Saturday Afternoon Wrap-Up

This is your chance to sound off on the games you saw and didn’t see. I, Andrew Campa, and Roger Murray checked out the St. Paul-Servite game. There certainly was plenty of excitement before the game (with a crowd of over 5,000) and plenty of questions afterward. The guy in the white shirt sure seemed perplexed during Friday night’s game.

Servite 33, St. Paul 0

Here are some key stats.

Turnovers: St. Paul 3, Servite 2

Passing Yards and Attempts:
Servite 15-22, 245 yards, 2 TDs & 1 INT
St. Paul 1-12, 13 yards, 2 INTs

Rushing Yards:
Servite: 129 yards
St. Paul: 162 yards

Overall, a 17-point second quarter doomed what could have been a close game.

Here are some game stories-

Roger Murray’s game story

My side bar on the game

The OC Register’s take on the game

David Flores needed water after spending all night chasing down Servite’s DJ Shoemate.

Other Games

Norwalk 31, Montebello 6

Oilers head coach Nishil Shah said before Friday night that he liked opening the season against Norwalk because the Lancers were a straightforward, smashmouth football team. Well, after surrendering over 300 yards defensively, Shah and his team will have to recover before facing an equally tough Northview team next week. The good news is that they’ll be at home again.

Here’s Rudy Ramos’ Game Story

Cantwell 27, Salesian 13

Several Cardinal seniors remember when this was a fierce Santa Fe League rivalry game and treated Friday night’s contest with the same intensity. So far, so good for coach Pete Smolin, despite having to open the season with a home game at St. Matthias. Next up for Cantwell is Murphy on Friday.

Here’s Michael Velasquez’s Game Story

Daily News Game Ball

Pioneer 42, Gabrielino 6

A game ball goes to Pioneer’s Ramon Juarez and Matt Botello. Sure, the Titans were playing a weak Mission Valley League foe in Gabrielino, but kudos are in order. Botello, the Titans starting tailback, scored four touchdowns as Pioneer led at one point 42-0 before Gabrielino got on the board with a mercy touchdown. So far, Botello and Tony Hernandez are living up to the preseason hype. Next up for Pioneer is a tough road contest against Ontario, which is coming off a 27-0 win over La Puente.

Here is Keith Lair’s Game Story

What’s your take?

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  • Pioneer Luv

    Yeah boy. Where are all the Botello/Hernandez haterz? It’s only one game, but they are the best area backfield so far!!!! Yeah.


    Iam not a hater I wish those boys well. But it is one game, and against not a weak team but a VERY weak team. Remember last year when Pioneer was beating up on those weak teams, and were ranked in cif and then played Whittier, and lost the next few games. If it was not for ER being so bad you might have lost the next 5 games. The only tough game they have is Cypress and then league. So go ahead and get all the stats you can against those weak teams, we will see what you do against the good ones. Keep that in mind Murray.
    Same thing goes for La Serna and Cal hi.

  • Titan Observer

    BIG RED,

    You are right. Pioneer did play a VERY weak team, but did what it needed to do against such a weak team.

    Thanks for not hating, maybe it helps that Pioneer doesn’t claim to be a “sleeping giant,” or that it is the “hardest hitting team in the area” (although they did deliver a lot of vicious hits last night-by #4, #5, #3, #20, #34), or that they have the “best overall talent” in the area” (although they might have the best QB/Corner-3, RB-25, FB/LB-34, WRs/DBs-20 & 24, in league. And the best TE/DE in the area-4)

    Even when it came to transfers (Pioneer only had one), Joshua Garcia who briefly moved back from Lompoc, moved out of state.

    Tests will come against South EM, when they try to contain Tommy Cogburn, and against Cypress (ranked 8th in the Southern Division). But count on them not to be looking past Ontario.

  • Anonymous

    SP was shutout for the first time in 84 games. Whoever calls the offense needs help. Some weak play calling.

  • Anonymous

    Pioneer played a good game on Friday just goes to show that they have a good coach, good captains and overall just a good team. Way to go Titans!!!
    “Big Red”
    are you a little cardinal???

  • hangn 10″

    Lets be real Saint Paul keeps playing teams they have no chance of winning. They will win some games no doubt but they are not the caliber team they think they are the o is very predictable.Whats up with the qbs 1-12 13yds come on what a joke i hope they improve by the time they play LA MIRADA i heard that LA MIRADAS whole team was there at the game and they fell they can shut SAINT PAUL out too.

  • Friar Guy

    I was extremely disappointed by the poor sportsmanship displayed by St. Paul at Friday nights game. How many teams do you know won’t shake hands at the coin flip? Or have the whole team, including the coaching staff turn their backs as we perfomed our hut drill.That’s why you are St. Paul and we are Servite.

  • Iglesias @ Amat, should be playing @ St.Paul, word has it he’s 3rd on the depth chart. He’s just down the road from the Swordsman.

  • Titan Observer


    Before you call out Big Red, read his blog carefully. He is not putting down the Titans.

    Remain humble, for it was only one game. I remember back in ’97 when Pioneer went on a 5-0 run only to be beat by 0-5 Cal Hi. They finished the season 6-4, only beating Whittier, and losing to Santa Fe and La Serna as time expired. They also missed the playoffs.

    The following year though was a great year for the Titan community. Try to bring that back.

    Also, good luck to all Del Rio league teams, which by all accounts should be a very competitive league, from top to bottom.


    The Titans did play well. They have some hard games coming up, time will only tell how good we are. Hey Cards you have hard one this Friday at BG. Stop talking and just PLAY FOOTBALL.

  • Friar Guy

    33-0,35-7,30-6. No,these are not lottery mumbers these are the final scores from the Servite/St. Paul games this weekend. The next time you have an open date you might want to call schools like Pioneer or El Rancho. Please stay away from schools you have no business playing. St Paul’s anemic offense and soft defense were badly overmatched. OC athletes look, play and respond different than your average Whittier area athlete. Lastly, do you ever honor any team after 1981? FYI, none of the kids on the field were born yet. Turn the page St. Paul!!

  • SP-Servite Observer

    I am finally getting over the defeat at the hand of Servite. I have a couple of questions and observations for people that would know from SP?

    1. who calls the offense?
    2.Who is the rb coach?
    3.With all the transfers why didnt they all play?
    4. Why arent #34 and #23 on the field at the same time?
    5. I thought they patten theyre program on USC and theyre offensive game game was poorly planned.
    6. Where is Terrell Dolberry?
    7. Why doesnt Gabriel Enicinas play more is a pure weapon?
    8. Therye offense is worse than Ancichs.
    9. It seems as the O coordinator has no idea of how to call an offense. If a play worked they ran it again on the next play.
    10. If this offensive play calling isnt addressed then it will be a long season on Greenleaf.

  • St. Paul get over ’81

    I have to agree with friar guy. being a SP Alum it hurts to watch this team and teams from the last 10 years. These new coach are horrible (Cantwell guys) figures! Get over the “SP TRADITION” “1981 team” this is not THE BIG 5 CONFERENCE anymore, go recruit some GOOD players. All these kids are from Pico Rivera, Whittier. Go get some players from OC. This is PATHETIC!! Why is Amat, Servite, and MD a powerhouse? because they know how to recruit.

  • joseph gonzalez

    it’s funny to me that all the people that hate on st. paul are alumni. it’s real simple, if you think that you can do better than go apply at the school. i’m thinking that you haters probably don’t have the educational background to apply so forget it!the reason why the kids are going other places is real simple. people like sp 81 that bad mouth there own silly is that? i myself went to cantwell, and im proud of that. but now i root for st.paul because of my family ties. but i would never try to bad mouth the school that i went to.i hope that cantwell suceeds this year(except game 3 vs. st.paul)
    for all you haters, why don’t you show your st.paul pride and come out of the closet with your real names and quit blogging with screen names.all the true swordman that i know take pride that they went to that a swordman and do the same..

  • Anonymous-R

    I have alot of respect for the football program at St. Paul. Those kids have alot of heart. However, just as those El Rancho supporters know that the Dons will never be the Dons from the 60’s and 70’s. St. Paul needs to face up to the facts that they will never be the Swordsmen of the 70’s and 80’s!!!

    Everytime I speak to a St. Paul supporter they say the same thing! We schedule Division I schools and play them tough! YES THAT IS TRUE! I respect them for that, not too many teams in the area can field a team to compete with a Div. I school. However, the point of this is that St. Paul fails to win the vast majority of these games!

    In fact, over the last six years+ St. Paul is a miserable 3-15-1 against Division I schools. Two of these victories have come against Long Beach Wilson, a team that has failed to make the playoffs three of the last six years, and is not considered by anyone a DI powerhouse.

    Lets just stick to the facts, and admit that St. Paul is a strong team with a strong tradition, and will be a D3 playoff team, nothing more, nothing less!

    Go Swordsmen!

  • St. Paul get over ’81

    Ok Al Bundy err Cantwin Alum. St. Paul could’ve hired a REAL St. Paul guy like Willig a few years ago but opt to hire a retread coach.. Don’t get defensive, I was just stating that the program has been going down hill. No teams FEAR SP anymore. SP has had a lot of blue chip players transfer. I wonder why? 1 player left during the season, how bad is that?

  • lame asses

    St. Paul people dont understand why the kids lose! why the kids look horrible!If i was the one talking crap: about are kids and are program i would at least be a man and talk to the people in charge. Why be a little girl, and let your feelings out on the net, go to the coaches! are kids and players need support not people that are fake and dont show support! check your self: Once your a swordsmen always a swordsmen!all this sh** talking aint going to working if you dont talk to the right people lame asses!



  • Dont Read

    Mr. Gonzalez,
    I would not read this blog or it may be a very long season for you and your family. I credit your brother and his staff for all the hard work and countless hours thay put in to prepare their players. As long as your brother can look in the mirror and say that he did his best to have his teamed prepared, that’s all you can ask. Servite is probably one the best in Division 1. That is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t pay attention to all of these bloggers.

  • Friar Guy

    St. Paul is Cantwell. They just have different colored uniforms. How many current St. Paul coaches actually played there? I bet not many. I feel bad for the kids because they look so out of date with all they have, uniforms, weight room and football field. The days of Division 1 football are over for you. Time has passed you by and there are not enough resources to help you catch up. The current coaching staff is lucky because how many other schools would hire them? They are mediocre at best. Can you see them at Loyola, Amat, SJB, Mater Dei, Servite or O Lutheran? Me either. But I can see them at Cathedral, Salesian and Cantwell. There is nothing wrong with that,”you are what you are”. It’s actually quite simple, stay away from the big dogs. Lastly, I thought Coach A’s was offense was prehistoric. Brutal.

  • When, where, at what levels and how long have you played and coached?.

    Wow,St.Paulgetover’81, Friarguy,Anonymous-R&hangn10″,if you did more than just watch & critique football games in your whole life, like actually play, including past H.S. and College,then Coach more than just your kid’s team,your opinions might be worth something.Did you know that more than just your pompous selves read these blogs. The Players read or hear about them too.St.Paulgetover’81 your down hill idea ended last season which resulted in a CIF SS Div. III semi-final for many of these current Swordsmen.Try talking about that Division with those schools.Strong discipline is why some leave the program.You probably didn’t even play football huh?Listen Friarguy, you reek of prejudice(OC vs Whittier Athletes?).Servite wanted this game back and ST.PAUL proudly scheduled them.Try using your brain & ask questions.Good Players come from all over California not just OC.Annonymous-R,stay like that.hangn 10″ see you week #4.Watch what you all say,you too DT because SPHS Players have gone to see WSU games to root for you!Try to make it positive for the Football Players.It could be your kid or someone you know that gets dissed next! “Once A Swordsmen Always A Swordsmen” GO BIG BLUE

  • Anonymous

    Friar Guy….can’t be a true Friar….as you have no class.

    Definitely not a Swordsmen.

    That being said, you done yet? Or are going to drone on and on and on.

    Why you so bitter? You get fired by one of these coaches somewhere along the line? That’s got to be it!

  • SPfan

    I’m a SP fan but a parent for the past 8 years at SP I don’t beleive that is Dwight Tardy speaking. There is no way he would do that. Dwight have a great year you did awesome on Saturday.

  • blogger

    Hey SP get over 81′
    Thats the truth get over it, here we go again. We all know who you are and the nonsense that comes out of your mouth. Dude I think you truly pray the St. Paul will do bad so you will have something to piss and moun about. Get a life we don’t need your support. Always behind the scenes talking crap. Go Swordsmen. We stand behind St. Paul.

  • St. Paul get over ’81

    I really do hope SP does good but with current coaching staff it’s not going to happen. Don’t get p***ed SP supporters you its true. If you had a son thats a great prospect where would you send them? SP or Loyola, Servite, MD? HONESTLY!!


  • Friar Guy

    When, where and what,
    Your post is so poorly constructed I just pray you didn’t go to college.I think you need your money back if you did.Writing is pretty tough without spell check isn’t it?
    My comment about OC athletes is true. How many “true” SP players from Whittier or Pico (the area you pull from) have received schollies (division 1)the last 3 years?

  • St.Paul, USC Alumni

    All I have to say is that St.Paul will only get better from this point on. Yeah they had a very bad game due to turnovers, wrong personnel at key positions, but this is Servite, a team thats ranked # 2 in the OC only Mater Dei is ranked higher. I gurantee Servite will be running up the scores on other teams in the 50’s and 60’s and eventually win their division and playoffs.

    As For St.Paul, the positives I saw was that we actually started the game with a pass and not a 57 Power run, thank god!!! If Coach A was still coaching he would have been running the whole damn game. My other question is I am happy that coach GOnzalez recognized that Andrew Canales is no good and that Gabriel Lopez look more impressive and should be starting every game at QB from now on. Two poorly thrown passes by Canales which turned into 2 Servite scores cmon. Lopez, looked poised, calm, and more confident at QB, and with Haynes running the ball, watch as St.Paul is going to run the table and win out the rest of their games, I ma willing to put money on that!!!!!!!!

  • When, where, at what levels and how long have you played and coached?.

    F guy, if you knew anything about prayer your life would be different. Is this the first time since H.S. you’ve actually read this much, or did you even attend one? Try checking your confused thought patterns on OC vs. Whitter & Pico Athletes…How about LA county vs. Orange county facts and figures? Have you heard or seen any LA county Athletes vs. Anahiem & Fullerton remarks? The answer is NO. Your lack of education becomes very clear each time you post. Now go do your homework. Perhaps someone at Servite could ask you not to use Friar due to the image you portray in trying to be their spokesperson, while constantly disrespecting SPHS Footballers. Your remarks on Cantwell, Salesian, Cathedral, Pioneer and El Rancho serve as proof that you & “St.Paulgetover’81” have made your ignorance a noticeble priority. Man up and back off the Players & Coaches who believe in their schools and programs. If you two want to dump some more, do it elsewhere. When, where & how long is up to you. Did you two ever even make a team roster? Or did you blow your “schollies”. Oh yeah, I forgot you’re probably both real prototype specimens that have played in every level up to the NFL, or at least the CFL. Maybe we already know each other! How much neater could that be? No, on second thought you two don’t act or fit the mode. Once A Swordsmen Always A Swordsmen…GO BIG BLUE!


    Question for you as well ST. PAUL ’81…

    What’s so bad about this coaching staff (the game against Servite excluded) that you would like to see them all gone?

  • Joe Mana

    I have to agree with SP 81. How can you exclude the Servite game JJimenez? 13 yards passing? come on! throw in a couple screens or something. POOR COACHING!!

  • Raider Hater

    The only reason these people on this blog are defending this St. Paul coach is because they are related to him or they went to high school with this guy. But then again how can you can you make a winner out of “C” level talent? If beating teams like El Rancho makes this team successful, enjoy! SP is now the easy win on a lot of teams schedules. Nice job SP!!!!


  • 3 n out

    I think J JIMENEZ is a coach at Saint Paul anybody else think that?

  • All CIF

    Joe Mana, were you at the game? I was. A screen pass called, draw plays, more pass plays called that were just not executed, I am not trying to rag on kids, but that game for st. paul was lack of execution. If the players execute on some of those plays it is different game. wait a minute I didn’t say they would win, I just wrote a different game.

  • SPfan

    I am not related or friends with Coach Gonzalez or any coaches at St.Paul. I will say I’m damm proud that my son is on this squad. You guys(bloggers) are an disgrace to your school, regardless of the score on Friday night. Gentlemen 1 night, 1 game give these kids who sweat blood and tears a chance. Here we go again with the damm bloggers who need to get over their high school years. St. Paul staff we do stand behind you and thank you for your time and dedication. Hey guy no wonder your so bitter your a Raider fan. Do us all a favor keep watching the NFL and leave us alone.

  • Stu “Pit”

    Questions for SP fans. Please help me out.

    1. Where have all the kids gone?
    2. Why do we have only 35 players on the Freshman team?
    3. What kind of offense are we running?
    4. Do we not recruit anymore?
    5. Do people think we should continue to play the big boys? Does this help or hinder?


    Hey St.Paul,USC Alumni,

    I totally agree with you about Gabriel Encinas @ QB. You must of heard about him through the grapevine. Lopez who? Canales who? But I forgot, if he becomes the QB who will catch the ball?

    Two more things before I go. Who let Servite do their dance in our house? Dissing us in front of everyone. And second, please learn how to spell if your going to blog.

  • St. Paul get over ’81

    I didn’t say anything about your kids. All i was saying was the coaching sucked. oh and SPfan don’t get all defensive this is a blog. WOW only 35 players on the Freshman team? YIKES.. I thought the only reason guys went to SP was to play football, but i don’t blame them who wants their kid playing for Coach Gonzalez.

  • SPfan

    OHBADO, oh please who are you with your knowledge? You obviously don’t know much. Keep tuting the horn of one person it will get you nowhere quickly. Go Swordsmen, I’m sure there are many kids who CAN catch and throw the ball. There is no i in team buddy.


    Spfan, Don’t hate appreciate the talent that this underclassman has. As far as tooting one’s horn and not tuting, I’m just stating the obvious. “GO SWORDSMEN!”


    3 n out…not a coach, but my brother is.

  • Anonymous

    Friday nights game
    Pioneer vs. Ontario 21-7

    Good game! GO TITANS!!!!

  • Peter Griffin

    It was a great weekend. ST.PAUL didn’t lose…

  • Tech Savy

    I have to agree with a recent blog on St Pauls Recent transfer …Gabriel Encinas @ QB. Rumour was he had a great shot at being Santa Fe QB as a Soph…with that said .RE> fer to most impact transfer’ll see what wrote …..