was hurt but I don’t think that would have mattered the way Whittier played against them. Or did you see the Whittier vs Whittier Christian game now that was a war both teams played hard, got to give a slight edge to Whittier. Boy Murray if you missed that you missed, a great passing game.

  • murray

    Whittier Parent,
    Yes, I was at Santa Fe Tuesday afternoon. Greeat opportunity to get an early look at several area teams. Whittier did look good, especially at QB and receiver, but that’s not a surprise. Each team had a handful of players who performed impressively, and that’s always encouraging. Be sure to keep in mind some adjustments will occur once they put on the pads.


    The Jordan’s still do not live in the La Serna district….

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  • Hey Murray,
    Have you thought about linking your blog to the articles that the staff writers write? Like; “La Mirada hangs tuff in tourney” or “St.Paul flaws exposed”. That way conversations or questions could be addressed to that specific article?



  • Dan

    You mentioned the name Jordan, is the father’s name Conrad? I’m just curious cause I went to school & played ball with a Jordan in the 70’s.

  • Area Fan

    The dad’s name is Joey Jordan, played at Whittier College in the 80s I believe.

  • Flamed39

    Joey Jordan is Conrad Jordans cousin. Like joey, Conrad and his brother Lawrance Jordan (may he rest in peace)were great football players in the 70’s.