Week 2: Area teams make comebacks

After suffering some surprising losses in Week 1, a couple of area teams
made impressive turnarounds this week.
And others made turnarounds not so impressive:

Santa Fe 28, Peninsula 22
Chiefs defense tough in second half, Turner’s two TDs spark offense

St. Paul 17, Redondo Union 16
Defense provides time for offense to rally from 16-0 down, Haynes has 148 yards.

La Serna 28, Norwalk 12
QB Ben Burke 6-8-164-3TDs, Rudy Jordan 19-107 as Lancers improve 2-0

Pioneer 29, South El Monte 14
Matt Botello 105 yards and a touchdown to go with a 33-yard scoring reception.

California 33, El Monte 6
Jasper Meza 101 yards (10.1 ypc) and 2 TDs, Blake Barragan 72-yard scoring punt return.

Charter Oak 27, La Mirada 0
Matadores can’t win if they can’t score.

La Habra 31, South Hills 6
Defense, special teams sparkle as Highlanders play like Division contenders.

Cantwell 40, Bassett 6
Cardinals tuning up for meeting with St. Paul next week.

Bell Gardens 27, El Rancho 16
Dons can’t hold third quarter lead, despite Hernandez’s 11-21-159-1TD passing.

Rowland 32, Montebello 26
Oilers waste quarterback Eli Mendibles’ 61-yard touchdown run.

Downey 42, Schurr 23
Spartans’ early advantage erased when Vikings score on four consecutive possessions.

Tonight’s schedule:
Whittier vs. Verbum Dei, at Compton Centennial HS, 7 p.m.
Whittier Christian vs. LA Baptist, at Alemany HS, 7 p.m.

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  • anonymous

    I’m not a santa fe fan but i noticed a lot of el rancho people talking a lot of smack about them. I think the El Rancho fans need to relax i know one win is already a hell of a lot more then u got last year but come on. Santa Fe went to the finals and you went winless last year. Nobody cares what u did 30 years ago the kids playing were even alive the last time El Rancho won a cif title. Give credit where credit is due. Santa Fe has won 7 league titles since you’ve won your last one. I’m glad to see your improving from last year and excited but talking all that smack makes your Bell Gardens loss look worse. Santa Fe just bounced back and beat a solid Penninsula team. Good luck in your season but relax it’s only game two there will be many ups and downs for the entire del rio league.

  • Not surprisingly, DRL teams won four of five games this week, Santa Fe, La Serna, CalHi, and PiHi, with Whittier kicking of tomorrow. Only El Rancho fell short.

    While SF bounced back from last weeks loss, they seemed to struggle. La Serna and Pioneer were pretty solid. Cal was the beneficiary of a sloppy El Monte team that had trouble hanging onto the pigskin.

    The weekend’s big question might be, what went down over at Schurr? So much for winning streaks and unbeatables. What a spanking Downey gave the Spartans.

  • elrancho

    I liked what I saw in the first half, but we need to work on those special teams, we just cant open up games giving up kick returns for TD’s. Other than that KR for a TD in the first half ER was shutting them down big time, I believe they had about 50 total yds in the first half. Once again we move the ball all over the field and then we stall in the red zone, in the 1st half we went into the red zone 4 times, and came away with only 10 points, thats just unnacceptable and we cannot do that once league starts. I liked the way our defense played for the most part. The turnover late in the game inside our own 20 did us in. I really liked our offense, its very well balanced, 324 total yds to 266 for BG but yds are not what win ball games. I like our fire and passion, its just something I havent seen at ER for a while now, we still have a great season ahead of us, go Dons!!

  • Friar Guy

    St. Paul, are you kidding me? That was flat out ugly. I expected to see much more than that.

  • 2X LOL @hangn 10

    La Mirada shut-out again!

  • Fan

    Once again, Downey= Schurr’s Daddy

  • Dan

    Whats up with all you whittier area posters, this board is dead, come on & start posting, take a look at the saturday morning thread on the tribune blog & you’ll see almost 200 post, you guy’s have some decent teams down here, that I still keep tabs on cause I use to live in the area,why don’t you all start writing about them, its 2:00 pm on Sat. & there is 0 post about last nights game, thats sad, I’m glad I moved to West Covina 14 years ago.

  • SF Alum

    Santa Fe great win and great coaching making halftime adjustments and coming back to win the game after halftime…and the scary part is that they are still missing starters, one includes their leading rusher from last years team…

    St. Paul just physically manhandled Redondo after giving up two early scores…I just hope that a passing game comes soon to go with that running game and smash mouth defense…

    great job by the rest of the DRL too Cal Hi, La Serna, and Pioneer (whittier bye, but at least they beat BG last week)

  • SoCO

    well…what a week….

    not to boast or anything but my four predictions were all right last week…

    saint paul won, oh what a comeback they made, showed great resiliency, and maybe the coaches do know a little something…with a young squad parents and fans will need to be a little more patient with this group..could this be the game that turns the season around??

    santa fe won, which was a little less suprising than was the st. paul win, none the less a hard fought one against penninsula, and no mahlstede hasnt given up, give me a break…look for them to challenge la serna for the del rio title..And QB Flores is not bad at all, its very hard for a
    15 year old kid to adjust to speeds with some 18 year old grown men. Give him and the line 2 more games and im sure things will fix themselves and we’ll see those dominating performances we are all used to seeing out of the cheifs.

    Charter oak made la mirada look more like a scout team for their defense as the matadores were shut out for the 2nd straight week, 27-0…some “game of the week”…i dont see this team getting by st.paul,mayfair, or bellflower….possibly the first sub .500 season in decades for la mirada….ouch, at least 22 years(since we moved to the city), and if the stats are right, they managed 74 yards off offense the entire game? there is an eerie similarity to notre dame here, a once powerful force crumbling quicker than mount st. helens…
    good luck to them next week

    i didnt hear much about the norwalk game except la serna played very well and kept it out of reach 28-12….weak schedule showed its effects…



  • I went to the La Serna game against Norwalk.There defense is good but I bet there offense couldn’t have had 50 yards in the first half and Rudy Jordan did nothing with 8 or 9 in the box. In the 3 qtr with about 6 minutes to go, they put Burke in at QB all of there points were scored after that. They would have lost if they did not make a QB change. Someone in the stands said that the other QB’s father is a coach at LS, regardless, if LS wants to win league and have a chance to go deep into the playoffs with Burke at QB they have a chance.

  • rooseveltalum74

    Hey this is insane the S.G.V side flat out dominates in the passion catigory when it comes to football anyway here is my point St Paul did a wonderful job on friday night coming back from 16 zip,

    Not only were some good adjustments made, but they have a great bunch of young kids and they really stepped it up to hold on, come back and finish the game strong.

    The coaching staff showed some tough shit, to not get rattled and made some needed changes and keep the ship on course.

    Redondo beats anyone in the area by at least two T.D.’s and servite would slaughter anyone else by 62 or 70 to zip, no need to comment all you little SQUIRREL’S out there the truth hurts.

    And to all the rest on S.P. schedule the beatings begin now and will continue until furthur notice.

  • blogger

    Hey Friar guy, I’m sure SP will do their best to try and please YOU one day. Why don’t you leave SP alone and worry about Servite? Come on bro show some class that you demand and keep your mouth shout. Once again SP wanted to play that bad.
    Once SP scored it looked like the old SP team, hopefully were all awake and ready for some football.

  • Peter Griffin

    I bet PG will throw the game against Cantwell his heart still bleeds Cantwell Red!!!!

  • what the …..?

    If Cantwell beats SP the players should take the sword off there helmets. hell they should take them off right now. Cantwell’s going to tear them a new one after seeing their performance against RU.

  • Blame Murray

    The reason why this blog lags is because every message is screened by Murray first before it’s posted. So, if Murray decides to take the weekend off, we don’t see posts till Monday!

  • SPparent

    Hey Peter Griffen, I feel ashamed for you to post a statement like that. Its a shame that some people will never grow up. Life is too short to go around hating. What happens is SP wins? will PG still bleed red? of course he will thats the school he went to he obviously loves SP and don’t forget he is a SP parent. So try to show some class. I’m a parent and I know the coaches and kids will do go out there and get the job done.

  • The Corrector

    Hey SoCO,
    What are you talking about? Flores didnt play against Peninsula. Fooks played all 48 min, and had a solid second half. La serna might challenge Santa Fe for the league crown. Not the other way around.

    SF Alum,
    Whittier played Verbium Dei on Saturday night. Lost 10 to 7 but played real tough. Look out Whittier is for real.

  • blogger

    I’m really shocked by the stupidity of that comment that Peter Griffen made. Lets see Saturday morning how much loyaly Coach Gonzalez has for Cantwell, after we have the score. So do us a favor and save your ridiculous comments. I wonder will this ever stop I agree with the SPparent, he is a St. Paul parent himself. If he is so loyal to Cantwell why didn’t his children go there? give it a rest. Go St. Paul.

  • Glenn Quagmeyer

    I agree with Peter Griffen, SP will throw the game. Of course his kids go there FREE TUITION!! he’s sucks as a coach but smart as a parent..

  • SP Fan #1

    Hey Friar Guy,

    I believe JJimenez asked you to educate him (us) in your traditional drills after the game. You mentioned that SP had disrespected you guys. Where is the explanation?

  • SoCO

    hey The Correcter,

    Where did i ever say flores played against penninsula? look back at my post and next time make sure you thoroughly read a comment before you make one.

    “And QB Flores is not bad at all, its very hard for a
    15 year old kid to adjust to speeds with some 18 year old grown men. Give him and the line 2 more games and im sure things will fix themselves and we’ll see those dominating performances we are all used to seeing out of the cheifs.”

    thanks for your attempt though, i actually unlike many know my stuff.


  • Joseph Gonzalez

    Glenn Quagmeyer ? Who the hell are you? I have never even heard of you.What do you know about St.Paul coach that i dont know? I get it, just another bitter non-athlete that dont know his head from his ass! Throw the game, your a joke! Coach Gonzalez is preparing the same way they do every week. I speak with facts , not out my ass like you Quackmeyer. Like ive told everyone else, get in line if your so smart. Its real easy to coach outside the box. Be a man and lets see what your made of. I too went to Cantwell and im happy with the success there having, but by all means, there in big trouble Friday night. I just hope no-one gets hurt. Its so typical that ive never heard of you and im sure no one else has either.Did you even play football? Quackmeyer?

  • Googled it

    FYI to Joseph Gonzalez

    Glenn Quagmire (sometimes spelled Glen) is a character on the animated series, Family Guy, best known for his sexual deviancy.

    Someone is trying to be funny–you probably shouldn’t read too much into blogging names–even if they reveal who they “really” are.

  • Glenn Quagmeyer

    Well Al Bundy (i scored 4 TD in 1 game) Gonzalez. Yes I played and know good coaching and PG sucks. What the hell does “Did you play football” have to do with anything? Don’t be bitter and take critizism. Watch!! after the season’s over SP will have a new coach. They should’ve hired Willig to begin with.

  • SPparent

    Come on guys try and show some support and some kind of class. My son is on the football team and he loves his coaches and teammates. These kids read these blogs. Everybody has a right to their opinion, but the negativity keeps coming from the same crowd. Please stop this nonsense! If you can’t support the team don’t say nothing at all. All the name calling and questions about what you can do or can’t do are pathetic. When the season is over lets then blog about who will be coach or who wont so for now just be quiet on things you cant back up. I say that because none of us can make that decision. As a parent were hoping Coach Gonzalez will not go anywhere. One more thing I’m sure Coach Gonzalez will give everything St. Paul has on Friday night for a victory. Go Swordsmen!!

  • SP alum

    Yes let’s stop the MADNESS!! but he does have a point they should’ve hired Willig.


  • Just Asking

    Hey, SoCO your post does not make any sense!! If you are talking about this year. Why mention Flores When Fooks is the Starter?

  • spectator

    Aaron Turner all area running back??
    Hes averaging over 8 yards a carry an a TD every game you better look out DRL hes only a jr.!