FOR ARGUMENT’S — , er … discussion’s sake …

St. Paul’s Matt Lopez looks for running room in last year’s victory over St Francis.

It’s still too early, but here’s a midsummer view of area football teams, based upon limited
visual and/or verbal examination.
The teams are broken into three groups, none of which is considered much
above or below the others, and listed in no particular order:
— One of the area’s best quarterbacks will be
complemented by the usual outstanding corps of receivers and an improved
running game featuring at least three bonafide ballcarriers.
SANTA FE — Chiefs have question marks, perhaps a few more than
usual, but as usual the talent pool is too plentiful to ignore. The road to the Del Rio League title still goes through Santa Fe, and as usual, it figures to be uphill.
ST. PAUL — The Swordsmen will be better than last season’s Western
League semifinalist team, although some observers feel they won’t be as
big up front. The schedule — including Servite, Bishop Amat, Crespi and
Chaminade, and staying healthy, again will be their biggest challenges.
WHITTIER CHRISTIAN — Roster size probably precludes the Heralds from
playing out of their division successfully on a weekly basis, but the
program’s rapid development over the past two seasons deserves
PIONEER — The sleeper here. The Titans are solid at QB and have
probably the area’s two most underacknowledged running backs – Matt Bottelo and
Tony Hernandez. It is said the line is much improved and a
large group of talented newcomers offer much to work with and brighten
the horizon.
— Condors have one of the summer’s most pleasant surprises
in QB Cameron Zaharioudakis, who backed up Drew Harris last season and
stepped up impressively when Harris sat out this summer’s work to take
care of personal issues. Harris is set to return this fall, and the
Condors didn’t lose as many linemen as is rumored.
SCHURR — Spartans lost a number of good players at key positions, the same as it was a year ago before they rallied to win a division champioonship. Good programs do that.
LA SERNA — New coach, revamped staff, huge transfer in RB Rudy Jordan
(from Schurr) put Lancers in the wait-and-see category. The QBs will be
a year older/wiser and if the line holds up, potential for success is
WHITTIER — Cardinals coming off one of their best seasons in several
years. Returning speed at running back and experience at QB make the
offense potent. Defense always a question mark until the contact begins,
but program has never been considered wimpy physically.
LAMIRADA — Matadores showed perhaps the most improvement over the
summer, and a slight adjustment in offensive philosophy (less wide open)
and an improved running game give them reason for optimism.
— Only one way to go from an 0-10 season — up. New coach and
staff reportedly have established renewed vigor and commitment, and
expectations are high among the faithful.
CANTWELL — Like Whittier Christian, number of participants (and not
a lack of heart or commitment) limits the Cardinals in comparisons with
some of the area’s larger schools. A returnee at QB and increased
numbers are good places to build on.
MONTEBELLO — Not for lack of interest or effort, but not much
information available on the Oilers. They’ll be playing their home games
at crosstown rival Schurr while new artificial turf is installed at
home. Does that eliminate any home-field advantage they might have

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  • football fan

    About this list i also picked La Habra to be the top dog. i think they came into the division with a chip on their shoulder until they played schurr and found out this division is full a tough not very big hitters.
    SANTA FE i Heard they lost alot of players but they will still be up their.
    ST PAUL i hope they win with the areas all-stars.
    Whittier Christian ??????
    Pioneer They might suprise a few folks.
    California New Coach need to see what happens the first couple of weeks.
    Schurr Needs to fill a lot of holes also need to see after a couple of weeks.
    La Serna pick up a good player Rudy Jordan
    Whittier always tough can their coaches taken them to the next level.
    La Mirada Have drop a bit in the last couple of years but great stadium.
    El rancho I hope they do well or alot of blogger will be singing the blues.
    Cantwell ?????????????
    Montebello might surprise



    Why are the teams broken into groups. If this is not a list of any order, why the groups. Is it because you have seen one group more then the others.If not why the groups.

  • Anonymous

    I am just waiting for St. Paul to forfeit all their games because of all the tranfers.

    There is bound to be a mistake in the papers eventually.

    Just look what happened to Cal High.

  • LAPreps

    I as others on this board am looking forward to the upcoming season. I feel that Pete Gonzalez has done a fine job in “attracting” skilled players to their program at St. Paul. If this continues, St. Paul should do well in their division, and possibly get a Div. I invite within the next few years. If so, expect a fallout of local players that will subsequently lose playing time to these “new incoming players.” The better St. Paul does, the more El Rancho, Cal Hi, and others will retain local players.

    El Rancho is expected to do much better than their 0-10 record from last season. With Bosco transfers, Ayala and Travis, along with St. Paul transfers, Aldecoa and Galan, expect them to compete this year. For all the BLUE PRIDE faithful, this may not be the year the league title returns to ER, but expect a tough battle for the DLR title. The days of Santa Fe dominating this league are over!

    At this time, the only question marks I see for the ER program are QB, and how well the kids adapt to the wing-t offense. Javier Hernandez has a strong arm, but has a tendency to to get rattled in the pocket. Backup is Sophomore Josh Perea, who many view as a potential starter, though he lacks experience.

    It will be interesting how the season progresses. I expect ER to go 8-2 in the regular season, with wins over BG, Montebello, & Arroyo. They cant compete with St. Paul, too much talent. But they will be top 2 in the DLR league. Also, with such a huge line this year, I expect ER to have their first 1000 yard rusher, since Anthony Gonzales did it in 2000.

    Go Dons!


  • El Rancho

    I am very excited to get this season underway. The transfers we got are some quality transfers, Aldecoa and Galan will be 2 of the best players in the Del Rio league. Travis Shaefer and Anthony Ayala from Bosco will also contribute. Travis should be one of our best linemen, and Ayala who is barely going to be a sophomore has some wheels, he will get some time at DB and RB.

    We are stacked at RB, and have some pretty good skill players overall, the starting line will be very good it just doesnt have that much depth. ER’s big question mark is the QB spot, Javier Hernandez has improved over the summer and looks alot bigger. Josh Perea has impressed at the QB spot and has done pretty good at some of the passing scrimmages, this kid will be the best QB in the Del Rio league in a couple of years, maybe not this season but lookout his JR and SR year.

    I agree with LA, this league is going to improve big time this season, Santa Fe’s days dominating this league are finished. August 31st ER scrimmages John Burroughs high school at ER. Guess who ER played in their scrimmage back in 2000?? Lots of similarities… the giant is about to awaken.


    LA Preps
    If ER is going to come in second in the DRL who will win it.

  • Dick Tracy

    St Paul had the chance to go D1 last year & enter the new Serra league with Amat, Notre Dame, Crespi & Loyola & wanted no part of it ???? That’s why the Serra only has 4 teams. Sack up St Paul !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Murray is there any truth to Dicks posting?

  • LAPreps

    I doubt St. Paul was invited to go Div I. Although they always play DI power teams tough, they never seem to be able to pull out the win in recent years. They played well against Long Beach Poly, Santa Margarita, Loyola, and Bishop Amat, however they NEVER got the Win. If Gonzales continues to “attract” these quality skilled players, expect them to hopefully start winning some of these games. This year will say much for how well Gonzales coaches and can ensure that this team of transfers gels together.

    The Del Rio league is wide open this year. Just about every team in the league has a legitimate chance of winning. I wouldnt doubt it if the league champ this year wins it with two league losses! Top to bottom this league is much improved this season…


  • Dick Tracey

    LA Preps:

    If JSerra ( A new School ) was put in the Powerful Trinity League, Why wouldn’t St Paul be Invited into the New Serra League !!!

  • johnsmith


    I agree with you with the Del Rio League assumption. It does seem to be pretty wide open this year. I just hope someone takes down SF.

  • murray

    Yo, Anonymous & Dick Tracy;
    St. Paul wasn’t invited or not invited to join the Serra League. In football, the Swordsmen are part of an eight-team package made up of Bishop Amat, SO/Notre Dame, Crespi, Loyola, St. Paul, Chaminade, Alemany and St. Francis. It was determined a year ago that at that time the strongest four programs were Amat, SO/ND, Crespi and Loyola, and they were placed in the Division I (Western) Serra League. The other four teams were put in the Mission League (Western, Div. III).
    Every two years, the fourth place finisher in the Serra League and the Mission League champion will switch leagues. The next evaluation and possible realignment will be for the 2008 season.
    This is the same process used by the Gold Coast Athletic Conference which splits its schools into the Olympic, Alpha and Delphic leagues.

  • Correction


    St. Paul did not want to be a part of the league. Also the fourth place finisher has the option to go down. It is not mandatory. Also Notre dame wanted no part of being moved up.

  • Anonymous

    Was over by Cantwell today. Saw they were digging up the field. They putting in Field Turf? Will the field be ready in time for the season?

  • CIF


    They werent invited. The first and last place serra and mission league teams swap every 2 years. Get your facts straight. Dont worry SP will be in D1 next year. Amat will be in D3 sit back and watch.

  • murray

    Yo, Anonymous,
    Cantwell isn’t going the artificial turf route, at least not yet. “Top of the line sod” (A.D. Pete Smolin’s description) is being planted and will be ready for the football season. Smolin said the first game to be played on it will be the Cardinals’ junior varsity contest Thursday, Aug. 30. The varsity opens the following night against Salesian.

  • New SF Resident

    I have an 8th grade son, we just moved here from Colorado. I am hearing that SF is a good football program and so is St. Paul. He attended St. Josephs in Co. Anyway I will attend both teams games and see what they have in store. Can you guys provide me with some history on both programs. For example titles and head to head records. I am 3 weeks new to the area so all the info would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    “I have an 8th grade son, we just moved here from Colorado. I am hearing that SF is a good football program and so is St. Paul. He attended St. Josephs in Co. Anyway I will attend both teams games and see what they have in store. Can you guys provide me with some history on both programs. For example titles and head to head records. I am 3 weeks new to the area so all the info would be appreciated.”

    First question is, what city do you live in? Second question, do you want public or private?

  • raul

    New SF Resident, that is weak! Yeah, I’m sure you just moved here.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess, your 8th grader is 6-2, 190, runs a 4.3 40 and can throw the ball 70 yards in the air.

    Seriously, both programs are solid and if your kid enjoys playing football and wants a good experience then he will be fine with either program. If your kid is destined to play at the next level then either program would be good for him. Both schools have great traditions and have sent many kids to play on Saturdays.

  • anonymous

    Dear New SF resident,

    Unfortunately I cannot talk about the history or titles of either school–not really into that. However, I can provide my opinion as a parent. My son went to private school and attended public school in 8th grade. As a former private school parent, I had some high expectations–most of which Santa Fe has met. The academics are stellar, the campus environment is conducive to learning, and as most will tell you, the sports (namely Football) are top notch. Santa Fe students and community come out in force to support its team. Dr. Oviedo and her staff have done a tremendous job with the school and everyone is so approachable there.

    As a private school parent, I was used to lots of parent participation (fundraisers, etc–you know the drill)and jumped in the summer before my son even started at Santa Fe. This is the area where Santa Fe is lacking. Band boosters are awesome, after that, the sports boosters and PTA are much to be desired. Last year was a pretty good one, but it was the ‘same ole’ parents week after week and it became tiresome–to the point where I do not think I will be participating this year.

    Go to each school and after the administration does their talking, do soem “real” talking–with the students and parents.

    I do not regret my decision to send my child to Santa Fe, I just wish I could do more;I just can’t do it by myself..

  • New SF Resident

    Doesnt matter, I live down the street from Little Lake Park. I am just doing my homework on these school.

  • scj

    My rankings. Purely subjective at this point.

    ST. PAUL While not quite the team of yesteryear, The Swordsmen will be better than last season’s Western League semifinalist team and are the best team in the Whittier Area.

    LA HABRA Top QB in Morales. Theyve got the history and the horses to do it again.

    SANTA FE Until they show me different, the Chiefs are the team to beat in the DRL. Dont underestimate them this year.

    WHITTIER CHRISTIAN Have potential to be the top team in the area but until they start playing up they will never get the respect they think they deserve.

    SCHURR See my Santa Fe comments.

    PIONEER My choice for sleeper as well. Good showings in passing leagues.

    LA SERNA Will weak preseason schedule hurt them as it has in the past?

    CALIFORNIA Will need to replace Grisby.

    WHITTIER Great potential but that doesnt win championships. They need to step up this year.

    LA MIRADA Game against St. Paul will be telling.

    EL RANCHO Can they come back from 0-10?

    CANTWELL Not enough horses. A for effort.

    MONTEBELLO Maybe next year.

  • blue pride

    sf parent,
    send him to el rancho…they have a good history and you will see them beating sf and st paul this year



  • scj

    Come on people! Football starts in 2 weeks. No comments to my posting? I thought I’d at least get a couple of you all riled up. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Pioneer probably has the best back field in the league and one of the top QBs in the area, the only question is there line, there d-line looks good with Andre Ortega who had about 15 sacks last year, does anyone know anything about there o-line

  • joe

    Pioneer probably has the best back field in the league and one of the top QBs in the area, the only question is there line, there d-line looks good with Andre Ortega who had about 15 sacks last year, does anyone know anything about there o-line

  • Prep FB Realist

    Since when is 205 and 175 lbs. big?

  • Anonymous

    Pioneer just doesnt impress me, they struggled to beat 0-10 ER with a last minute field goal last season.

  • murray

    Never quite sure to which ‘anonymous’ I’m responding …

    “Pioneer just doesn’t impress me. They struggled to beat 0-10 ER with a last-minute field goal last season.”

    This type of comment puzzles me. What does last season have to do with this season. I have to assume no examination or acknowledgment of the Titans’ personnel has occcurred, or this person simply has a lack of regard for what is one of the area’s best backfields.
    In either case, at least at this point in the season, RBs Matt Botello and Tony Hernandez, and QB Ronnie Palacios (although he did not appear sharp during Tuesday morning’s workout) deserve some recognition.




    I heard that Pioneer is going to run the spread option

    Botello and Hernandez do deserve some recognition, but before you award them all area (haha)I think these backs are going to be better. (in no order)
    Marcus Aldecoa -EL Rancho JR
    Daniel Enriquez -Whittier JR
    Rudy Jordan -La Serna SR
    Matt Urquiza -Cal hi SR
    There some recognition for these backs

  • Chieftain Alumni

    I think each team will have some solid backs this year. And reading this list of names pretty much confirms that.

    Here at the backs from Santa Fe that are missing from this list:
    David Bomer & Kaduma Walker are both seniors and should have a great year. Good size and speed. And junior Aaron Turner up from last years JV team isnt quit as big but is deceptively quick. The wild card in the group will be senior Keith Gaines. If he manages to stay health for Santa Fe they will have 4 solid running backs fighting to playing time.

    Declaring Pioneers two backs the top backs in the league is very premature at this point but in hearing of PHSs new offense it should benefit them both. It should be a very interest Del Rio League season this year.

    Two more weeks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget Aubrey Haynes at St. Paul. He was all CIF at Diamond Ranch last year. SP is deep at RB this year.

  • scj

    Would love to see a Top 5 breakdown of the area’s position players. Top QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, OL/DL, DB’s and LB’s.

  • Oiler Parent

    Will things ever change at Montebello?
    Why do we play the same weak schedule year after year?
    Will we ever play a “powerhouse” school like LB Poly,Bishop Amat, Oaks Christian, no we play the same old schedule of schools from the east side of town. Well believe it or not there are other schools past the 710 frwy, and further south on the 5 and 405, and don’t forget the area known as Los Angeles and the far away land called the valley.
    I have been around MHS since 1999 and year after year we hava a mediocre season. If you want your program to grow, you need to get off the porch and play with the “BIG BOYS” Tim Murphy at MHS is a poor excuse for a athletic director and even worse is Jeff Schwartz the principal, no vision, and afraid to step outside the box. You limit our athletes to the “Montebello ” area when there is a BIG WORLD out there waiting to be had…
    Get some huevos, and hire a new coach and staff, play some schools out of the area, and maybe you’ll get a decent crowd at our home games and not empty bleachers, as I see it now there is no future, pride or spirit at Montebello High School. It all up on the hill at the home of the CIF champion Schurr Spartans, the new kids on the block………..

  • El Rancho

    Im not saying the ER backs are the best in the league, but Marcus Aldecoa and Marcus Galan are gonna tear it up this year, both are only juniors.

  • last year there was a sophmore luis garcia who started at running back after grigsby left.. he should also be mentioned as one of this years area top running backs.

  • El Rancho

    Montebello had good teams up until about 2002 when they split the league title, I think the program went dowh when Bill Drulias left. The 2001 team with Drayton was one of the best in the division and they should have reached the CIF semis had it not been for an awesome Los Altos team making a miraculous comeback. IMO the turning point was that season a couple of years ago when alot of the seniors quit in the middle of league play. Montebello doesnt have problems because of their competition, montebello has problems because everyone wants to go play for schurr, I sure wish we could see a good montebello program again.

  • All CIF

    I couldn’t agree more with Oiler Parent. It sad to see kids with talent, that are poorly coached. Shah has had a whole class go through now and no playoff appearances. I know its time for change. And to think they could have had one the area’s Best D Coordinators in a Head Coach but they past on Him 4 years ago. Not all the blame is on Shah, it is also and administration, they don’t want a head coach they want a “yes man”

  • Anonymous

    By George, you are right. 🙂

    Forgot about him. Also got Eddie DeDios and a couple of kids on JV that could see some time this year.

  • Anonymous

    Aubrey Haynes will no doubt we THE top runningback in the area hands down, no questions about it.

  • erndogg


  • Pico Parent

    SP is LOADED at RB. Aubrey Haynes and Garcia are going to be a devastating combination. I also heard a transfer RB from LB Poly will be at SP next week. The kid running the ball on the JV team looks very impresive as well. I can bet my socks he would be a Varsity play maker on any other local program.

  • Correction

    Why does Adam Acosta from Montebello make it seem like he had a choice to return to Montebello. He was kicked out of Amat.




    Schurr will be an above average team (not great). losing the jordans really hurt, and about 16 new starters, but for all the Montebello honks…. even in a down year we will crush the oilers…. just no competition….

  • Schurr above average??? I doubt it….can you name one player other than Rudy jordan (who transfered)??? Why do you think one of the best players in the area transfered out of school???? (as well as his father leaving) they knew the Spartans were not gonna be good!!!!!! I bet you Rudy Jordan transfers back to Schurr 2nd semester and this will proove my point!!!

  • hellweek


    you are proabley right that rudy jordan will be back. why would he not all his friend are their. rudy is a big lost but he could have easly gotten hurt or something. i guess the next guy in line has to step it up. it just sadden me that he will not finish his football career at schurr like the rest of his family. Rudy Jordan was going to be looked up by many of the new players now he will be know for transfering. I hope rudy jordan has a succesful football season but at what cost.

  • Anonymous

    schurr is not in a down year they got plenty of guys that will step up n fill spots. and there is still people returning two big names other than rudy jordan are raul pintado all area corner n alex valdez the teams leading receiver last year with 900 yards

  • FB FAN

    Why don’t u guys start a schurr and el rancho board. Ridiculous. Exchange phone numbers and call each other.

  • cant spell

    why do you think rudy transfer? that is an easy question to answer just ask the “I guy” he calls DAD. When a ship is sinking the first to jump ship are the rats and Rudy Jordan is no rat.

  • I read this paper

    Why do let this stuff going on your site Mr. Murray. You let these kids talk bad about everybody. Were is the RESPECT at. Come on put a stop to it!!!!!
    I remeber during basketball last season, you let these people bad mouth Coach Mata from Pioneer. Please stop this MADDNESS!!!!!

  • spectator


    might some good backs but not the best in the DRL, santa fe has 3 running backs that would start at any other school in the DRL: David Bomer, Kuduma Walker, Keith Gains, and Aaron Turner who is a junior, expect to see alot of him for the next 2 seasons because hes gonna tear it up, I expect him to break SF’s single season rushing record and TD record next year

  • Anonymous

    what do you think about the st. paul vs servite game ? old rivalry re-ignites? does st. paul have a good chance?

  • vaq

    The St. Paul/Servite game should be a tough test of where we stand as a team. Servite is bigger, faster, and probably more talented. Yet we will find a way to be competitive, I am sure of it. August 31st at St. Paul you will see some good football played, both side do not like each other and that just adds to the drama.

  • Jordan

    For all of you who come on this blog just to talk crap about others and start gossip like women, why don’t you grow some balls, and put your real name down!! I wonder how many blogs would get posted on this board if Roger Murry AND HIS FAMILY were targeted and being falsely depicted? Please listen to “i read this paper” posted – Aug.22 and leave any future gossip about my family out. Thank you.

  • Ryan

    I think when leaving comments on this blog, people should consider the fact that they are talking about high school kids. These aren’t proffesional athletes being payed to be criticized or evaluated. Personal attacks on high school athletes and their coachs in this blog should not be allowed. Coachs are dedicating time for almost no money to help these kids enjoy there high school years. Some of these people talk like qualified and responsible coaches grow on trees. The fact is they don’t. The majority of these people have no idea how to coach a team or play football. So why do they bad mouth coachs and players putting in time. This isn’t the NFL. Save your criticisms for Dante Culpepper and the Raiders this year. This is just highschool football. Good luck Whittier Cardinals!!!

  • scj


    What day is the WDN publishing it’s annual area football preview?

  • murray

    Yo, scj:
    The target date for publication of the football special section is Thursday, Aug. 30

  • scj

    Looking forward to the special sports section. That section signifies the start of football season for me!

  • La Serna Parent


    Thanks for the 8/23 post! I don’t read the blog that much any longer due to the crap that is being allowed to be posted!
    As for this year at La Serna, one son is being coached by Mr Jordan and my oldest plays football with Mr Jordan and both are looking forward to this year’s season at LS.
    Go Lancers!
    Good luck to all the DRL teams, play hard, have fun and stay safe!

  • All CIF

    Thanks for the 8/23 post! I don’t read the blog that much any longer due to the crap that is being allowed to be posted!

    Come On, how did you know what he said if you don’t read this blog?

    In my opinion, If you don’t want your family talked about, then you shouldn’t move your son in his senior season, after they just won a championship.
    Just one question, have ever not coached your son?

  • Prep FB Realist


    I have to agree with ALL CIF. All you do Mr. Jordan, by coming on here and ripping the blog, is prove that you can’t handle a few comments “by women” on a HS blog.

    Give me a break. You’re not getting hounded in print by the paper. You’re not getting ripped on TV or on the radio. No one is stalking your family or harrassing anybody. If anything, Murray has been light on you.

    Maybe you’re the one who needs to grow some balls and not be so sensitive. You set a great example for your son. If someone calls you names, then just call them names back and challenge their manhood. Yeah, that’s great.

    If you really want to handle the issue, why don’t you explain yourself? Why don’t you call up Murray and tell him why you moved?

    All I know, is that if there were no wrong doing at all with this “transfer” and people were ripping me, I’d yell from the rooftops my innocence and explain what really happened.

    And if you think you don’t owe the community an explanation, well then sir, that’s the ultimate sign of arrogance.

  • J

    You guys are a bunch of losers. Joe Jordan doesngt owe anyone anything. Be happy he was at Schurr and he brought you a title. For all you cry babies that Elvin Dick was the coach of the year here is his chance to shine. We will see what he is made of!!

  • I Know the Truth


    Who is kidding who? You were extremely instrumental in the success at Schurr High School. Your son was bred to be a Spartan. Almost all of the players on the team were trained by you at Eastmont when you first instilled in them Spartan Pride. These kids worshiped the ground you walked on. Why did you turn your back on them? They would all run through a brick wall for you. How can CIF grant your transfer when you never moved to Whittier. you already lived in Whittier. We all know you used your parents address to attend Schurr. I wish you and your son nothing but good luck. Hopefully we will meet in the playoffs.

  • Point of view

    I agree with “J” This will be Dick’s chance to shine. Jordan is a true offensive mastermind. He was the driving force, heart, and mastermind of the offense. Watch as Schurr goes 2-8 this year. Also watch and La Serna improves each weak and Jordan implements his offense and gets the kids to believe.

  • Jordan

    point of view

    Wow you really do not know anything about coaching football. Not one coach can do it all by himself he might think he does but their is alaways a supporting staff. Schurr always starts off slow so come back and talk bad about the spartans but next time if you have any balls leave your name as the mastermind put it.
    Get a clue president of the Jordan fan club.

  • Jordan

    Prep FB Realist
    First of all, I have never called anybody any name. All I said was “if you’re going to come on here and talk crap about anyone, why don’t you grow some balls and write your real name down” and unless your first name is Prep and your last name is Realist then…… Oh well. Secondly, I don’t owe an explaination to anybody for anything, I moved, wow, big deal – let it go. There has been over 16 other kids in this area transfer and believe it or not, millions of people across the country have recently moved. Also to “I Know the Truth” – NO YOU DON’T, check with the schools records before you make false staements about us using my parents address. Lastly, I don’t know who is writing any of the stuff on these blogs, but to coach D and all of you Spartans, I hope you use it to get the fire started from within like you did last year. Do WIT

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Jordan….

    Maybe if you let it go this all might go away. I don’t like or even agree with what some of these bloggers were saying.

    However, they do have the right to state their opinion as you do. Yes, some of these people are out of line and not all of us are like that.

    If you expect people to say this stuff to your face…it ain’t gonna happen. Anonimity on the Internet is one of its positives as well as its negatives.

    You know what is the truth so don’t let the ramblings of a few bloggers get to you. Go concentrate on your team.

  • Harry Paratesticles


    And what if someone actually put their real name down, are you going to prove your man hood by tracking them down and meeting them in a parking lot somewhere after sucking down some brews? Did you actually think that nothing would be said towards the transfer? And pointing the finger the way you did and trying to justify it with the response that it happens all the time is a cowardly argument. Im sure you did whatever you felt was the best for your family but as a father I just dont see yanking my kid out of school and away from all this friends and team mates before his senior year unless completely moving away. And as a coach how can you look kids in the eyes and talk about unity, heart, team mates and family when you jumped ship and hopped over the 605 for what?????? Please tell us Mr. Jordan it wasnt over football!! In stead of growing balls why dont you grow some thick skin and realize that not everyone is going to pat you on your back for your decision.

  • point of view

    Sorry, Mr. Jordan, as president of your fan club I thought it was a good compliment. I never said you did it all yourself. I just said it was your offense and play calling and your win at all costs mentality. I guess I will step down as president beginning after this post, and no longer support you, will become the president of the anti-Jordan fan club, and spend my time trying to figure out why your aspirations have to be your sons, and lead the charge in getting to the bottom of how a certain running back at La Serna legitimately transferred. Heck I may actually uncover the truth, and will be able to fill in everyone who it was done correctly through CIF whether it was morally correct or not in everyone elses eyes. As for Schurr, I understand they play a tough preseason schedule to prepare them for league and post season, I totally agree( maybe you should help La Serna do the same), but I still think Schurr will struggle greatly this year and am still predicting 2-8 with wins against Montebello and Mark Keppel.

  • Oiler Parent

    Just got home from the Montebello (6) -Norwalk(31) game….
    NEVER, NEVER has Montebello looked sooo bad. Those kids are NOT being coached, trained, conditioned, whatever it takes IT IS NOT GETTING DONE!!!! Adam (I’M Back) Acosta tried to be a one man show, but last time I checked it takes a TEAM effort to win…Again, Schwartz,Murphy, Shah should be ashamed and embarrased for being abunch of Pendejo’s

  • Oiler Parent

    Montebello – 14
    Northview – 40

    FIRE SHAH!!!!!!
    Damn it Schwartz, get a clue!! I hope you go 0-10, OTHER PARENTS need to wake up and make some noise. This is beyond ridicolous!!
    Where is the Pride, Tradition, of MHS??? WOW, we get to battle Mark Keppel (my Alma Mater) for last place in league, and at this point GO AZTECS Beat THE OILERS!!!!