Week 2 predictions: Enough info’ available?

Roger Murray: Last week – 9-3; Season – 13-3
Andrew Campa: Last week – 6-6; Season – 10-6

Two games (for some teams, only one for others) into the season doesn’t
provide much additional information for prognostigators, but let’s do it

Santa Fe at Peninsula, 3 p.m. Murray (Santa Fe), Campa (Peninsula)
Has Chiefs’ soph Flores earned another shot at quarterback?
Bell Gardens at El Rancho, 7 p.m. Murray (Bell Gardens), (Bell Gardens)
Visiting Lancers might bring Dons back to earth.
California at El Monte, 7 p.m. Murray (California), Campa (California)
Can Urquiza/Meza help Condors forget Grigsby?
Cantwell at Bassett, 7 p.m. Murray (Cantwell), Campa (Cantwell)
Cardinal coach Smolin returns to former school.
La Mirada at Charter Oak, 7 p.m. Murray (Charter Oak), Campa (Charter Oak)
Matadores still nowhere near their potential.
La Serna vs. Norwalk, 7 p.m. Murray (La Serna), Campa (La Serna)
Lancers vs. Lancers: Jordan makes La Serna’s better.
Montebello at Rowland, 7 p.m. Murray (Rowland), Campa (Rowland)
Oilers’ struggles continue.
Schurr at Downey, 7 p.m. Murray (Schurr), Campa (Schurr)
Almont League pay attention, Spartans are for real.
South El Monte at Pioneer, 7 p.m. Murray (Pioneer), Campa (South El Monte)
Titans are just getting started, and in the right direction.
South Hills at La Habra, 7 p.m. Murray (La Habra), (La Habra)
One of area’s best games annually, this time Highlanders’ turn.
St. Paul at Redondo Union, 7 p.m. Murray (St. Paul), Campa (St. Paul)
Swordsmen need this one to set the record straight.

Saturday’s games:
Whittier vs. Verbum Dei, 7 p.m. Murray (Verbum Dei), Campa (Verbum Dei)
Host’s huge losses (56-0, 71-7) give Cardinals hope, but is it enough?
Whittier Christian vs. LA Baptist, 7 p.m. Murray (WChristian), Campa (WChristian)
Heralds should be close to full strength to avenge 2006 37-34 loss.

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  • SoCO

    Its about time we get some good predictions out here…

    st paul will win this week as will santa fe. Im a local of the area and i would like to say that not in my time being here have i seen a la mirada football team this bad, it was hard to watch last friday…i predict a 24-0 shut out for Charter Oak, i dont see them scoring a single point without cullen or rush this week…

    and as for norwalk, they need to get a real test which will come this week vs. la serna, we’ll see how good they really are…

  • chipper-1

    My prediction:
    santa fe..
    If the sophomore (flores) can make the plays, then let him do his thing……key players are back and hungry after helplessly watching on the sidelines last week…

  • johnsmith

    My predictions for Area Teams (that i’m interested in):

    1. Santa Fe vs. Peninsula
    > Santa Fe: They’ll be ready this time around.

    2. Bell Gardens vs. El Rancho:
    > BG: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ranch won, but from the looks of it BG will not want a repeat of what happened to them last week against another DRL team.

    3. Cal-Hi vs. El Monte
    > Cal-Hi: Cal-Hi should dominate this game. El Monte is usually not a strong team and I do not expect an upset to happen.

    4. La Mirada vs. Charter Oak:
    > Charter Oak: LM will not be ready against the powerhouse that is Charter Oak. They probably could have beaten Fullerton, but I don’t see this game to go in LM’s favor.

    5. La Serna vs. Norwalk:
    > La Serna: Norwalk’s offense is too basic and will not out smart or physically beat La Serna’s tough D.

    6. South El Monte vs. Pioneer:
    > Pioneer: Pioneer will out last and play 4 quarters hard. S. El Monte has to bring their A game to turn out an upset.

    7. South Hills vs. La Habra:
    > South Hills: Great athletes and a great program. La Habra is in the same boat but I believe if South Hills can run the ball effectively while protecting it, they’ll win this game no problem.

  • Ryan

    I think u missed the boat on the whittier vs. Verbum Dei prediction. I think u forget that Whittier dominated the game last year. Whittier is actually better on offense then they were this time last year. Definetly more balanced. I predict Whittier will win again this year.

  • kcuF regoR yarruM

    santa Fe at Peninsula, 3 p.m. santa fe goes down bad

    Bell Gardens at El Rancho, 7 p.m. EL Rancho proves their a legit team

    California at El Monte, 7 p.m. cal hi

    Cantwell at Bassett, 7 p.m.

    La Mirada at Charter Oak, 7 p.m. Charter Oak

    La Serna vs. Norwalk, 7 p.m. la serna

    Montebello at Rowland, 7 p.m. rowland

    Schurr at Downey, 7 p.m. schurr

    South El Monte at Pioneer, 7 p.m. south el monte

    South Hills at La Habra, 7 p.m. south hills

    St. Paul at Redondo Union, 7 p.m. st Paul

    Saturday’s games:

    Whittier vs. Verbum Dei, 8 p.m. close game Verbum Dei

    Whittier Christian vs. LA Baptist, 7 p.m. WC

  • Just Wondering?

    Who exactly was benched for Santa Fe and why? I was told they were ill prepared for the Warren game, blew all their 3 time outs in the 1st half within the first 12 minutes and had something like 6 or 7 delay of game penalties. No offense, penalties of that nature fall on the coaches not the players, I dont care who is in and who is on the sideline.


    Hay Murray
    When Whittier wins the game this week against the Cif champs Verbum Dei. Maybe you will start to take them seriously when you think of the teams in the DRL. Two weeks and you and Campa don’t pick Whittier. Do them a favor, don’t pick them all year, so they can be the under dogs all year.

  • skinnybuffguy

    Question, How often do you change the area rankings?
    If schurr goes 2-0 and dominates the downey game, i think that will give them a big confident boost and also that will send a message… i also think the this weeks top games are going to be the schurr game,la serna,santa fe, la habra, and the bell gardens game.

  • SF Alum

    To Just wondering….I was at the game…
    Nobody got “benched”, Fooks had been hurt in the off-season so Flores and Gaines got most of the reps, the coaches just wanted to see what the other players had…as far blaming the coaches for the early game mistakes, thats understandable but not all their fault

    For most of those players it was there first time under the varsity lights, it was just jitters, they will be in great form for friday because of that great coaching staff which had been there forever

  • Realist

    Schurr dominate downey? are you kidding? How long has it been since schurr actually upset downey? Didn’t downey beat schurr’s CIF champ team last year? I think ER and Schurr are going to be brought back to reality this week.

  • anonymous

    Is hope enough for the cardinals are you kidding me Murray? Whittier beat them soundly last year. Verbum Dei lost two division one college football players, and is coming off two losses with a combined point differential of aboutoints. Meanwhile Whittier is coming off a win of a tough Bell Gardens team. Go figure.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    SF Alum

    There is no need to explain anything to anyone in here. Let them think whatever they want as I am sure they have all come up with their own opinions. Let everyone revel over their weak preseason victories. Please think SF is in a down year and take them lightly. Its the best thing the DRL can do for SF. Preseason is what it is but once league starts all the kinks will be ironed out. You can count on that!


    Nice story on Rafael Mendez. The Whittier team is happy that he is back.

    Whittier vs Verbum Dei is at 7:00pm not 8:00pm. But I know you will not be there.
    (give Cardinals hope, but is it enough) What do the Cardinals have to do to get a little respect from you.

  • LAPreps

    I mentioned on this blog before that the DLR league champ this season could very well have two league losses this season. Expect the DLR to send four teams to the playoffs. Top to bottom, this is the best this league has looked in years! Congrats to all teams.

    With Santa Fe reaching the finals last year, and the strength of the league, hopefully this can continue and the entire league can get moved up to Div. VI. Just a thought!

    El Rancho looks pretty strong this year, but Im sure they expect a tough game with BG. It usually is every year. The Dons need to step up, lots of doubters out there…

    Good luck to all DLR teams this coming week!

  • WC Lancer


    The Del Rio League is weak this this year. No bonified stars in there this year. Santa Fe lacks stars, Cal has no stars , La Serna has jordan and thats about it. Its down but it will be open to all six teams. Theres no way you can its strong this year. But yes the champ could very well have 2 losses

  • wc alum

    I know its a few weeks away but i want to hear what the whittier fans think about the rematch with whittier christian. I anticipate a hard fought game, we earned whittier’s respect last year(and hopefully some from the rest of the DRL) so i know they will be ready to play. The game is at whittier college which is as close to neuteral as these two teams can get, slight advantage to wc becasue their home games are played there. No Camarillo this year but a very balanced offense from wc. Let me know what you guys think.

  • SP coach sucks

    Go to firePeteGonzalez.com

    SP NEEDS a new HC… I know its one game but come on!!!! There were a few stud players that left SP because of him. He’s not even a SP guy, he and his staff are from freakin CANTWIN i mean Cantwell. Has SP sunken that low? SP is now the EASY win on everyone’s schedule.

  • Ryan

    I do believe this years Whittier vs. Whittier Christian game will be a much better and closer game this year. I think Whittier went into last years game and had no respect for Whittier Christian and got caught off guard. This year Whittier will be thinking revvenge and it will be a lot tougher game. Whittier Christian played well last and beat the Cardinals handily but it will be tough for them to repeat. But overall i expect a really good game.

  • The Pioneer Titans just may be this year’s cinderella team. Don’t sell them short. Their improving talent is shored up by a no quit attitude.

  • El Rancho

    Why dont we wait a few weeks before we start claiming there are no stars in the del rio league.

  • johnsmith

    wc alum,

    whittier christian will not get respect until you move up to another division. you’re in div XIII right? that’s like almost 8-man football status. not to be mean or anything, i’m just stating what many people think.



  • johnsmith


    Please tap the capslock key again, trying to read your comment is too hard on the eyes. As much as I like the fact that you stand behind your coach, it still does not take away the fact that you need to calm down and be a humble guy. People are going to talk smack because they don’t know much about the situation. People like that are always on the outside looking in and cannot grasp the whole concept that goes on behind the scenes. Show your son that you have more class by not responding to these immature and stupid comments in the future.

  • Former Lancer

    I personally think that La Serna High is committing a huge error in not starting Ben Burke. This kid is a natural quarterback who needs the playing time in the pre-season to gain the keys to lead La Serna to a Championship in the Del Rio League. Lets be honest… the past 4 years La Serna has had one of the most underrated defenses in the league. They are a force to be rekoned with and they have Nick Alverez, Kyle Gluck, Oscar Orozco, Abel Rameriez, and Joe Cannon. Lancer Pride Baby

  • johnsmith

    Former Lancer,

    From one former lancer to another, why would you make such a statement about Ben Burke. Are you in the know or just speculating from the outside. He got playing time last week and knows the offense. Plus he is playing defense so he is still contributing to the team. Let the coaches make the calls. Oh yeah, and let’s not hype up the Lancers too much already, we got a long way to go.

  • SF Alum

    Santa Fe vs. Peninsula
    Santa Fe will be better and much more prepared on the field this time.

    St. Paul vs. Redondo
    St. Paul because of there tough D but Offensive play calling has to improve in order to compete down the road

    Bell Gardens vs. El Rancho
    BG it will be close but BG is tougher

    Cal-Hi vs. El Monte
    Cal-Hi by alot

    La Mirada vs. Charter Oak
    Charter Oak…good team against a down LM team

    La Serna vs. Norwalk
    LS and Jordan run all over them

    South El Monte vs. Pioneer
    Pioneer plays another fairly easy game and gets a victory

    South Hills vs. La Habra
    La Habra in a great high scoring game between two perenial top teams

    Schurr vs. Downey
    Schurr is a defensive battle

  • blogger

    Go to fire coach,
    Come on your a jerk. I’m sure you went to St.Paul and I’m sure your one of the guys who didn’t get the job. I’m also a St. Paul parent and I sure hope one day down the line my son doesn’t conduct himself like you do. Try something different like supporting the program and keeping your mouth shut. My son and his friends respect Coach Gonzalez and his staff. It must be nice not to be on the field at all and be such a big critic. Go St. Paul and coaches thank you for all your hard work.

  • wc alum


    You pointed out that were in division XIII and that is why we will not receive respect from people. WC thumped whittier 41-13; the same whittier team who finshed third in the DRL and played the first and second place teams extremely tough. Ask Cal High how thier JV program did against ours a couple of years ago, those WC JV teams did not have Camarillo on the team and WC easily one two years in a row. those kids our juniors and seniors now. I agree WC needs to move up to a higher division and continue to win there to gain everyones respect. But those who know footbal can look at division XIII and see that the top of the division is very strong.(the bottom is very weak) Last years final four; WC, Brentwood, Maranatha and St. Mar’s are all very good teams and could all hold their own in the DRL. Come to the game against whittier and see for yourself. Whittier fans i still want to hear what you guys think about this years game.

  • LBpower

    What a moron, Grow up and stop posting idiotic comments… clueless.


    if santa fe plays like there jv they will have there second loss.that jv team is sad first they get beat by a crapy warren team then get beat by a horrible peninsula team

  • L Garcia

    I agree with SP coach sucks, Its funny how everyone HAS to be behind PG, its ok to have a negative opinion. SVAUGHN lighten up dude, if your happy your kid is on the bench and is use as a tackling dummy during practice, thats cool. SP Coach Suck don’t be such a di*k i’m sure PG will get this team to win at least 4 wins. Who does SP play next, THE SISTERS OF MERCY?

  • The Beast

    I think “The Ranch”will be at least 500 this year.Coach Parsons will Definetly re-vamp the program but it will take time.The problem is we had tha knucklehead reyna who never played a down of El Rancho football.As far as the del-rio league goes the majority of coaches with some success have played for the ranch or some type of Pico football.Im a former ranch hand and it has killed me to watch such a great program rich in tradition and self pride go down hill with a few bad coaching decisions.we will be back new offense ,new coach, and most importantly a new attitude. GO RANCH!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    SF vs Penninsula – SF
    BG vs ER – ER
    Cal Hi vs El Monte – Cal
    Cantwell vs Bassett – Cantwell
    LM vs CO – CO
    La Serna vs Norwalk – LS
    Montebello vs Rowland – Rowland
    Schurr vs Downey – Downey
    SEM vs Pioneer – Pioneer
    SH vs LH – SH
    SP vs RU – SP
    Whittier vs Verbum Dei – Verbum Dei
    WC vs. LA Baptist – WC

  • elrancho

    SF vs Penninsula – SF
    BG vs ER – ER
    Cal Hi vs El Monte – Cal
    Cantwell vs Bassett – Cantwell
    LM vs CO – CO
    La Serna vs Norwalk – LS
    Montebello vs Rowland – Rowland
    Schurr vs Downey – Downey
    SEM vs Pioneer – Pioneer
    SH vs LH – SH
    SP vs RU – SP
    Whittier vs Verbum Dei – Verbum Dei
    WC vs. LA Baptist – WC

  • kevin

    I think this year Roosevelt high school is going to beat Garfield high school. So far Roosevelt is 2-0

  • johnsmith

    wc alum,

    personally I did not mean to call you guys weak, but c’mon whittier christian has just started to get some buzz. why don’t you wait till they win more and move up in divisions. you can throw out all the stats you want but as long as you are in div XIII you will not get the respect you feel that you deserve. Also, when you state that those four teams you mentioned could only “hold their own” against the DRL is just not a great statement. Holding your own doesn’t get you respect in the DRL.

    Oh and on a more personal note… don’t ever try to state that I do not know football.(“But those who know footbal can look at division XIII and see…”) I played football at the high school and college level and am now coaching. I was All area, DRL league, and CIF player (all first teams)who played in the 605 game and in the San Gabriel All-Star Game. So excuse me if you think I am bragging but I resent anyone saying that I do not know football, no matter if the comment was direct or not.

    In the future I’ll read about how you did against Whittier. Your little quarrel with the Cardinals doesn’t excite me enough to watch.

  • wc alum


    If you are now coaching why are you posting on this blog at 4:23 pm? It seems like you should be coaching at this time and even if you don’t start practice till later your time would be better spent preparing for practice, watching film, or putting together game plans; not posting on this blog. Your autobiography lost alot of credibility when i looked at the time of the post. You said that my little quarell with the cardinals doesn’t excite you enough to watch. Instead you will post on this blog about a team you have never seen. However my quarell with the cardinals excited you enough to comment on my original post which was directed to whittier fans. I wasn’t trying to question your knowledge of the game, I was pointing out that you are willing to comment about div XIII with no knowledge of the div.

  • who cares

    what happend i thought SP was supposed to get health against RU.so what excuses are we useing this week all the hype and transfers and 0-2 WOW


    way to go santa fe maybe you can start to dominate like you know how just fine tune that machine

  • Dashiell Verstegen (aka Johnsmith)

    wc alum,

    You truly are an ignorant fool. I coach JV football at La Serna. I never stated that I was a varsity coach. Even so, why would a varsity coach study game film, put together a game plan, and prepare for practice on GAME DAY. How old are you anyway, did you just graduate from high school or are you just naive?

    The reason why I replied to your post is that I am tired of Whittier Christian and other schools BEGGING (or hoping)for respect. Just let the kids play! If they are good then they are good, I’m simply saying that most of the community will not give you that respect just because you have played one or two DRL teams.

    Also, I don’t need to know the specifics of your division because you are DIV. XIII. I don’t care if you “think” that teams in your division can “hold their own” against DRL teams. I just don’t care. My main beef with you is that you seem to beg or hope that you got respect from the DRL. Once again, people from the area will not give you respect until you move up in div.

    And yet again on a personal note (not that this whole reply hasn’t been somewhat personal) don’t you ever pass judgement on me because of the time that I posted a comment. That sir is just stupid. You don’t know me and if you want to then find out. You know my name now.

  • blogger

    who cares? that sounds about right. SP was sluggish but pulled it out at the end. After halftime the old SP came out to play football. All you people who were hoping for 0-2 sorry its not going to happen. Good luck SP stay healthy. We got a long road ahead of us.

  • Fan

    SP is 1-1.


    my bad SP1-1 i was given wrong score

  • Wow!

    Hey SP LUVR, JV games are about learning and development. Winning is nice but who cares its all about getting your players ready for the next level. If JV games are so important why arent you going to St Paul JV games??? Oh maybe you are part of their recruiting staff??? Just Wondering!

  • Anonymous

    Actually Sp is 1-1….the offense picked up where they left off against servite in the first half…but second half they showed great potential….the D was lights out the 2nd quarter on


    umm blogger who cares:

    SP is 1-1 not 0-2

  • SP Corrector

    Attention SP LUVR:
    Go back to Saint Paul and learn some grammar! Wile you are at it, learn how to spell!! When you are done with that, maybe you will realize its just a JV game? Oh that great Saint Paul education, its priceless.

  • Anonymous

    Titans keep rocking that field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Titans

  • wc alum


    I forgot it was friday when i was reading your post, i realized it once i submitted the entry, sorry my bad. However that does not change much, I still believe your time as a jv coach could be better spent on friday afternoon. Did your team play on thursday? If they did isn’t there game film to breakdown; secondly you have a game next week right? The point i was trying to make is maybe you should focus on coaching and let us the fans post on these blogs. Why are you so angry? Is it because I brought up Whittier High? a team that handled your alma mater last year(I am presuming you went to LS), but lost to Whittier Christian, who in your words is almost 8-man football status. Your name means nothing to me, i don’t know the names of La Serna’s JV staff, and i don’t remember your name from your playing days, sorry.

  • dashiell

    wc alum,

    breaking down JV film? you kidding? Most JV games don’t get filmed and even if it was, I have got a life and breaking down film is not needed on a friday afternoon. Yes we play thursdays bro, and I’m sorry but coachs can’t be fans? Why wasn’t I informed? Oh and I’m not really angry, just annoyed at some of the stupid comments you make. I don’t care how your team beat Whittier last year. An no math equations and scientific logic don’t figure into football. By your logic since you beat Whittier, and since Whittier beat us (yes I went to LS), then you would definetely beat LS. Really now? It just doesn’t happen like that.

    I’m not asking you to remember my name, I’m just throwing it out there because now you know who I am and what I do. Just so you don’t think that I’m just a fan. And why would I expect you to know me from my playing days, I was an OT, linemen hardly ever get their name in the paper. So nice attempt on trying to insult me.

    And for the last time, Whittier Christian is almost 8-man football status. I don’t care if you beat Whittier, I don’t care if you win your League or Division, just move up if you guys are that good. You won’t get any respect from the DRL (until you move up in Divisions)and that is that.

    Oh and you never answered my question, did you just recently graduate or are you just a naive fan? But seriously dude hope WC does good and I hope you guys move up in Divisions soon. I’m not trying to diss WC; I just don’t like the stuff you say.

    So I consider the matter closed and hope that we can stop arguing about whatever we started arguing about. Agreed?

  • dashiell

    SP Corrector,

    You spelt ‘while’ wrong.

  • wc alum


    I was not trying to insult you when i said ” i don’t remember you from your playing days”, you could have played 30 years ago for all I know. WC is in a lower div, neither I or the kids on the team have control of that. They don’t have control of the teams on their schedule either; but when they do get a chance to play a team from a higher div they do have a say in the outcome. We beat a good Whittier team and it deserves to be noticed. I agree we need to move up in div to receive respect from the entire area. Hopefully we can compete with whittier again this year for my own pride. I realize you don’t care about div XIII and thats fine with me. I will agree to end all this, hopefully you, this blog, and I will be around for a while and we can continue this debate when wc moves up in div. I graduated in 2002, before wc started getting a little buzz. I enjoyed the debate, I apologize for the whole thing getting a little personal, that was not my intention. We just don’t agree and thats ok. Good luck to you and your team. Oh yeah one last thing, I would really like for you to go to the whittier game and tell me what you think of WC as a football. Believe it or not, but I really would like to hear your critique of the team.

  • dashiell

    wc alum,

    I think this is the first comment in which I agree with you, haha. But seriously I apologize for the whole getting personal thing as well. It is just hard to know where a person is coming from on these blogs (sometimes; i.e. the phrase “your team sucks” is very direct), especially when all you have to go on is text. I do think WC players deserve recognition, but I know it will be hard to obtain in this area. (Believe me I know)

    Also, thanks for letting me know what age range you are. I graduated in 04 and it is always nice to know basic info about a person you are debating with. It just allows me to get a better sense from where you are coming from.

    Well with all that said, I am know officially retiring from this blog. This ‘blog’ is just another place to congregate and talk down about one anothers parents, sons, team, and school. It is just not my style and I hope in the future the site owner decides to be more selective in approving these comments. Good luck to all area teams this year.

  • SP Corrector

    Thanks Dash,
    I dont know how that got by spell check?

  • SP Corrector

    Thanks Dash,
    It slipped by spell check.
    SP LUVR Maybe we have the same spell check?

  • DeVaughn Egans

    Let’s get one thing straight! IF anyone knows WHITTIER AREA High School Football we all know “WC” for years where wining LG Championship’s and CIF Title’s. The 80’s thru 90’s just re-call this name Rex Chapman and many other’s. But just like Whittier High we can’t live in the past, times have changed and the game now is much bigger! Every team deserves RESPECT and especially when teams have been winners but like I said it’s not what you’ve done before it’s are you wining CHAMPIONSHIP’s and maintaing a level of CONSISTENCY NOW! For any school in this area to get any respect! You better take a page out of La Habra, and Santa Fe’s note book of what to do. But as you look around WHITTER has done that and also added some of there own directiion to the plan and there making it work. WHITTIER WILL CHALLENGE FOR the DEL RIO LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP!

    DeVaughn Egans “92”