TofC has full field …

California running back Matt Urquiza turns the corner in last season’s game against Schurr.

Thirty-four southland high schools will participate in the ninth annual Tournament of Champions football tournament that features passing and lineman competitions scheduled Saturday (7/21) at Santa Fe High School.
Check-in is 8 a.m. Competition begins at 9 a.m. and continues to about 4 p.m., according to Santa Fe coach Jack Mahlstede.
Championships in both categories will be determined. Last years winners, John W. North (passing) and Corona Centennial (linemen) are not competing, and neither is three-time champion St. Bonaventure (2004-2006), but the field is loaded with quality programs ready to challenge strong opponents.
In addition to the Chiefs, Whittier area schools competing are California, St. Paul, Whittier and Whittier Christian.
Among other CIF Southern Section teams entered are Arcadia, Arroyo, Don Bosco Tech, El Monte, South El Monte, CIF-SS, Northern Division and state champion Canyon Country Canyon, former TofC champion Mira Costa, and Western Division finalist Chaminade and semifinalist Chaminade.

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    Did I hear right John Glenn beat St. Paul yesterday! We need to fire our recruiting coor…. What Happen?


    About the Tournament of Champions.
    Santa fe’s finish topped the efforts of 10 local entries.
    They were in the consolation championship (losers bracket) not calling them losers.
    El monte (4-2)
    lossto Carson in the semifinals in the Championship Bracket would put them ahead of SF.
    Whittier (5-2)
    loss to Marina in the quarter-finals of the championship Bracket that would put them ahead of SF.
    Whittier Christian (4-1)
    lost in the second game of the Championship Bracket.
    As did Cal hi (2-4)
    both teams would be ahead of SF.
    Bosco tech (3-2)
    They lost to John Glenn in the consolation Bracket.
    No write up on St. Paul I know they lost to Carson and John Glenn in the pool, and went home after there second game in the afternoon, but don’t know who they played. Anybody know.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    I see St Paul held true to form Saturday at the TOC. Not one coach I spoke with that play against them that day had anything good to say about their coaching staff. Some going as far as to say it down right ridiculous how they were acting in front of the kids and on lookers. Great job guys! As for Santa Fe not playing SP, with this new staff I dont see any changes in the nonsense that occurred between these two teams in the past so why would SF lower themselves to their level? SF ducks no one! Look at the bracket their staff placed them in this weekend. They could have placed themselves in an easier bracket but after going 0-4 into the break they regrouped and went on the win the consolation bracket with 5 straight wins.

    The DRL should be tough this year, as Whittier and Cal look very impressive! I cant wait for the league opener.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to the local teams who had a good showing this weekend

    While the T of C was fun to watch and gave everyone a look at the local teams….keep in mind it was just passing league.

    Wait till the pads are put on……

  • El Rancho

    4 weeks from now the pads come on, I just cannot wait. Thats when we will see who really has it or not this year. I attended the SF tournament and honestly was not too impressed by the Whittier or Cal Hi lines, I did not get a chance to watch their skill players. Santa Fe’s line did not look as big as prior seasons. Santa Fe’s skills looked ok in the Consolation bracket, not as good as the past few years. Kaduma Walker is probably their best kid out there. I really would have liked ER to have been at Santa Fe’s tournament so I could have seen them for the first time this summer. I will get my first look at ER on thursday against Northview.

  • roughrider76

    Whats going on at St Paul all the talent in the area and they play Carson and all the speed athletes are on the sidelines, what gives here. And who is the einstein on the sidelines yealling at the poor volunteer refs, really i havent seen a guy this mixed up since pop warner days, I hope thats not the D/C cause you can recruit all you want but if that clown is in charge were in real trouble.
    Really instead of yealling the guy should have stopped Gleen from going thru us like butter.
    Ill just have to pray more for this team and its future, hey here is an Idea instead of getting new kids how about a D/C, good luck still to my nephew.

  • Roughrider76,
    Say what you want about the D/C , he is one of the best D/C around.. So what that he is emotional , thats just his style thats what gets his players to play for him…Also for your info those volunter refs where taking points away from St.paul for being to rough.Thats St.Paul football..

  • whocares

    SP DC WOW. Being emotional and loud and trying to make your team tough is part of football and i get that what i do not get is he’s loud and ordering his player to be more rough. Players will play for their coaches and do alot what is asked of them. So when i see a player being cheap or dirty on the field that is a direct reflection of the coach that is teaching and preaching that type of football. im still wondering what the DC is working on is he working on coverages and adjustments or how many P.I. they can get In a single game. In a game like situation is the DB’S and LBer’s really going to ride and bump 20 yards down field. Passing league should be used to teach if you know how. It not a stage to show how big your balls are. To the SP DC Good Luck in your Season I hope your bite is better then your bark.

  • Anonymous

    I second what Say What said. So the D/C is a little old school. He’s a great motivator,he’s passioante about his team, he’s an outstanding coach, he’s put together a great defense and the kids love him.

    Trust me, your newphew is learning lots and will be a better football player in the long run.

    You know, this weekend was only passing league. Wait till the pads get put on. It’s a whole different ball game.

  • Chieftain Alumni


    You are so right in that this weekend was a passing league. Well, tournament actually but whos splitting hairs. Anyway with that being said as asked before what the heck was he doing yelling and screaming at volunteer refs? These poor guys volunteer their Saturday for a free t-shirt and lunch so that teams came come out and compete against someone other than themselves only to have this jerk yelling in their ear. Does St Paul really want a passing league trophy that freaken bad that this guy would make a spectacle of himself?? He seems like the same kind of guy that would be a baseball game pushing kids and ladies out of his way to catch a foul ball! We get it.hes a tough guy.

    And thanks for the new break that pads are a whole different ball game. Im glad for your NEWPHEW being a better player thanks to this guy. He seemed like a real role model.


    Say what, do you have any stats that can back up your statement of the SP D-Cord being one of the best around? How long has he been at SP?

  • Stat Man

    Here is a stat his D held down Harts high octane offense to a measely 116 yards in one game. They were averaging nearly 450 a game with Kyle Boller, Sean Norton and Jerry Owens. He is one of the best DCs around hands down.

  • Wait A Minute

    Maybe the role model you are looking at is Theissen talking crap to David Flores in front of parents. Isnt he also on the SF staff you are barking up the wrong tree. Or wait maybe Mahlstede talking head to one of SPs alumni. Thats class right seriosly you guys arent known of being the poster children of class. Facts are facts Sp hates SF and SF hates Sp and that is the end of story. Your coaches are a joke they got drastically exposed by Schurr and humiliated. So lets end the non sense here! Remember there is only one team in Santa Fe Springs and that is SP. Play us and end all speculation of who is better. How many times has SF beat SP? O yeah zero!!!

  • Anonymous


    You know, for a guy who claims to know so much about football you would think that perhaps you would enlighten us on your thoughts on the game itself. However, you’d rather come in here, take shots at people or schools themselves (like you did last year with Cal Hi and La Serna) and this year it looks like SP is your target.

    Why don’t you haul your pompous butt off your high horse and actually pass on some knowledge about football in the Whittier area. What are your takes on each team for next year? And not the my team rocks and your sucks that we get from everyone else.

    I think behind that blowhard facade is actually someone that knows something.

  • bigjer

    Is that a saint paul fan complaining about someone running their mouth. WOW. If that aint the pot calling the kettle black. St paul and their fans are famous around the area for that. As far as you guys beating us maybe maybe not. I hope that one day we will get to see. But because of the stuff that has happend in the past I doubt it happens at least not for a few years. But you running your mouth saying you are the only team in sfs shows only one thing that your are a complete moron when it comes to local high school football.


    It’s sounds like your at it again and someone has finally put you in your place.

    You need to give credit where credit is due, I belive all schools have good Football programs, just keeping the kids off the streets and out of trouble for the football season, it allows the kids to become a better person in life and team player.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Hey anonymous & blue blood,

    Look at the end of my posting on July22! I cant speak about Pioneer or La Serna because I havent seen them so far this summer but I hear nothing but good things about Pioneer and Jordan coming to LS will have a great impact as a fresh football mind over there. As for El Rancho, havent seen them either so all I know is from all the chest beating and fist pumping blogs on how they are back. Good luck with all that and lets not hope your in here next years explain how you were just being optimistic.

    Now the two teams I have seen. Whittier has some good size and talent on both sides of the ball. They will as always be a very a physical team again this year. The same pretty much goes for Cal. There numbers seem to up this year with players and they have a big strong QB that should take them far but it hurt them losing some key lineman to SP. As far as Santa Fe goes, our line isnt as big as in the past but just might be more athletic. As usually we seem to have a good amount of speed from what I have seen. Id hate to claim that were going to a ground team since Fooks was out most of the summer so well have to wait and see. And lets not forget the ding our team took on defense with the lose of the of a good linebacker to you know where. Theres no doubt in my mind that Fooks and Harris will be top two qbs in the DRL.

    As I said before, the DRL should be tough this year and I cant wait for the league openers. Santa Fe is going have its hands full if it plans to keep its league dominants alive but I have faith in the boys and SFs staff.

  • scj

    Yes, SP has people who run off at the mouth just like all the other schools do.

    They don’t speak for most of us.

    Personally, I have a lot of respect for the teams in this area. There is a lot of good football being played in the Whittier area from teams like St. Paul, Santa Fe, Schurr, La Habra to name just a few.

    Lot of teams will never play each other so we may never know who is the best team in the area. The only team that has really got a right to brag is Schurr. They are the ones with the ring from last year.

    based on what I’ve seen this summer and based on the foundation teams bulit last year I think this will be a exciting season for many teams.

    While my time will be spent at St. Paul games I also plan to go see some of the other local teams play as well.

    So…without bashing the other teams….why do you think your team will do well this year?

  • Anonymous


    Let me be the first to say – excellent post. That is what I’m talking about!

    RE: comment about the LB from SF to “You Know Where”. That had to hurt….that kid is a stud. He’s going to put some good numbers this year and he is aptly filling the hole vacated by Morales.

  • James Cervantes

    Just to kill all the rumors and stuff, yes I am returning to california high school. I am not going to st paul

  • Anonymous


    Since your not going why dont you please tell everyone why you even considered it? Did someone from SP talk to you about going there?????

  • James Cervantes

    No, no one talked to me but when coach ancich left i just didnt have faith in the program that Jim Arnold was bringing, i was going to st paul because it was a change that i might have liked, i never talked to any of the coaches but i did talk to some of the football players there but that was for fun because well they’re my friends. But after this whole debate of what school i wanted to go to, i just decided to go to cal because my family is there, The Lineman, the skill guys and the history that cal high made last year, and the thing that made me want to come back the most must be the energy i get from that school. and the hate i have for santa fe as a whole. but yeah i love the california condors.


  • st paul

    firtst off all cervantes never ot accepted and second no one from st paul tried and recruted him…

  • James Cervantes

    Some people did talk to me from st paul, i could have been accepted. I was just behind on credits because of my stupidity last semeseter, but i did make those classes up and i am going to play football for the california condors, and yes i would have been accepted to st paul if i had proof of my grades being better. but I have a good feeling about this season and i hope the best for the st paul swordsmen and pete gonzalez..but i had a choice and i made that choice, and it was to play football for the california condors. I’m happy with my decision and the team looks better then ever…ohh yea thanks for the all area i never got to tell roger murray that!

  • scj

    Mr. Cervantes:

    As a St. Paul fan I would of liked to have seen you at SP, however, it isn’t meant to be.

    The important thing is that you realized the importance of your grades and you got caught up. Good for you!

    You have to make the decision that is best for you and I highly respect that. Good luck to you and I think Cal Hi is very lucky to have you as part of their team.

  • Cervantes,
    In one post you said no one talk to you know your saying you did talk to someone from St.Paul , get your story right.. No one cares where your going to school , but good luck to you and the Div7 condors..Rumor is you wouldnt have had the work ethic to last at St.paul anyways…Ask your boy Ceasar what a real program is like..

  • joe

    Chieftain Alumni

    Palacios from Pioneer is got to be one of the top qbs in the DRL

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Will the real James Cervantes please step up????

    Whoever the idiot is that posted as him.not cool!

    Which ever is the real JC, I am glad to hear your coming back and not leaving your teammates high and dry.

  • sp fan 07

    chieftain, who are you and what do you know about football? seems to me that you are that chronic complainer that never wore pads. seems to me also, if you did ,you were the last guy picked ! grow up already and realize that sf can never compete with sp.those are the hard facts. is there a reason why coach gonzalez wont play sf?hard fact, not enough talent. thats why he chooses the likes of st boniventure, servite, loyola,amat, notre dame. understand now? get real and grow up already. if that game were to ever happen, my prediction is alot of hurt sf guys and sp winning by 21 points.sp has and will always have to much desire to let anyhing else happen.thats why all the good sf guys end up somewhere else…

  • Marta Palos

    James, I’m glad to see you coming back to Cal.

  • bigjer

    Yea all the good sf guys end up elsewhere. Like Arizona St Washington St Northern Arizona Iowa St New Mexico Cal Poly SLO Weber St. To name a few. You are an idiot bro. SF would not get blown out by SP and if we had 2 of the guys who decided to transfer there we could play you guys in a very tight game now. You are lost my friend. Pull your head out and see that you are not the SP of 15 or 20 years ago.

  • vaq

    Can’t wait for the first game to be played August 31st against Servite. There is some history there, hope the boys are prepared to defend their turf. Best of luck to all the area teams, have a healthy season, stay focused, and remember the importance of getting good grades.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Way to make it personal sp fan 07. I would expect nothing less! Boy did you hit the nail right on the head and got me down to a tee. What the heck are you doing wasting your time here in these blogs for when you should be out predicting natural disasters because you sure seem to know all and see all. You got all that just by reading my postings? Your amazing!!!!!!!!

    Lets see.In Coach Gs second season SP no longer plays St Bonaventure, Loyola or Notre Dame but have added Redondo (6-4), La Mirada (6-5) and El Rancho (0-10). Im sorry what was your point????

  • Anonymous

    “Lets see.In Coach Gs second season SP no longer plays St Bonaventure, Loyola or Notre Dame but have added Redondo (6-4), La Mirada (6-5) and El Rancho (0-10). Im sorry what was your point????”

    And to think I thought you’d start providing some good insight. Personally, I think you rise up to take the bait way to easy. That being said please note the following changes that should be made to your statement. Redondo and ER were already on the schedule. Yes, La Mirada was added as was Cantwell, but you forgot to mention they have added Servite and Crespi. This is in addition to games with Bishop Amat, Chaminade, and Alemany. I believe the point he was trying to make was that SP still plays the most challeging schedule in the area. I don’t agree with his reasoning on why SP doesn’t play SF but that is a topic for another time.

    As for my thoughts on playing Santa Fe, I don’t think either team is trying to duck one another. Sometimes making it fit into a schedule is not all that easy especially with multi game contracts that each school usually has. I’ve heard SP is playing South Hills next year to replace someone on the schedule who’s contract ended and there is one more slot to be filled. Of course SF would have to have an open slot so who’s to say that it couldn’t happen.

  • Hank

    Chieftain Alumni,

    Just for clarification. SP already had Redondo and ER on their schedule since last year. They’ve dropped St Bonnie, Loyola and Banning and added Servite (D1), Crespi (D1) and La Mirada. They will drop ER and add South Hills next year.

  • LBPower

    Hey Bigjer

    “Yea all the good sf guys end up elsewhere. Like Arizona St Washington St Northern Arizona Iowa St New Mexico Cal Poly SLO Weber St. To name a few”.
    I hear that the kid that went to Weber is now playing at Cerritos and the kid at NAU is having Academic issues, are these facts? These were heard at the TofC…

  • Spartanjoe

    Chieftian, Here is a fine example, SP added Redondo? They been playing them in the preseason for the past four or five years! Get a clue! I guess you’ll have to step out of box to see the big picture of why these other schools have added LM, Cantwell, etc.

  • James Cervantes

    well i respect those comments and i kind of have to disagree with some of them, anyway it all comes out this year on the football field, im glad where im at, and the other guy is just pissed off because he cant even mention who he is because, it used to be his time….but that time passed a long time ago

  • Chieftain Alumni

    No matter how you put it or say it St Pauls schedule is no longer as impressive as in past years having dropped St Bonaventure, Loyola or Notre Dame. At least not as impressive as some in here would lead you to believe. I will agree that it is still a pretty stout schedule. Its too bad that well never actually know just how good SP was to be this year since things have become so skewed with the transfers. Whether they were recruited or not is irrelevant because the fact is that the team that takes the field this upcoming season is not the natural progression of their program. Now I know some will try and turn the table on SF and question how some kids found there way there but at no time has SF ever had the number of transfers as SP did this summer and had they everyone would be in here crying foul! If everything is legit there at SP then more power to you because when its all said and done if someone knows different then they are the ones that have to look at themselves in the mirror. Just make sure all your is are dotted and ts are crossed on every transfer so there isnt another Cal High incident.

    Best of luck to EACH AND EVERY team this year as the count down is on. I hope everyone manages to stay healthy all season and let the chips fall where they may!

    p.s. My prayers once again go out to all at Cal High with the loss of anther family member.

  • vaq

    SP starting line up will be the same freshman that were here before three years ago, dont forget they went 13-1. Have we added some new kids, yes, but the reason we will a championship is because of them, bottom, line.

  • bigjer

    It is true that the young man who went to weber is now at cerritos. He didn’t have a very good relationship with his coaches there. The young man at NAU i have heard nothing about. It is a possibility but I have no knowledge of academic problems. I do wish them the best. They are both great people and I am sure everything will work out for them.

  • Bigcleatstofill

    Dear Chieftain Alumni,
    You are still clueless, Loyola and Notre Dame will be on the schedule next year. They flip flop with Amat and Crespi… I’m sure they are mandatory intra-league games. All of the Ol’ Mission league schools have this flip flop schedule every other year. Maybe Murray can enlighten you.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Know it All:

    SP’s schedule is no longer impressive? Are you kidding me? Not only do they play in a tough Mission League, they’ve replaced 2 D1 teams with 2 others….Servite and Crespi. These teams can beat St. Bonnie and Loyola with no problems.

    Of course, like always you throw out your innuendos and back handed comments.

    Face it, we all know you want SP to fail. Just like you wanted La Serna and Cal Hi to fail last year. I don’t know what you have against these programs. Maybe you should take a look at the SF program and worry about keep your own house clean first.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of impressive schedules let’s see that powder puff, oops, sorry, power house schedule SF has lined up:

    Warren Last Year 5-5

    Palos Verdes Peninsula Last Year 3-7

    Huntington Park Last Yaar 10-2

    Bell Gardens Last Year 6-5

    Downey Last Year 7-4

    El Rancho Last Year 0-10

    California Last Year 6-6

    Pioneer Last Year 4-5-1

    La Serna Last Year 7-4

    Whittier Last Year 5-6

    What happened to D1 Fountain Valley? Too much to handle?I guess you know all about impressive schedules, huh?

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Fountain Valley too much to handle? Gooooooood one! Lets see.first year of the 2 year contract SF goes to their home and smacked them in the mouth 34-0. Then the next year they come here and get their revenge with a come from behind 17-14 win with Molina on the bench and dump the contract. Nice observation.

    As far the scheduling goes Week 1: replace Victor Valley 0-10 with Warren 5-5. Week 3: replace Fountain Valley 5-5 with Huntington Park 10-2 and 0-10 El Rancho is in SFs league so they have no choice in playing them while SP for whatever reason CHOSE to schedule them. Come on, I even gave SP props in agreeing that they have a pretty stout schedule. What, did I not give them enough praise? Okay here ya go:

    What was I thinking in questioning St Paul as the areas dominate program. All hail St Paul!! I must have had a momentary brain fart. How dare anyone even try and compare another program to theirs. Thank you all for setting me straight on that one. I get it now, there is St Paul..and then there are the other scrub programs in the area.

  • Bigcleatstofill

    Chieflame Alumninum; Looks like SF had/has a Pop Warner schedule! No wait, that would be to much competition for you guys! Post SF’s schedule for this year.

  • bigjer

    Santa fe actually beat the crap out of fountain valley the first year by I think 35 points. In the second year we led 14-0 and lost 17-14 with our backup qb playing. They decided to play someone else after our contract was up. We added a team who has been on the up swing in Huntington Park. We tried to get a division one team to play us but everyone we tried to get had already signed a contract. I’m sure we are not done playing the top teams in southern california.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    All right Mr. Comedian! Cute word play.

    Let see0-10 El Rancho scored twice on St Paul. And while SPs defense did manage to shutout Downey they still only managed to score a whopping 2 more points against them then Santa Fes offense. Sounds pretty pop warner to me

  • wow.

    you heard it first..

    Chieftain Alumni bowing down to SP.

    You take things too far man.

  • Anonymous


    Pronunciation: ‘sr-“ka-z&m

    1 : a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain
    2 a : a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual b : the use or language of sarcasm

    Chieftain bowing down, I think not!

  • Userful blog. Thanks!