Whittier High School Practice

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  • Whittier Fan

    Junior RB Daniel Enriquez looks like he has been in the Whittier Weight Room this off season.I saw it. They got new flooring, 7 platforms w/ racks, new equipment and weights. Last year Enriquez weight was 150lb on max preps, now I heard from one of the coaches that he is 5-9 175lb. look out DRL

  • Anonymous

    yea..whittier’s line looks sluggish…what cordination!!

  • DeVaughn Egans

    Mr. Roger Murphy, Will you give WHITTIER HIGH more coverage this year. The coaching staff that they have over there is doing an outstanding JOB! If you really look at how there overall team has been the last 3-4 years you can see they are the most improved team in the league and look a few hard hits away from taking over the #1 spot. Remember for the last 18yrs WHITTIER has been known as the hardest hitiing team in the area. WHITTIER has all the peaces and pretty soon the talk will be WHITTIER FOOTBALL. But for now just let WHITTIER be the sleeping CARDINAL! WHITTIER DAILY use to give WHITTIER all the PRESS well they’ve earned it so give them some pub so that other outstanding athletic kids may want to transfer there just as you give pub to the other power house school’s in the area that do not want to play WHITTIER for some REASON! These new inproved CARDINALS look like CARDINAL teams of the past and watch out because all of those teams from 89,90,91,92,93,94,95 where respected through out the league and the area. SHOW WHITTIER SOME RESPECT THEY’RE BACK and watch them WIN this year!

    DeVaughn Egans
    Class of “92”

  • Whittier Fan Too.

    It sound like Whittier EX-Coach, talking Sh**t. Come on Coach Jones you left us, we did leave you. Come out and support us. The line doesn’t look sluggish, it’s the second day of HELL WEEK, we looked like that with last year. DON’T YOU REMEBER?

  • Darkside

    Whittier the hardest hitting team in the area the past 18 years??? Lets just say I enjoyed playing whittier my 4 years.

  • DeVaughn Egans

    Hey Darkside or who ever you are if you go to the whittier Library on Washington St. in uptown Whittier and look in the news paper clippings for all of those teams from 89,90,91,92,93,94,95 and even though the program went through a change after the 94″ season every team after that still was built on what WHITTIER FOOTBALL is all about which is being stronger than everybody in league just go over to WHITTIER HIGH weightlifting room and find out. OH yah just to let you know, don’t let your fingers do the typing when it sounds like you know nothing about HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL in the WHITTIER area. WHITTIER HIGH SCHOOL use to have every player on the team that every coach in the league wanted, just ask Coach Mahlstede. The talent level dropped for a minute but look now time’s are changing! Go to http://www.cifss.org and you’ll see WHITTIER right there the next team to be RANKED. At least CIF is giving WHITTIER some respect, now all Roger Murphy has to do is give them some pub because they’ll be in every game WATCH!