Was it really that bad?

So, St. Paul should just hang up its season and call it a day.

A 33-0 loss to a team that was favored probably by even more means St.
Paul has no chance for a successful season.

All things being relative, I guess that means Michigan should not
only give up the rest of the season but end its program all together.

C’mon folks, it’s one game.

I don’t think Servite played as well as it can or will in the future,
but I think St. Paul had something to do with that.

I don’t think St. Paul played as well as it can and will in the future,
and I think the Swordsmen had as much to do with that as did the Friars.

St. Paul’s problems are fixable. Obviously it’s up to those involved
to commit to fixing them, and it’s reasonable to assume they will at
least try to.

With that in mind, how about not wrapping up and throwing out the
entire season because of one game, and certainly after the first one.

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  • Anonymous

    Roger….well put.

    Some of these St. Paul “fans” are like SC fans. Unless a game is perfect the whole season is jepoardy.

    Personally, I think Servite has a pretty damn good football team and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the CIF finals. The game could of been worse. If our offense had not turned the ball voer 4 times…the score would of been closer.

    I don’t think true SP fans are really expecting a return to the teams of the 70’s and 80’s but this years Swordsmen are a lot better team than they showed last Friday night.

    I know some of you guys still miss Coach A, but he’s not around anymore. Deal with it and help out your current team instead. Coach A had some bad games as well. Did you call for his head then as well?

  • There’s a passer sitting on the bench at Amat,bring him over he lives close by

  • Anonymous

    St. Paul lost the game themselves….they just didnt play up to what they are capable of. Also they were without their best defensive player and their stud runningback only carried the ball 8 times. Credit St. Paul because they were in no way intimidated by the friars and came out ready to play. Expect a championchip or bust season from the swordsmen.

  • your nane

    Getting shut out and giving up 33 points is bad with anyones standards. i Think this is an advantage to the StPaul staff now they can justify starting the transfers and shit can the players that been their working and sweating while watching players walk through the doors with open arms did those new player pay the price to earn a spot or were they promised a starting role.

  • cage fighter


  • SP Fan

    The score did not completely reflect on St.Paul’s performance last friday night. The defense stepped up impressively in the 2nd half and made some hard stops. The offense definitely needs a tune up, considerably at qb and at play calling. All in all, i think SP is in great shape and will still be a major contender for the CIF title this year.
    Just a couple questions, Why not try to spread the field? I think SP has the playmakers to lay down a devastating spread offense. Also, who is RB #38 on the JV team? he ran the ball damn well last week. Just wondering why he isnt wearing a sword on his helmet and helping out on friday nights. And lastly, is something being done about the qb situation??

  • blogger

    This post is perfect. My goodness people act like SP lost to the weekest team around. The truth is they played horrible and the game could have gotten alot worse. Servite is a great team if were going to lose like that thank goodness it was to Servite. Their season is ahead of them they will tune it up and be ready to play. Go Swordsmen.

  • football fan

    finally, someone who really knows what there talking about(roger murray)! all those silly people who dont even go to the games. make thier stupid remarks. you must be from the land of no ability or guts. i challenge all you people who talk all this mess to reveal yourselves and stand up and take ownership for your comments..

  • blogger

    I think that st paul had a bad night all teams have and they were playing a pretty good team. If they refocus and play hard the rest of the season they should be ok they went deep into the playoffs last year and they have more talent this year let the coaches solve their problems

  • blogger

    Hey Roger, music to our ears. This is so ridiculous people or fools who hate St. Paul so much should just find another school that they want to torment. Go find that school and leave us alone. Go Swordsmen.

  • Proud St. Paul Alum

    Having attended last weeks Servite/St. Paul game, I would like to make a few observations. As an alumni having attended and playing football at St. Paul during the 80s, I have to say the game was very exciting. The score does not show it, but anyone who was there can attest to excitement and adrenaline rush of watching two Catholic schools battle it out on the football field. The stadium was completely packed and it was awe inspiring to hear 10,000 plus people recite the Lords Prayer in unison before the game. The game was good for both schools and I hope the tradition continues.

    St. Paul coaches and players, hold your heads up high. The loss was not due to a lack of effort and you should be proud of yourselves. It was good to see the spirit, brotherhood and the good hard hitting football that St. Paul is known for. Recognize, however, that adjustments need to be made and you still have a lot of hard work ahead of you. From what I saw Friday night this will not be a problem.

    Just remember, being a Swordsman means conducting yourselves in a manner that exemplifies good character and sportsmanship. Turning your back to Servite during their hut drill was completely unacceptable. It was rude, inconsiderate and not what it means to be a Swordsman. The few alumni I was sitting with were equally disappointed. Coach John Wooden said Winning takes talent. To repeat takes character. You had a great season last year and we all look forward to the future success of St. Paul football. It starts with good character and hard work. Keep up the good work gentlemen. Keep scheduling the best and keep the proud St. Paul tradition alive.

  • SP Fan #1

    Why does it always come to this? The players are out there playing their hearts out and all you can do is blame the talent and the coaches! These boys played with broken fingers, sprained ankles, leg cramps etc… The St. Paul players, play with pride for their school and their race. A true fan sticks with the team through thick and thin. The fan is what makes the team stronger. If the team feels that the fans are behind them 100%, they play up to the strength of the cheer. Instead of complaining cheer them on and give them your support. Don’t blame the kids for the decision the coaches made on that game.

  • Pit Man

    Servite could have dropped 50 on us if they wanted to. They lost their focus and went through the motions in the second half. What concerns me is how we were completed dominated on all levels, 33-0, 35-7 and 30-6. Our future does not look very bright. What do we need to do to get back to that elite level? I am afraid of what Crespi might do to us. They have 5 players already committed to major conference colleges. I also felt we were out of shape. We had numerous players on the field with cramps. Servite was in top physical shape. I sure am glad DJ didn’t get more touches. Thank God for that.

  • Friar Guy

    St. Paul Alum could not be more accurate. I have never seen an entire team and coaching staff turn their backs on the hut drill. I was also disgusted at how SP captains refused to shake hands after the coin toss, weak. Nice move by Pete Gonzalez to send the entire team out for the coin toss. I guess he was watching Gridiron Gang before the game.
    What the hell does SP Fan #1 mean by playing for “their race”? I saw latinos, af americans and caucasins on the field for you guys, stupid comment. Coach A might be gone but he never would have turned his back on us. Being a coach is more than X’s and O’s. He is also responsible for developing strong, respectful young men, even when you just finished getting your lunch handed to you. The “new” SP fan and parent have no clue what the old Angelus (spelling?) league was really about. Tradition never graduates!!


    Hey Friar Guy,

    I don’t know much about Servite nor their Hut Drill.

    It would be highly appreciated if you could educate me and explain its origin and the tradition it has with your school and why it was rude or in bad taste for St. Paul to have their backs turned towards it?

    I was at the game and noticed that St. Paul was still running their warm ups and practicing their formations but thought nothing of it. Should they have stopped and if so, why?

  • All CIF

    Pit Man, I was at the Freshmen game, were you? The game was closer than the scored indicated, it was 10-6 at half. We have 1/3 of the numbers they had. you read correctly, a third and we hung in there. Also You don’t get craps from being out of shape,it is from being dehydrated, maybe more fluids 24 hours before game time will help. I think the school needs a remodel, starting with the campus itself and then the gym, weight room and then we can attract more freshmen in. which will help us at all levels

  • blogger

    Hey Friar guy, You sound like a man that thinks he is intitled to so much respect. First of all SP just got a whipping on the field and you think they should be so happy to see Servites hut drill that crap might impress you but not me if I was at an Air Show I would want to see a mini army hut drill. I wasn’t I was at a football game and I didn’t see much of that either. I do know that SP played a bad game I beleive they know it and own it. We all saw the drill at the beginning of the game maybe we should stop all traffic and close the gates so the mighty hut drill will not be interrupted. Servite is a great school and they proved it so relax with all your other drama.

  • Anonymous

    oh friar guy ….. don’t care about your stupid hut drill… has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.
    if you think,the team giving their backs to you was disrespectful…. you must of missed the finger I was giving your whole team on the way out!!!!

  • Friar Guy

    Servite Freshman Update

    Week1 Servite 30-St Paul 6
    Week2 Servite 50-Santiago 0
    Week3 vs Edison Sept. 20th

    How did SP Freshman do today?

  • Friar Guy

    To Anonymous,
    Instead of flipping off our team you should have been giving your coaches the finger for that crappy performance and game plan.
    To ALL-CIF,
    How many quarters in a football game? 2 or 4? So you were shutout for 3/4’s of the game? Your defense gave up 3 2nd half TD’s? I saw no athletes (for SP) at the Freshman game. I saw a bunch of kids who played hard but were badly overmatched.
    You would think if SP were headed in the right direction you would have more than 35 guys on the Freshman team. All good athletes want bigger and better, that’s why enrollment continues to drop.

  • Every day in The Lord’s service…

    Dear Mr. Roger Murray; Thank you for attending the season home opener for St. Paul H.S. vs. Servite H.S., along with WDN’s coverage of it. Your extra time put in setting up this forum for discussion and clarity is much appreciated. Your true journalist approach has made it all about the Players, Coaches & Teams. Also, thank you for being respectful of our tradition rich Football program since last season’s exciting Team run towards a Championship. We look forward to your staff’s continued efforts. Our family backs our SPHS’s sports programs, Football Players & Coaching Staff @ 110%! Sincerely #15 & #57’s little Sister, Mom & Dad…Let’s Go Big Blue!! Beat Redondo Union!!!

  • Hammer

    SP froshscore was 29-6
    not that it matters but they didnt score 30…lol

  • Anonymous

    Friar Guy:

    Why do you have such a hard on for SP? Game’s been over for a week and you guys one. Yeah, we know that.

    Winning with Dignity is what a true Friar would of done.

    Obviously, you aren’t a true Friar.

    Your new CREDO should be “I’m bitter and I’m going to let everyone know”. Did you get cut from the SP freshmen team as a kid or something?

  • St Paul Class of 1983

    I graduated from St Paul in 1983 so I was lucky enough to see the 1981-82 team that went 14-0 and has to be one of the best teams in the history of CIF Football. Just look at who they played and that includes beating Servite twice, the 2nd time in Cerritos College in a CIF Playoff semi-final by 4 or 5 touchdowns.

    I now work in the Inland Empire and Colton HS alums who meet me still can’t believe their team lost to St Paul in front of 32,000+ fans in the Big A. remember, that Colton team had a bigger offensive line at the time than USC or UCLA did.

    But St . Paul has changed and with The Man gone (Coach A) they will never be the same powerhouse they once were. But that does not mean they should lose their sportsmanship and their class.

    Servite HS has been a respected and hated rival since we started playing football at St Paul. I say hated in a respectful way but the battles these 2 teams raged is tremedous.

    We all know about the Hut drill and it has to be respected as a foe. I remember after Servite lost a close game at the Pit in the early 80’s, there Coach Prokop had the team do the hut drill and push ups AFTER the game and the Swordsmen players and fans showed respect and showed their class.

    Good luck to the Swordsmen and may this be a successful season but remember when you wear the sword on your helmet, it means so much and you have to earn your respect as the great CIF champion teams did when they played for St Paul.

    Go Swordsmen, Good luck Class of 2007-08 and RIP Willig!

    PS: and whatever you do, don’t lose to El Rancho! A swordsmen team has NEVER lost to the Dons in Varsity football, ever.

  • St Paul Class of 83


    I seem to remember the Friars having some down seasons recently. Living in the Inland Empire, my co-workers from Corona reminded me how they spanked Servite last year.

    Enjoy the win but until I see Servite in a CIF FInal much less win one (Swordsmen have plenty) don’t get too excited.

    How many CIF Titles does Servite have?

  • Friar Guy

    To Class of 83,
    Servite has 3 CIF Titles and have won the Trinity Laegue the last two years. We are getting closer to that level of the play from the 90’s.
    My grudge with SP is not the players it’s the coaches. SP is not a job that should be handed “just because”. Bring back a true SP guy like Olmedo, Paredes or even Mazzotta. I did not like the way Coach A was shown the door. He might have overstayed his welcome but he built that school. If it were not for Coach A SP would be an all girls school. In 20 years Coach will still be remembered, will Pete G? There are no SP guys on staff anymore, just a bunch of clowns with no plan.
    Lastly, Santiago(Corona) got us last year. They had one guy (now at NEB.) who could not be stopped. The Varsity is well aware and it could get ugly tomorrow.

  • Class of 83


    Good points and I agree on the coaching position. I wish Coach G all the luck but I too would have liked to see a Swordsmen return as coach.

    Also, you got me all worked up as a Friar talking about my school …..I figured Servite had some titles and I know they are back as a power. But like I said, when I went to St Paul and before that when I went as a elementary kid , Servite was THE GAME.

    But their was a earned respect on both sides and some battles on each side. Some huge hits and plays in this series history.

    Corona had their best team ever last year and I didn’t know tomorrow was the rematch. I suspect Servite overlooked them last year and Corona was very pumped up to play Servite.

    Enjoy the season and Go St Paul………..

  • John Greenleaf

    Friar guy you are pathetic. The solution for all of us at SP is for you maggots to shut your mouth. I am a SP alumnus and will back the school no matter who the coach is. What does that tell the kids that are there playing their tails off for the school. All of you traitors are just that. You dont do anything to improve the school. I could care less for Pete Gonzalez but I still love my school no matter what. I just laugh when I see past alumni that send their kids elsewhere. Pete Gonzalez is the head coach at SP so I will send them to Servite. You morons are all blue collar descendants from rough neighborhoods and you get an education from SP then get a degree and all of a sudden you are too good for SP. Please spare us the grief and move on. I have said it once and I have said it a million times the problems at SP are the way people get after they finish school they are to good for anyone in Whittier and Santa Fe Springs. I guess all of the teachings you learned from SP football you can take to other schools. I didnt know SP had a class in quitting on your family and cry “babying”(not a word). I read all of these posts such as the one that stated if you had a son that was a big time prospect what school would you send him to, heres a thought no one I can recall but the Cowans were anything to lose any sleep over at SP so no real big time athletes are lost due to alumni trying to send them elsewhere. How many alumni send there kids to an ALL BOY school in Bellflower or ANAHEIM now. Grow some balls and send your kids to SP you dont support the school and you werent anything but a problem when you guys were probably there. SP will resurrect in time I can guarantee. It makes me sick all the emphasys you guys put on football for your kids to attend a school. Do what makes you happy! Stay away from SP and just move and forget the lessons that were taught to you at SP because if you choose to send your children elsewhere concentrate on that. I can totally understand the frustration you feel about the SP football team as I to get frustrated but to bad mouth the school as a whole is simply wrong. I wish all of the ex alumni luck in all of their endevours and their children success in school , sports and in life. I just hope you guys take a look in the mirror and realize that you guys b!tch and moan and arent helping at all.

  • Anonymous

    Friar Guy:

    If you are such a Friar Guy why do you even care what the Swordsmen do?

    The game is over…you won, we lost. Why belabor the point. Shouldn’t you be worried how the Friars will do tonight instead of worrying about our program.

    While we appreciate your concern I’m beginning to wonder what the real motivation is and I think your last post helped me figure it out.

  • James Rollins

    The hey day of MA is gone.The school has faded to an elementary school level. No talent goes to SPH.The smaller player can not keep up to the 5A level it once did.SPH is not a football school but were academics is the rule. Nothing wrong with that but football is what made the school. MA made it GREAT.The old man is now making Cerritos JC GREAT with his defense.I played on the JV and Varsity clubs of 57-58-59 with no coaching what so ever and I know how important that can be.PG a good guy but with limited talent you can only go so far.Servite forgets the 70-80 When SPH won 18 league championships and they came in under Mater Dey who ran second to SPH.Yes there was not competition between Servite and SPH.David could not get the giant down.What important is to realize that you need to play school that you can be competivite with and not be crush when you don’t.As Catholic school continue to raise titution less and less athletics will attend and all sports will suffer. The first championship was won by the girls basketball team.The old glories are gone. Unless the administration created more scholarship and provides them for all sports ST. PAUL will fade like a summer breaze. An OLD WARRIOR GO BLUE!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Another thing Friar girl…if having an alumni as a coach is so important then why does Servite have Thomas as a coach? He’s not a Servite alum much less Catholic….he’s Mormon.

    But he’s a great coach and that is why they hired him.

  • Friar Guy

    Then why was Pete G hired?
    a) He is not a good coach
    b) He is not an alum
    I find it hard to believe that he was the most qualified candidate. How extensive was the job search? Who else interviewed?
    I guess if you are friends with the AD it makes things a lot easier.Mediocrity breeds mediocrity.

  • blogger

    Hey Friar Guy, What the hell do you care why who got hired or didn’t get hired at St.Paul. Worry about your own program, unless your just saying your a Friar which wouldn’t be suprising. Go St. Paul.

  • Holy Cow

    Hey “St Paul Class of 1983” or anybody, what did you mean by RIP Willig?



  • Anonymous

    Friar Girl:

    It’s been over a year now and you are still bitter? Let it go dude. Go worry about your kid over at Servite and concentrate.

    Sorry that no one consulted you when the hire was made.

    Quite frankly, if you were a true Swordsmen you’d support SP.

    Not only are you an embarresment to SP but to Servite as well.

    Leave before you completely lose what dignity you have left.

  • SPfootballfan

    Hey Friar guy, none of us really care about who coaches Servite or who the coach is friends with. I agree with blogger your not even a Friar, your one of the disenchanted football fans who just want to hate on everybody. St. Paul good luck to all of you and have a safe season.

  • Class of 83

    Willig RIP

    One of the Willig twins passed away a few years ago. When I was in 7th and 8th grade I would see him and his brother and their teammates dominate the best high schools in California. I remember one game both brothers literally ran into each other making a tackle and the stadium shook.

    I just wanted to recognize one of the great Families of St Paul, The Willigs.

    By the way, great post by the 50’s alum. The Old Warrior ……St Paul’s glory days and The Pit are part of our great history but thats over now. We can’t compete against Mater Dei, LB Poly, Loyola, Mission Viejo and the other big schools.

    But I will always cheer on St Paul but to win a title, we need to play againast other schools that only have 400 boys …remember many of the schools we play are all-boys or much larger.

  • trojanq84

    I am neither a Friar or a Swordsman. My son (and my tuition $$) goes to St John Bosco HS. I have a God-son at Servite and some very dear friends at St Paul. So I always cheer for both teams. I was however disturbed by the actions at SP during the Hut Drill by Servite. As Catholic schools (all Catholic schools)we have always prided ourselves for our manners and fairgame practices that distinguises us from other schools. We play with dignity and honor and we are taught to lose with the same. No doubt that losing a game by alot is not a happy time, but still the kids need to learn to lose with grace and dignity. What I have seen and witnessed at alot of St Paul games is rudeness, foul language from parents and students, and disrespect on the playing fields as well. (PS that post by the guy who was proud of flipping the finger at the Servite team is an example of what i am saying) All other schools in the Trinity league recognize that there are traditions and drills that some schools do and they respect them enough to stand by and quietly observe and in turn I know that Servite and SJB stand and observe the other schools tradional practices after a game (ALma Mater etc)ST Paul did not only not stay , they turned their backs . that is disrepectful even if they dont understand or care for the Hut Drill. St Paul has gone through some changes and not all for the good. It has to begin with the parents. We are the agents of positive attitude, which is dying at St Paul….

  • SPparent

    Oh my goodness, I am a parent at St.Paul you people are just looking for things to complain about it has been two weeks and your still talking. I was at the game and I understand St. Paul turned their back they were just waiting for them to be done so they could get the heck off the field. They just got beat down and you act as if their suppose to all hold hands and sing together. Their coaching staff didn’t do anything rude nor did the kids. So give it a rest find another team to complain about and leave St.Paul alone. We stand behind our coaches and kids. Quit trying to stir the pot with your negative input. You say it begins with the parents I am a college graduate and I support my son, those kids didn’t do anything wrong. THEY WERE TIRED AND EXHAUSTED AND UPSET AFTER THAT LOSS. Good luck to all area kids be safe and play hard on the field.

  • Amat Pride

    Very sad comments for those that do not understand the meaning of respect and due consideration when the opposing team performs their alma mater or hut drill. This is so reflective of the present day SP parent, coaches and players…total ignorance of past values and traditional principles that these catholic shools were founded and based. That these very fundamental rules of respect and fair play are no longer observed is indeed a very sad day for HS sports

  • Anonymous

    A sad day for HS sports??

    Give me a F’in break. While I respect the Servite tradition and think it is a cool tradition, it doesn’t mean I have to set there and watch them come into my house and dance on my floor after they’ve beat on me. We got our own tradition that we wanted to get to.

    I’m all about tradition and find them to be a big part of HS sports but it doesn’t mean I have to like it and watch it.

    Those kids did not do anything to show disrespect. They just wanted to do their own tradition of the alma mater.

    Most of you local sports fan are relishing the fact SP got beat. Good, solid programs always get hated by other teams…ask anyone at Sante Fe. Thye go through the same thing every year.

    Like someone else said on another thread…go ahead take your shots….because by the end of the year when your teams are sitting home having missed the playoffs again….teams like SP, SF and LH will still be playing.

  • Game Watcher

    Amat Pride,

    You state that this is the present day attitude of the SP parent. Ok so funny you state all this you shouldve seen the classy Amat parents at the OLU frosh game and varsity game. Now that is funny dont try to stir the pot at SP before looking in the mirror and addressing your problems at your school. For you to make statements about how bad parenting is at SP I beg to differ they are very hard working good people that give their children a chance in life by sending them to SP. It is an educational facility not a football factory and you guys fail to recognize this. You sound like some sour grapes sucker who is from Pico Rivera and has a cheerleading son on Amats frosh team.

  • joseph gonzalez

    friar guy?

    who the heck are you? expose yourself, and stop hiding behind your screen name. if your so proud of servite than let everyone know who you are. i bet you didn’t even go to servite. i have alot of friends that went there and they are not talkers like yourself. i also bet that you were not an athlete. if you were than you would understand how things work in sports. dont hate on st.paul because they play a tough schedule. save all your tough talk for the end of the year. better yet let everyone know who you are. i bet a none athlete at best.

  • Proud St. Paul Alum

    Nobody says you have to like or enjoy the Servite Hut drill or any other schools post game traditions. Believe me, I know more than anybody the rivalry between St. Paul and Servite is heated. The same would go for St. Paul and Bishop Amat as well as St. Paul and Mater Dei or any other Whittier area rivalry. Nobody is asking the players to hold hands and sing together . Nobody even expects them to like each other after the game. What we do ask is that we recognize there is a mutual respect between the schools. Like shaking hands after a game, win or lose you respectfully watch the other teams Alma Mater. I have no doubt Servite would have respectfully watched St. Pauls Alma Mater after their Hut drill if the scores would have been reversed. This would have occurred no matter how tired they were or how anxious they were to get to their own drill. This is how it has traditionally been and how it should remain in the future. If this is too much to ask of the current coaches, players and parents then perhaps there is a problem. Personally, I dont think there is a problem and I dont think the attitudes of the St. Paul coaches, players and parents, as a whole have changed. They, for the most part, good families who want to send their children to a good school. I believe most of them recognize and appreciate tradition while others do not understand the impact of turning your back to another teams post game tradition may have. It may not seem like much to some, but to those of us who have played in these games, it is somewhat disrespectful.

  • SP fan

    I was at the SP-Redondo Union JV game yesterday and I was a bit dissappointed in what I watched. The kids lokked very undisciplined and very confused out there. They have some good athletes and yet they were kept under wraps. The play calling was plain and simple pathetic. I asked who the OC was and it figures why we stink. It is no other the the offense juggernauts own son PG. They ran around 6 trick plays and never established an offensive game plan. If this staff isnt replaced they will lose all of the kids in the program. Rumor has it that some of the sophmores and juniors have already started shopping around for next season.

  • SPfan

    I am a SP parent and yes they didn’t play very well. But after reading all these blogs I wonder about you guys always making judgments and pointing the fingers. My son is a starter and he is not looking for other schools. Anyone who wants to leave, will go and the kids who want to stay will stay. Were behind our swordsmen so lets go. Be safe and good luck.