WEEK 3: Get ’em while they’re hot …

Thursday’s games

Montclair vs. La Serna, at California HS, 7 p.m.
La Habra at Westminster, 7 p.m.
Friday’s games
Montebello at El Rancho, 7 p.m.
St. Paul at Cantwell Sacred Heart, 7 p.m.
Whittier at South El Monte, 7 p.m.
Paramount at La Mirada, 7 p.m.
Hacienda Height Wilson at Schurr, 7 p.m.
Bassett at California, 7 p.m.
Pioneer vs. Gladstone, at Citrus College, 7 p.m.
Santa Fe at Huntington Park, 7 p.m.
Saturday’s games
St. Margaret’s vs. Whittier Christian, at Whittier College, 7 p.m.

The week’s big game?
For sheer rivalries sake, how about Montebello at El Rancho, or St. Paul at Cantwell Secred Heart (and it’s newly sodded field)?
Or maybe Saturday night’s game at Whittier College between St. Margaret’s, the Northeast Division’s defending champion and ranked No. 1 in this week’s poll, vs. Whittier Christian, ranked No. 4 in a big jump from No. 8 last week?
It was St. Margaret’s that ended the Heralds’ fine season a week short of their goal by handing them a 35-21 setback in the Northeast Division semifinals a year ago.
The rest of the area teams in this week’s CIF polls:
La Habra, No. 2 in the Southeast Diviison
La Serna, No. 3 (Southeast)
Cantwell Sacred Heart, No. 3 (Mid-Valley)
California, No. 4 (Southeast)
Santa Fe, No. 6 (Southeast)
St. Paul, No. 6 (Western)
Schurr, No. 8 (Southeast)
Pioneer (No. 9 (Southeast)

Nine out of 13 area schools ranked among the Top 10 teams in their respective divisions.
Not too shabby!

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  • SF Alum

    I can’t wait for St. Paul vs Cantwell…I have never been a follower of SP football until my lil bro transferred there but i can’t wait to see to see this rivalry game…and my other lil bro still goes to SF so I wanna see how they do against a unfamiliar team on their schedule in HP…it will also be interesting to see if Pioneer, La Serna, and Cal Hi keep their winning ways and if Schurr can bounce back against a tradtionally tough HH Wilson team

  • Anonymous


  • SPfan

    I think Cantwell will be packed out, I’m sure all St. Paul fans will get there early. Good luck to both schools and hopefully we’ll see a good game. Cantwell has been blowing everybody out of the water. Go St. Paul.

  • jv1

    Please don’t write that there is any type of rivalry between St. Paul and Cantwell. Just because there are located somewhat close together does not mean that any type of rivalry exists.

    Cantwell football is a joke, and if St. Paul does not blow them out by 42, then St. Paul should be embarrassed. Their own alumni don’t think that they can stay within 5 touchdowns of St. Paul. Just look at all the fine football players/coaches that Cantwell has produced……………………….exactly I cant think of any .

    St. Paul guys (not the transfers who are bringing a bad name to the school by drawing all those personal fouls and acting like idiots on the sideline to draw attention to themselves) play St. Paul football and it will be over at half. Cantwell is the softest team youll play all year, guaranteed!!!!!

  • Cantwell Fan/Parent

    St. Paul better not under estimate Cantwell, as last week, Redondo had them beat and stopped playing hard, thinking the game was over at 16-0. St. Paul played a great second half and Redondo played scared.

  • SF Alum


    I have been to both St. Paul games and i didn’t see any significant transfers getting personal fouls and giving your school a “bad name” I saw Aubrey Haynes carry St. Paul against Servite (until he got cramps) and Redondo no personal fouls, David Flores making tackles no personal fouls, and Gabriel Encinas make your only catch against Servite and make plays on special teams no personal fouls…so don’t bash the tranfers they are making plays…

  • Red Bird

    What do St. Paul and Notre Dame have in common? Both teams have not won a chmampionship since the 80’s.
    Congratulations on your 1 point victory over mighty Redondo Union.
    Upset special, Cantwell over the slow and poorly coached Swordsmen.
    Pete “Napolean” Gonzalez wins either way!


    I hear so many parent and students from local schools trying to talk bad about our SP. I need to take this time to correct all those hatters drinking all that haterade. St. Paul has a good thing going and I believe we can once again become a force, just like those day of Coach A.

    Go Swordsmen

    Alumni Class of 92

  • Highschool Football Fan

    I think that the
    SP-Cantwell game is going to be a better match up than most people might think. SP is a very good team with some coaching deficiencies that will be ironed out by seasons end. Cantwell is an up and coming program with very good athletes. I think SP is favored just by the level of football they play but it should closer than most people think. I really dont understand the personal attacks on the players and people on this blog. I was under the impression that this a football blog not a center to hide behind a computer and insult people. People should just grow up and start praising the positive things that the coaches and players do. As far as the SP coaches are concerned obviously not everyone likes what they call but they are their trying to get the job done and that should be acknowledged. These blogs are more detrimental to the kids that play more than anything. Good Luck to SP and the coaches and kids may you stay free from injury and have a succesful season. For all the haters grow up.

  • Ryan

    Mark my words no way Canwell beats St. Paul. Cantwell would be lucky if they could beat any team in the area. This will be a blow out.

  • blogger

    I don’t even have a child at St. Paul but I’m shocked and I also agree with HSfootballfan its shocking how bad these fans talk about their school. Bottom line they don’t have to like the coaches or the play calling but support the school and show some class. Good luck to all schools and we pray for a safe season for all.

  • Al

    You know what the St. Paul fans remind me of? The very same fans that said UCLA would lose to USC…oops! The very same fans that said Appalachian State would lose to Michigan….oops! The are the same fans stating that Cantwell doesn’t have a chance. Guess what? You’re in for a big OOPS! I’ll be here monday for your apologies to CSHM. Which is where I’ll read that your coaching staff has to go.

  • edog

    all you guys talk a lot of smack about the coaches from st.paul if you have something bad to say about them say it to there face, if not shut up.and as far friday goes cantwell is gonna get a wake up call by saint paul Cantwell is gonna get killed,and if cantwell does that little dance before the game its over because that means saint paul will have to wake it up again and ther done

  • Red Dog

    E-Dog is E-Dumb. His post is so poorly written I could hardly figure out what it as about. E-Dog, I hope you are 8 years old because that was bad.
    Coach Mini-Me is going to get rolled this weekend. SP is small, slow and poorly coached. Come on down St. Paula!!

  • durkah

    i think its hilarious that all the st paul fans/coaches/players are talking smack that they are going to kill cantwell, technically they should kill cantwell, they are 7 divisions higher. why would st paul schedule a game against a team they are going to kill? why doesn’t the head coach(cantwell alumni) want to exchange game tape? i think its going to be a good game and st paul has everything to lose and cantwell has nothing to lose. the joke is on st paul they look like a joke for even scheduling a division 10 team.

  • blogger

    Hey why don’t you guys all shut up. You sound so ridiculous. Bottom line you guys are all people who need to get over your own high school years. Let the kids play, I know these kids play their hearts out. Who cares who can spell or not you guys act like your something special who can dictate the scores & coaches. Who even cares of who your opinion? Lets hit the blogs on Saturday it really won’t matter because if SP wins or not you guys will just complain about something or someone else. Seriously pull out your old jerseys and wear them around to try to make yourself feel good. Oh, the jerseys probally won’t fit you anymore.

  • anonymous

    st.paul is just a bunch of short stocky steroid taking arrogant football players that think theyre better than everyone. cantwell and st.paul is a very good matchup. neither team has recently won a championship, let alone cantwell hasnt won any. but they are building up one remarkable program. on the other hand,st.paul is scared, their coach is scared. what coach who is so confident that they will blow out cantwell, not want to exchange game tapes?? obviously he is feared by the cardinals along with their coaching staff.im sure he is regretting the very day that he scheduled a matchup with division 10 cantwell.he does not know what he got himself into. st.paul is gonna go in too cocky and confident,and end up at the end of the game, getting a wake up call. come friday we will see a great game that will be remembered by many.

  • SPfan

    Hey Red Dog, your going to be eating crow Saturday morning. Your definetly a hater. We’ll see when we go down to your school what the score is. Cantwell has been running the score up and instead of having a little dignity and let the kids play on the field its people like you that make us want to roll all over Cantwell. Good luck Swordsmen, get the job done.

  • blogger

    Wow, durkah good points. Why did Servite play SP? because SP thought they had a chance to win. Yes we all know they didn’t. Bottom line SP knew what they were getting themselves into just as Cantwell does. Cantwell has been blowing crappy teams out of the water and thats ok? Listen to what your saying only Cantwell fans can say all this crap. Your right about one thing SP should beat Cantwell. You go and talk crap about the films, spare us have a heart to heart with your coaches, their behavior is not ideal either. Go St. Paul.

  • Shock the World

    Get ready SP we are about to shock the world!. You have no size, no speed, no QB and no coaching. Forget the player transfers, you guys need coach transfers. Do not underestimate us, we can play. Let’s get it on Softee’s.

  • ftbfan

    Come on now. Lets not advertise that St.Paul is 7 divisions higher than Cantwell. I’m a firm beleiver that sometimes those brackets are wacked anyways. I trip out on how brutal the St.Paul fans are. I went to the playoff game last year and I was really impressed by the St.Paul coaching staff. So I don’t know whats going on. I think St.Paul has some over zealous alumni that don’t know how to keep their mouths shout. I think St.Paul will prevail Friday night. Cantwell has been blowing teams away so this will be good to see what their made of too!

  • blogger

    short, stocky & arrogant? o.k. thats funny to say. St. Paul has no room to be cocky right now their still getting their team together. For the record our kids are not on steroids that’s a pretty stupid thing to say. This sounds more personal than positive. Lets all pray for safety for all kids. May the best team win!

  • Anonymous

    Dude…..surprised they let you go online during computer class to post. Based on your post it looks like you have missed way too many English classes.

    But we do appreciate the bulletin board material.

    Blowouts of Salesian and Daniel Murphy….whats the problem…Montebello, Pico or Santa Fe Springs JAA teams not available?

    Personally, I find it admirable the Coach Smolin wants to schedule the likes of St. Paul in order to upgrade his program but you guys will be getting a reality check tomorrow night. Kind of like you guys did last year when you started 7-0 against Pop Warner teams. How did you guys do in the playoffs? Oh yeah, that’s right…you guys didn’t make it and had to watch SF, SP and Schurr go to the playoffs.

    Come back with your smack when you are ready to play with the big boys.

  • SP Fan #1

    Hey anonymous,

    What are you talking about????? You are correct about the height; however, you are forgetting that they play with heart and pride. Because of these two important factors, it makes them dangerous. They will not go down easy; they will come back and come back until it takes every piece of strength of their little bodies to win. Thats what St. Paul teaches their players. The saying Once a Swordsman always a Swordsman is true. You will see! GO ST. PAUL!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Word on the street is Rosenthal will be out due to a concussion sustained at practice



  • When, where, at what levels and how long have you played and coached?.

    This site should be a thought driven, open minded place for ideas, and yes rivalry with a sense of respect. Being inconsiderate for the Players along with the bitter disrepect for those in Coaching merely shows some of you are most likely the underachiever types that just need a place to vent. Now let’s get to some facts: Our Players may have average size and speed, however they are strong and well conditioned. They know they’re in one of the most profiled Football Programs in the area playing in Div. III, never looking past an opponent en route to reaching the goal of another title game appearance.
    By choice they attend St. Paul. Focusing first on education and the positive changes and opportunites on campus, then the solidity of the Program and exposure due to the strength of their opponents. St. Paul’s Football Program is on the right track. One way to find out who’s the best Team in the “area” would be for any League Champ, Div. Champ or Semi-Finalist to schedule St. Paul next preseason or the following. The other is obvious: Start from the top at Div. I, then work down through Div. XIII and see who has accomplished more based on scheduling and outcome. As for the anti-St. Paul bloggers and grandstand know-it-alls, you may not ever really know what it takes. We back Coach Gonzales, Coach Jimenez, Coach Morales and all of the other many Coaches and Staff. May the Lord keep all Players free of injury, the Teams, Staffs, along with all involved safe this Thursday, Friday & Saturday. “GO BIG BLUE”. Beat CSHMHS!

  • The Ranch aint back

    It saddens me to say this, but….Word on the street is that the ranch isnt going to do anything this year because they have a bunch of cocky individuals who dont want to be dons and rather call themselves wolfpack. To those kids that arent individuals and really want it then good luck and I hope you guys can make it happen, the rest of you guys who swear you are the best, you should get a clue, you went 0-10 last season and have never even won a league title while at the ranch.

  • Yes, lets see who shocks the world. What is up with you guys? I wouldn’t be suprise if this is SP’s alumni. Put your hate aside for the coaches and support the kids. Good luck to both teams tonight.

  • anonymous

    SP vs. Cantwell..very good matchup..but I believe that everyone is under estimating the under-dog, cantwell. SP is just like UCLA, scheduling Utah!!!?? They went in just like SP is planning on, ” we’re gonna win, this team sucks blah blah bla” SP only scheduled a division 10 team to play because they can’t even beat anyone in their OWN division OR league =P..they know they’re gonna have one of THE worst seasons that they have ever experienced, so why not schedule a team that is 7 divisions lower than us..haha I can’t wait to see the faces on those “swordsmen” when that score board has cantwell on top. “Once a swordsmen who lost to cantwell, ALWAYS a swordsmen who lost to cantwell.” GO CARDINALS!!

  • Anonymous

    Cantwell Vs. St.Paul…..2nights going 2 be a game 2 remember…Cantwell is gonna woop some ass tonight..St.paul better be ready 4 a wake up call.. They were to scared to exchange tapes with cantwell,and sent people to go film the Cardinals in 3 of their victory games.The St. paul coach is a coward that after today is gonna be history…..

  • Red Card

    5 hours and counting St. Paul. I keep hearing about SP transfers. Where are they? I went to the Servite game and no one caught my eye. I know you guys got rolled but that Garcia kid is a holdover correct? If you get transfers make sure they make an impact. Does anyone know why the SP captains didn’t shake hands w/ Servite after the coin flip? I am beginning to see a pattern w/ Coach Pete. First, they don’t shake hands and then they don’t exchange game tapes. Sporstmanship is part of the game also. Does Pete G. know this?

  • SPfan

    Yeah, bad sportsmanship from Coach Gonzalez, Cantwell should thank him SP could have run the score up by 60 points. We think he showed great sportsmanship. Good job Swordsman.

  • blogger

    I will say I was quiet suprised by Cantwell, they have some huge kids on their team. St. Paul played good the best team won. On this board their are some Cantwell fans eating their words. Good luck the rest of the season.

  • sweet

    Can I hear “victory”. You guys and these stupid comments are comical. What are you going to complain about now? I’m sure it will be something, what SP didn’t score enough points? or Coach G didn’t go and hug every Cantwell coach, no, no the whole SP team didn’t turn around and watch Cantwell do their dance. Great job, classy coaching from SP we all know they had second and third strings in the whole 4th quarter. Go Swordsmen.

  • Cantwellfan

    Ok, I was a little impressed by St. Paul I thought they looked very disciplined and very quick. I noticed they coaches didn’t let #23 run but a few times. He’s a truck I think he could have scored 10 times, hands down. Good job even though I’m a Cantwell Alumni I wanted to see a win. Maybe next year. Congrats to Coach Gonzalez, I was really hoping for a loss. Good job.

  • Anonymous

    Scoreboard baby!!!

    Not bad for a bunch of short stocky kids, huh?

    While the Cantwell Cardinals did not lack for effort, heart and desire they were clearly overmatched last night. The Swordsmen methodically put it to them. The defense was stifling and the offense just kept grinding it out and then blasting big holes for the big runs we had.

    The score could of been much worse. I figure SP could of easily scored at 2 more touchdowns. Cantwell started making progress once the SP 3rd string went in during the 4th Qtr.

    Cantwell’s QB #7 spent the entire second half running for his life.

    2 highlights for the Cardinals, the pregame Haka and #6’s grab of the blocked punt and his scramble upfield.

    I continue to be impressed with Hanes. The kid is stud!

    You can SP had no business playing Cantwell. I beg to differ. They are looking to upgrade their program and while the results last night weren’t good I applaud them for scheduling SP. They will learn from last night and hopefully it will help them as the season progresses.

    Go Swordsmen!!!



    Its time to say you were wrong about St.Paul. I was at the game and by no way was it even close. Im a Cantwell alumni and im still proud that they got in there and battled last night. Also, if your a Cantwell alumni, stop embarassing our school with your silly comments. Give credit where credit is due. Good luck to Cantwell for the remainder of the year!