Week 1: Area schools go 9-3 and are ripe with surprises

All the area teams have at least one game under their belts now, and
Friday night’s results provided some genuine surprises.
Not necessarily who won and who lost, but the manner by which the
outcomes occurred.

Warren 31, Santa Fe 7
The Chiefs fell behind early and couldn’t recover, although sophomore
quarterback Alex Flores was impressive providing a late spark in driving
them to their touchdown. Other than that, at least two interested
observers commented Santa Fe appeared disorganized, and that’s not the
normal mark of a Chiefs team, even if it is their first game of the

Fullerton 13, La Mirada 0
Tough to compete without an offense or a defense. La Mirada showed
little semblance of either, although the close score might indicate
otherwise. Fullerton had little trouble running inside or outside
despite getting no help from the its limited passing (five attempts),
which produced just 31yards.

La Serna 51, John Glenn 7
Transfer Rudy Jordan picked up right where he left off last season’s
trip with Schurr to the CIF Southeast Division championship, rushing for
181 yards and four touchdowns. QB Mike Ibarra’s 6-for-9 for 60 yards
passing (no interceptions) was efficient if not spectacular in
complementing Jordan’s and a stingy Lancer defense.

Pioneer 21, Ontario 7
Pioneer pushed its record to 2-0 with another complete game effort.
Trailing 7-6 at halftime, the Titans adjusted behind another heady
effort by QB Ronnie Palacios and another impressive defensive

El Rancho 17, Cerritos 6
It’s too early for cries of “break up the Dons,’ but it might be time to
start practicing. El Rancho’s opportunistic defense came up with key
turnovers and a clutch stop late in the red zone, and QB Javier
Hernandez passed for two touchdowns. Most important, the Dons are in the
win column, ending a 13-game losing streak.

La Habra 44, Downey 21
It took an unimpressive scrimmage the week before and a sluggish first
quarter Friday night for the Highlanders’ to shake the cobwebs of an
offseason. The defense returned an interception and a fumble recovery
for TDs, QB Chris Morales threw for two and RB Jason rushed for another
among his 130 yards on just 13 carries.

California 19, Rowland 6
Getting the first win is always important for a new coach, and in this
case, for the players and community which hated to see the former coach
leave. The efficiency with which the Condors played provides reason for
increased optimism for lies ahead.

Schurr 27, Burbank Burroughs 7
The Spartans’ victory should lay to rest the thoughts of those who
figured the defending CIF Southeast Division champions’ cupboard is bare
of replacement parts. The defense recorded two sacks, two interceptions,
blocked a punt and did not allow the Indians inside the Schurr 35-yard
line until midway through the fourth quarter.

Whittier 41, Bell Gardens 34 (2OT)
It took Cardinals a bit longer, but their tenacity makes their victory
all the more impressive. You can’t coach staying power, it has to come
from within.

Whittier Christian 48, Mammoth 7
Aleks Schwerdt rushed for 178 yards on just 12 carries and scored four
touchdowns, two of them on receptions, to make the visitors’ seven-hour
trip home seem a lot longer. The Heralds’ offense produced 266 yards by
halftime, which might make lingering memories of last season’s potent
production machine a bit more distant.

Thursday’s games
Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary 65, Daniel Murphy 0

Not much can be said about a score like this. Second half was played with
running time. The implication is more on the lack of strength of the loser rather
than the strength of the winner. A great start by the Heralds, who obviously
can take advantage of available opportunities.

Northview 40, Montebello 14
Clearly a case of the youthful Oilers not being ready and needing more time.
The season is not lost, only the game.

Keeping in mind the season has only begun, and evidence for evaluations
might be skimpy, comments on the teams’ accomplishments, or the lack
thereof, are encouraged from those who feel compelled to share.

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  • Titan Observer

    Another consistent performance by the Titans. Next week they will face a much tougher test against Tommy Cogburn and the SEM Eagles, who played San Dimas tough.

    Ronnie Palacios continues to show why he is the better QB/DB in the area passing for over 150 yards and making key defensive plays alongside his brother Randy Palacios WR/DB. Andre Ortega delivered a performance, offensively (1 rushing TD) and defensively (1 interception returned for a TD, 2 sacks and a handful of tackles), that should get him co-player of the week recognition along with La Serna’s Rudy Jordan, who ended the night with 180+ yards and 4 TDs.

    Congratulation to Del Rio league winners: Pioneer, La Serna, Whittier, El Rancho, and California.

    TITANS: 212 degrees!!!

  • Titan Observer

    I forgot to mention. 0 week player of the week also had a handful of offensive plays that were impressive, especially his TD catch to end the half against Ontario.

    TITANS: 212!!!

  • LOL @hangn 10

    It looks like the mighty Matadors got a shut-out by Fullerton. LOL LOL LOL

  • chipper-1

    Don’t dismiss Santa Fe just yet.

    Heard some key players were sidelined and had to use some inexperienced players who let nerves get the best of them…

    We’re not out of the race yet, not by a longshot…


    Good job DRL. they are going to show everyone in the Div how tough they are going to be.
    Whittier played the toughest opponent, out of all the DRL opponents on friday. I think they will play the best opponent again this week.

  • Raul

    “Northview 40, Montebello 14
    Clearly a case of the youthful Oilers not being ready and needing more time.
    The season is not lost, only the game.”
    Are you crazy Murray? Northview would beat just about every team in this area!

  • Anonymous

    so what is Santa Fe going to cry to the CIf about THIS time?

  • ER 04

    El Rancho played very well this week. I think their offence has improved very well. They are now running the wing T. With the new coach Mr. Parsens a lot of thing are going to change. He is a much better coach than Reyna. He is the right guy for the job. El Rancho is going to win a lot more games now. I just happy that Reyna is out and Parsens is in. Well I just want to wish El Rancho the best and play hard.


    What about Norwalk would they beat almost every team in the area also.
    Come on now the oilers are a bad team with very bad coaching. The head coach is out at the end of the year.

  • SantaFe94

    Good job Donnas finally got a W, Yes Santa Fe got there ass handed to them. What can we say its a rebuild year for us, good job Flores youngster steped it up. Bye the way to the dumb ass who posted the comment about SF crying what a childish comment grow up and learn somthing about football, since you never played a down of it.

  • emanizzle

    well on comment about Santa fe….

    The line there isn’t very good, none of them has ever played more than a series before in their career, they are very inexperienced. I know this because I was on the team in recent years ago, and i started at center which is the position that has to know every aspect of the line, and me seeing the starting line in action, i wasnt impressed, again this was a couple years ago and they might have improved, but I guarantee none of them got pulled up for cif, let alone be able to start for a legendary DLR team…


  • Chiefs cant win CIF


    You’re an idiot telling people to quit it with childish comments when you are starting your post with something childish, what a moron.

  • Mike Flores

    Is it just me or does anybody else get a kick about all these El Rancho bulletins that keep being posted…it’s like please beat a good team, follow that by a league win, the maybe you can make people forget how bad you have over the last few years…and YES Santa Fe was missing their top two running backs against Warren…btw way great job by young sophomore Alex Flores in stepping up…There are a couple of things that are a given in life, The sun goes up and down, Santa Fe Football will always be in the DRL Title Hunt and El Rancho will always talk, talk, talk, they are good at something….and St. Paul will hand that ass to you to Rancho


    Santa fe 94
    You are right about what Anonymous wrote but. You should not talk or write about childish comments if you start off calling the Dons of El Rancho Donnas.Now that is childish also. Good luck this week DRL.

  • El Rancho

    Mike Flores,

    You forgot one given…
    Santa Fe will never win a football CIF title.

    What El Rancho bulletins are you talking about? there is only one post about ER in this topic.

  • Anonymous

    Titan Observer…. Well said!!!!