Back in a moment with more football, but first ….

…. I know, I know, football dominates this blog like it does every
other blog, but every now and then it needs a break, however brief it
might be, in the action.

Here’s a Daily News preseason Top 5 for boys water polo:
1. Montebello
2. La Serna
3. Whittier
4. El Rancho
5. Take your pick from La Habra, California or Santa Fe.

Hope somebody is listening.
And cares.
Enough to share.

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  • qwerty

    woo hoo water polo… yay.

  • delriohardball

    Hey, I don’t like soccer much, either, but both soccer and water polo are maximum cardio, very athletic sports. Props to those guys and girls who can sprint up and down the field or pool for an hour, while competing and displaying athleticism.

  • Other than football

    Why do belittle water polo like that? My mistake the Whittier Daily News is football only newspaper! Also the newspaper writes about football programs that are in the Southeast division, which just happens to be one of the weakest divisions, except for the top 3 La Habra, Fullerton, and Troy. Why not take sometime to write about some of the other fall sports?

  • anonymous

    thats cause nobody cares about waterpolo. Do u see any waterpolo on t.v. no. He can’t invent blogs if the only thing written on them is woo hoo water polo… yay. What a discussion. If people blogged about waterpolo maybe Roger would put more blogs up. Notice that not one team writes about it. And another Orange county guy if La Habra Troy and Fullerton were the best teams in the area. It wouldn’t have been two other area teams Schurr and Santa Fe in the finals. Stick to water polo.

  • jmv

    FYI…I know we hear about the miraculous things that football players do on the field, but did you know that in 2004-2005, the average g.p.a. for La Serna Water Polo was 3.5…..the 2004 C.I.F. finalist team of 7 players sent players to UCI, STANFORD, OCCIDENTAL, WHITTIER COLLEGE, CSU LONG BEACH AND UC RIVERSIDE….4/7 ARE STILL PLAYING TODAY……

    The average water polo player swims 1.5 miles per/game and does it with someone attempting to drown him. NO HELMETS…NO PADS…NO CUP…JUST BRUTE STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING!!!


  • murray

    Yo, jmv:
    Great post!!
    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Agree, don’t hate what you don’t understand. Football rules the newspaper but many of the area’s most talented athletes/teams are in our own backyard. Montebello plays some of the best WP in Socal, Whittier and LaSerna are always ranked and in the playoffs. These student athletes devote more offseason time then most sports. And let’s not forget Football players only play half the game while Water polo players play the entire game in 7+ feet of water. Look at lasy year we had two area teams in the CIF semi’s and should have the same this year. Lastly props to the LaSerna coach in 04-05 for getting to the finals as 5 of his starters had never seen a WP game before Hish School.

  • jmv

    O.K., Back to the topic at hand….Montebello, L.S., Whittier, E.R.,Cal or S.F.? Who will get the job done and represent this year?

    While yes! Montebello is/was ranked highest, L.S is coming along nicely and Montebello just lost to La Canada…I see a 3 way battle for the top spot against La Canada in the CIF finals….any thoughts?


    To JMV-

    Great post, Valdes! Say hi
    to your father, Andy! He’s
    a good guy!

  • Anonymous

    Even though I’m a huge football honk I’ve got great respect for water polo players, I’ve developed this respect over the last 2 years as close friends of mine have kids that play WP at Servite and Northwood, 2 of the top teams in So Cal. These kids are great athletes. A co-worker is an ex college player and I get good insight from him.

    Take in a game or 2 of our local teams. We’ve got some good teams in the area.

  • Anonymous

    I love all your prep coverage including football, our young athletes today deserve all they can get. Nice articles yesterday and today covering volleyball and water polo, love see to for all sports. In regards to todays article I believe the Del Rio league champs in reverse order from last year were Whittier, Whittier, La Serna, La Serna, El Rancho, Whittier, Whittier. So WHS has not dominated the last four years but rather 4 of the last 7. I hope with the new La Mirada pool opening soon the area teams will improve and compete every year like Montebello does due to the Commerece feeder program.