Week 3: Read ’em and weep . . . .

Roger Murray: Last week: 12-1; Season: 25-4
Andrew Campa: Last Week: 10-3; Season: 20-9

Thursday’s games

Montclair v. La Serna @ Cal, 7 p.m. Murray (La Serna) Campa (La Serna)
La Habra at Westminster, 7 p.m. Murray (La Habra) Campa (La Habra)

Friday’s games
Montebello at El Rancho, 7 p.m. Murray (El Rancho) Campa (El Rancho)
St. Paul at Cantwell, 7:30 p.m. Murray (St. Paul) Campa (St. Paul)
Whittier at S. El Monte, 7 p.m. Murray (Whittier) Campa (Whittier)
Paramount at La Mirada 7 pm Murray (La Mirada) Campa (Paramount)
H.H. Wilson @ Schurr, 7 p.m. Murray (Schurr) Campa (Schurr)
Bassett at California, 7 p.m. Murray (California) Campa (California)
Pioneer v. Gladstone @ Citrus, 7 pm Murray (Pioneer) Campa (Pioneer)
Santa Fe at Huntington Park, 7 p.m. Murray (Santa Fe) Campa (HP)

Saturday’s game
St.Margaret v. Whittier Christian @ W. College, 7, Murray(WC)Campa(SM)

A couple of sticklers for the upsets of the week: Paramount/La Mirada and St. Margaret’s/Whittier Christian.

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    I don’t much about Huntington Park, but why would you pick them Campa??, especially over SF!!

  • A. Campa

    SF SP FAN,

    Since 2004, HP is 14-2 at home during the regular season.

    Honestly, both teams have struggled through the first few games of the season and I think the Chiefs are going to have trouble containing the Spartans’ fierce pass rush led by DL Jose Fernandez (five sacks through three games).

    It should be close and I wouldn’t be surprised if Santa Fe did win, but I’m leaning toward the home team.

    One thing is for certain though. This game is going to be chippy. It’s imperative that Santa Fe not lose its head against a gritty and occasionally dirty HP squad. There will be personal fouls, just hopefully not many on Mahlstede’s side. Good Luck.

  • Anonymous

    Even though Murray’s got the better record I’m going with Campas’ picks although I wouldn’t be suprised if La Mirada and Santa Fe won. I wouldn’t consider those upsets if they do.

  • 3 yards and a puddle of mud

    With a forecast of rain perhaps SP will stick to a ground game tomorrow night. If they do then Cantwell is going to have problems containing the Haynes/Garcia combo. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them both have 100 yard games.

  • garcia/haynes combo for sp will have 300+ rushing yards easy friday night.

  • jimmy nolan

    kudos to cantwell for scheduling st. paul


    Thanks Campa…as for the predictions

    Santa Fe wins, hopefully this young team does fall into the reputation of HP’s dirty play

    St. Paul wins bc it might rain and that benefits St. Paul bc there are two things they can do is run, run, run and play hard nosed defense…as long they don’t have to throw the ball they will be ok

    La Serna wins
    La Habra wins
    El Rancho wins, Montebello is really really down this year
    Whittier wins

    Paramount beats a La Mirada team that can’t score

    Pioneer wins again aginst another weak opponent, if they played quality teams in pre-season they would be more prepared for a tough Del Rio League

    Schurr wins

    Cal Hi wins

    Santa Fe wins, hopefully this young team does fall into the reputation of HP’s dirty play

  • LB


    Montebello/El Rancho: Montebello

    SP/Cantwell: SP

    Whittier/S EM: Whittier

    Paramount/La Mirada: Paramount

    Wilson/Schurr: Schurr

    Bassett/Cal: Cal

    Pioneer/Gladstone: Pioneer

    SF/HP: SF

  • Area Fan

    Hey Roger Murray,

    I know that this is off topic but can you please try to post all of the area stats on this blog,I haven’t seen any of them in the paper, whats up with that! Usually every year their atleast posted in the Whittier Daily, I know a lot of the players and fans are anxious to know how everyone else is doing. Thanks

  • Football Fan

    Can someone please answer me this question, “Who chooses the pictures for the front page of the sports section?” Because that is horrible. When looking at the photo gallery for La Serna vs. Montclair, their are atleast 4 to 5 other good quality pictures that easily should’ve been selected for the front page of the sports section. Thats a really bad job by whoever makes the selection. La Serna wins a game 63-14 and they get a picture of a player getting tackled by two opposing players, where you can’t even see who he is. I could see if their was only one picture but the photo gallery clearly shows that their wasn’t, GET IT TOGETHER!

  • Anonymous

    Easy Football Fan….or should I say Mr. Jordan. Your son will be on the front page some day!!!! Go have another beer.

  • SPHS Fan



    Unlike you, If I write something, I will put my name under it.

  • david lopez

    that was a pathetic performance by st. paul they couldnt even get to 40 points they should feel embasrrased for only beating a d 10 school 34-0

  • Anonymous

    Uhhhhh maybe because st paul had there 2nd stringers in half way through the third quarter genious.

  • Pico Parent

    David Lopez:

    Not scoring 40 points on a team that is being shut out and overwhelmed physically shows sportsmanship, not lack of performance. If you were at the game, you would know that there was nothing pathetic about St Paul’s performance.

  • Anonymous

    There you go Jordan! It might not be the front page but theres your boy!!!!

  • SF

    Hey Campa,
    Nice pick in the Santa Fe vs Hp game. Hats off to Hp very gritty, but not dirty.

  • Friar Guy

    Congrats SP!! Yippeee! You guys beat up on Cantwell. Who do you play next? Salesian or Pater Noster?
    I’m sure all you SP fans and parents think you’re back, don’t fool yourselves. Cespi is coming and they are nothing like Cant”do”well. They are big, fast and skilled. I can’t wait to see one of your midget LB’s cover a 6’8″ TE who is going to Notre Dame. Remember the last time you played a “real” catholic school, Sevite 33-0 SP 0. Crespi will roll.


    David Lopez,

    Never heard of him…. But at least you put your name. I will give you that. As for the game, St.Paul could have won by 60 if they wanted to. There is no reason to do that . That doesnt do anything for either team.But at least you put your name!

  • Sword Guy

    How are the SP Frosh doing? I saw them play against Servite (30-6 L) and they didn’t look too good. I couldn’t believe they only had 35 guys. I guess when Servite has 130 guys any team would look small. Updates anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Sword guy:

    The SP Frosh holding the Servite Frsoh to 30-6 wasn’t a bad job in my book. The Servite Frosh have been a juggernaut this year including a 37-0 pasting of the Edison Frosh this last week.

  • Anonymous

    You just won’t let it go Friar Guy. What is your obession with SP?

    Shouldn’t you be more worried whether or not your Friar girls beat mater Dei this year? How many years has it been? 18 years now?

    At least we’ve moved on and we are the ones that lost. Get over it.

    Servite=Mater Dei’s bee-otch!

  • Sword Guy

    My buddy’s son plays on that team and he tells me they are loaded everywhere. I guess when you have pick of the litter you better be good.
    I was just wondering about the lower levels because that is the future of our program.We need to build from within.

  • A. Campa


    Gotta tip my cap to the Chiefs. While I wasn’t surprised they won, I was somewhat stunned with the score. The same goes with La Mirada. Both teams picked up their play. Let’s hope both can keep it going.

  • SP 90s

    SP frosh are 2-1
    Servite 6-29
    Redondo 26-6
    Cantwell 23-14
    Servite hasnt given up any other points other than the TD to SP. SP has 42 kids on the frosh team and they are a solid core of kids. They played 2s vs. 2s against Servite and beat them 17-6. So because Servite has a 155 kids doesnt mean anything they are thin in depth. No doubt they are loaded but there depth is an issue. SP has never produced large teams in terms of numbers and the frosh staff is doing what they can to get these kids to perform and they are. Friar guy you are always bashing on SP get over it move on, I am sure Crespi is a heavy favorite over SP and should whoop on SP but the fact of the matter is the games are played on the field not on paper. SP will be fine now and in the future. You were probably a hair guy during your days at SP and are still bitter for some reason. You claim to be a Servite alum but I seriosly doubt that, no REAL Friar would give that game much thought afterwards.

  • footballfan

    Hey Friar Guy,
    Do us all a favor and get lost. Dude, get over yourself. Yes we all know Servite is good, o.k.? Go brag on your blogs or just try to show some class. Your opinion is old and boring.

  • Sword Guy

    I told my buddy we beat their reserve team. He said that we played the 3rd,4th and 5th stringers on that Saturday. He said the 2nd string played the entire 4th qtr that Thursday. Trying to keep parents happy.
    Does anyone else think it’s time for new uni’s?

  • When, where, at what levels and how long have you played and coached?.

    Friar guy: Once again you are being asked to not discriminate against our athletes from St. Paul. I find it difficult to believe you even played any sports ever. I have never in my 37 years of Playing, Boostering or Coaching heard such foul garbage from a would be adult about Player size. You act like a wanna be fanatic that must vent on St. Paul at the expense of our Team. How you can be at two games at once is a bit scary, only a evil demon or witch might be able, so make peace with The Lord, or go see a Preist or a Pastor and repent of your sins. Regarding our loss to Servite, turnovers at any level of play are very hard to overcome, and ultimately it was turnovers coupled with an off passing game that hurt The Swordsmen, not lack of size and speed. No discredit to Servites abilities, just facts of the game. You mascarading as a Friar is in very bad taste. I’d like to see you make those demeaning remarks face to face to the Parents and Familys including myself about our Players. If you attend both Servite’s & St. Paul’s games at the respective locations, feel free to park your flying broom on top of the press box and come by to say hi. I’m easy to find, encouraging our Swordsmen with pride and respect for all. “GO BIG BLUE”. Beat the Matadores!

  • Punisher

    Sword Guy,

    I know people at both SP and Servite. I was at the reserve game and they didnt play their third fourth and fifth stringers. They played 2s and even some guys on the interior that were starters. Servite is loaded but people bashing on SP is way out of line coming in here and disrespecting some of the kids on the team. That is plain and simply low. Move on everyone trying to bash SP for their loss to Servite and now their win against Cantwell cmon give me a break games are played on the field no matter who they play they still must execute. I guarantee if SP and Servite played again it would be a different story, wont happen so it wont matter. Friar Guy, I know all of the kids at SP and for you call them names is cheap and pathetic. Go SP! “Once a Swordsman, Always a Swordsman”