Week 0 games: Who do you like?

Andrew Campa and I will be picking the area football games each week. Take your best shots.

Friday’s openers:
Servite at St. Paul, 7;30 p.m.; RMurray (Servite), ACampa (Servite)
Gabrielino at Pioneer, 7 p.m.: RMurray (Pioneer), ACampa (Pioneer)
Salesian vs. Cantwell Sacred Heart, at St. Matthias HS, 7 p.m.: RMurray (Cantwell), ACampa (Cantwell)
Norwalk vs. Montebello, at Schurr HS, 7 p.m.: RMurray (Norwalk), ACampa (Norwalk).

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  • scj

    Servite at St. Paul, 7;30 p.m.; RMurray (Servite), ACampa (Servite)

    I know Servite has more talent and size but the Swordsmen will take down the Friars in a close one. You read it here first!

    Gabrielino at Pioneer, 7 p.m.: RMurray (Pioneer), ACampa (Pioneer)

    Got to go with Pioneer. They will surprise everyone this year.

    Salesian vs. Cantwell Sacred Heart, at St. Matthias HS, 7 p.m.: RMurray (Cantwell), ACampa (Cantwell)

    Cantwell is trying to upgrade their program. Do they have the weapons yet. I pick Cantwell.

    Norwalk vs. Montebello, at Schurr HS, 7 p.m.: RMurray (Norwalk), ACampa (Norwalk).

    Norwalk. It will be a long year for Montebello.

    Andrew, Roger….who gets to cover the Servite-St. Paul game? The Pit will be rocking that night. I’m hearing they expect a HUGE crowd that night.

  • redbird

    Look for Cantwell to suprise many this year. Had a chance to check out their scrimmage this weekend and they had some really good athletes out there. They improved their line with some transfers and have alot of experience. They wont be able to keep up with St Paul but they will hopefully keep it close. Look for them to go 9-1 this year losing to St Paul and going into the 2nd maybe 3rd round of the playoffs.

  • El Rancho

    Servite vs St Paul
    Servite wins, in a good one, USC bound DJ Shoemate will be too much to handle.

    Gabrielino Vs Pioneer
    Pioneer Wins by 14

    Salesian vs Cantwell
    Cantwell wins

    Norwalk vs Montebello
    Norwalk wins by 7

  • marko

    gotta go with st.paul…

    lots of talent

  • chente77

    montebello has improved there team. Norwalk will have its hands full.


    i have to go with SPHS on this one..servite my look like the TOP-DOG, but when ST PAUL gets on that field friday night…people are going to witness a game they NEVER expected to see!


    Servite at St. Paul (Servite) will be rooting for St. Paul area team.
    Gabrielino at Pioneer (Pioneer) try playing better teams if you want to surprise someone.
    Salesian vs Cantwell (Cantwell) alot better than last year.
    Norwalk vs Montebello (Norwalk) Montebello good line but that’s all folks

  • Erick Garcia

    C’mon swordsmen…….. You guys can’t be serious. Servite is gonna run all over “The Pit” this friday night. You guys might have gotten a litte stronger this past year, but Servite is a Top Notch Football Program. You still have a ways to go. Thanks,

    Golden Knight Football


    If St. Paul can find a way to handle Servite’s massive O-Line I think its gonna be a highly competitive game, but even if they dont St. Paul wont back down and dont forget that the swordsmen have some horses on their side as well.


  • 89 SP alumni

    Hey Golden Knight Football:

    Don’t be a hater because you lost to St Paul last year. Servite powerhouse football comes to “The Pit” expecting a blowout. SP has the talent to prevent that if they play mistake-free ball. The atmosphere should be awesome under the Friday Night Lights and don’t be surprised if SP pulls this one out.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    when ST PAUL gets on that field friday night…people are going to witness a game they NEVER expected to see!

    You were right.it was far worse then expected, even by me!!!!! What happened to this much talked about offense and defense? I guess thats what happens when you try and throw a team together in one year!!!!

    And to David Flores, maybe now youll understand what Coach Costa means about KARMA.


    what excuses does sphs fans have for this loss very unproductive offense i thought they had 3 qbs from what i read in the daily news iam sure it was just a bump in the road for sphs servite played terrible and still won 33-0

  • Titan Observer

    Titans did what they needed to do against Gabrielino. Gabrielino was a very weak team and Pioneer could have scored 60+ points, but starters were pulled towards the end of the 4th quarter.

    We’ll see how they do against Ontario who beat La Puente 27-0. Pioneer seems to have started on the right direction.

  • theison daddy

    when i see ima smack you acroos your double chin… next time you get something to say about a 17 year old tell him in his face… and i will see!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    theison daddy

    Why don’t you invest in a Speak & Spell!!! Either that or make sure your mommy and daddy are there to help you blog. Maybe you can mix it in when their helping with your homework!!!!!

  • Hammer

    Theisen your a punk pickin on young kids if you have a problem with David let me know when and where and we will handle this.

  • Just a Fan

    Chieftain alumni:

    If you’re going to bash on someone’s spelling and grammar, learn how to use it yourself. (their helping your with your homework) should be THEY’RE helping you with your homework. I guess you’re just another proud product of Sante Fe High huh?

  • PROUD Chieftain Alumni

    Just a fan

    back at ya – (their helping your with your homework)

    Maybe next time you should just copy & paste! But thanks for coming ACROOS that mistake.

  • Observer

    Funny, Santa Fe people talk madness about St Paul this and that. Isnt their principle Monica Oviedo? Thats right baby a St Paul alumnus. SP running the show in every angle can you say “Whos Your Daddy”….LOL