Saturday Morning Talk

It seems that both La Habra and La Serna, ranked No. 2 and 3 respectively in the latest CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division polls, made big statements Thursday evening.

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Above, La Habra fans show up two hours before the game and feast at a tailgate party. Two hours later, the Highlanders force five turnovers, four sacks and hold the Lions (1-2) to fewer than 150 yards of offense in a 21-0 win. Do the Highlanders have the area’s best defense?

Here, Rudy Jordan returns ONE of TWO 90-plus kick returns for a touchdown on the game’s opening kickoff against Montclair. La Serna romped to a 63-14 victory. Who’s going to stop the Lancers?

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  • Jessie Joe Garcia

    Just want to let the public know that Rudy played with Isaac Garcia on the same pop warner football team with the Whittier Redskins and he learn from Isaac Garcia who run many yards last year for Whittier High School!!

  • Big OSO

    Look,,before we all jump on the La Serna Band Wagon.Who are they beating up on? Let us evaluate them when they get into league play. RIght now they are beating up on teams with losing records.


    I heard that this is La Serna’s best team ever… I think that Santa Fe will still beat them and its a rebuilding year for them..

  • socal football

    saint paul-34

    enoughh said.

  • not to be named..

    look first off lets not jump on any teams wagon. we all know whats happens every year pioneer and la serna play horrible preseason teams and make them look like they are going to be the team to knock off santa fe. and every year are way over rated. when they beat a team worth wild or a team that doesnt pass out flyers at their school so they can put a football team together then talk.

  • fan_from_afar

    titans are 4-0 yet nobody talks about them they have one more game before a bye week which means they have two weeks to prepare for the league opener the league better watch out phs has the best group of skilled position players in the league if the line can play steady they can contend, time will tell….. but if it happens u heard it here first!!

  • Cant stop Servite

    Big WOW! so St. Paul won big. Big WOW! picking on a lower division up and comer. Don’t get to excited St. Paul fans. Try picking on a team with real talent. Oh that’s right. You tried it with Servite and look what happened to you. You were emberassed from the get go. So before you open your mouth and claim it was a good victory, remember you can’t roll with the big dogs until you yourself win a big dog. GO SERVITE FOOTBALL!!!

  • Former Redskin, too

    Hey Jesse:

    If you want to go there, then mention all the Del Rio players that were on that team: Isaac Garcia, Rudy Jordan, Nicolas Alvarez, Drew Harris, Michael Ibarra, Abel Ramirez, Johnny Potts, Ryan Rosenthal.

    We always said, if only they all went to one high school . . .

  • Lancer Fan!

    Well before you all start talking smack on La Serna Football and about the teams they play. Look how badly the Lancers are beating on their opponents. I guarantee LS Football is going to make their mark in the Del Rio League this year!!

  • Don Omar

    Hey Jesse Joe,
    From the looks of your post, it seems as if the kids at Whittier High School are getting a great education…hahaha. Do us all a favor and spell check before posting!

  • john vadurro


  • La Serna Football

    Everyone needs to hold their tongue on La Serna until next week when they play Warren who beat Santa Fe already. So, when La Serna beats them all you guys can’t say anything. Just Wait. Also, look at points la serna has allowed and how much they have given up.. la serna has given up 33 points and they have scored 142 in just three games, they aren’t just winning teams, they are beating teams up. So don’t think its a miracle or a surprise when La Serna wins league and goes deep into CIF. Also a majority of the players mentioned by former redskin are at la serna: jordan, ibarra, alvarez, and ramirez

  • Just a Fan

    Cant Stop Servite:

    ****Whats with you and St Paul high school? Was your victory 4 weeks ago so sweet that you can’t move on with your season? I dont see any SP fans running their mouth about the Cantwell game. They took care of business and now its time to move on to next week. Why don’t you and friar guy do us all a favor and keep your stupid arrogant comments in the OC. Maybe you two can put your brain cells together and figure out a way from stopping Mater Dei from making you their b**ch for the 2nd decade in a row.****

  • Pico Parent

    Jessie Joe Garcia,

    Trying to take credit for Mr. Jordan running the ball so well? You sir are pathetic.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Lancer Fan!

    What does the score really matter considering the opponent? Need I remind you of the Lancers offensive juggernaut in 2003 that out scored a cream puff preseason schedule 257-42 and actually went 7-0 only to lose their final 3 games in league to ER, Cal and SF? I wouldnt be throwing out guarantees just yet!!!!

  • Third Party

    its nice to see so many area teams with winning records this early in the season, but lets be real here. only a few schools have faced true opponents.

    Sure, La Serna may be “beating up” on teams, but look at who they play. John Glenn? please. the same thing happens every year. LS has a total creampuff preseason, do average in league play, and make the wild card because of their easy preseason. yes, it gets the job done and gets them in the playoffs, but IMO doesn’t really earn them a playoff spot.

    calhi is also doing quite well, which is suprising as over the past couple years they have lost some great groups of players (and coaches, nothing against Arnold and his staff as i know they are great coaches aswell), but again look at their preseason. their only real opponent so far has been rowland. el monte? bassett? the only real test until week 7 is schurr.

    it seems like the only DLR team with a half way decent preseason is SF. i guess you can give whittier and ER some credit for their preseasons as they traditionally aren’t that great of teams, and are playing fairly evenly matched teams, but when it comes to league contention, we all know where these two will stand.

    again, its great to see so many area teams with winning records, but lets not immediately start declaring them the next superbowl champs here. its only week 3, and there have been very few real opponents.

  • anonymous

    Please stop talking about where the credit should go for Rudy Jordan running so well!!!! the credit should go to Rudy himself!!! he is an extremely dedicated football player that works-out harder than ALL others. He is extremely talented!!! we should also not forget that his Oline needs to do well to run for all those yards

  • Anonymous

    if i could remember, st. paul put their entire 2nd unit in the 3rd quarter and the rest of the game.

    and plus, servite only put up 33 against st. paul, so why are you talking about slaughtering lower division schools?

    i’m sorry for st. paul for showing class and not running up the score. because you know, servite knows all about whooping teams?

  • SpartanAlum86

    I had the pleasure of watching Rudy Jordan play the last couple of seasons at Schurr, and I will guarantee you that this kid is for real. Not only in talent but also in attitude. He is a hard worker and should do VERY well in the DRL. He lit up a very good SF team in the CIF finals, what makes you guys think he wont do the same to SF this year. Even though Rudy’s departure was a great loss for Schurr, I wish the kid much success this year. DRL you have been put on notice.

  • Titan Observer

    Chieftain Alumni & not to be named,

    Before you question the quality of the teams others are playing, how is it that you are able to assess how strong or weak teams are?

    Yes, Pioneer, La Serna, and Cal have played teams that year in and year out continue to be in the bottom of the football totem pole (Gabrielino, Glenn, Bassett). But then there are those teams that by many felt will challenge in their own respective leagues this year (SEM, Norwalk). A couple of years ago Gladstone humiliated Pioneer.

    Teams change, some become better while others become worse.

    Take last year, no one questioned your pre-season schedule, especially due to the continued success you have had, but didn’t Victor Valley end the year 0-10, Palos Verde, 3-7, 1-4 in league, Fountain Valley, 5-5, 1-4 in league.

    This week both Pioneer and La Serna have tests. Pioneer will go up against a traditionally strong team when it takes on Cypress, and La Serna takes on Warren, who defeated your program.

    You guys should stop criticizing others and just celebrate your program’s continued success. For the most part all of Santa Fe, Pioneer, La Serna, Whittier, and Cal have just done that (El Rancho, some humility would serve you right).

    Congratulations to all of Del Rio league. Everyone had success this week, 6-0. El Rancho that was a close one, but hopefully this win has kept you grounded.

    Titans: 212!!!

  • El Rancho

    By no means does that win against Montebello make me think this ER team is that good. This team has the potential to be a very good team and perhaps do well in league, but we have yet to play 4 quarters and good teams need to play 4 quarters of football. Hopefully playing Arroyo and St Paul will prep us pretty good for the gauntlet that will be the del rio league. Tough games from here on out for the ranch.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Titan Observer

    Prior to their 10-3 season last year Cypress went 3-17 in the two previous years. Please explain to me how traditionally strong applies to Cypress? And please tell me youre not trying to compare the programs of Peninsula & Fountain Valley to the likes of SEM & Norwalk? You do understand the various levels and divisions right? Santa Fe has and always will strive to play teams in higher divisions. Santa Fe only took the games against Victory Valley because of the relationship between their coach and Mahlstede. In case youre not aware of it he played for Jack way back when but I can honestly say that SFs staff learned way more that year in the loss to FV then in the VV game. And I am pretty sure that no one gloated over that victory. They were supposed to win and they did plain and simple.

    Props to La Serna for playing Warren this year. And for the sake of the DRL I hope they win as I have always said that I am tired of every one saying we have a weak league. But if you think for one minute that the SF team that will be taking the field 11/2 vs LS will be the same that got beat week 1 by Warren you are sadly mistaken. Pre-season is to learn and you cant learn if you dont play anyone. You dont string together league titles the way SF has without adapting and learning.

  • Titan Observer

    Chieftain Alumni,

    You are absolutely correct, I had it wrong. Prior to last season Cypress actually had back-to-back 1-9 seasons. But since Ray Fenton took over the program in 2005 Cypress has completely changed. Cypress is now a contender in the Empire league.

    Which brings me to the point I had tried making. Unless you play teams such as Long Beach Poly, Mater Dei, Loyola, Canyon Country, Los Alamitos, Los Altos, etc., year-in and year-out, you really can’t assess the strength or weakness of a team. Unless it’s Gabrielino, Glenn, Keppel, you get the picture. And yes Pioneer did play Gabrielino I give you that.

    But then again isn’t everyone always talking about how Pioneer is in the same breath as Gabrielino, like Pioneer is someone’s kid brother (adopted, others might say). But just remember 1 out of 10 times the kid brother finds a way to be victorious, take what happened back in 1998.

    And I will go as far as to say if Ramon Juarez had the same athletes as SF has had these past six years he indeed would be wearing a ring or two. Look what he does with the talent Pioneer has. It has not been a great lot (Culpepper, Serrato, Hoilguin, Reyes).

    It has been a few years since Pioneer had the athletes they have now. It is even more of a blessing how these same athletes conduct themselves in the Titan community.

    Again congratulations on your team’s continued success. By all means, all of the surrounding communities know how great a program you have. But there comes times when you yourself must tip your hat.

  • La Serna Football

    i just thought i would let chieftain alumni know that La Serna played Warren last year and beat them but no body said anything other then La Serna has a weak preseason. But only after Warren beats Santa Fe does anyone give credit to La Serna for playing them. I do recall La Serna winning a very close game against warren last year which came down to the last few minutes…

  • Anonymous

    ” You dont string together league titles the way SF has without adapting and learning. ”

    …and crying to the CIF.

  • always a TITAN

    PIONEER TITANS are playing some good football, dont ya think??? ahhh yes


  • greg g

    “Let the helmets do the talking”

  • Chieftain Alumni

    LS Football You are so right. Thank you for reminding me of that. That was a strong victory for LS last year. To bad it was backed up by a 2-3 league record. But beating Warren the in the manner that they did vs Glenn and Montclair is something I highly doubt. Make no mistake about it that the DRL looks stronger from top to bottom than I can ever remember. I only wish there was some way to watch every game each week!!

    Are the Cal high people still blaming SF for their ex-coach thinking hes above the rules and getting caught? Even though Dusan hasnt been able to let it go, you really should. Is it true that after Cerritos got beat by ER that he told the coaches to Just beat Santa Fe? Seems he had just one thing in mind over there at Cal and it cost them dearly. Inbred hatred is a dangerous thing!!!

  • Interested Party

    Hey Chieftain Alumni:

    Please don’t bring Cal into this–they are past the Santa Fe game and are looking forward to this year.

    They have had to endure many changes and don’t have time to worry about last year’s drama.

    Santa Fe is just another team in the way to the championship–this year the League will have to be won one week at a time!

    Good luck to all!

  • Football fan

    Hey Chieftain Alumni,

    I thought the games were won on the field and not on paper. Santa Fe lost on the field!!!!!!!!!!! And Santa Fe could not handle the lost and went crying to CIF. Regardless of the rule, Grigsby was a senior still of age and you guys lost.

  • Interested Party

    Hey Chieftain Alumni:

    Ok, I guess not everyone has let it go!?!

    But in reality, Cal has moved past that drama! They are focused on THIS season.

    So everyone else, let it go . . . they want League and Division this year!

    Go Del Rio!!

  • Chieftain Alumni


    I agree that the Cal program has moved on. This new staff at Cal has shown a great deal of class this year and in my opinion has some major potential all around. It was extremely nice to see them and their fans come out each week to SFs passing league. But its still upsetting when someone pops off about SF crying to CIF. SF and Cal both made it deep in the playoff and fell short, neither one having an easier path do to that one game. Good luck to Cal and every one else in the DRL.