Under Pressure…

As Week 1 of the prep football season commences, I’m reminded of that great David Bowie and Queen rendition and which area teams head toward Friday Under Pressure.

Santa Fe

The Chiefs open up on the road Friday against Warren. While there has been no doubt about Santa Fe’s dominance in the Del Rio League this decade, can coach Jack Mahlstede and the Chiefs thrive after losing several seniors?

Coach Jack Mahlstede


The feeling from several returning Condors at last week’s practice is that their victory over Santa Fe (which was forfeited later) was legitimate. With Drew Harris, one the Del Rio League’s flashiest players returning at QB, can the Condors edge the Chiefs? The Condors’ 2007 quest begins at home against a tough Rowland squad.

Drew Harris hands off at practice.

Whittier Christian

The Esteban Camarillo era is over. Without a healthy Nick Camarillo for at least half a season, the Heralds are looking forward to showing that they can not only pass the ball, but win doing so.

Whittier Christian wide receiver Kyle Clark catches a pass during football practice at Whittier Christian High School in La Habra on Wednesday August 22, 2007.

La Serna

A lot of fuss swirled around the arrival of the Jordans, Joey and Rudy. With championship experience comes higher expectations. It will be interesting to see how new coach Margarito Beltran will do filling in for Ken LaVigne.

Rudy Jordan takes a handoff at a recent practice.

El Rancho

The unlucky number has reached 13. Having lost 13 straight games, the Dons’ best chance to win may come this week against host Cerritos and new coach Dusan Ancich. What better way for new coach Gene Parsons to show the community that his team is for real then to start off with a win.

Josh Perea, left, and Javier Hernandez, QB’s, for El Rancho High School, throw passes during practice.

Who else has something to prove?

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  • johnsmith

    I think this is a major year for the Del Rio league. Everyone has something to prove and any of those teams could take league. Can’t wait…

  • El Rancho

    I cant wait, the Dons are comin!!

  • elrancho

    Anyone else hear that Kaduma Walker is no longer playing for Santa Fe?? I heard he moved to palmdale.

  • Anonymous


    He sure did!

  • murray

    Yo, elrancho/anonymous:
    Walker indeed has left the Santa Fe school/program for purely personal reasons. There were no problems academically, nor athletically.

  • to tell you the truth…cal hi will not be able to contend for this years Del Rio Title….
    WHY YOU SAY???
    because for the mere fact of who is leading that offense of theirs…
    they say that drew Harris can make it happen?? dont think so…look at last years 2nd round CIF game against La Habra. He threw 3 interceptions for 2 touchdowns and that was when Cal Hi had recievers like Robert Arriola, and Craig Taylor. He averaged at least 2 interceptions a game AND with a new coaching staff this team is going backwards. There will never be a coaching staff like the Ancich program.

  • SantaFe94

    El Rancho is coming lol thats a joke we havent heard from el rancho since the romo days, the dons wont even make the playoffs this year buddy santa fe is still the del rio leauge champs

  • blue pride

    be ready cause the dons are coming for a del rio leauge title

  • ElRancho


    You will eat your words, nuff said.

  • ER fan

    What happened ERs frosh are terrible. Is #15 Castro, if so he is all they have…

  • Anonymous

    even rome fell…

  • SantFe94

    Is El Rancho even listed in the pre season top 10? what was El Ranchos record last yr? NUFF SAID! focus on winning some (Leauge) games, then come knockin on our door. Good luck toinght donnas hope you find a way to climb out your 13 game slump.

  • El Rancho

    I didnt watch the ER frosh yesterday, from what I heard they stomped cerritos. The JV didnt play that well but they still won easily. Donnas huh, week 6, Santa Fe’s league winning streak ends officialy, well it ended last year but someone had to go crying to CIF.

  • SantaFe94

    like I said get some kind of win streak going then talk!

  • El Rancho

    ER Win Streak 1, SF win streak 0….. lol

  • Pico Parent

    El Rancho:

    All three levels should walk all over Cerritos. Can’t wait to see ER vs BG next week!

  • David aka El Rancho

    EL Rancho I woulodnt toot your horn. Cerritos was plain horrible and I thought the 2 SP guys were mere contributors? Get a clue you guys are terrible they start both way and are on all special teams your fat lineman cant get of the ball. You guys are gonna get ripped on. Pretty weak statement by you. El Rancho wins maybe 3 games and that is a stretch.

  • El Rancho

    David, I didnt say ER looked all that great, there was flashes of some great football but also alot of mistakes, hey were in the win column and should get better as the season progresses. Good luck this season.

  • Big Unk

    Solid win for the Ranch,No turnovers and a solid ground game mixed with safe passes showed good ball control and tempo.The score could easily have been 28-6 if not for two missed opportunities inside the ten.Former St Paul swordsmen contributed with solid defense (interception Galan) and hard running offence(Aldecoa +7yds per carry).Big play players will propel this team to a successful season as evident by two nice long scoring pass receptions and an almost kick return for TD (60+yd) by Aldecoa.St Paul will never admit it but by seasons end the loss by transfers will outweigh any gains they may have thought they were going to get by recruiting so called skilled players.In the end as it was last season St Paul will again fall short due to bad coaching philosophy and inconsistantcies on both sides of the ball.

  • Anonymous

    Big Unk…don’t you think you should wait until ER wins a couple more games before you crown them CIF champions?

    As far as the transfers you got….Good for you guys and congratulations that contributed but I think we’ll be fine wiothout them.